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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Mezase! Cinderella No.1! Kawashima Mizuki

Mizuki's opening talk~! Thank you for listening to Mizuki's debut radio show~ I'll do my best with maximum idol power!

(Boo Boo-)

Eh? I did it with all the strength I had in me... Hmm... Ah, maybe I should have done it with my sexy voice. I see. Then I'll try it again. Hmm~ Hi~ I'm Kawashima Mizuki. Uhng~ I'm going to mesmerize everyone with an adult's sexual appeal~

(Boo Boo-)

Eh? I can't do that too? Why don't you just tell me what's the problem...? Hmm... Hmm~ You mean, do it more naturally? Well~ I think being cute is what idols would do... Anyway, I've got the point. Alright, I'll try to make the show natural but also cute. Then let's do this! Start the show!


"Special debut project, Mezase! Cinderella No.1! I'm Kawashima Mizuki, your host of Mezase! Cinderella No.1 where new idols work hard to increase their idol power and become tomorrow's top idols!" Then let me introduce myself. I'm Kawashima Mizuki and from Osaka. My hobby is cleaning and doing laundry, so on my day off, I usually spend my time doing chores. Sounds like a domestic woman, right? My age is... a secret~

(Boo Boo-)

Eh~? Why is it Boo Boo? "Where is my naturalness?" Telling my age itself doesn't sound natural, you know.

(Boo Boo-)

But since I'm an idol, I must cherish the dream of fans... Ah, then... Hmm! I'm eternally 17 years old...

(Boo Boo Boo Boo -)

A, Alright already...! I'm 28 years old. Before I became an idol, I was in my hometown and had a career. The career was about "talking". So I'm used to emceeing and such. I have no problem with radio shows too. As I became an idol, I'll do my best in singing, dancing and whatever I do. I want to prove that age isn't important to start something. Fufu, root for me, okay? Well... I think my introduction is almost done. Shall we move on to the next corner then? Corner, start!


"Special training! Face yesterday's myself by Memory talk!" It's a corner where I talk about what happened yesterday, look back at myself then rediscover my charm. Do you want to know about my private life that much? Fufufu. I guess I have no choice~ I'll tell you for this once. Yesterday... was my day off and I did a big cleanup. Ah, yeah... I recently found an item that helps you do laundry and cleaning! Fufufu, guess what it is! It's baking soda! Do you know what baking soda is? It's sodium hydrogen carbonate. You'll be surprised when you use it. You can wipe stainless steel clean, remove dirty things in a drain and even prevent mold inside a washing machine! Since I used it for the first time, I can't start cleaning without it. Fufu~ Everyone should try it. Oh wait, the show turned into a life information show... I'd better act cute like an idol. Hmm, great. That will work. Then, retake! Hmm Hmm! Tada~! Mizuki's memory diary~ You know what? Yesterday, I made my home twinkle like a star~ I used a magic item, magic powder NaHCO3!! I'll share it to everyone, so please try it! Phuu~

(Boo Boo-)

Eh, no? Why~? It was cute! Why don't you be honest and praise me just once? I'm trying my best, you know?


I don't get it... But next time, you'll be sorry for this. Prepare yourself. This was
Memory talk corner.


"Lesson! Increase your acting power! Ad-lib situation". In this corner, I challenge to acting which is an essential skill to idols by ad-libbing in a situation according to an assignment! This corner has finally come! Mmm, Mmm! This is so idol! This is where I confess my love, right? I know. Then, today's assignment is, this!


"A surprise visit from the man of your dreams! Confess your love to him" Phew~ It's here! This is what I'm talking about! I've always wanted to do this! I'll show you! I'll show you idol Mizuki! Haa- Hoo- ... The man of my dreams... Yes, meeting with him should be romantic and dramatic. A girl was betrayed by her lover and set out on a trip of grief. Her destination is Mt. Rokko where she and her lover had climbed. Then she meets a man. Somehow he looks like her first love. They are both on lonely trips and decide to climb the mountain together. Ah, I can't stop it! And! By the time they get to a rope bridge, they meet a storm of love! I stagger and hold him tightly... then I'll say...


Ah!? Haa... I don't know why... but my heart is pounding... Maybe... I fell in love with you...!


