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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 25

Instructor: One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Okay. Now, turn!
Yuu: Ah!?
Trainee: Yuu, are you okay?
Yuu: Thank you.
Instructor: Now now. Everyone starts that way, so don't make a fuss.

Trainees: Yes!

(Door opens)

Instructor: Ah, sorry. But we're taking a lesson... Oh my, Uzuki?
Trainees: !?
Uzuki: Ah, hello. Well... I dropped by to say hi. I'll go soon.
Instructor: Fufu, you can take your time. Everyone, Shimamura san had been a trainee of this training school until last year. And now she is a star of 346 production.
Trainees: Oh~
Uzuki: No, I'm not a star yet...
Yuu: E, Excuse me!
Uzuki&Instructor: ?
Yuu: I went to see Cinderella ball!
Trainees: Me too!
Uzuki: Ah... Thank you! I owed the instructor big time...
Instructor: Uzuki, how about taking a lesson with them?

(Trainees make noises)

Uzuki: Ah... No thanks! I came here to retrieve something that I left last winter...
Instructor: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Fufu, the locker room is opened. Go ahead.
Uzuki: Thank you. Now if you will excuse... Hmm?

(Admiring glances from trainees)

Uzuki: Ah, eh... well, I'll do my best too. So do your best, everyone.
Trainees: Yes!
Uzuki: T, Then I'll go now!
Trainees: It's been a pleasure!


Uzuki: Fuu...
Producer: That was... a good greeting.
Uzuki: Ah, s, sorry, Producer san.
Producer: Did you get the thing?
Uzuki: Actually... I need to go to the locker room, so could you wait for me a little more?
Producer: No problem. I need to talk to the staff of the training school too. And I also have a chance to see them taking a lesson.
Uzuki: You mean...
Producer: Yes.
Uzuki: I see. I'll be a senpai soon.
Proudcer: Yes, you will.
Uzuki: Producer san! Shimamura Uzuki, will do her best! Ehehe. V! Then I'll go check the locker room.
Producer: Yes. See you soon then.

(Producer enters the lesson room)

Producer: Excuse me.
Trainees: Kyaaa!
Instructor: W, Wait, everyone! He is...
Uzuki: Fufufu


Rin: Yeah. Nao will take care of the fax. Ah, Karen is doing the set list of the next concert... Ah, sorry. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Okay, see you tomorrow.

(Rin hangs up the phone)

Rin: Uzuki!
Uzuki: Rin~ Haa... Haa... I'm sorry to make you wait.
Rin: Where is Producer?
Uzuki: He said he needed more time to talk, and wanted me to go first.
Rin: I see. But I'm not sure we can carry the things we bought.
Uzuki: Mio will show up in no time. Don't worry about...

( A little girl is crying)

Uzuki: Do you know her?
Rin: No, but... Hey, what happened?
Uzuki: We'll help you. Stop crying, okay?
Girl: M, My mom...
Uzuki: Your mom?
Girl: She is missing...
Mio: I see~ Then let's call your mom.
Uzuki&Rin: Mio!?
Mio: Ma'am~ You left your kid here!
Man A: What is it?
Woman A: Filming?
Mio: Ma'am! Over here!
Uzuki: M, Mio! People are looking at us!
Mio: That's what I want.
Mom: Yoriko!
Mio: Ah, there she is! Over here!
Mom: Yoriko!
Girl: Mom!
Rin: I'm glad you found your mom.
Girl: Yeah!
Mom: Thank you! How can I repay you...
Mio: No, no. It's okay.
Mom: No, I really want to...
Man B: Wait, you there.
Rin: !?
Uzuki: W, What's wrong?
Man B: You did a great job! Especially, I like your big voice.

(clap clap clap)

Mio: Ehehe~
Man B: Are you an actor or something?
Mio: N, No. I'm more like...
Rin: Fufufu.


Uzuki: Mio, you were so great!
Mio: You still talking about that, Shimamu?
Uzuki: But I was touched! I can't wait to tell everyone about it!
Mio: Eh!? Wait, I don't want to brag to them...!
Uzuki: I'm sure Kanako will be happy.
Mio: No! No! I said don't do that! It will look like I'm showing off.
Uzuki: But Mio was so great back then...
Rin: Fufufu.
Mio: Shiburin? Why are you laughing?
Rin: N, No. I was just glad we are friends.
Uzuki&Mio: ...
Rin: ...Why?
Mio: Shiburin... Fufu, you're in youth~
Rin: It, It's nothing like that...!
Mio: Now, look. The bashful sun turned red! Even the first magnitude star is shining with shame!
Rin: Mio!
Mio: Teehee, I'm going to tell it to everyone~ See you there!
Rin: Mio! Stop running! Ah, you can take your time, Uzuki.
Uzuki: Yes.
Rin: Mio!


Uzuki: What is that star...? Ah, Producer san!
Producer: I'm sorry, Shimamura san, to make you wait and carry the baggage...
Uzuki: Not at all. It's not that heavy after all.
Producer: I'll carry it.
Uzuki: Ah... Fufufu. Thank you.
Producer: Yes. I thought Honda san and Shibuya san were with you.
Uzuki: Ah, they... Fufu.
Producer: ?
Uzuki: They raced to the office.
Producer: I didn't know that they looked forward to today's party so much.
Uzuki: I guess they do. Since it's the after party of the ball. Ah...
Producer: What's wrong?
Uzuki: N, No. A ball is a kind of party... so I thought a party's after party might sound strange...
Producer: Fu...
Uzuki: Ah! D, Did Producer san just laugh?
Producer: Anyway, did you find the thing you left?
Uzuki: Ah, yes! Actually, this photo is what I left... eh... Ah, this photo.
Producer: This is...
Uzuki: It's a photo of the winter festival before I joined Cinderella Project. I took this picture when I was a staff...
Producer: They are Jougasaki san, Totoki san, Kawashima san and Kohinata san.
Uzuki: Yes. When I talked to Miho about it, she wanted to see the photo. But I left it in the locker. I looked at this photo everyday when I came back to the training school.
Producer: It must be a precious photo to you.
Uzuki: Yes! But I have plenty of precious photos now. Photos of my first concert, photos of the summer festival and photos of the ball...
Producer: I'm sure you will have more precious photos.
Uzuki: Yeah. I'm going to do various kinds of work with various people... I'm excited!
Producer: Yes.
Uzuki: Ehehe. Ah, Producer san. I have a question.
Producer: What is it?
Uzuki: Do you know the name of that star? That beautifully shining star over there.
Producer: I don't know the name of it... But everyone knows the star shines in the evening. Even though it has no name, I think it's fine as long as it delivers a light to everyone's heart.
Uzuki: Waa~ Producer san sounds like a poet!
Producer: Ah, no. I'm not...
Mio: Hey~!
Uzuki: Ah, Mio!
Mio: I was afraid that you wouldn't show up.
Uzuki: Ah, sorry. We lost track of time while talking...
Rin: What did you talk about, Producer?
Producer: Well, about... a star...
Rin: A star?
Mio: Ho~ I didn't realize Producer has a hobby like that.
Producer: Eh?
Mio: Alright. In today's after party, Producer is going to perform a space talk show!
Producer: T, That's a mistake! I don't know about stars...!
Uzuki: Producer san! You can repeat the story you told me! Everyone will be happy!
Producer: Ah, no...!
Mio: I don't know the detail, but it's settled, right? Let's go back!
Rin: Yeah. Rika and Kanako are starved to death.
Uzuki: Producer san, let's go!
Mio: Hurry!
Rin: Producer, don't let me leave you behind!
Producer: That's... difficult to me.

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