Sunday, October 25, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Absolute NIne

Syuko: Are you all ready then? Thank you for your effort on the album recording! Cheers~
All: Cheers!
Shiki: Haa~ Finally I can take some rest from the CD recording...
Miku: Miku is totally exhausted nya...
Kaede: Oh my, Miku. Were you nervous?
Miku: It was more like... Syuko and Shiki and Yumi told me this was their first time recording group songs, so Miku thought she ought to lead them...
Yumi: Fufu, you're kind. Thanks.
Shiki: Thank you, thank you~
Syuko: Syuko was so nervous that she slept only 7 hours last night.
Miku: You slept enough!
Kaede: Fufufu, I can always count on you, Miku.
Miku: When Miku was told these members were going to record the album, she decided something nya. That this time, Miku would do her best!
Shiki: Anyway, good efforts~
Miku: Shiki, that's not a proper word to say right now... Anyway, what did you feel during the recording nya?
Shiki: Well~ I don't know, but I had fun. And it smelled like flowers!
Syuko: Shiki, is that your impression about the song?
Shiki: That's... not about the song, I guess. Can I just talk about the recording itself?
Yumi: Ah, maybe that's because...
Kaede: Something came across your mind, Yumi?
Yumi: Maybe the flower scent remained because I recorded the song there...
Kaede: I see~ The studio sent the flower scent.(Pun) That's great.
Shiki: Nyahaha, I get that!
Syuko: Waa~ That was my first time seeing Kaede san's pun in the flesh!
Kaede: Fufufu
Miku: How about you, Yumi?
Yumi: Hmm, I like the title "Flower bud". Any flowers throb with anticipation before blooming. What did you feel, Syuko?
Syuko: Me? Mmm~ I imagined the days after the CD release. Like... when I go back to my parent's home, the CD might be there and if someone plays it, it will be really embarrassing... How about you, Miku?
Miku: Miku tried her best to lead the unit nya! Although I'm not sure if I did it right...
Kaede: I think you were good enough.
Miku: Kaede san... Thank you! Then what did you feel, Kaede san?
Kaede: To me, I had many chances to sing in a unit. The members changed each time and each unit showed distinct characteristic. I think we expressed our own color too.
Syuko: Oh~ That was a textbook answer!
Kaede: And...
Miku: And?
Kaede: I was hoping that I could drink some alcohol in the after party... Ah, it's delicious~
Syuko&Miku: That's not textbook-ish at all!
Miku: By the way, that's alcohol!?
Yumi: Fufu, Kaede san ended the topic after all. Where is Producer san anyway?
Shiki: It was getting late, so we had to drink a toast first~
Syuko: Wait, wait. You were the one who insisted we should start the after party saying "I'm can't wait any longer".
Shiki: Was I? Ahahaha!
Miku: P chan has a meeting with the staffs. He will come when things are settled.
Kaede: Then this is the chance to start the thing.
Yumi: Kaede san, what do you mean?
Miku: Ah, the gift?
Kaede: Yes, I think this is the right time.
Syuko: A gift... You mean the thing you wanted us to bring for fun?
Miku: Yeah! Since we formed a unit, I thought it would be nice to have something memorable.
Syuko: Ah~ that's what it was. I thought you were planning a bingo game or something. I couldn't decide what to bring, so I asked my parents to send some flower cakes from their shop. And~ Here! Help yourself!


Shiki: Waa~ Thank yo.. Hmm? What is this half eaten Dorayaki thing?
Syuko: That's called Wakaayu. It looks like a sweetfish, huh?
Miku: F, Fish...?
Shiki: It's a fish? Then I'll give it to Miku nya~
Miku: Eh!? Why do you always call Miku in a situation like this!? That's too much!
Shiki: Nyahaha~
Kaede: Fufufu. It's an ordinary flower cake that looks like fish. So, don't worry.
Miku: Hgg... you're really... anyway, it's Miku's turn nya. Miku's gift is... Tada~ Headbands with cat ears nya!
Yumi: Cat ears are Miku's charm.
Miku: Yeah! Everyone can have one. Take it. Here!
Yumi: Thank you! I'll take calico cat.
Syuko: I like that yellow one~
Kaede: Oh my, this is cute.
Shiki: Nyaha~
Miku: Hah? My instinct says I shouldn't give it to Shiki nya... There will be no gift for a girl who bullies Miku!
Shiki: Ahang~ That's a shame...
Kaede: Then I'll give Shiki this.


