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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 21

Master trainer: Alright! Now you two look sort of stable. I'll give you 15 minute break, so get hydrated.
All: Yes!
Kirari: Fwaa~ Water~
Minami: Huh? Koume, Ranko. Didn't you bring something to drink?
Koume: It's okay... I'll go buy it...

(Ranko and Koume leave)

Ranko: K, Koume.... How was the lesson?
Koume: There are new songs I haven't sung before, so I couldn't memorize all of them yet...
Ranko: M, My thought exactly~
Koume: W, What do you want to drink, Ranko? Maybe you want coke since you wear black clothes everyday...?
Ranko: Ah! No, I'll buy it! Will you drink something that z, zombies would drink? But what do zombies like?
Koume: Just water would be fine...
Ranko: T, Then I'll choose bottled water! ...Here it is.
Koume: Thanks.
Ranko: No problem... Unh! Hnnk!
Koume: Too stiff...? I'll do it for you...
Ranko: Ah!?
Koume: Eit!
Ranko: Oh~
Koume: Long sleeves are useful in a situation like this... It's less slippery this way... Here.
Ranko: Thank! you...
Koume: Look, Ranko... Can I... ask you something...?
Ranko: Y, Yes!?
Koume: Why do you... keep aloof from me lately...? You also stopped visiting my room...
Ranko: Ah! Well, that's... because....
Koume: Maybe...
Ranko: ?
Koume: You don't want to be in a unit with me?
Ranko: Not at all! I want to form a unit with Koume! Hawawa... You know, actually... I, I thought... Koume... was halfhearted about being in a unit with me... so... Ughhh... B, But I like Koume so much! Ha! Hng... I'm embarrassed~
Koume: Ehehe... Ranko... Thank you... I like Ranko... too...
Ranko: Really? You don't hate forming a unit... with me?
Koume: Yes...
Ranko: Waaa! Then let's go finish the lesson!


Ranko: Kh Kh Kh... The guider of my soul! Now, we shall resume the feast with my friend, Koume!
Master trainer: Kanzaki... I told you the break is 15 minutes long. It's good to be full of spirit, but taking a rest is also important.
Ranko: No! That was my temporary form... I will make the roses bloom with the light of Magna as soon as possible!
Master trainer: Haa?
Koume: Well... Shouldn't you use standard language to make her understand the situation instead of using Kumamoto dialect?
Ranko: Wha..!? B, But... It's embarrassing...
Minami: Fufu, it seems Ranko and Koume are doing great.
Kirar: You two have new Rosenburg Engel's name, Rosenburg Alp.. Hmm? Apu? Appu?
Minami: Fufu, it's Rosenburg Alptraum. It translates to "The nightmare of the rose castle", I guess?
Kirari: Aha, that's cool~
Minami: It's perfect for their characters, right?
Kirari: ...Ah!?
Minami: Kirari is thoughful... But you don't have to worry about me. Love Laika isn't disbanded.
Kirari: Okay. Minami, thank you.
Minami: And... Honestly, now I feel more...
Kirari: Feel more...?
Minami: It's a secret.
Kirari: You're making me curious~
Minami: Really? If you say so...

(Beep Beep)

Minami: Hmm... Look at this photo.
Kirari: Hmm? Uh? Anya and Minami? Where is this place?
Minami: It's a new aquarium. We had a date on our day off last week.
Kirari: You look happy~
Minami: After she decided to do the solo activity, I had a lot of conversations with Anya. We promised we would cherish our time together more than ever.
Kirari: Mmm. Kirari also thinks that's great. Ah! Anya is holding Minami's hand like a little girl~
Minami: I heard Project Krone has a rehearsal today. When I called her yesterday, she was full of spirit.
Kirari: I can't wait to see Anya's solo part.

(Door opens)

Nana: Kaboom!
Minami&Kirari: Kya!?
Nana: Hello! Abe Nana, this is her first lesson, but she will do her best! Kyaha!
Master trainer: Abe~!!!
Nana: H...Huh? Am I... in the wrong place...?
Master trainer: Keep your voice down when you enter the studio!
Nana: Yes!
Master trainer: Then change your clothes fast! It's going to be a tough lesson!
Nana: I've got it!
Koume: Nana...
Nana: Koume! This is my first time as a unit member. I hope your kind support. Nice to meet you!
Koume Okay!
Nana: Ah, Ranko!
Ranko: Heek!?
Nana: I watched your debut PV several times! It was cool!
Ranko: Eh...
Nana: I'll show fans a performance that gets abreast of Ranko and others' performances. Let's do our best at the stage!
Ranko: Ah... Y, Yeah!
Koume: Wow Nana... Is this what they call
"the wisdom of age"?
Nana:!? K, Koume? What are you talking about!? Nana is a JK! JK!
Master trainer: I said change your clothes, Abe!
Minami: Fufufu, it seems the live concert will be boisterous.
Kirari: Nana is always lively, and I like that.
Minami: Yeah!
Nana: Minami! Kirari! Haa..Haa... I know I said it before, but I'm glad to work with you!
Minami: I'm the one who is glad to work with you.
Kirari: If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
Nana: Thank you. But Mio already taught me dances of unit songs and stuff!
Minami&Kirari: Mio...?
Nana: Yes!

(Door opens)

Minami&Kirari: Kya!?
Mio: Hello~!
Nana: Ah, speak of the devil... Mio!
Mio: Usamin~ Here is the stuff you left. You forgot your memo after taking notes of the dance.
Nana: Ah, thank you! I almost forgot it...
Kirari: Mio, did you have training with Nana?
Mio: Yeah!
Minami: But Mio is going to perform...
Mio: That's true. But I'll also be at Cinderella ball, and you never know what's going to happen at the concert.
Minami: Ah...
Mio: So I'm learning dances of other members by myself. Because this is all I can do for our project for now.
Kirari: I'm proud of Mio.
Mio: No, it's not that hard...
Nana: No, No! Mio is great! Such efforts are not easy even for an aged, experienced person...
Master trainer: Abe! Hey, do you think you can dance in the clothes? Change your clothes already!
Nana: Ah, yes! Mio, I appreciate you brought it here! I'll go change my clothes!
Mio: Ahaha... Then I'll go back...
Master trainer: Honda!
Mio: Ah, yes?
Master trainer: If you're going to practice alone, I'll train you. Practice with everyone.
Mio: Ah... yes!
Kirari: Mio, Kirari lends you her training suit.

Mio: Eh... K, Kirari's training suit?
Minami: I'll tell producer san about it.
Mio: I mean, well... I'd like to borrow Minami's training suit, or there will be a huge problem...
Kirari: Yes? Why?
Minami: Ah, the size?
Kirari: Ah! That problem?
Mio: That problem~
Koume: Ranko, you have many good friends...
Ranko: ...Yeah!

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