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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #15

Rin: Welcome to the tea time of Magic Hour. I'm glad you listen to the midnight tea time. This radio invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. This time, it's Magic Hour special and your hosts are members of New Generation. I'm Shibuya Rin and...
Mio: Honda Mio.
Uzuki: And Shimamura Uzuki.
Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope we can have a good time. Nice to meet you.


Rin: So, Magic Hour special has begun. Who's going to be the main host?
Mio: Glimpse Glimpse
Rin: Uzuki, you do it.
Uzuki: Eh!? Me!?
Mio: Ahang~
Rin: It's our duty to give the listeners an energetic voice.
Uzuki: M, May I do it, Mio?
Mio: Of course! Everybody has been waiting for it!
Uzuki: Ehehe. Ok! Then, this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour mail. I've got a mail to read.
Mio: Alright~
Uzuki: This story is from radio name "Evo Revo Master". "Everyone, Magihour!"
Rin&Mio: Magihour~
Uzuki: "I know it's sudden, but there is one thing that really gets on my nerves."
Mio: Oh?
Uzuki: It says "New Generation has been invited to Magic Hour several times but no one asked them about their favorite type of man! So please read my mail this time. Until you read it, I'll keep going to Kaede san's mini concert." Eh... this is...
Mio: Mmm?
Rin: Even if... we read it, I want you to go to Kaede san's mini concert... well, that's my opinion. Seeing the topic, I think Mio should answer it first.
Uzuki: Yeah. Please answer the question first, Mio.
Mio: Eh!? N, No. This topic is a little...
Rin: I'm counting on you, leader.
Mio: You always call me "leader" when you need me.
Uzuki: Mio, please.
Mio: Ugh... Well... I'm, you know, close to any girls and boys at school, so I don't particularly like a certain type of...
Uzuki: You don't have one?
Rin: I know you have one.
Mio: I love you fans~ Love you~
Uzuki: Waa~ You look like an idol!
Rin: O, Of course. She's an idol. But I expected more honest answer from Mio.
Mio: Ugh... But, it's embarrassing... Then how about Shiburin? Your favorite type!
Rin: I like an ordinary person.
Mio: Just like that!?
Uzuki: Fufufu, that was so Rin.
Rin: How about Uzuki?
Uzuki: Hmm... I don't know. I like a kind person and a funny person. And a handsome person too... Ah! which reminds me, Rin's dad is handsome! He has a cool mustache and...
Rin: W, Why are you talking about my parent?
Uzuki: But he looks nice. He looks like an actor from TV.
Rin: D, Does he...? No, no. That's nothing to do with the topic and I don't want to see him get smug by Uzuki's compliment. So let's stop it.
Uzuki: Really?
Mio: Okay, this was our favorite type of man. Was it helpful? I guess not, but don't let it get you down~ This was Magime corner. We wait for your stories!


Uzuki: Mio supported me earlier, but this time I'll do it right. Then as always, we are going to draw an assignment paper from the box, but before that!
Rin: Before that...?