...G, Give me a reaction... How was it? W, Was it cute?


Ah! I made it! It's a success! Hooray! I'm really, really happy! I succeeded, right? Yes? I did it! I'm so happy~ Let me do more things like this. Okay? Okay!? Mizuki is going to seduce you anytime!

(Boo Boo-)

Ah~ I can't hear you~ I can't hear anything right now~ Fufu. Then, the lesson was a huge success! This was Mizuki's ad-lib situation~


This is the ending~ How was my first radio show as an idol? I think I showed my cute image so much. I can't let younger idols win, you know? I'll do my best from now on, so please root for me.
Then the last petit corner. "Cast a spell on an ordinary word to make it cute! Cinderella word" and farewell.


"Towelket". This was Kawashima Mizuki. Bye, bye~

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Absolute NIne

Syuko: Are you all ready then? Thank you for your effort on the album recording! Cheers~
All: Cheers!
Shiki: Haa~ Finally I can take some rest from the CD recording...
Miku: Miku is totally exhausted nya...
Kaede: Oh my, Miku. Were you nervous?
Miku: It was more like... Syuko and Shiki and Yumi told me this was their first time recording group songs, so Miku thought she ought to lead them...
Yumi: Fufu, you're kind. Thanks.
Shiki: Thank you, thank you~
Syuko: Syuko was so nervous that she slept only 7 hours last night.
Miku: You slept enough!
Kaede: Fufufu, I can always count on you, Miku.
Miku: When Miku was told these members were going to record the album, she decided something nya. That this time, Miku would do her best!
Shiki: Anyway, good efforts~
Miku: Shiki, that's not a proper word to say right now... Anyway, what did you feel during the recording nya?
Shiki: Well~ I don't know, but I had fun. And it smelled like flowers!
Syuko: Shiki, is that your impression about the song?
Shiki: That's... not about the song, I guess. Can I just talk about the recording itself?
Yumi: Ah, maybe that's because...
Kaede: Something came across your mind, Yumi?
Yumi: Maybe the flower scent remained because I recorded the song there...
Kaede: I see~ The studio sent the flower scent.(Pun) That's great.
Shiki: Nyahaha, I get that!
Syuko: Waa~ That was my first time seeing Kaede san's pun in the flesh!
Kaede: Fufufu
Miku: How about you, Yumi?
Yumi: Hmm, I like the title "Flower bud". Any flowers throb with anticipation before blooming. What did you feel, Syuko?
Syuko: Me? Mmm~ I imagined the days after the CD release. Like... when I go back to my parent's home, the CD might be there and if someone plays it, it will be really embarrassing... How about you, Miku?
Miku: Miku tried her best to lead the unit nya! Although I'm not sure if I did it right...
Kaede: I think you were good enough.
Miku: Kaede san... Thank you! Then what did you feel, Kaede san?
Kaede: To me, I had many chances to sing in a unit. The members changed each time and each unit showed distinct characteristic. I think we expressed our own color too.
Syuko: Oh~ That was a textbook answer!
Kaede: And...
Miku: And?
Kaede: I was hoping that I could drink some alcohol in the after party... Ah, it's delicious~
Syuko&Miku: That's not textbook-ish at all!
Miku: By the way, that's alcohol!?
Yumi: Fufu, Kaede san ended the topic after all. Where is Producer san anyway?
Shiki: It was getting late, so we had to drink a toast first~
Syuko: Wait, wait. You were the one who insisted we should start the after party saying "I'm can't wait any longer".
Shiki: Was I? Ahahaha!
Miku: P chan has a meeting with the staffs. He will come when things are settled.
Kaede: Then this is the chance to start the thing.
Yumi: Kaede san, what do you mean?
Miku: Ah, the gift?
Kaede: Yes, I think this is the right time.
Syuko: A gift... You mean the thing you wanted us to bring for fun?
Miku: Yeah! Since we formed a unit, I thought it would be nice to have something memorable.
Syuko: Ah~ that's what it was. I thought you were planning a bingo game or something. I couldn't decide what to bring, so I asked my parents to send some flower cakes from their shop. And~ Here! Help yourself!