Shiki: Kng Kng... Haa~ A sweet smell~ Is this... chocolate?
Kaede: Correct.
Yumi: I can't believe she found it out by sniffing...
Shiki: Then I'll take a bite~ Yum-yum... It's tasty~
Kaede: Here, have some chocolate everyone.
All: Thank you~
Syuko: Hmm? Is this... a whisky bonbon?
Kaede: Yes it is~
Miku: Kaede san, I think you're obsessed with alcohol...
Kaede: Alcohol is a privilege of adults, but in this way, you can also taste it. Come to think of it, I brought some alcohol as a gift, but since I'm the only person who can drink, these are all mine too.
Yumi: I, I see... Ah, I also thought food would be nice, but I didn't know your favorite food. So, I decided to bring what I would like!
Shiki: Which means... flowers?
Yumi: You've almost got it. Here, these are preserved flowers!
Miku: You prepared them for everyone! How wonderful nya!
Yumi: Dendrobium is for Syuko, lilac is for Shiki, Rhodanthe is for Miku, gladiolus is for Kaede san.
All: Oh~
Syuko: Are these our birth flowers?
Shiki: You did put some effort into it.
Yumi: Fufufu. You can enjoy beautiful flowers for long.
Kaede: That's great.
Yumi: I hope you like it. Then, you're next, Shiki.
Shiki: Fufufu... My gift is this tiny bottle from my cleavage.
Syuko: It really came out of her cleavage...
Shiki: Ehit! Yot! Yap! Pyong! One more!
Miku: Hmm? What's in it?
Shiki: Hnghhng~ That's perfume. It's Shiki's original special brand! It also has interesting effects!
Miku: Heh... You make your own perfume. How do you make it?
Shiki: Well... first you need "essence" which is the base of a scent. You extract it from various ingredients by compressing or distilling them. Then, you turn it into essential oil with ethanol. You also need to choose "note" which decides the duration of a scent and the type of an odor.
Syuko: Mhm.
Shiki: Lastly, you mix all of them to make the perfume smell good. It's easy, right?
Syuko: Heh... It requires a great deal of care.
Kaede: Can I wear it? Excuse me...


Kaede: Mmm~ It smells really fresh and... I also feel Sake...?
Miku: Come on, that can't be alcohol...
Kaede: I mean it. Why don't you sniff it?
Miku: Hmm? Kaede san has a narrow arm... no, wait. Knk Knk. Haa~ I don't know if it's Sake or not, but I like the smell nya~ Nyanya~
Kaede: Fufu, It's like a silvervine for a cat.
Syuko: Heh~ They all have different scents...
Shiki: Yeah~ I tried to imitate the malted rice that is used to ferment Sake. Anyway, this chocolate is delicious~
Yumi: What is my perfume?


Yumi: Haa... I smell various kinds of flowers... It's great!
Syuko: Heh~


Syuko: Oh~ Mine smells spicy. But I think I'll get used to it.
Miku: What's Miku's...
Shiki: Mackerel.
Miku: What?
Shiki: It's mackerel.
Miku: Mackerel!? You mean the mackerel... in the sea?
Shiki: Yeah. It's a mackerel flavor perfume~
Miku: I... I don't need that kind of perfume nya!
Shiki: Nyahaha, I was joking, just joking.
Miku: I don't know what smell it is, but I'll do a test on someone like Riina to... I mean, make her check it!
Kaede: By the way, there are so many different odors.
Shiki: Yes, there are many. In fact, odors are organic compounds. You can't analyze them accurately without using gas coloring method.
Yumi: T, That sounds complicated...
Shiki: Anyway... Haa~ All these odors and whisky bonbon make me feel weird~ Hnhng~
Kaede: Now, now. Shiki, calm down. Pat Pat. Ufufu.
Miku: Hnk! I think Kaede san is getting tipsy nya...
Syuko: Ahaha. Are after parties always like this?
Yumi: I'm curious too... I haven't seen anyone having an after party before.
Miku: Last time, there was a fuss at a maid cafe.
Yumi: I heard there was a fuss at a festival too.
Syuko: Ah, I also heard that there was a fuss at a hot-spring hotel
Miku: Why do we always make a fuss nya!
Kaede: Fufufu. We also played "king game" once.
Shiki: A game? King game? What's that!? It sounds fun! I want to play it!
Kaede: Dear me! You really want to play it?
Miku: I haven't played king game nya. Have you?
Yumi: I haven't played it too.
Syuko: Syuko is too diligent to do that~
Miku: That's fishy...
Shiki: How do you play it? Let's do it! Hurry~ Hurry~
Kaede: We're going to choose a king by drawing lots, and the rest of us follow the king's order. I'll make the straws first.
Yumi: I'll help.
Miku: Hgg... This doesn't sound very good nya...
Shiki: Really? I like this feeling that something is going down~ If Shiki becomes a king, what will she do? Sniffing everyone? No, no. I'll just take their clothes that they're wearing... Fufufu...
Miku: Heek! I knew she is dangerous nya...
Kaede: There~ Finished. Straws have number 1 to 4 and king. So, if you're king, just give any order.
Yumi: Let's draw it.
Syuko: I'll take this!
Shiki: Shiki chooses this one~
Miku: Give me the king. Give me the king...
Kaede: All done? Then check your straws secretly. When I count to 2, say "Who is the king?". One, Two!
All: Who is the king!?
Syuko: It's me... Waa, what should I order?
Shiki: The king was Syuko~ I wish I was the king.
Miku: My king, what's your order!? Please make it easy and safe!
Syuko: Mmm~ easy...? Ah! Then how about number 1 Kabedong number 3 and say something sweet?
Yumi: Eh!? I'm number 3... Will I get Kabedong?
Shiki: What's Kabedong? Can I do it again, dong? (Kabedong: A man pushes a girl against a wall)
Miku: That's an ancient... Anyway, no! But who's number 1...?
Kaede: Number 1, Takagaki Kaede, she is ready to go! Hng hng hng~
Miku: Ah... She is even humming nya...
Yumi: W, Well... This is my first time, so...
Kaede: Yumi.


