Thursday, March 31, 2016

SS Chihiro commu translation


Chihiro: Haa... There are tons of papers this time of year because the year changes~ I'm so busy... Eh, this belongs to... the scout & audition data... Is this the list of supplies for the project room? And this is... Ha? producer san's receipts? I told him not to pile them up many, many times... Well, he is busy after all...

(Door opens)

Anzu: Fuaa~ Hee...lloo...
Chihiro: Oh my, Anzu. Fufu, I don't understand what you just said. How are you?
Anzu: Ah... I'm sorry... I played games all night yesterday... I was going to take a nap in the room...
Chihiro: I see. The room is usually noisy, I guess it doesn't bother you.
Anzu: Mmm~ Well, I can basically sleep anywhere... and, I have this.
Chihiro: You mean... the stuffed bunny?
Anzu: Yes. You see, this bunny... is perfect to use as a pillow... It's like... It guarantees your sound sleep and...
Kirari: Anzu? Fufufu, are you there already?
Anzu: Ah, Kirari?
Chihiro: By the way, both of you need to check your outfits, right? I think I gave you the schedule...
Anzu: Eh~ No way! That means I can't sleep! Chihiro san, buy some time with this! Please!
Chihiro: Eh!? ...with this?
Anzu: Alright! I trust you! For our sound sleep!!

(Anzu runs away)

Chihiro: Okay... Good luck.

(Door opens)

Kirari: Hello! Osu Osu Chihiro san! How are you?
Chihiro: How are you, Kirari. Fufu, it's a lovely day.
Kirari: Uh? Chihiro san, are you tired? I know it's busy this time of year... Wait, Oro? Ororo? Is that Anzu's bunny?
Chihiro: Ah, yes. Anzu wanted me... well, to take care of it for a moment... I guess?
Kirari: Hmu Hmu... So, you mean! Anzu was here just a moment ago!
Chihiro: Well, I can't answer to that question~
 Kirari: Ah! She fobbed you off! Bad Anzu! Then Kirari is going to find Anzu! Anzu search party, go!

(Kirari leaves the room)

Chihiro: Good luck~ Haa... What should I do with this bunny? She said it's perfect to use as a pillow... Is it true? You can't do work without a rest. ...I guess I'd borrow it for a while... Fuu... Mmm... It's comfy... and the sun is warm... I'm sleepy... ZZZ...

(dream sequence)

[Few minutes later]

Chihiro: ZZZ...
Kirari: I told you I can find you no matter what! You see, Kirari can find Anzu anytime, anywhere~
Anzu: Well... whatever, but can't you just let me take a nap?
Kirari: You can sleep as much as you want after finishing your work, but not before that!
Anzu: It's just a matter of doing this first doing that first~ Huh?
Kirari: Oyo? What's wrong?
Anzu: ...Look, even Chihiro san takes a rest sometimes.
Kirari: Ah... Chihiro san is asleep. When would she wake up?
Chihiro: Mmm... Huh?
Anzu: Good morning.
Chihiro: Oh my, I was on stage just a moment ago... Am I in the office?
Kirari: Nyu hoo hoo~ Chihiro san, did you dream about standing on the stage?
Chihiro: I guess so. But... some dreams should remain only as dreams...
Anzu: Heh? What is that all about?
Kirari: Fufu.
Chihiro: No! It's nothing! Hey~ bunny, thank you! I'm going to finish my work then! I'll give it my all before producer san comes back!

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