Shiki: Waa~ Thank yo.. Hmm? What is this half eaten Dorayaki thing?
Syuko: That's called Wakaayu. It looks like a sweetfish, huh?
Miku: F, Fish...?
Shiki: It's a fish? Then I'll give it to Miku nya~
Miku: Eh!? Why do you always call Miku in a situation like this!? That's too much!
Shiki: Nyahaha~
Kaede: Fufufu. It's an ordinary flower cake that looks like fish. So, don't worry.
Miku: Hgg... you're really... anyway, it's Miku's turn nya. Miku's gift is... Tada~ Headbands with cat ears nya!
Yumi: Cat ears are Miku's charm.
Miku: Yeah! Everyone can have one. Take it. Here!
Yumi: Thank you! I'll take calico cat.
Syuko: I like that yellow one~
Kaede: Oh my, this is cute.
Shiki: Nyaha~
Miku: Hah? My instinct says I shouldn't give it to Shiki nya... There will be no gift for a girl who bullies Miku!
Shiki: Ahang~ That's a shame...
Kaede: Then I'll give Shiki this.


Shiki: Kng Kng... Haa~ A sweet smell~ Is this... chocolate?
Kaede: Correct.
Yumi: I can't believe she found it out by sniffing...
Shiki: Then I'll take a bite~ Yum-yum... It's tasty~
Kaede: Here, have some chocolate everyone.
All: Thank you~
Syuko: Hmm? Is this... a whisky bonbon?
Kaede: Yes it is~
Miku: Kaede san, I think you're obsessed with alcohol...
Kaede: Alcohol is a privilege of adults, but in this way, you can also taste it. Come to think of it, I brought some alcohol as a gift, but since I'm the only person who can drink, these are all mine too.
Yumi: I, I see... Ah, I also thought food would be nice, but I didn't know your favorite food. So, I decided to bring what I would like!
Shiki: Which means... flowers?
Yumi: You've almost got it. Here, these are preserved flowers!
Miku: You prepared them for everyone! How wonderful nya!
Yumi: Dendrobium is for Syuko, lilac is for Shiki, Rhodanthe is for Miku, gladiolus is for Kaede san.
All: Oh~
Syuko: Are these our birth flowers?
Shiki: You did put some effort into it.
Yumi: Fufufu. You can enjoy beautiful flowers for long.
Kaede: That's great.
Yumi: I hope you like it. Then, you're next, Shiki.
Shiki: Fufufu... My gift is this tiny bottle from my cleavage.
Syuko: It really came out of her cleavage...
Shiki: Ehit! Yot! Yap! Pyong! One more!
Miku: Hmm? What's in it?
Shiki: Hnghhng~ That's perfume. It's Shiki's original special brand! It also has interesting effects!
Miku: Heh... You make your own perfume. How do you make it?
Shiki: Well... first you need "essence" which is the base of a scent. You extract it from various ingredients by compressing or distilling them. Then, you turn it into essential oil with ethanol. You also need to choose "note" which decides the duration of a scent and the type of an odor.
Syuko: Mhm.
Shiki: Lastly, you mix all of them to make the perfume smell good. It's easy, right?
Syuko: Heh... It requires a great deal of care.
Kaede: Can I wear it? Excuse me...


Kaede: Mmm~ It smells really fresh and... I also feel Sake...?
Miku: Come on, that can't be alcohol...
Kaede: I mean it. Why don't you sniff it?
Miku: Hmm? Kaede san has a narrow arm... no, wait. Knk Knk. Haa~ I don't know if it's Sake or not, but I like the smell nya~ Nyanya~
Kaede: Fufu, It's like a silvervine for a cat.
Syuko: Heh~ They all have different scents...
Shiki: Yeah~ I tried to imitate the malted rice that is used to ferment Sake. Anyway, this chocolate is delicious~
Yumi: What is my perfume?


