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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #14

Kirari: Welcome to the tea time of Magic Hour, the special episode! Hello, everyone! I'm glad you're listening to the midnight tea time! This radio invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. This time, Kirari and her friend are going to run the special episode which will introduce the forthcoming Cinderella ball. Your hosts are Moroboshi Kirari and~
Anzu: Futaba Anzu~

Kirari: Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope we can have a good time.
Anzu: Nice to meet you!


Kirari: Then, this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail~ but before that, let us introduce ourselves.
Anzu: This is a special episode, right?
Kirari: Yes it is! Anzu and Kirari temporarily left Totokira Academy's corner, "Anzu and Kirari's Anki Ranking", to appear on Magic Hour!
Anzu: Kirari read the opening script really meticulously.
Kirari: Ehehe, you caught me~
Anzu: So, we're Anzu and Kirari! Yay~!
Kirari: Yay~ We'll do our best! Then let's go back to the Magime corner. I'll read a story.
Anzu: Okay~
Kirari: This is from radio name, "Garlic". Garlic san, Magi Nyowa~
Anzu: Magi Nyowa~
Kirari: The mail says, "I heard Anzu likes candy. What candy do you like the most?" Anzu, what candy do you like best?
Anzu: Mmm~ As long as it's sweet.
Kirari: Is that all? Tell us more... Like, your favorite taste~
Anzu: But Kirari always gives me different kinds of candy. Sometimes it's fruit candy, and sometimes it's a throat lozenge, you name it. But the salty candy you gave me, saying "You need to replenish salt during summer", tasted so wrong when I licked it.
Kirari: I see, I see.
Anzu: Then Anzu will read a mail this time. This is from radio name "Wolf Bob" san. "Magihour. Hello."
Kirari: Hello.
Anzu: It says "Kirari always wears cute clothes. How many clothes do you have?" Come to think of it, Kirari always wears distinct clothes. How many are they?
Kirari: The thing is~ well... One, two, three... Hmm... Hmm... Hmm... A lot!
Anzu: A lot, you say.
Kirari: But, but, I haven't counted my clothes in my home. So, A lot~! Uhehe!
Anzu: I see... She has a lot of clothes~
Kirari: Ehehe. This was Magime corner. We wait for your stories~


Kirari: Now, this is Anki Ranking special corner!
Anzu: Ah... normally it's Magic Minute corner, right?
Kirari: Yes! But since we have no guest today, we're going to run our own corner.
Anzu: Okay, Okay. Then let's start the corner!
Kirari: All right! This winter, 346 production presents Cinderella ball. Did everybody check it?
Anzu: Of course!
Kirari: Thanks! But for the friends who don't know about it or wonder what event it is, Kirari and Anzu are going to tell you about it in a ranking chart format.
Anzu: I see~
Kirari: Then Anki Ranking: the point you should pay attention to in Cinderella ball, number three! Chaka Chaka Chaka... Tada!
Anzu: Number three! Look at every places, not just stage! ...well, didn't you have a better title?
Kirari: Arara...
Anzu: Well, we're just members of the cast, so we don't know any details, but they said stage is not the only thing that is amazing...
Kirari: Yeah! I heard there will be various kinds of attractions.
Anzu: Heh~ Did they decorate the ball room grandly? Maybe they have stalls like a festival.
Kirari: That sounds great! And maybe there are chandeliers since it's a ball!
Anzu: A real chandelier is extremely expensive, you know.
Kirari: So, don't forget to look everywhere~ Next, number two!
Anzu: Chaka Chaka Chaka... Tada!
Kirari: Number two is that the stage set is amazing!
Anzu: Heh~ How big is it? Cinderella project alone takes up much space, and this time there will be more idols than that.
Kirari: Yeah, Yeah. And, And... I have crazy information!
Anzu: What is it? Does the ball have a bed so I can take a nap during the concert when I'm tired?
Kirari: Hmm~ Taking a nap during the concert might be difficult... anyway, a rumor says there will be more than one stage!
Anzu: Eh? Wait, a live concert usually has only one stage, right?
Kirari: That' true. But this time, we have more than one. Look forward to the stages!
Anzu: Heh~ I'm sure they will surprise everyone. And the last, number one!
Kirari: Chaka Chaka Chaka... Tada!
Anzu: The notable point of the ball, number one! A huge cast!
Kirari: You know... This is going to be awesome!
Anzu: I heard there will be so many idols from 346 production.
Kirari: Yeah! There will be members of Cinderella project, Project Krone and idols from other projects. Also, senpai idols like Kawashima san, Airi and Kaede san are also going to be there.
Anzu: You won't be able to take your eyes off even a second.
Kirari: Yeah! One day only, special party, Cinderella ball will be held soon!
Anzu: Eh... If you need information about tickets... well... ah, just google it!
Kirari: Uhehehe. Everyone, please root for us!


Kirari: Now, it's time to say good bye. The magic time passes really fast.
Anzu: Wow~ It was a totally commercial.
Kirari: Yeah. They didn't give us time to have a chat, so we couldn't talk about us much...
Anzu: Shall we do it now?
Kirari: Yeah! Anzu, how was MagiHour? Anzu looked pretty diligent today.
Anzu: Ah... you noticed that? Promoting something is bori... I mean, I didn't know what to say, but Kirari was with me and you never know when we would be here again. So I thought I would put some effort in it.
Kirari: Anzu... Ukya! How cute! Hug, Hug!
Anzu: Uwaa, I've got it! Do Hug Hug later! Uggg...
Kirari: Sorry, Anzu. Ehehe. Anzu~
Anzu: Haa... Kirari was quiet lately, so I was off guard...
Kirari: Ehehehe
Anzu: Now, proceed the show, go.
Kirari: Yeah~ Then today's story ends here! The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful, thanks to...
Anzu: Magihour. I'm the cute and small mascot of Anki Ranking, Futaba Anzu and...
Kirari: MagiNyowawa! I'm the cute and big mascot of Anki Ranking, Moroboshi Kirari! Did you have a good time?
Then I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 23

Minami: Welcome to the tea time of Magic Hour. I'm glad you listen to the midnight tea time. This radio invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. From today, your host is me, Nitta Minami. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope we can have a good time. Nice to meet you.


Minami: Now, it's Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail. We've just got a mail to read. This is from radio name "Shi-El" san... Have I pronounced it right? It seems he sent it when Anya and I was on this show. I'll read it. It says "Do Anya and Minami san have siblings?" I... I think I've said it before somewhere but, I have a little brother who is a high schooler. Anya is an only daughter...I think? Yes, she is. So it feels like she is my younger sister. Fufufu. This was Magime corner. I wait for your stories.


Minami: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. We have these two.
Koume: Magihour... I'm Shirasaka Koume... Nice to meet you.
Minami: This is Shirasaka Koume, who is in a unit,
Rosenburg Alptraum with Kanzaki Ranko. They showed great performances at the autumn concert and many other places. And...
Anastasia: Привет... I'm Anastasia. I'm from Project Krone today. Nice to... meet you.
Minami: Yes, this is Anya... no, Anastasia from Project Krone of 346 production.
Anastasia: Да. Fufu. You can call me Anya, Minami.
Minami: Ah... don't laugh, Anya!
Koume: Ehehe...
Minami: Koume too!?
Anastasia: You listeners probably know us, right? Minami and Anya's Love Laika.
Koume: Yes, Minami san.
Minami: That's true. But I'm doing a solo activity in Cinderella Project and Anya is doing a solo activity in Project Krone today. So I should differentiate them clearly...
Koume: Why would you differentiate... them?
Anastasia: Ah, if Minami says so... it may be necessary...?
Minami: Am I overly concerned about it...? Anyway, Minami decided to do her best as a solo host today. Now, let's start the next corner.


Minami: Now, it's Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests talk to cast magic. Please pick up an assignment paper from the box. Who's going to do it?
Anastasia: Koume, you do it.
Koume: Okay... I've got it.
Minami: Then here it goes! Chaka chaka chaka... Tada! The topic is?
Koume: Hmm... It says "Things that made you startled"
Anastasia: Things that made me startled...? Hmm~
Minami: Are you ready? Tell us the experience that made you surprised.
Anastasia: Could you go first, Koume?
Koume: Yes... okay. Then... I had a scary experience that startled me...
Anastasia: Страшный!
Koume: No scary things...?
Minami: Y, Yeah...
Koume: I see... Then... A non scary, surprising story.
Minami: Yes, please.
Koume: I'm in a unit with Ranko... And something surprising happened to us...
Anastasia: What was it?
Koume: Well... The fans who have cheered for me... said they would cheer for Ranko too... And Ranko's fans said they would cheer for me too...
Minami: That's nice.
Koume: I was surprised that... I suddenly got more fans... Ehehe.
Anastasia: The fans are kind.
Minami: Yes, they are.
Anastasia: I also had a surprising experience. In the autumn concert, I was on the stage
by myself as Project Krone. I sang alone. But I didn't feel that I was alone. That made me happy and it was surprising.
Koume: You weren't alone...? Was The Kid there?
Anastasia: Нет! No. Although I sang alone, it felt like Minami, everyone from Cinderella project and everyone from Project Krone ... were standing next to me.
Воспоминание with everyone... There were memories. How was Minami?
Minami: I felt the same way.
Anastasia: Weren't you surprised by that feeling?
Minami: Yes, I think I was. Fufufu. Okay, we've talked about things that made us surprised. The judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Minami: Anya, Koume, you made it!
Koume: Success!
Anastasia: I'm happy.
Minami: Fufu, I'm glad you made it. I'm happy too. This was Magic Minute corner.


Minami: Now, since we passed Magic Minute, you can have Guest Talk corner.
Koume: What should we talk about?
Anastasia: Anything... you want.
Minami: It seems anything is fine. Tell your fans what you want to express.
Koume: What I want to express... Ah! I have one...
Minami: What is it, Koume?
Koume: That the unit with Ranko makes me happy... I enjoyed my solo activity, but working as a unit was also fun... I needed to do things that are not my gimmick... But I would be happy if you like... Shirasaka Koume without... the horror gimmick.
Anastasia: Да. Koume is cute no matter what she does.
Minami: Yeah.
Anastasia: Ah... I'd like to say something to the fans.
Minami: What is it, Anya?
Anastasia: Minami is cute!
Minami: Eh!?
Koume: Ehehe...
Anastasia: Minami is doing a solo activity lately. And she took a bit sexy gravure photo. No! Minami is cute! Pretty!
Minami: Wait, Anya! You don't need to talk about that now!
Anastasia: Minami, that's a misunderstanding! You should tell your fans that that's not true!
Minami: Wait. I'm an idol, so I'm fine with...
Anastasia: Why is Minami the only one who's wearing a bikini in her solo album cover? That's weird.
Minami: T, That's a long story, so let's talk about that later, okay? This was Guest Talk coner!
Anastasia: Minami!


Minami: Alright, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time passes before you know it, it's time to say good bye.
Koume: It's over already...? I wanted to talk more....
Anastasia: Yes... I wanted to talk more about Minami.
Minami: I'm afraid today's story ends here! The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Today's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Koume: I hope your dream isn't scary... I'm Shirasaka Koume and...
Anastasia: Magihour. Спасибо. I'm Anastasia from Love Laika.
Minami: Fufufu. And your host, Nitta Minami. Then I hope you have fallen under our spell... One, Two~
All: Bye bye!

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 23

Miho: T, This is my first visit here. It's pretty dark...

(knock knock)

Miho: Well... Is there anybody? ...oh my... Nobody is here yet? But it's almost time... Hmm! E, Excuse me!

(Door opens)

Miho: Kyaa!?
Producer: I knew you were Kohinata san. I'm sorry. I was so focused on my work, I couldn't hear the knock... Kohinata san? Kohinata san!? What's wrong?
Miho: Ah... Aaa...


Miku: Nyahahaha! You were frozen for 3 minutes? Don't you think that's too much nya, Miho?
Miho: B, But I was too frightened...
Miku: Aha, Miku is no longer surprised at P chan showing up from dark. P chan, Cinderella ball is near. So try hard not to scare someone off nya!
Producer: I'm so sorry. Kohinata san, how do you feel?
Miho: Hawawa!? I, I'm okay now...
Producer: I'll be careful next time.
Miho: I, I'm really fine! But... Producer san looks just like I imagined.
Producer: What do you...?
Miho: I heard a few things about producer san from Uzuki. She said producer san is a really good man.
Miku: ...
Producer: ...
Miho: W, Well...? What's wrong? By the way, Is Uzuki coming today? She would like to listen to the... Does she still have the health problem!?
Producer: Kohinata san, I'm sorry. The reason I called you is because I have something to tell you about Shimamura san and your unit.
Miho: About Uzuki?

(Door opens)

Kanako&Chieri: Hello.
Miho: Ah, Chieri! Kanako!
Kanako: Miho?
Producer: Mimura san, Ogata san. I'm sorry to tell you this on your arrival, but could you sit over here...?
Kanako&Chieri: Ah, yes!

(Kanako&Chieri sit down)

Producer: I still didn't tell Kohinata san this, but Shimamura san is taking a lesson in a training institute.
Miho: Eh, is she?
Kanako&Chieri: ...
Producer: At first, she planned to finish the schedule with Kohinata san, but considering Shimaura san's feeling, I let her take a lesson in the training institute for a while.
Miho: I, I see...
Producer: Mimura san.
Kanako: Ah, yes!
Producer: Could you be in the unit with Kohinata san until Shimamura san comes back?
Miho: Ehe!?
Kanako: Me and... Miho?
Producer: Yes.
Kanako: Me...? B, But I'm not sure if I can take Uzuki's place... And, I'm about to get used to the reporter work with Chieri...
Chieri: Kanako...
Producer: I think this is the best way for now.
Kanako: ...
Miho: I couldn't get any answer from her. So that was the reason.
Miku: P chan. It only makes Kanako and Miho confused if you tell them so suddenly.
Producer: ...
Miho: W, Well...! I'm fine with that!
Kanako&Chieri: ...!
Miho: I... think I know how Uzuki feels a little.
Miku: How she feels?
Miho: Yes.
Chieri: ...I also understand her feeling a bit...
Miku: Chieri too?
Chieri: Y, Yeah...
Miku: Why nya!? Why did Uzuki do it in this important time...!
Miho: That's because it is an important time.
Kanako: Important...
Miho: Yes. I appeared on the last winter festival, and that was my first time on such a big stage. The pressure made my stomach ache everyday. But when I saw everyone trying really hard in the lesson...
Chieri: ...
Miho: I also decided to do my best and asked my senpai for help. Then she taught me things like how to set my mind or the magic words you speak before getting on stage. And I felt really happy...
Miku: Miho... Did you decide it because you didn't want to lose?
Miho: Mmm... I think it was more like I wanted to be with everyone... I guess? Cause I really liked everyone.
Miku: ...Uzuki...
Miho: I like Uzuki too. So I will wait until Uzuki comes back. I'd like to root for Uzuki and her effort!
Chieri: W, Well... I also... like everyone... Although I'm still lacking in many things... I want to try hard for the ball! Kanako!
Kanako: Y, Yeah!?
Chieri: The reporter work, I can do it without Kanko for a little while. Because I want to do something for Uzuki...
Kanako: ...Producer san, I'll do my best!
Chieri: Kanako...
Kanko: Ehehe. Miho, I'll try hard.
Miho: Yeah! Let's cheer up until Uzuki comes back. Ah! It doesn't mean I don't want to form a unit with Kanako...! I've wanted to work with Kanako. And.. well...
All: Fufufu
Miho: N, No! I meant... we're all together...
Producer: Kohinata san.
Miho: Y, Yes!
Producer: Thank you. We could smile thanks to Kohinata san.
Miho: ...Yes!
Miku: Miho! Miku will support you too!
Miho: Yes, thank you.
Chieri: L, Look...
Miho&Kanako: Hmm?
Chieri: Producer san...
Producer: Yes?
Chieri: When you said "we could smile"... does that include producer san?
Producer: Yes!
All: Oh!?
Miku: I've never seen P chan's face like that nya!
Miho: I think I won't be scared if you always have that look.
Kanako: Producer san! Show me that face one more time! I want to take a picture of it and show it to everyone!
Producer: W, Wait. It's...!
Miku: P chan, Miku too!
Producer: Yes!?
Kanako: One, two~ Cheese!


Miku: Eh~ that's not a smile nya!
Kanako: I, I'm scared...
Chieri: Fufufu

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 22

Kanade: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time. Hello everyone. I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time. This show invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Your host is me, Hayami Kanade. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time. Nice to meet you.


Kanade: Alright, this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail. We've just got a mail to read. This is from radio name "
Monochrome" san. Hello, Monochrome san. Magihour. It says "I love Kanade san's song, Hotel Moonside, so much. But I'd like to listen to your new songs. If you get the next song, what kind of song would you like to sing?" Hmm... what kind of song...? My song, Hotel Moonside, is a cool electronic dance music. So it make me feel good when I sing it. For my next song, how about... a mournful, unanswered love song? Fufu, I don't think gentle music suits me, I'd better have a song with high BPM. And it will be nice if I sing it with others instead of singing alone. When the voices are combined, it adds more charm, making the song very joyful. Today's guests have the same feeling. And this was Magime corner. We wait for your stories.


Kanade: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. Today, we have these three. Please come in.
Nao: Magihour! I'm Kamiya Nao. Nice to meet you!
Karen: I'm Hojo Karen. Magihour. Nice to meet you.
Rin: I'm Shibuya Rin. Magihour. It's been a while. Nice to meet you.
Kanade: We have Triad Primus, the new unit from Project Krone of 346 production as a guest. Kamiya Nao san, Hojo Karen san, Shibuya Rin san, nice to meet you.
TP: We'll do our best.
Kanade: Oh, you are hand in glove.
Nao: Heh, right?
Kanade: Yeah. That's nice. Then
let's drink a toast like a tea time.
Karen: I'll... have coke.
Nao: Karen, I said soda makes you gain weight. Drink water.
Karen: Eh~ Then do you want chocolate, Rin?
Rin: I'll have cafe au lait.
Nao: No, No. That's not what I meant!
Rin: Hmm? Ah, sorry...
Kanade: Fufufu. You three get along well. Then
Here's to the friendship of Triad Primus.
Nao&Karen: Cheers!
Rin: Cheers.
Kanade: Let's move on to the next corner.


Kanade: Now, it's Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests talk to cast magic. Please pick up an assignment paper from the box.
Karen: Nao, pick something interesting!
Nao: M, Me?
Rin: Nao, be careful. This box also has weird topics.
Nao: O, Okay... Here I go...!
Kanade: Chaka Chaka Chaka... Tada! The topic is?
Nao: Let's see... It says "Tell us about the autumn festival".
Karen: I'm glad it's not a weird topic.
Rin: Yeah. But we can talk about this in the talk corner...
Nao: If they give us "Boo~" there will be no talk corner, right? Then maybe we'd better talk about it now.
Rin: That makes sense.
Kanade: Are you ready now? Tell us about the autumn festival, everyone.
Karen: The autumn festival... Thank you for coming to see us!
Rin: Karen?
Karen: Ehehe. I wanted to greet those people who cheered for our stage.
Nao: Right! I appreciate that you cheered for Triad Primus's stage!
Rin: Yeah. Thank you.
Karen: Our unit was formed only a while ago, but I'm sure we can show you our own unique performance.
Nao: Yes, right!
Kanade: Yeah, that was great. Your waves were in harmony...
Karen: Until now... I've been dreaming of this moment. Nao and I were supposed to debut in a different way, but it was abandoned.
Nao: Yes. We didn't know what would happen to us, and those days went on and on. Mika senp... Ah, Jougasaki Mika told us to continue the lesson for the future. And we had no choice but to do our best.
Karen: And then I found singing with Rin really amusing... So I wanted to be on a stage with her.
Rin: Karen... Nao...
Nao: Ah, even though... we knew that Rin had New Generations...
Rin: Yeah...
Karen: Yet, that made me want to make a stage that no others can make. So that Rin can think forming Triad Primus was a good idea...
Rin: Right.
Karen: I was nervous to death that day. I also made some mistakes at the concert... I was so worried that I thought I might collapse on the stage.
Nao: Karen! Don't even speak of collapsing! I don't want to hear it, even as a joke!
Karen: Nao... If I collapse on a stage, I want you to take care of Rin... (Plump).
Nao: Karen!? Kareeen! ...sort of? Ahaha!
Rin: Haa...
Karen: Ufufu.
Kanade: You have no regard for speaking ominous things.
Rin: That's what I'm saying...
Karen: Sorry. But I think our stage at the autumn festival has become... something very precious.
Nao: Ah, is it what they call... a bond?
Karen: Nao is saying an embarrassing thing again.
Nao: W, What!? What's wrong with that!?
Rin: But I also think I felt different on the stage of Triad Primus, compared to me in New Generation. I'm not saying which one is better than the other, I'm just saying both sides are me. Although it's hard to explain in words. I hope you'll root for us as ever.
Karen&Nao: Yeah!
Kanade: Hmm. Okay, it was a warm story about the autumn festival. Now, the judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Kanade: Oh my, it's a huge success.
Nao: Success!
Karen: Fufufu, thanks everyone. Maybe it's because Nao opened her heart.
Nao: I, I didn't...! That's not what I meant!
Rin: Fufu... you're cute, Nao.
Nao: Ughhh...
Kanade: Alright, Alright. I'm glad we made it anyway. This was Magic Minute corner.


Kanade: Since we passed Magic Minute, this is Guest Talk corner.
Nao: Don't tease me here!
Karen: Eh~ that's lame.
Kanade: Isn't Nao the oldest among you?
Nao: Yes it is! But how did I come to this...
Rin: I know how you feel. Every unit has a prey...
Nao: Ah... she underwent it too...
Kanade: So, how do you feel about that, Rin?
Rin: About what?
Kanade: Last time, you appeared as a member of New Generation, and this time you were Triad Primus. Cause New Generation didn't appear on the autumn festival.
Karen&Nao: Ah...
Rin: Well... Not much. I'm just me. Unit activities can be changed by the tendency of the production.
Nao: Y, Yeah!
Rin: How is... Kanade? You don't work as a unit?
Karen: Yeah, I was curious about that.
Kanade: Me? Hmm... If they give me instructions, I might. Even when I joined Project Krone, they just summoned me to ask if I wanted to join. Well, as long as they got a plan...
Karen: I see.
Kanade: And... it depends on everyone's support, I guess? If you root for us more, there may be more possibilities. Next time you wish something, write it down on the enquete paper of a live concert. Maybe a person in a high position will see it. I'm counting on you.


Kanade: Alright, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time passes before you know it, it's time to say good bye.
Nao: It's over already? I wanted to talk more...
Karen: I'm sure fans would love to listen to the pure and cute side of Nao~
Nao: N, No thanks!
Karen: Rin... wanted to say something, right?
Rin: What?
Karen: You've been quiet today...
Nao: Yeah! You must be thinking of something!
Rin: Well... It's just, Karen and Nao have a strong presence in Triad.
Nao: Rin should show herself more.
Karen: Her cute side too.
Rin: T, That's enough for me.
Kanade: Fufufu, I'd like to see Triad Primus with 100% cuteness. Then t
oday's story ends here. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to..
Nao: Magihour! Thank you! I'm Kamiya Nao and...
Karen: Everyone, see you again. I'm Hojo Karen...
Rin: Time flies when you're having fun. I'm Shibuya Rin. We are...
TP: Triad Primus!
Kanade: And I was your host, Hayami Kanade. Today was my last day as a host. I'll hand over the baton to the next host. I hope you have fallen under our spell..
All: Bye Bye~

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 22

Rika: P kun~
Producer: Ah...?
Mirira: I found you!
Rika: We've been looking for you.
Producer: I'm sorry. Are you ready to go back?
Miria: Yes!
Rika: Ah, but I think Anzu needs more time. She fell asleep saying the bench is comfortable.
Producer: I... see...
Koume: ...
Producer: Shirasaka san, is there anything wrong?
Koume: seems producer san... looks happier than usual...
Rika: Eh? Looks happy? I can't tell the difference.
Miria: Producer, did something good happen to you?
Rika&Miria: Hmm~?
Producer: A, Anyway, I thought you were going to ask me something...
Rika: Ah, right!
Miria: Producer, you know, we want to see her...
Producer: See... her?
Koume: Yeah... We are worried if Sagisawa san is okay...
Rika&Miria: Yeah, Yeah!
Producer: Sagisawa san probably went to infirmary, just in case. I'll ask them if you can meet her.
Rika&Miria&Koume: Yes!


Rika: P kun... maybe we shouldn't have come here.
Producer: It's fine. Even if you can't meet her, she will appreciate your visit.
Koume: Ehehe...
Kanade: Yes, who are you?
Producer: Excuse me. I should have introduced myself sooner...
Kanade: Sh~

(Kanade leaves the room and closes the door)

Producer: I'm a producer from Cinderella project...
Kanade: Ah~ So you're the talk of the town.
Producer: ...?
Kanade: I heard about you from Anya and Rin. They said the producer of the project is very charming.
Producer: W, What does that mean...!?
Kanade: Fufufu, as expected, that's a funny reaction.
Rika&Miria&Koume: Whaa~
Kanade: Oh? You're...?
Rika: S...Sexy~
Miria: Maybe she's sexier than Minami!
Koume: H, Hey...
Kanade: What is it?
Koume: Is Sagisawa san... okay...?
Rika: Ah, we're here to ask that!
Miria: Is she alright?
Kanade: Ah, so you were worried about Fumika? Fufu, thanks.
Rika&Miria&Koume: Whaaa~
Producer: How is Sagisawa san?
Kanade: She is fine. The doctor said the stress caused a temporary stomach pain. I think she feels more comfortable now. She is sound asleep.
Producer: I see. Then we'd better go now. We don't want to disturb her...
Miria: Please send our regards!
Kanade: Fufufu, thanks. I'll tell her about your visit for sure.
Rika&Miria&Koume: Ehehe~
Kanade: Oh, I almost forgot. Producer san, I'm sorry to say this to a visitor, but can I ask you a favor?
Producer: What is it?
Kanade: Arisu, come here.
Rika: ?
Arisu: Hello...
Kanade: She's stayed here to see if Fumika is fine, but it's time to prepare to go back. Could you look after her?
Arisu: I'm not a kid. You don't need to take care of... me.
Producer: All right. I'll take charge of her.
Kanade: Thanks. Maybe I should give you something... in return?
Rika&Miria&Koume: S, Sexy~
Producer: N, No thanks! That's why I'm here for.
Kanade: Fufu, you're cute. Then Arisu, don't be stubborn and do what the producer says, okay?
Arisu: I said I'm not a kid!
Kanade: I'm counting on you.

(Kanade leaves)

Producer: Tachibana san.
Arisu: Yes?
Producer: Which way is Tachbana san's waiting room?
Arisu: ...
Producer: They're preparing vehicles, so I think we can carry your bag and wait in our waiting room...
Rika: P kun, we'll take care of Arisu. You still have work to do.
Producer: But...
Koume: It will be fine... if we're lost, the child will point the way...
Producer: In that case... Shirasaka san, I appreciate your help. I'll be back to you as soon as possible, so please stay in the waiting room.
All: Okay!

(Producer leaves)

Rika: Mhu~ P kun only trusts Koume.
Koume: T, That's not true...
Miria: But Koume is the oldest among us. I think that's why she earned his trust.
Rika: You're right but! Ah... W, Wait! Arisu, where are you going?
Arisu: It's Tachibana.
Rika: Eh?
Arisu: There is no reason for me to be called by my first name, since we've just met.
Rika: Eh~ What's so important about that?
Miria: Arisu is a cute name!
Arisu: I said it's Tachibana!
Rika: Arisu looks really modest.
Miria: Yeah, Yeah! And a little stubborn too!
Arisu: What...!? W, Were you even listening to me!?
Koume: Look... Tachibana san...
Arisu: Ah, yes..!?
Koume: I liked your performance today...
Arisu: Ah... well... T, Thank you...
Rika: Ah! Her face turned red!
Miria: Arisu is cute~
Arisu: Stop teasing me!
Miria: Eh? I'm not teasing you.
Rika: We became fans of Arisu!
Arisu: F, Fan...?
Rika: Arisu is JS, right? But you looked cool on the stage. I was envious.
Miria: I also thought you were great! Arisu should appear on Totokira Academy too!
Arisu: Ehe? L, Look. I know you want to... but I may be an imposition if I do... B, But...
Miria&Rika: But?
Arisu: It, It's my first fans' request... So I'll think about... that...
Miria&Rika: How cute~
Arisu: W, Wait! Stop shouting such an embarrassing things!
Rika: Ahaha. Sorry, Sorry. I just liked your reaction...
Miria: Even Mika said Arisu looked like a damsel!
Arisu: W, Well... Do you act like this always...?
Koume: I'm still a new idol... but Cinderella project is fun...
Arisu: Fun...?
Koume: Yeah! He said a smile is important... in Cinderella project.
Arisu: A smile...
Rika: Arisu!
Arisu: Ah! Y, Yes!?
Rika: Let's be friends first! I'll tell you my ID... Wait, where is my phone?
Miria: Didn't you leave it in the waiting room?
Rika: You may be right! To the waiting room, Go!

(Rika runs)

Miria: Arisu, let's go! Where is your waiting room?
Arisu: Ah, well... That way.
Miria: That way? Alright! Let's go!

(Miria and Arisu runs)

Producer: Those were good smiles.
Koume: Ah...
Producer: We're going to go back with members of Project Krone. Please be ready to leave.
Koume: Yeah...!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 21

Kanade: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time. Hello everyone. I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time. This show invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Today's host is me, Hayami Kanade. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time. Nice to meet you.


Kanade: Yes, this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail. I've just got a mail to read. This is from radio name "drunk in anger". Hi, drunk in anger san. Magihour. It says "Kanade san, A sad thing happened to me. It's painful. Please console me. How can I get on my feet?" A sad thing... We face sad things in our lives. But that doesn't mean you have to tolerate or bear every problem. Why don't you throw them away and go to the sea instead? When you see the rising sun, you'll realize that a day starts whether you're happy or sad. And also try to focus on something else to forget about them. How about becoming an idol? Fufufu, just kidding. Don't let the alcohol ruin your body. And this was Magime corner. We wait for your stories.


Kanade: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. We have these three. Please come in.
Yui: Yaho~ Magihour~ I'm Ohtsuki Yui~
Syuko: Hi. I'm Shiomi Syuko. Magihour~ Nice to meet you.
Fumika: I'm Sagisawa Fumika. Nice to meet you.
Kanade: They are Ohtsuki Yui, Shiomi Syuko and Sagisawa Fumika from Project Krone of 346 production. It's good to see you.
Yui, Syuko, Fumika: Yay~ Me too! / I wish your kind support... Aha, that was weird! / Nice to meet you...
Kanade: Ahaha... You're all different.
Yui: It's called individuality.
Kanade: Well, that's true. Then let's drink a toast like a real tea time. Here's to distinct individuality.
All: CHEERS! / Cheers/ Cheers...
Kande: You sure are different. Fufufu. I guess that's individuality too. Let's start the next corner.


Kanade: Alright, this is Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests talk to cast magic. Please pick up an assignment paper from the box.
Yui: Me! Me! Me! I wanna do it! I wonder what will come out!
Kanade: Chaka Chaka Chaka... Tada! The topic is?
Yui: Let me see... It says "Tell your impression of each one".
Kanade: Wow, that was an unexpected topic. Then tell us your impression of each one please.
Yui: Mmm~ You see, