Sunday, September 13, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 22

Kanade: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time. Hello everyone. I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time. This show invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Your host is me, Hayami Kanade. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time. Nice to meet you.


Kanade: Alright, this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail. We've just got a mail to read. This is from radio name "
Monochrome" san. Hello, Monochrome san. Magihour. It says "I love Kanade san's song, Hotel Moonside, so much. But I'd like to listen to your new songs. If you get the next song, what kind of song would you like to sing?" Hmm... what kind of song...? My song, Hotel Moonside, is a cool electronic dance music. So it make me feel good when I sing it. For my next song, how about... a mournful, unanswered love song? Fufu, I don't think gentle music suits me, I'd better have a song with high BPM. And it will be nice if I sing it with others instead of singing alone. When the voices are combined, it adds more charm, making the song very joyful. Today's guests have the same feeling. And this was Magime corner. We wait for your stories.


Kanade: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. Today, we have these three. Please come in.
Nao: Magihour! I'm Kamiya Nao. Nice to meet you!
Karen: I'm Hojo Karen. Magihour. Nice to meet you.
Rin: I'm Shibuya Rin. Magihour. It's been a while. Nice to meet you.
Kanade: We have Triad Primus, the new unit from Project Krone of 346 production as a guest. Kamiya Nao san, Hojo Karen san, Shibuya Rin san, nice to meet you.
TP: We'll do our best.
Kanade: Oh, you are hand in glove.
Nao: Heh, right?
Kanade: Yeah. That's nice. Then
let's drink a toast like a tea time.
Karen: I'll... have coke.
Nao: Karen, I said soda makes you gain weight. Drink water.
Karen: Eh~ Then do you want chocolate, Rin?
Rin: I'll have cafe au lait.
Nao: No, No. That's not what I meant!
Rin: Hmm? Ah, sorry...
Kanade: Fufufu. You three get along well. Then
Here's to the friendship of Triad Primus.
Nao&Karen: Cheers!
Rin: Cheers.
Kanade: Let's move on to the next corner.


Kanade: Now, it's Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests talk to cast magic. Please pick up an assignment paper from the box.
Karen: Nao, pick something interesting!
Nao: M, Me?
Rin: Nao, be careful. This box also has weird topics.
Nao: O, Okay... Here I go...!
Kanade: Chaka Chaka Chaka... Tada! The topic is?
Nao: Let's see... It says "Tell us about the autumn festival".
Karen: I'm glad it's not a weird topic.
Rin: Yeah. But we can talk about this in the talk corner...
Nao: If they give us "Boo~" there will be no talk corner, right? Then maybe we'd better talk about it now.
Rin: That makes sense.
Kanade: Are you ready now? Tell us about the autumn festival, everyone.
Karen: The autumn festival... Thank you for coming to see us!
Rin: Karen?
Karen: Ehehe. I wanted to greet those people who cheered for our stage.
Nao: Right! I appreciate that you cheered for Triad Primus's stage!
Rin: Yeah. Thank you.
Karen: Our unit was formed only a while ago, but I'm sure we can show you our own unique performance.
Nao: Yes, right!
Kanade: Yeah, that was great. Your waves were in harmony...
Karen: Until now... I've been dreaming of this moment. Nao and I were supposed to debut in a different way, but it was abandoned.
Nao: Yes. We didn't know what would happen to us, and those days went on and on. Mika senp... Ah, Jougasaki Mika told us to continue the lesson for the future. And we had no choice but to do our best.
Karen: And then I found singing with Rin really amusing... So I wanted to be on a stage with her.
Rin: Karen... Nao...
Nao: Ah, even though... we knew that Rin had New Generations...
Rin: Yeah...
Karen: Yet, that made me want to make a stage that no others can make. So that Rin can think forming Triad Primus was a good idea...
Rin: Right.
Karen: I was nervous to death that day. I also made some mistakes at the concert... I was so worried that I thought I might collapse on the stage.
Nao: Karen! Don't even speak of collapsing! I don't want to hear it, even as a joke!
Karen: Nao... If I collapse on a stage, I want you to take care of Rin... (Plump).
Nao: Karen!? Kareeen! ...sort of? Ahaha!
Rin: Haa...
Karen: Ufufu.
Kanade: You have no regard for speaking ominous things.
Rin: That's what I'm saying...
Karen: Sorry. But I think our stage at the autumn festival has become... something very precious.
Nao: Ah, is it what they call... a bond?
Karen: Nao is saying an embarrassing thing again.
Nao: W, What!? What's wrong with that!?
Rin: But I also think I felt different on the stage of Triad Primus, compared to me in New Generation. I'm not saying which one is better than the other, I'm just saying both sides are me. Although it's hard to explain in words. I hope you'll root for us as ever.
Karen&Nao: Yeah!
Kanade: Hmm. Okay, it was a warm story about the autumn festival. Now, the judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Kanade: Oh my, it's a huge success.
Nao: Success!
Karen: Fufufu, thanks everyone. Maybe it's because Nao opened her heart.
Nao: I, I didn't...! That's not what I meant!
Rin: Fufu... you're cute, Nao.
Nao: Ughhh...
Kanade: Alright, Alright. I'm glad we made it anyway. This was Magic Minute corner.