Yumi: Haa... I smell various kinds of flowers... It's great!
Syuko: Heh~


Syuko: Oh~ Mine smells spicy. But I think I'll get used to it.
Miku: What's Miku's...
Shiki: Mackerel.
Miku: What?
Shiki: It's mackerel.
Miku: Mackerel!? You mean the mackerel... in the sea?
Shiki: Yeah. It's a mackerel flavor perfume~
Miku: I... I don't need that kind of perfume nya!
Shiki: Nyahaha, I was joking, just joking.
Miku: I don't know what smell it is, but I'll do a test on someone like Riina to... I mean, make her check it!
Kaede: By the way, there are so many different odors.
Shiki: Yes, there are many. In fact, odors are organic compounds. You can't analyze them accurately without using gas coloring method.
Yumi: T, That sounds complicated...
Shiki: Anyway... Haa~ All these odors and whisky bonbon make me feel weird~ Hnhng~
Kaede: Now, now. Shiki, calm down. Pat Pat. Ufufu.
Miku: Hnk! I think Kaede san is getting tipsy nya...
Syuko: Ahaha. Are after parties always like this?
Yumi: I'm curious too... I haven't seen anyone having an after party before.
Miku: Last time, there was a fuss at a maid cafe.
Yumi: I heard there was a fuss at a festival too.
Syuko: Ah, I also heard that there was a fuss at a hot-spring hotel
Miku: Why do we always make a fuss nya!
Kaede: Fufufu. We also played "king game" once.
Shiki: A game? King game? What's that!? It sounds fun! I want to play it!
Kaede: Dear me! You really want to play it?
Miku: I haven't played king game nya. Have you?
Yumi: I haven't played it too.
Syuko: Syuko is too diligent to do that~
Miku: That's fishy...
Shiki: How do you play it? Let's do it! Hurry~ Hurry~
Kaede: We're going to choose a king by drawing lots, and the rest of us follow the king's order. I'll make the straws first.
Yumi: I'll help.
Miku: Hgg... This doesn't sound very good nya...
Shiki: Really? I like this feeling that something is going down~ If Shiki becomes a king, what will she do? Sniffing everyone? No, no. I'll just take their clothes that they're wearing... Fufufu...
Miku: Heek! I knew she is dangerous nya...
Kaede: There~ Finished. Straws have number 1 to 4 and king. So, if you're king, just give any order.
Yumi: Let's draw it.
Syuko: I'll take this!
Shiki: Shiki chooses this one~
Miku: Give me the king. Give me the king...
Kaede: All done? Then check your straws secretly. When I count to 2, say "Who is the king?". One, Two!
All: Who is the king!?
Syuko: It's me... Waa, what should I order?
Shiki: The king was Syuko~ I wish I was the king.
Miku: My king, what's your order!? Please make it easy and safe!
Syuko: Mmm~ easy...? Ah! Then how about number 1 Kabedong number 3 and say something sweet?
Yumi: Eh!? I'm number 3... Will I get Kabedong?
Shiki: What's Kabedong? Can I do it again, dong? (Kabedong: A man pushes a girl against a wall)
Miku: That's an ancient... Anyway, no! But who's number 1...?
Kaede: Number 1, Takagaki Kaede, she is ready to go! Hng hng hng~
Miku: Ah... She is even humming nya...
Yumi: W, Well... This is my first time, so...
Kaede: Yumi.


Yumi: S, She is close...! And Kaede san smells... sweet...
Kaede: Yumi, a closer look makes your face much cuter. Could you let me appreciate your flower-like face tonight?
Yumi: W, Well... Please be gentle...! Haa~
Syuko: Ah, she fell for it...
Shiki: Kya~ oh my god~

(Shiki punches Miku)

