Friday, March 25, 2016

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Mezase! Cinderella No.1! Igarashi Kyoko

(Door bell)

Yes~? Ah, producer san! Wait a second, I'll open the door.

(Door opens)

How are you, producer san? It was pretty far from there, right? Come in. Thank you for coming to Totori to discuss my CD debut. My family went grocery shopping. They were really excited when I said Kyoko's savior, producer san would pay a visit... I'm sorry. They'll be back soon. Ah, producer san, take a seat. I'll bring some tea.

(Kyoko brings tea)

Here it is. Be careful, it's hot. Fufufu~ Ah! Sorry. I feel sort of shy to think producer san is in my house... Ehehe. Ah! Don't look over there! It has my childhood photos... Ahaha... This picture was taken when I had a field day. Yes? C, Cute? Stop teasing me! Okay, stop! You're not allowed to see them anymore! Boo- Boo-

(Boo Boo-)

Eh!? Producer san, why did you bring the buzzer? Ah, you said you were going to discuss my debut radio show. Is that the reason?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Fufu, you could just say it.

(Message alarm)

Oh, I've got a text from mom. "I've finished shopping and will be back in 30 minutes." Ah! I'm really sorry to make you wait, producer san. I know you're busy! Haa~ well, while we wait for her, shall we talk about the radio show? We still have some time!

(Ding dong Ding dong)

Alright! Then, producer san, I'll do my best.


Special debut project, Mezase! Cinderella No.1! I'm Igarashi Kyoko, your host of Mezase! Cinderella No.1 where new idols work hard to become tomorrow's top idols! Hmm... First, self introduction. I'm Igarashi Kyoko, 15 year old high school student. My blood type is AB and my zodiac sign is Leo. Ah, my friends were surprised that my sign is Leo. They think it doesn't suit me. Producer san, do you think so, too? Mmm... Does that mean I look weak? But I'm not weak at all! For my sisters, I'm a strong big sister! I mean it! Eh... Roar!!! How was it? Do I look strong now?

(Boo Boo-)

"That's not what they meant"...? I thought so. I also think Leo doesn't match my personality. My hobby is doing housework like cooking and cleaning. The reason is... my mom likes doing housework, and I grew up watching her. Furthermore, I feel really satisfied when I make a delicious meal or clean my sisters' muddy clothes. Plus, I feel so happy when someone says "It's delicious" or "Thanks you". I almost forgot! I cooked something for producer san! It's boiled beef with potatoes! I think it's seasoned properly by now... Ah, would you like to taste it?

(Ding dong Ding dong)

I'll bring it then.


Mmm... It looks a bit hot.

(Kyoko blows on the spoon)

There, say ah~

(Boo Boo)

Hmm? Ah! I'm sorry! I usually do it to my sisters... I'm so sorry, producer san! Here, t, taste it! Hnn... I'm embarrassed... Well, how is the taste?

(Ding dong Ding dong Ding dong)

Phew! I'm glad you like it. I guess I'm in love with cooking. You see, I'm so happy now! Fufu, I hope I can make someone happy as an idol too. While singing the new song, I realized songs can be as fun as housework. Well... I still have much to learn, so I'll try hard, producer san!


"Special training! Face yesterday's myself by Memory talk!" So, "Memory talk" was the next corner. Memory... Mmm... It's hard to think of an episode that is suitable for the radio. I was an ordinary high school girl before the debut...

(Beep Beep Beep-)

Ah, I think laundry is done. Producer san, I'm sorry but can I fold the laundry?

(Ding dong Ding dong)

Okay! I'll do it fast!


(Kyoko is folding the laundry)

As expected, there is a lot of laundry for my family. Since I moved to Tokyo alone, I haven't got a chance to do this much laundry. What a waste of my skill! Hnn~ Hnn~ Hnng~ Yes? I look happy? Yes, folding laundry makes me happy. When laundry is dried, it's warm and has a good smell, you know? I feel happy by just touching it. Also, don't forget to fold it in the same way... and fast!

(Kyoko folds the laundry)

It really feels great~ The washing machine I used to use couldn't dry laundry, so I had to take out the laundry to the front yard. It was kind of fun though. I could smell the scent of the sun when I brought in the laundry and... Haa... What can I say, it's good to be back home. I've missed it... Ah, sorry. I ruined the mood. I would be lying if I said I'm not lonely. Yet, I made new friends at school in Tokyo and there are idol friends in my dorm and... and... producer san watches over me all the time. So it's okay to be a little lonely!

(Ding dong Ding dong Ding dong)

Ehehe~ Ah, but I couldn't satisfy my urge for laundering... Ah, you know what? How about I do your laundry? Yeah, that's a great idea! It's a win-win!

(Ding-dong.... Boo Boo Boo)

Eh~? I can't? Kyoko can clean your room and cook for you too!

(Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo-)

Sorry to hear that, but if you need me, don't hesitate to tell me. I want to repay producer san someday. Done! I've folded all the laundry... but I think I skipped "Memory talk" corner!

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Eh? The story about laundry was good enough? I see... I can talk about housework all day! Producer san, thank you! I think I can do well at the studio. I'll clear away the laundry. Hn~ Hnn~ Hnn~


"Lesson! Increase your acting skill! Ad-lib situation". This is today's theme!


"Be a new bride and please your husband." A newlywed..? Somehow I feel shy. What should I do...? Hmm... What makes you happy, producer san?

(Boo Boo)

Oh, I need to figure it out by myself. Well~ Mmm! I'll give it a try.


You're back, honey. Would you like to have dinner first or take a bath first? or...

(Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo-)

Eh!? It's NG? From what I read, that's a common conversation between... Yes? Someone already used the line? I see... Then I can't use it...

(Boo -)

Even if it had not been taken, I shouldn't use it? That's too complex! Well... I'll try it again!


Honey, here is your bean paste soup. Every morning, enjoy bean paste soup that I make. H, How does it taste? I, I want to know your thoughts! I can cook bean paste soup very well! Oh, I almost forgot! I cooked one this morning. I'll go heat it up! Please taste it, and tell me what...


Heh...? Did I pass the challenge? Haa... I worried too much! I'm glad I made it. Phew. Now I can catch a breath. The lesson was a huge success, and this is the end of Ad-lib situation!


Mmm, are all the corners over now? It's about time for mom to come home, so we've made it in time. Thank you for helping me practice the radio show.


Ah, shall we practice the last petit corner too? "Cast a spell on an ordinary word to make it cute! Cinderella word" and farewell.


"Sand hill." I was your host, Igarashi Kyoko. Bye bye~


I'll try to remember this feeling at the studio! Fuu~ Wait, producer san. Why don't you try my bean paste soup? I cooked it myself.

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Okay~ wait a moment please.


Here, producer san. Try it.

(Kyoko spills the soup)

...Ah!? Was it hot!? I should have warned you! Oh... your pants are soaked... Take off your pants before they're stained!

(Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo-)

I said it has to be cleaned right now! Oh, god... Did I just!?

Mom: Kyoko, we're home. Oh my, producer san, is he here already?

Ah! My family are back! W, What should I do!? P, Producer san, take off your pants now... no, don't take off... wait, but there is a stain! Ah~ I don't know what to do!

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