Monday, October 19, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 25

Uzuki: Welcome to the tea time of Magic Hour. I'm glad you listen to the midnight tea time. This radio invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Your host is me, Shimamura Uzuki. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope we can have a good time. Shimamura Uzuki will do her best at hosting! Nice to meet you!


Uzuki: This is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail. I've got a mail to read. This story is from radio name "Takuya Rock". "Uzuki, Magihour." Yes, Magihour. It says "What's your secret of being energetic all the time?" Energetic... all the time? I always want to smile in front of cameras or on stage. Because I want idol Uzuki to shine bright. But sometimes, I'm in low spirited too. I even forgot how to smile once. But, there is a person who casts a light over me. And there are colleagues who worry for me and hold my hand. And there are fans who cheer for me. I think that's why I look bright and energetic all the time. I'm sure it will last on and on... So, I hope you to have merry a heart too. Show us your bright smiles at concerts or events. Eh... Was that a proper answer? Ehehe. This was Magime corner.


Uzuki: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. We have these two!
Miho: Everyone, Magihour. I'm Kohinata Miho. Nice to meet you.
Mika: Everyone, Yaho~ Magihour! I'm Jougasaki Mika. Nice to meet you!
Uzuki: Yes. From 346 production, Kohinata Miho, who is a member of my unit and senpai idol, Jougasaki Mika are here.
Miho: Uzuki, I look forward to your kind support.
Uzuki: Yes! Miho, let's do our best!
Mika: Wow~ It seems I can't act like a senpai anymore.
Uzuki: Eh? Why?
Mika: Because Uzuki is no longer a new idol, but a true idol. Which means we're rivals, right? That's why I said I can't act like a senpai in front of you.
Uzuki: Really...?
Mika: Yeah, sure. I guarantee it.
Uzuki: Are you... sure?
Miho: Fufufu, this is why I like Uzuki.
Mika: Uzuki never changes.
Miho: A consistent attitude is a good thing.
Uzuki: Well... Is that a compliment?
Mika: Yes it is. Alright, let's go back to the show.
Uzuki: Ah, yes! Let's start the next corner.


Uzuki: Okay, this is Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests talk to cast magic. Please pick up an assignment paper from the box. Are you ready?
Miho: Mika, you draw it.
Mika: Alright, here goes nothing~
Uzuki: Pick it up! Chaka Chaka Chaka... Tada! What's the topic?
Mika: Let's see... It says "Dream". This is it?
Miho: Should we talk about our dreams...? Dreams...?
Uzuki: Are you ready? Tell us about your dreams!
Mika: Dreams... This isn't about the dream I had last night, righ?
Miho: Fufu, yes. It must be our hopes.
Mika: Hmm~ And I think the reason they wrote it as a topic is that they wanted me to talk about a dream as an idol.
Uzuki: Really? ...Ah, I guess it is!
Mika: Then of course my dream is a number one! top idol!
Miho: Mika's dream sounds simple and nice.

Mika: Because there are so many idols who are shining. You don't want to lose, do you? No matter how you're close to them, they are still rivals!
Uzuki: Mika... You're cool!
Mika: Fufu, you think so? Thanks. What's Miho's dream?
Miho: Hmm... my dream? Personally, I have a goal which is try acting. But we're talking about dreams, not goals... Mmm... Ah! I thought of something while working with Uzuki.
Uzuki: W, With me?
Miho: Yeah! People form units to accomplish something that one person can't do?
Uzuki: Yeah...
Miho: I think... it's not addition, but multiplication. My advantage and Uzuki's advantage... No, not just us. Other units also multiply their advantages and turn into various shining colors. 
Mika: Surely, Rin shone in different ways when she was in New Generations and Triad Primus.
Miho: Yes! So, I want to work with many people, not just my unit, to find my new color and to meet myself... And my dream is to show it to fans!
Uzuki: Miho... You're great...
Miho: Ah... Is my dream too big?

Uzuki: No, it's not. It was nice. Ah, what's the judgement?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Uzuki: Waa~ It's a huge success! Mika, Miho! Congratulation!
Mika: It's a natural result. Miho's dream was a good story.
Miho: W, Wait... I'm embarrassed...
Uzuki: Fufufu, but it was really nice. This was Magic Minute corner.


Uzuki: Since you passed Magic Minute, you can have Guest Talk corner.
Mika: I think Uzuki should join our conversation too.
Uzuki: Eh?
Miho: That's a good idea!
Uzuki: M, Me?
Miho: Yeah!
Mika: Mhm.
Miho: I want to hear about Uzuki's dream too.
Uzuki: But this is a corner for guests...
Miho: So, you can't?
Uzuki: My dream... dream...?
Mika: I want to know Uzuki's dream.
Uzuki: Well, my dream was to become an idol, so when I was chosen as a member of Cinderella Project, I thought my dream came  true.
Miho: Uzuki... I know that feeling.
Uzuki: Ehehe. After that day, everything felt like a dream. Everyday was a happy shining day.
Mika: Yeah, you had a nice smile.
Uzuki: But, well... There was a moment when I couldn't see the dream... Yet even then, I wanted to shine bright and trust the dream.
Mika: Yeah. The attitude is important.
Uzuki: Yes! So, my dream is to shine bright now and forever! Dreamlike magic moments will pass instantly, but I'm sure they lead to a stage which is huge and full of starlight.
Miho: Yes... It definitely does!
Mika: And we will make it happen.


Uzuki: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time passes before you know it, it's time to say good bye.
Mika: It's over already? I heard this is the last episode of Magihour.

Miho: Eh? Really?
Mika: I guess it is. Well, maybe they're reorganizing or there are complicated circumstances.
Uzuki: That's true... but maybe they will restart it if there is a chance. After all, many people have listened to Magic Hour.
Miho: Yeah. By the way, Magic Hour doesn't mean "midnight". It actually means "evening".
Mika: Eh, really? Is it true?
Miho: Yes. It means a couple of minutes after sunset. The world has no shadows for a while then.
Uzuki: That must be the time when everything looks most beautiful.
Mika: I see. I hope we look beautiful like that.
Uzuki&Miho: Yeah!
Uzuki: And today's story ends here. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Today's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Mika: Magic Hour, thank you everyone. I'm Jougasaki Mika and...
Miho: I really enjoyed Magihour as a guest too. I'm Kohinata Miho and...
Uzuki: Your host, Shimamura Uzuki. Thank you for listening to my unskilled hosting. This is our last Magic Hour. I don't know when the next chance will come or who the next host will be, but I'll leave my baton here, hoping someone will be handed it. So, I'd like to say "See you again", instead of saying "Good bye".
Mika&Miho: Yeah!
Uzuki: Fufufu. Then I hope you will have a shining magical time now and forever...
All: See you again!


  1. Wow, that's really the last Magic Hour? Hard to believe it's all over. Thanks for translating all this stuff though. What do you plan to do next for this blog?

    1. I'll miss Magic Hour and NoMake too. I'm going to translate drama tracks or Starlight Stage dialogues. My next drama track will be "Absolute Nine".

  2. Your translations helped me a lot. Thank you for your effort!