Sunday, September 20, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 23

Miho: T, This is my first visit here. It's pretty dark...

(knock knock)

Miho: Well... Is there anybody? ...oh my... Nobody is here yet? But it's almost time... Hmm! E, Excuse me!

(Door opens)

Miho: Kyaa!?
Producer: I knew you were Kohinata san. I'm sorry. I was so focused on my work, I couldn't hear the knock... Kohinata san? Kohinata san!? What's wrong?
Miho: Ah... Aaa...


Miku: Nyahahaha! You were frozen for 3 minutes? Don't you think that's too much nya, Miho?
Miho: B, But I was too frightened...
Miku: Aha, Miku is no longer surprised at P chan showing up from dark. P chan, Cinderella ball is near. So try hard not to scare someone off nya!
Producer: I'm so sorry. Kohinata san, how do you feel?
Miho: Hawawa!? I, I'm okay now...
Producer: I'll be careful next time.
Miho: I, I'm really fine! But... Producer san looks just like I imagined.
Producer: What do you...?
Miho: I heard a few things about producer san from Uzuki. She said producer san is a really good man.
Miku: ...
Producer: ...
Miho: W, Well...? What's wrong? By the way, Is Uzuki coming today? She would like to listen to the... Does she still have the health problem!?
Producer: Kohinata san, I'm sorry. The reason I called you is because I have something to tell you about Shimamura san and your unit.
Miho: About Uzuki?

(Door opens)

Kanako&Chieri: Hello.
Miho: Ah, Chieri! Kanako!
Kanako: Miho?
Producer: Mimura san, Ogata san. I'm sorry to tell you this on your arrival, but could you sit over here...?
Kanako&Chieri: Ah, yes!

(Kanako&Chieri sit down)

Producer: I still didn't tell Kohinata san this, but Shimamura san is taking a lesson in a training institute.
Miho: Eh, is she?
Kanako&Chieri: ...
Producer: At first, she planned to finish the schedule with Kohinata san, but considering Shimaura san's feeling, I let her take a lesson in the training institute for a while.
Miho: I, I see...
Producer: Mimura san.
Kanako: Ah, yes!
Producer: Could you be in the unit with Kohinata san until Shimamura san comes back?
Miho: Ehe!?
Kanako: Me and... Miho?
Producer: Yes.
Kanako: Me...? B, But I'm not sure if I can take Uzuki's place... And, I'm about to get used to the reporter work with Chieri...
Chieri: Kanako...
Producer: I think this is the best way for now.
Kanako: ...
Miho: I couldn't get any answer from her. So that was the reason.
Miku: P chan. It only makes Kanako and Miho confused if you tell them so suddenly.
Producer: ...
Miho: W, Well...! I'm fine with that!
Kanako&Chieri: ...!
Miho: I... think I know how Uzuki feels a little.
Miku: How she feels?
Miho: Yes.
Chieri: ...I also understand her feeling a bit...
Miku: Chieri too?
Chieri: Y, Yeah...
Miku: Why nya!? Why did Uzuki do it in this important time...!
Miho: That's because it is an important time.
Kanako: Important...
Miho: Yes. I appeared on the last winter festival, and that was my first time on such a big stage. The pressure made my stomach ache everyday. But when I saw everyone trying really hard in the lesson...
Chieri: ...
Miho: I also decided to do my best and asked my senpai for help. Then she taught me things like how to set my mind or the magic words you speak before getting on stage. And I felt really happy...
Miku: Miho... Did you decide it because you didn't want to lose?
Miho: Mmm... I think it was more like I wanted to be with everyone... I guess? Cause I really liked everyone.
Miku: ...Uzuki...
Miho: I like Uzuki too. So I will wait until Uzuki comes back. I'd like to root for Uzuki and her effort!
Chieri: W, Well... I also... like everyone... Although I'm still lacking in many things... I want to try hard for the ball! Kanako!
Kanako: Y, Yeah!?
Chieri: The reporter work, I can do it without Kanko for a little while. Because I want to do something for Uzuki...
Kanako: ...Producer san, I'll do my best!
Chieri: Kanako...
Kanko: Ehehe. Miho, I'll try hard.
Miho: Yeah! Let's cheer up until Uzuki comes back. Ah! It doesn't mean I don't want to form a unit with Kanako...! I've wanted to work with Kanako. And.. well...
All: Fufufu
Miho: N, No! I meant... we're all together...
Producer: Kohinata san.
Miho: Y, Yes!
Producer: Thank you. We could smile thanks to Kohinata san.
Miho: ...Yes!
Miku: Miho! Miku will support you too!
Miho: Yes, thank you.
Chieri: L, Look...
Miho&Kanako: Hmm?
Chieri: Producer san...
Producer: Yes?
Chieri: When you said "we could smile"... does that include producer san?
Producer: Yes!
All: Oh!?
Miku: I've never seen P chan's face like that nya!
Miho: I think I won't be scared if you always have that look.
Kanako: Producer san! Show me that face one more time! I want to take a picture of it and show it to everyone!
Producer: W, Wait. It's...!
Miku: P chan, Miku too!
Producer: Yes!?
Kanako: One, two~ Cheese!


Miku: Eh~ that's not a smile nya!
Kanako: I, I'm scared...
Chieri: Fufufu

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