Saturday, October 3, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 24

Girl A: Miyuki, did you study physics?
Miyuki: Not at all~
Girl A: Really? That sounds pretty suspicious to me...?
Miyuki: I really didn't study it.


Rin: Ah!
Miyuki: Ah, sorry! ...Hmm?
Girl A: What's wrong, Miyuki?
Miyuki: I think I've seen you somewhere...
Rin: Are you sure you're not mistaken?
Miyuki: Am I...?
Rin: Maybe you saw me at the athletics meeting? I participated in the relay.
Miyuki: Relay...? Did I see you there...?


Girl A: Miyuki, the traffic lights have changed.
Miyuki: Ah..!
Girl A: Sorry to stare at you.
Rin: I didn't even care. It's fine.
Girl A: So sorry!

(They cross the street)

Girl A: What was that for? It was embarrassing!
Miyuki: But I think I saw her on TV.


Rin: That was unexpected...
Nao: Hey! Rin! Haa... Haa... Haaa! Fua... What a timing!
Rin: I thought we were supposed to meet at the station.
Nao: Ah... Waiting at the station is kind of boring, you know... And there were some guys who glimpsed at me for some reason. So I felt uncomfortable...
Rin: Maybe that's because Nao is cute.
Nao: Ha.. Haa!? C, Cute!? What on earth are you talking about?
Rin: Well, let's say that was a joke...
Nao: J, Joke!?
Rin: Fufufu, Nao is so funny. Fufufu.
Nao: Stop teasing me! Hgg... Rin, you act like Karen lately.
Rin: Karen? ...maybe. Anyway, the guys you were talking about...
Nao: What?
Rin: Seriously, he might have noticed that Nao is a member of Triad Primus.
Nao: Eh~ I don't know~
Rin: But there is a huge billboard in front of the station.
Nao: Ah! N, Now that you mention it, I was wandering under the billboard... Uhaa~ They must have thought I was a weirdo.
Rin: Nao! You're attracting more attention now...
Nao: Heh? ...Hahnn... Rin, hurry!
Rin: Ah, wait! Nao!?


Rin: Nao... Shouldn't we wait at a place where she can find us easily?
Nao: But, if we stand under the Triad billboard, they will think we're trying too hard to be noticed.
Rin: But we don't have to wait between buildings like this...


Nao: Hmm? Ah, it's from Karen.
Rin: Will she be late?
Nao: She says she will drop by the new hamburger shop with Mio and go to the hall directly.
Rin: With Mio?
Nao: Yeah. I think those two hamburger lovers hit it off. They went to have French fries the other day.
Rin: I see...
Nao: Rin... Are you jealous?
Rin: N, No I'm not! I feel... glad they get along well... I guess.
Nao: I feel the same.


Rin: Ah, Uzuki sent me a text.
Nao: Is she here?
Rin: It says she can't find us.
Nao: Oops! Rin, let's go rescue her! Hurry!
Rin: Ah, wait!


Uzuki: ...


Uzuki: Ah, Rin!? ...I'll be there... soon... Ah, are they near here? ...Ah! Rin! Nao!
Boy A: Hmm? Rin? Nao?
Boy B: Wait, hey! Aren't they the girls on the billboard?
Boy C: ...Yeah!

(People gather around Rin and Nao)

Boy D: Are you the same person?
Boy E: She's so cute!
Boy F: Can I take a picture of you?
Uzuki: W, What should I do?
Rin: Clear the way, please!

(Rin and Nao run away)

Rin: Uzuki, hurry!
Uzuki: Ah, yes!
Nao: I'm sorry! Could you move please? We're busy!
Guy G: Can I have your autograph?


Rin: Nao, we're fine.
Nao: Ah? Yeah... Haa... It seems I ran around all day. I think it's tougher than the lesson.
Rin: Uzuki, are you okay?
Uzuki: Yes... On top of that...
Rin: Yes?
Uzuki: My hand...
Rin: Ah! S, Sorry. Did I pull your hand too hard?
Uzuki: No, it's nothing like that! I was just a bit... happy. Ehehe.
Rin: ...
Uzuki: What is it, Rin?
Rin: No, it's nothing.
Nao: Ah!
Rin: Nao, I said don't make a loud noise...
Nao: Rin! Uzuki! Look! It's snowing! The snow!
Rin: Snow...?
Uzuki: Waa, it's the first snow of this year.
Nao: What if the snow piles up on the ground when we finish the concert?
Uzuki: If the snow piles up too much, I'll call my dad to pick me up. Nao can go with me.
Nao: Really? Thank you! Rin, are you... Rin? Rin, is the snow that amazing?
Rin: Ah, I was just... thinking of a snowy day last year.
Uzuki: ...
Rin: A year ago, I was doing a chore, but now... I'm with members of New Generation and Triad Primus... I feel kind of weird.
Uzuki: ...Yeah.
Nao: Fufu, what's so weird about it?
Uzuki&Rin: Eh?
Nao: We've taken lessons hard. This is a result of our hard work! Don't you think so?
Uzuki&Rin: Ufufu.
Nao: Ah! It's almost time!
Rin: Mio and others might be waiting.


Uzuki: Mio sent me a text just in time.
Nao: I got one from Karen. Hmm? Ahaha! It says, if we don't hurry, she's going to eat all the French fries she bought for us!
Rin: Shall we go then?
Uzuki: I'm looking forward to Fumika san and Arisu's unit song.
Nao: I want to see Frederica's solo! Ah, aren't they Karen and Mio? I'll go first. Karen! Mio!

(Nao runs)

Uzuki: Ah, Nao! Be careful, it's snowing! Rin, shall we...
Rin: ...
Uzuki: Rin?
Rin: Uzuki, Cinderella ball... Let's make it happen as New Generation.
Uzuki: Yes!


  1. Great work on this No Make, makes me curious to see how the final episode will turn out. The vibes I'm getting from this, possible New Generations x Triad Primus five-person unit?

  2. Just want to say thank you for all your hard work! I've been listening to and reading all your content since early this year. Keep it up, thanks!