Miku: Ouch! Shiki, stop punching me! Wait, is it safe? Yes? Is it still healthy!?
Kaede: Ahaha! King game is fun! Besides, I feel hot because of the alcohol I drank.
Syuko: Kaede san... is drunk... Wait, I feel a little hot too.
Shiki: Hng hng~ Of course you do. Since everyone wore the perfume I made.
Miku: Eh!? You mean the perfume is..!?
Shiki: It opens bronchial tubes, increases metabolism and blunts sense organs! I manipulated the effect of benzodiazepine... which means, you will feel so~ awesome!
Yumi: Is that why I feel hot and dizzy...?
Miku: Are you sure it's okay?
Shiki: It's okay, it's okay. They are totally legal. I told you they had interesting effects. Now, let's choose the next king! Draw lots!
Yumi: I'm out... Haa...
Miku: I can't let them make another victim nya! Come on, king! One, Two~
All: Who is the king!
Kaede: Ufufufu, hello, I'm the king.
Syuko: Oh, I sense something big!
Miku: Kaede san, what's your order?
Kaede: Then... how about number 2 serves number 4 with her heart.
Syuko: Ah, I'm number 4. Who's going to serve me?
Shiki: Hng Hng~ It's my turn at last. Finally! Number 2, Ichinose Shiki is going to give Syuko a massage with her heart~
Kaede: Fufufu, Shiki, finish her!
Shiki: Syuko, I'll massage your neck with aroma oil~
Syuko: Eh... massage? Wait, my neck is...
Shiki: Now, now. I know the structure of a human body well. Then, excuse me~ Nyahahaha~
Syuko: Heek!? Ah...ahaha, hahahaha! N, No... Don't tickle my... neck~ Stop~ Ahaha!
Shiki: Well, do you feel better?
Miku: Ah..ah~ This is going to be really bad...
Kaede: Ufufu~ Massage is so good. I sometimes follow Kawashima san to get a massage.
Miku: Miku isn't sure... She can't tell what's right or wrong now!
Syuko: I... Fu... this is... too much...

(Syuko falls down)

Shiki: Haa~ Syuko, that was a good smell~ Then let's start the last game.
Kaede: We three are the last survivors.
Miku: Alright. I'm going to end it nya! One, Two!
All: Who is the king~
Miku: It's me! Miku is the king!
Kaede: My king, what's your order?
Miku: I decided it beforehand! Shiki feeds Kaede san alcohol as much as she can. Kaede san plasters her body with the perfume and let Shiki sniff it!
Kaede: Oh my~ You're giving me good service!
Shiki: Nyaha~
Shiki&Kaede: Well then...
Kaede: Cheers!
Shiki: Time to eat!
Kaede: (gulf gulf)... Fuhaa!
Shiki: Kng Kng... Sniff~ Sniff~
Shiki&Kaede: Haaa~
Miku: Then fall asleep! This is the king's order nya!
Shiki&Kaede: Alright~ Good night~ ZZZ
Miku: Phew... It, It's over... It's over nya... That was a long fight. Haa... I brought too many cat ears. I'd better put it on Shiki. There!
Shiki: Unya!? Hmnya... Slurp... That's a good smell... ZZZ
Yumi: I felt Doki Doki...
Syuko: It itches... ZZZ
Kaede: Ufufu... Haa... ZZZ
Miku: A, After parties shouldn't be... like this... By the way, why should Miku clean up the mess!? P chan, please hurry nya!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 25

Uzuki: Welcome to the tea time of Magic Hour. I'm glad you listen to the midnight tea time. This radio invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Your host is me, Shimamura Uzuki. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope we can have a good time. Shimamura Uzuki will do her best at hosting! Nice to meet you!


Uzuki: This is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail. I've got a mail to read. This story is from radio name "Takuya Rock". "Uzuki, Magihour." Yes, Magihour. It says "What's your secret of being energetic all the time?" Energetic... all the time? I always want to smile in front of cameras or on stage. Because I want idol Uzuki to shine bright. But sometimes, I'm in low spirited too. I even forgot how to smile once. But, there is a person who casts a light over me. And there are colleagues who worry for me and hold my hand. And there are fans who cheer for me. I think that's why I look bright and energetic all the time. I'm sure it will last on and on... So, I hope you to have merry a heart too. Show us your bright smiles at concerts or events. Eh... Was that a proper answer? Ehehe. This was Magime corner.


Uzuki: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. We have these two!
Miho: Everyone, Magihour. I'm Kohinata Miho. Nice to meet you.
Mika: Everyone, Yaho~ Magihour! I'm Jougasaki Mika. Nice to meet you!
Uzuki: Yes. From 346 production, Kohinata Miho, who is a member of my unit and senpai idol, Jougasaki Mika are here.
Miho: Uzuki, I look forward to your kind support.
Uzuki: Yes! Miho, let's do our best!
Mika: Wow~ It seems I can't act like a senpai anymore.
Uzuki: Eh? Why?
Mika: Because Uzuki is no longer a new idol, but a true idol. Which means we're rivals, right? That's why I said I can't act like a senpai in front of you.
Uzuki: Really...?
Mika: Yeah, sure. I guarantee it.
Uzuki: Are you... sure?
Miho: Fufufu, this is why I like Uzuki.
Mika: Uzuki never changes.
Miho: A consistent attitude is a good thing.
Uzuki: Well... Is that a compliment?
Mika: Yes it is. Alright, let's go back to the show.
Uzuki: Ah, yes! Let's start the next corner.


