Saturday, October 31, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Mezase! Cinderella No.1! Kawashima Mizuki

Mizuki's opening talk~! Thank you for listening to Mizuki's debut radio show~ I'll do my best with maximum idol power!

(Boo Boo-)

Eh? I did it with all the strength I had in me... Hmm... Ah, maybe I should have done it with my sexy voice. I see. Then I'll try it again. Hmm~ Hi~ I'm Kawashima Mizuki. Uhng~ I'm going to mesmerize everyone with an adult's sexual appeal~

(Boo Boo-)

Eh? I can't do that too? Why don't you just tell me what's the problem...? Hmm... Hmm~ You mean, do it more naturally? Well~ I think being cute is what idols would do... Anyway, I've got the point. Alright, I'll try to make the show natural but also cute. Then let's do this! Start the show!


"Special debut project, Mezase! Cinderella No.1! I'm Kawashima Mizuki, your host of Mezase! Cinderella No.1 where new idols work hard to increase their idol power and become tomorrow's top idols!" Then let me introduce myself. I'm Kawashima Mizuki and from Osaka. My hobby is cleaning and doing laundry, so on my day off, I usually spend my time doing chores. Sounds like a domestic woman, right? My age is... a secret~

(Boo Boo-)

Eh~? Why is it Boo Boo? "Where is my naturalness?" Telling my age itself doesn't sound natural, you know.

(Boo Boo-)

But since I'm an idol, I must cherish the dream of fans... Ah, then... Hmm! I'm eternally 17 years old...

(Boo Boo Boo Boo -)

A, Alright already...! I'm 28 years old. Before I became an idol, I was in my hometown and had a career. The career was about "talking". So I'm used to emceeing and such. I have no problem with radio shows too. As I became an idol, I'll do my best in singing, dancing and whatever I do. I want to prove that age isn't important to start something. Fufu, root for me, okay? Well... I think my introduction is almost done. Shall we move on to the next corner then? Corner, start!


"Special training! Face yesterday's myself by Memory talk!" It's a corner where I talk about what happened yesterday, look back at myself then rediscover my charm. Do you want to know about my private life that much? Fufufu. I guess I have no choice~ I'll tell you for this once. Yesterday... was my day off and I did a big cleanup. Ah, yeah... I recently found an item that helps you do laundry and cleaning! Fufufu, guess what it is! It's baking soda! Do you know what baking soda is? It's sodium hydrogen carbonate. You'll be surprised when you use it. You can wipe stainless steel clean, remove dirty things in a drain and even prevent mold inside a washing machine! Since I used it for the first time, I can't start cleaning without it. Fufu~ Everyone should try it. Oh wait, the show turned into a life information show... I'd better act cute like an idol. Hmm, great. That will work. Then, retake! Hmm Hmm! Tada~! Mizuki's memory diary~ You know what? Yesterday, I made my home twinkle like a star~ I used a magic item, magic powder NaHCO3!! I'll share it to everyone, so please try it! Phuu~

(Boo Boo-)

Eh, no? Why~? It was cute! Why don't you be honest and praise me just once? I'm trying my best, you know?


I don't get it... But next time, you'll be sorry for this. Prepare yourself. This was
Memory talk corner.


"Lesson! Increase your acting power! Ad-lib situation". In this corner, I challenge to acting which is an essential skill to idols by ad-libbing in a situation according to an assignment! This corner has finally come! Mmm, Mmm! This is so idol! This is where I confess my love, right? I know. Then, today's assignment is, this!


"A surprise visit from the man of your dreams! Confess your love to him" Phew~ It's here! This is what I'm talking about! I've always wanted to do this! I'll show you! I'll show you idol Mizuki! Haa- Hoo- ... The man of my dreams... Yes, meeting with him should be romantic and dramatic. A girl was betrayed by her lover and set out on a trip of grief. Her destination is Mt. Rokko where she and her lover had climbed. Then she meets a man. Somehow he looks like her first love. They are both on lonely trips and decide to climb the mountain together. Ah, I can't stop it! And! By the time they get to a rope bridge, they meet a storm of love! I stagger and hold him tightly... then I'll say...


Ah!? Haa... I don't know why... but my heart is pounding... Maybe... I fell in love with you...!


...G, Give me a reaction... How was it? W, Was it cute?


Ah! I made it! It's a success! Hooray! I'm really, really happy! I succeeded, right? Yes? I did it! I'm so happy~ Let me do more things like this. Okay? Okay!? Mizuki is going to seduce you anytime!

(Boo Boo-)

Ah~ I can't hear you~ I can't hear anything right now~ Fufu. Then, the lesson was a huge success! This was Mizuki's ad-lib situation~


This is the ending~ How was my first radio show as an idol? I think I showed my cute image so much. I can't let younger idols win, you know? I'll do my best from now on, so please root for me.
Then the last petit corner. "Cast a spell on an ordinary word to make it cute! Cinderella word" and farewell.


"Towelket". This was Kawashima Mizuki. Bye, bye~

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  1. Thanks for work
    "emceeing" don't you mean "M.C" (Master of Ceremonies)? well, both are the same.