Yumi: S, She is close...! And Kaede san smells... sweet...
Kaede: Yumi, a closer look makes your face much cuter. Could you let me appreciate your flower-like face tonight?
Yumi: W, Well... Please be gentle...! Haa~
Syuko: Ah, she fell for it...
Shiki: Kya~ oh my god~

(Shiki punches Miku)

Miku: Ouch! Shiki, stop punching me! Wait, is it safe? Yes? Is it still healthy!?
Kaede: Ahaha! King game is fun! Besides, I feel hot because of the alcohol I drank.
Syuko: Kaede san... is drunk... Wait, I feel a little hot too.
Shiki: Hng hng~ Of course you do. Since everyone wore the perfume I made.
Miku: Eh!? You mean the perfume is..!?
Shiki: It opens bronchial tubes, increases metabolism and blunts sense organs! I manipulated the effect of benzodiazepine... which means, you will feel so~ awesome!
Yumi: Is that why I feel hot and dizzy...?
Miku: Are you sure it's okay?
Shiki: It's okay, it's okay. They are totally legal. I told you they had interesting effects. Now, let's choose the next king! Draw lots!
Yumi: I'm out... Haa...
Miku: I can't let them make another victim nya! Come on, king! One, Two~
All: Who is the king!
Kaede: Ufufufu, hello, I'm the king.
Syuko: Oh, I sense something big!
Miku: Kaede san, what's your order?
Kaede: Then... how about number 2 serves number 4 with her heart.
Syuko: Ah, I'm number 4. Who's going to serve me?
Shiki: Hng Hng~ It's my turn at last. Finally! Number 2, Ichinose Shiki is going to give Syuko a massage with her heart~
Kaede: Fufufu, Shiki, finish her!
Shiki: Syuko, I'll massage your neck with aroma oil~
Syuko: Eh... massage? Wait, my neck is...
Shiki: Now, now. I know the structure of a human body well. Then, excuse me~ Nyahahaha~
Syuko: Heek!? Ah...ahaha, hahahaha! N, No... Don't tickle my... neck~ Stop~ Ahaha!
Shiki: Well, do you feel better?
Miku: Ah..ah~ This is going to be really bad...
Kaede: Ufufu~ Massage is so good. I sometimes follow Kawashima san to get a massage.
Miku: Miku isn't sure... She can't tell what's right or wrong now!
Syuko: I... Fu... this is... too much...

(Syuko falls down)

Shiki: Haa~ Syuko, that was a good smell~ Then let's start the last game.
Kaede: We three are the last survivors.
Miku: Alright. I'm going to end it nya! One, Two!
All: Who is the king~
Miku: It's me! Miku is the king!
Kaede: My king, what's your order?
Miku: I decided it beforehand! Shiki feeds Kaede san alcohol as much as she can. Kaede san plasters her body with the perfume and let Shiki sniff it!
Kaede: Oh my~ You're giving me good service!
Shiki: Nyaha~
Shiki&Kaede: Well then...
Kaede: Cheers!
Shiki: Time to eat!
Kaede: (gulf gulf)... Fuhaa!
Shiki: Kng Kng... Sniff~ Sniff~
Shiki&Kaede: Haaa~
Miku: Then fall asleep! This is the king's order nya!
Shiki&Kaede: Alright~ Good night~ ZZZ
Miku: Phew... It, It's over... It's over nya... That was a long fight. Haa... I brought too many cat ears. I'd better put it on Shiki. There!
Shiki: Unya!? Hmnya... Slurp... That's a good smell... ZZZ
Yumi: I felt Doki Doki...
Syuko: It itches... ZZZ
Kaede: Ufufu... Haa... ZZZ
Miku: A, After parties shouldn't be... like this... By the way, why should Miku clean up the mess!? P chan, please hurry nya!


  1. Thanks for the work.
    Anyway, It's only one audio? Where its Rin, Uzuki, Takumi and Mika?

    1. Sadly, drama track is only for the top 5 idols from the election.