Uzuki: Okay, this is Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests talk to cast magic. Please pick up an assignment paper from the box. Are you ready?
Miho: Mika, you draw it.
Mika: Alright, here goes nothing~
Uzuki: Pick it up! Chaka Chaka Chaka... Tada! What's the topic?
Mika: Let's see... It says "Dream". This is it?
Miho: Should we talk about our dreams...? Dreams...?
Uzuki: Are you ready? Tell us about your dreams!
Mika: Dreams... This isn't about the dream I had last night, righ?
Miho: Fufu, yes. It must be our hopes.
Mika: Hmm~ And I think the reason they wrote it as a topic is that they wanted me to talk about a dream as an idol.
Uzuki: Really? ...Ah, I guess it is!
Mika: Then of course my dream is a number one! top idol!
Miho: Mika's dream sounds simple and nice.

Mika: Because there are so many idols who are shining. You don't want to lose, do you? No matter how you're close to them, they are still rivals!
Uzuki: Mika... You're cool!
Mika: Fufu, you think so? Thanks. What's Miho's dream?
Miho: Hmm... my dream? Personally, I have a goal which is try acting. But we're talking about dreams, not goals... Mmm... Ah! I thought of something while working with Uzuki.
Uzuki: W, With me?
Miho: Yeah! People form units to accomplish something that one person can't do?
Uzuki: Yeah...
Miho: I think... it's not addition, but multiplication. My advantage and Uzuki's advantage... No, not just us. Other units also multiply their advantages and turn into various shining colors. 
Mika: Surely, Rin shone in different ways when she was in New Generations and Triad Primus.
Miho: Yes! So, I want to work with many people, not just my unit, to find my new color and to meet myself... And my dream is to show it to fans!
Uzuki: Miho... You're great...
Miho: Ah... Is my dream too big?

Uzuki: No, it's not. It was nice. Ah, what's the judgement?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Uzuki: Waa~ It's a huge success! Mika, Miho! Congratulation!
Mika: It's a natural result. Miho's dream was a good story.
Miho: W, Wait... I'm embarrassed...
Uzuki: Fufufu, but it was really nice. This was Magic Minute corner.


Uzuki: Since you passed Magic Minute, you can have Guest Talk corner.
Mika: I think Uzuki should join our conversation too.
Uzuki: Eh?
Miho: That's a good idea!
Uzuki: M, Me?
Miho: Yeah!
Mika: Mhm.
Miho: I want to hear about Uzuki's dream too.
Uzuki: But this is a corner for guests...
Miho: So, you can't?
Uzuki: My dream... dream...?
Mika: I want to know Uzuki's dream.
Uzuki: Well, my dream was to become an idol, so when I was chosen as a member of Cinderella Project, I thought my dream came  true.
Miho: Uzuki... I know that feeling.
Uzuki: Ehehe. After that day, everything felt like a dream. Everyday was a happy shining day.
Mika: Yeah, you had a nice smile.
Uzuki: But, well... There was a moment when I couldn't see the dream... Yet even then, I wanted to shine bright and trust the dream.
Mika: Yeah. The attitude is important.
Uzuki: Yes! So, my dream is to shine bright now and forever! Dreamlike magic moments will pass instantly, but I'm sure they lead to a stage which is huge and full of starlight.
Miho: Yes... It definitely does!
Mika: And we will make it happen.


Uzuki: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time passes before you know it, it's time to say good bye.
Mika: It's over already? I heard this is the last episode of Magihour.