Uzuki: Mio, could you read here?
Mio: Yeah. Let's see... It says "Special program, 346 production's memory selection by New Generations". I don't know what it is, but claps!
All: (Clap Clap Clap)
Rin: So, what is it exactly?
Mio: For the details... Here, Shimamu!
Uzuki: Ah, yes! For this is Magic Hour special, there is a special program. Cinderella ball will be held this winter. And there will be many idols from 346 production. Therefore in this program, we're going to introduce the memorable moments where idols shone, in our point of view.
Mio: A special program... Mmm.
Rin: What should we do then?
Uzuki: In the box, there are papers with each idol's name written on them. And we're going to talk about their memorable moments.
Rin: I see.
Mio: I'll try it. Here I go~
Uzuki: Chaka Chaka Chaka... Tada! Who is the first idol?
Mio: Hmm, this should be easy. Takagaki Kaede san!
Uzuki: Then talk about Kaede san's memorable moments!
Rin: Kaede san...?
Mio: Even before we became idols, Kaede san was already an idol. I saw her at the winter festival, and she was really beautiful.
Rin: Yeah, she really looked like a princess.
Mio: But my favorite moment of her is... when we did an in-store concert with her. I wanted to emulate her warm heart that cares her fans. I still remember the day clearly.
Uzuki: Yes. I felt that she was a true idol. She was so great.
Rin: Yeah. I'll draw a paper this time.
Uzuki: Then Rin, please draw one.
Rin: Okay... Where is Chaka Chaka thing?
Mio: Shiburin, let's not ruin the mood.
Rin: All right. Then... Here, I drew one. Eh... Totoki Airi san.
Uzuki: Then talk about Airi san's memorable moments!
Rin: I haven't worked with her yet, but I often saw her working with Cinderella project members. So I have strong memories of her.
Mio: She is also well known as a host of Totokira Academy.
Rin: Well... I got an impression that she looked like an idol in any situation.
Uzuki: In what aspect?
Rin: Hmm... She is an essence of all the girly things?
Mio: Shiburin~ Be more specific.
Rin: Mmm...
Uzuki: Fufufu, but I think I know what she meant. She has a really cute vibe.
Rin: Yeah. I wanted to say that.
Mio: Fufufu. Now it's Shimamu's turn.
Uzuki: Ah, me? Then I'll draw it. Chaka Chaka Chaka... Here it is! Jougasaki Mika!
Mio: Then talk about Mika's memorable moment!
Uzuki: What should I talk first... Mika has taken care of us from the beginning.
Rin: As a senpai, she let us appear on stage too.
Mio: She is an idol senpai and our big sister.
Uzuki: Yeah. But, I think the most memorable moment is that when we went to our first photo shoot. She was posing for a picture then.
Rin: Ah! Yes. She was right next to us.
Uzuki: She was posing with a confident smile and it looked cool. That was my first time seeing an actual photo shoot. So, I have a lingering impression of her.
Mio: That was cool.
Rin: And Mio, you...
Uzuki: Imitated Mika, right?
Mio: Y, Yeah that happened... But fans don't know about it! Alright, Mio is going to draw the next paper! Chaka Chaka Chaka... Ehit! Oh! I didn't expect... KBYD!
Uzuki: Then talk about KBYD's memorable moment!
Mio: They are obviously a rival unit of our Candy Island!
Rin: Somehow they often got involved with Candy Island.
Uzuki: It's fun to see them having a conversation.
Mio: It's a shame that they don't have many schedules lately for some reason. I want to see a comfy show where they just loaf around!
Rin: That's a request, not a memory, Mio.
Mio: "Let's play baseball with cute me"... i.e. KBYD is eternal!
Uzuki: Fufufu. It's eternal!
Rin: Then it's my turn. ...about Project Krone?
Uzuki: That's a perfect topic for Rin.
Mio: Okay, tell us Project Krone's memorable moments!
Rin: Hmm... Unlike Cinderella project members, I haven't had a deep conversation with Krone members. But I got an impression that they all have passion.
Mio: Hoh...
Rin: They didn't mindlessly gather around. They tried really hard to get a chance... Not to mention Nao and Karen, Kanade and Yui... Arisu and everyone too.
Mio: That's why people call it the most promising unit of 346 production!
Rin: So, let's just say Krone's memorable moment has yet to come... Technically they're not fully completed.
Uzuki: That was so Rin.
Rin: Thank you. Then it's Uzuki's turn.
Uzuki: Okay, I'll do it. ...This one! Let's see... Hmm? It's about New Generations.
Rin: Alright. Tell us what Uzuki thinks about New Generations.
Mio: Then tell us about New Generations' memorable moment. Go, Shimamu!
Uzuki: I have only one thing to talk about the topic.
Rin: Yeah.
Mio: Say it, Shimamu!
Uzuki: Every moment in New Generations is, to me, a memorable moment. ...No, to us, every moment will always be a memorable moment! Now and forever!
Rin&Mio: Yeah!
Uzuki: Ehehe~ Now, we had a lot of conversations in the special program, 346 production memory selection. How was it?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Mio: It's a huge success! We did it! Shimamu! Shiburin!
Rin: Fufufu. Everything we've experienced is a memorable moment.
Uzuki: Yes! Everything is a shining, precious treasure.
Mio: Yeah. It will never change.
Uzuki: This was 346 production memory selection!


Uzuki: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time passes before you know it, it's time to say good bye.
Mio: Remember the last time we were here? We decided to make Rin tell a funny story?
Rin: I, I can't recall!
Uzuki: Fufu, I know you do. Rin has a good memory.
Rin: Ugh... I can't believe Uzuki got me...
Mio: I have no choice~ Shiburin, make sure you tell a funny story when we're here next time!
Rin: Yeah, yeah. I've got it, I've got it.
Uzuki: Fufu, then
today's story ends here! The midnight tea time, Magic Hour special. Today's tea time was delightful thanks to...

Rin: Magihour. I'm Shibuya Rin and...
Mio: Magihour! I'm Honda Mio and...
Uzuki: And Shimamura Uzuki! This Magic Hour special was...
All: Hosted by New Generations!
Uzuki: Then everyone, look forward to Cinderella ball. I hope you have a magic night.
All: Bye bye~!

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