Saturday, September 12, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 22

Rika: P kun~
Producer: Ah...?
Mirira: I found you!
Rika: We've been looking for you.
Producer: I'm sorry. Are you ready to go back?
Miria: Yes!
Rika: Ah, but I think Anzu needs more time. She fell asleep saying the bench is comfortable.
Producer: I... see...
Koume: ...
Producer: Shirasaka san, is there anything wrong?
Koume: seems producer san... looks happier than usual...
Rika: Eh? Looks happy? I can't tell the difference.
Miria: Producer, did something good happen to you?
Rika&Miria: Hmm~?
Producer: A, Anyway, I thought you were going to ask me something...
Rika: Ah, right!
Miria: Producer, you know, we want to see her...
Producer: See... her?
Koume: Yeah... We are worried if Sagisawa san is okay...
Rika&Miria: Yeah, Yeah!
Producer: Sagisawa san probably went to infirmary, just in case. I'll ask them if you can meet her.
Rika&Miria&Koume: Yes!


Rika: P kun... maybe we shouldn't have come here.
Producer: It's fine. Even if you can't meet her, she will appreciate your visit.
Koume: Ehehe...
Kanade: Yes, who are you?
Producer: Excuse me. I should have introduced myself sooner...
Kanade: Sh~

(Kanade leaves the room and closes the door)

Producer: I'm a producer from Cinderella project...
Kanade: Ah~ So you're the talk of the town.
Producer: ...?
Kanade: I heard about you from Anya and Rin. They said the producer of the project is very charming.
Producer: W, What does that mean...!?
Kanade: Fufufu, as expected, that's a funny reaction.
Rika&Miria&Koume: Whaa~
Kanade: Oh? You're...?
Rika: S...Sexy~
Miria: Maybe she's sexier than Minami!
Koume: H, Hey...
Kanade: What is it?
Koume: Is Sagisawa san... okay...?
Rika: Ah, we're here to ask that!
Miria: Is she alright?
Kanade: Ah, so you were worried about Fumika? Fufu, thanks.
Rika&Miria&Koume: Whaaa~
Producer: How is Sagisawa san?
Kanade: She is fine. The doctor said the stress caused a temporary stomach pain. I think she feels more comfortable now. She is sound asleep.
Producer: I see. Then we'd better go now. We don't want to disturb her...
Miria: Please send our regards!
Kanade: Fufufu, thanks. I'll tell her about your visit for sure.
Rika&Miria&Koume: Ehehe~
Kanade: Oh, I almost forgot. Producer san, I'm sorry to say this to a visitor, but can I ask you a favor?
Producer: What is it?
Kanade: Arisu, come here.
Rika: ?
Arisu: Hello...
Kanade: She's stayed here to see if Fumika is fine, but it's time to prepare to go back. Could you look after her?
Arisu: I'm not a kid. You don't need to take care of... me.
Producer: All right. I'll take charge of her.
Kanade: Thanks. Maybe I should give you something... in return?
Rika&Miria&Koume: S, Sexy~
Producer: N, No thanks! That's why I'm here for.
Kanade: Fufu, you're cute. Then Arisu, don't be stubborn and do what the producer says, okay?
Arisu: I said I'm not a kid!
Kanade: I'm counting on you.

(Kanade leaves)

Producer: Tachibana san.
Arisu: Yes?
Producer: Which way is Tachbana san's waiting room?
Arisu: ...
Producer: They're preparing vehicles, so I think we can carry your bag and wait in our waiting room...
Rika: P kun, we'll take care of Arisu. You still have work to do.
Producer: But...
Koume: It will be fine... if we're lost, the child will point the way...
Producer: In that case... Shirasaka san, I appreciate your help. I'll be back to you as soon as possible, so please stay in the waiting room.
All: Okay!

(Producer leaves)

Rika: Mhu~ P kun only trusts Koume.
Koume: T, That's not true...
Miria: But Koume is the oldest among us. I think that's why she earned his trust.
Rika: You're right but! Ah... W, Wait! Arisu, where are you going?
Arisu: It's Tachibana.
Rika: Eh?
Arisu: There is no reason for me to be called by my first name, since we've just met.
Rika: Eh~ What's so important about that?
Miria: Arisu is a cute name!
Arisu: I said it's Tachibana!
Rika: Arisu looks really modest.
Miria: Yeah, Yeah! And a little stubborn too!
Arisu: What...!? W, Were you even listening to me!?
Koume: Look... Tachibana san...
Arisu: Ah, yes..!?
Koume: I liked your performance today...
Arisu: Ah... well... T, Thank you...
Rika: Ah! Her face turned red!
Miria: Arisu is cute~
Arisu: Stop teasing me!
Miria: Eh? I'm not teasing you.
Rika: We became fans of Arisu!
Arisu: F, Fan...?
Rika: Arisu is JS, right? But you looked cool on the stage. I was envious.
Miria: I also thought you were great! Arisu should appear on Totokira Academy too!
Arisu: Ehe? L, Look. I know you want to... but I may be an imposition if I do... B, But...
Miria&Rika: But?
Arisu: It, It's my first fans' request... So I'll think about... that...
Miria&Rika: How cute~
Arisu: W, Wait! Stop shouting such an embarrassing things!
Rika: Ahaha. Sorry, Sorry. I just liked your reaction...
Miria: Even Mika said Arisu looked like a damsel!
Arisu: W, Well... Do you act like this always...?
Koume: I'm still a new idol... but Cinderella project is fun...
Arisu: Fun...?
Koume: Yeah! He said a smile is important... in Cinderella project.
Arisu: A smile...
Rika: Arisu!
Arisu: Ah! Y, Yes!?
Rika: Let's be friends first! I'll tell you my ID... Wait, where is my phone?
Miria: Didn't you leave it in the waiting room?
Rika: You may be right! To the waiting room, Go!

(Rika runs)

Miria: Arisu, let's go! Where is your waiting room?
Arisu: Ah, well... That way.
Miria: That way? Alright! Let's go!

(Miria and Arisu runs)

Producer: Those were good smiles.
Koume: Ah...
Producer: We're going to go back with members of Project Krone. Please be ready to leave.
Koume: Yeah...!


  1. Thanks for translating all the nomakes and magihours so far! Someone requested for cute jewelleries 2 drama a while ago, could I request cool jewelleries 2 as well?

    1. I will do it eventually, but I can't tell when it's going to be done. After the anime is over maybe.

    2. Alright, no rush. I'm glad knowing that it'll get done. Thanks in advance!