Kanade: Since we passed Magic Minute, this is Guest Talk corner.
Nao: Don't tease me here!
Karen: Eh~ that's lame.
Kanade: Isn't Nao the oldest among you?
Nao: Yes it is! But how did I come to this...
Rin: I know how you feel. Every unit has a prey...
Nao: Ah... she underwent it too...
Kanade: So, how do you feel about that, Rin?
Rin: About what?
Kanade: Last time, you appeared as a member of New Generation, and this time you were Triad Primus. Cause New Generation didn't appear on the autumn festival.
Karen&Nao: Ah...
Rin: Well... Not much. I'm just me. Unit activities can be changed by the tendency of the production.
Nao: Y, Yeah!
Rin: How is... Kanade? You don't work as a unit?
Karen: Yeah, I was curious about that.
Kanade: Me? Hmm... If they give me instructions, I might. Even when I joined Project Krone, they just summoned me to ask if I wanted to join. Well, as long as they got a plan...
Karen: I see.
Kanade: And... it depends on everyone's support, I guess? If you root for us more, there may be more possibilities. Next time you wish something, write it down on the enquete paper of a live concert. Maybe a person in a high position will see it. I'm counting on you.


Kanade: Alright, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time passes before you know it, it's time to say good bye.
Nao: It's over already? I wanted to talk more...
Karen: I'm sure fans would love to listen to the pure and cute side of Nao~
Nao: N, No thanks!
Karen: Rin... wanted to say something, right?
Rin: What?
Karen: You've been quiet today...
Nao: Yeah! You must be thinking of something!
Rin: Well... It's just, Karen and Nao have a strong presence in Triad.
Nao: Rin should show herself more.
Karen: Her cute side too.
Rin: T, That's enough for me.
Kanade: Fufufu, I'd like to see Triad Primus with 100% cuteness. Then t
oday's story ends here. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to..
Nao: Magihour! Thank you! I'm Kamiya Nao and...
Karen: Everyone, see you again. I'm Hojo Karen...
Rin: Time flies when you're having fun. I'm Shibuya Rin. We are...
TP: Triad Primus!
Kanade: And I was your host, Hayami Kanade. Today was my last day as a host. I'll hand over the baton to the next host. I hope you have fallen under our spell..
All: Bye Bye~


  1. Though I haven't commented on here before, I have to say I'm a big follower of the site and come here after every episode airs to read the Nomakes and Magic Hours, so thanks for doing such a great job. I have a question, do you have any plans to translate the audio drama included with Volume 2 of the anime's Blu-Rays?

    1. Thanks. I have no plan yet, but I'll think about it.

    2. Alright, thanks for considering it. I asked because the audio drama was listed as an "Episode 3.5", so in a sense, maybe it (and the other anime Blu-Ray audio dramas) could essentially be longer No Makes and also add to the story in the same manner? Nonetheless, I think it'll be nice to see something like that translated.