Miho: Eh? Really?
Mika: I guess it is. Well, maybe they're reorganizing or there are complicated circumstances.
Uzuki: That's true... but maybe they will restart it if there is a chance. After all, many people have listened to Magic Hour.
Miho: Yeah. By the way, Magic Hour doesn't mean "midnight". It actually means "evening".
Mika: Eh, really? Is it true?
Miho: Yes. It means a couple of minutes after sunset. The world has no shadows for a while then.
Uzuki: That must be the time when everything looks most beautiful.
Mika: I see. I hope we look beautiful like that.
Uzuki&Miho: Yeah!
Uzuki: And today's story ends here. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Today's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Mika: Magic Hour, thank you everyone. I'm Jougasaki Mika and...
Miho: I really enjoyed Magihour as a guest too. I'm Kohinata Miho and...
Uzuki: Your host, Shimamura Uzuki. Thank you for listening to my unskilled hosting. This is our last Magic Hour. I don't know when the next chance will come or who the next host will be, but I'll leave my baton here, hoping someone will be handed it. So, I'd like to say "See you again", instead of saying "Good bye".
Mika&Miho: Yeah!
Uzuki: Fufufu. Then I hope you will have a shining magical time now and forever...
All: See you again!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 25

Instructor: One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Okay. Now, turn!
Yuu: Ah!?
Trainee: Yuu, are you okay?
Yuu: Thank you.
Instructor: Now now. Everyone starts that way, so don't make a fuss.

Trainees: Yes!

(Door opens)

Instructor: Ah, sorry. But we're taking a lesson... Oh my, Uzuki?
Trainees: !?
Uzuki: Ah, hello. Well... I dropped by to say hi. I'll go soon.
Instructor: Fufu, you can take your time. Everyone, Shimamura san had been a trainee of this training school until last year. And now she is a star of 346 production.
Trainees: Oh~
Uzuki: No, I'm not a star yet...
Yuu: E, Excuse me!
Uzuki&Instructor: ?
Yuu: I went to see Cinderella ball!
Trainees: Me too!
Uzuki: Ah... Thank you! I owed the instructor big time...
Instructor: Uzuki, how about taking a lesson with them?

(Trainees make noises)

Uzuki: Ah... No thanks! I came here to retrieve something that I left last winter...
Instructor: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Fufu, the locker room is opened. Go ahead.
Uzuki: Thank you. Now if you will excuse... Hmm?

(Admiring glances from trainees)

Uzuki: Ah, eh... well, I'll do my best too. So do your best, everyone.
Trainees: Yes!
Uzuki: T, Then I'll go now!
Trainees: It's been a pleasure!


Uzuki: Fuu...
Producer: That was... a good greeting.
Uzuki: Ah, s, sorry, Producer san.
Producer: Did you get the thing?
Uzuki: Actually... I need to go to the locker room, so could you wait for me a little more?
Producer: No problem. I need to talk to the staff of the training school too. And I also have a chance to see them taking a lesson.
Uzuki: You mean...
Producer: Yes.
Uzuki: I see. I'll be a senpai soon.
Proudcer: Yes, you will.
Uzuki: Producer san! Shimamura Uzuki, will do her best! Ehehe. V! Then I'll go check the locker room.
Producer: Yes. See you soon then.

(Producer enters the lesson room)

Producer: Excuse me.
Trainees: Kyaaa!
Instructor: W, Wait, everyone! He is...
Uzuki: Fufufu


Rin: Yeah. Nao will take care of the fax. Ah, Karen is doing the set list of the next concert... Ah, sorry. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Okay, see you tomorrow.

(Rin hangs up the phone)

Rin: Uzuki!
Uzuki: Rin~ Haa... Haa... I'm sorry to make you wait.
Rin: Where is Producer?
Uzuki: He said he needed more time to talk, and wanted me to go first.
Rin: I see. But I'm not sure we can carry the things we bought.
Uzuki: Mio will show up in no time. Don't worry about...

( A little girl is crying)

Uzuki: Do you know her?
Rin: No, but... Hey, what happened?
Uzuki: We'll help you. Stop crying, okay?
Girl: M, My mom...
Uzuki: Your mom?
Girl: She is missing...
Mio: I see~ Then let's call your mom.
Uzuki&Rin: Mio!?
Mio: Ma'am~ You left your kid here!
Man A: What is it?
Woman A: Filming?
Mio: Ma'am! Over here!
Uzuki: M, Mio! People are looking at us!
Mio: That's what I want.
Mom: Yoriko!
Mio: Ah, there she is! Over here!
Mom: Yoriko!
Girl: Mom!
Rin: I'm glad you found your mom.
Girl: Yeah!
Mom: Thank you! How can I repay you...
Mio: No, no. It's okay.
Mom: No, I really want to...
Man B: Wait, you there.
Rin: !?
Uzuki: W, What's wrong?
Man B: You did a great job! Especially, I like your big voice.

(clap clap clap)

Mio: Ehehe~
Man B: Are you an actor or something?
Mio: N, No. I'm more like...
Rin: Fufufu.


Uzuki: Mio, you were so great!
Mio: You still talking about that, Shimamu?
Uzuki: But I was touched! I can't wait to tell everyone about it!
Mio: Eh!? Wait, I don't want to brag to them...!
Uzuki: I'm sure Kanako will be happy.
Mio: No! No! I said don't do that! It will look like I'm showing off.
Uzuki: But Mio was so great back then...
Rin: Fufufu.
Mio: Shiburin? Why are you laughing?
Rin: N, No. I was just glad we are friends.
Uzuki&Mio: ...
Rin: ...Why?
Mio: Shiburin... Fufu, you're in youth~
Rin: It, It's nothing like that...!
Mio: Now, look. The bashful sun turned red! Even the first magnitude star is shining with shame!
Rin: Mio!
Mio: Teehee, I'm going to tell it to everyone~ See you there!
Rin: Mio! Stop running! Ah, you can take your time, Uzuki.
Uzuki: Yes.
Rin: Mio!


Uzuki: What is that star...? Ah, Producer san!
Producer: I'm sorry, Shimamura san, to make you wait and carry the baggage...
Uzuki: Not at all. It's not that heavy after all.
Producer: I'll carry it.
Uzuki: Ah... Fufufu. Thank you.
Producer: Yes. I thought Honda san and Shibuya san were with you.
Uzuki: Ah, they... Fufu.
Producer: ?
Uzuki: They raced to the office.
Producer: I didn't know that they looked forward to today's party so much.
Uzuki: I guess they do. Since it's the after party of the ball. Ah...
Producer: What's wrong?
Uzuki: N, No. A ball is a kind of party... so I thought a party's after party might sound strange...
Producer: Fu...
Uzuki: Ah! D, Did Producer san just laugh?
Producer: Anyway, did you find the thing you left?
Uzuki: Ah, yes! Actually, this photo is what I left... eh... Ah, this photo.
Producer: This is...
Uzuki: It's a photo of the winter festival before I joined Cinderella Project. I took this picture when I was a staff...
Producer: They are Jougasaki san, Totoki san, Kawashima san and Kohinata san.
Uzuki: Yes. When I talked to Miho about it, she wanted to see the photo. But I left it in the locker. I looked at this photo everyday when I came back to the training school.
Producer: It must be a precious photo to you.
Uzuki: Yes! But I have plenty of precious photos now. Photos of my first concert, photos of the summer festival and photos of the ball...
Producer: I'm sure you will have more precious photos.
Uzuki: Yeah. I'm going to do various kinds of work with various people... I'm excited!
Producer: Yes.
Uzuki: Ehehe. Ah, Producer san. I have a question.
Producer: What is it?
Uzuki: Do you know the name of that star? That beautifully shining star over there.
Producer: I don't know the name of it... But everyone knows the star shines in the evening. Even though it has no name, I think it's fine as long as it delivers a light to everyone's heart.
Uzuki: Waa~ Producer san sounds like a poet!
Producer: Ah, no. I'm not...
Mio: Hey~!
Uzuki: Ah, Mio!
Mio: I was afraid that you wouldn't show up.
Uzuki: Ah, sorry. We lost track of time while talking...
Rin: What did you talk about, Producer?
Producer: Well, about... a star...
Rin: A star?
Mio: Ho~ I didn't realize Producer has a hobby like that.
Producer: Eh?
Mio: Alright. In today's after party, Producer is going to perform a space talk show!
Producer: T, That's a mistake! I don't know about stars...!
Uzuki: Producer san! You can repeat the story you told me! Everyone will be happy!
Producer: Ah, no...!
Mio: I don't know the detail, but it's settled, right? Let's go back!
Rin: Yeah. Rika and Kanako are starved to death.
Uzuki: Producer san, let's go!
Mio: Hurry!
Rin: Producer, don't let me leave you behind!
Producer: That's... difficult to me.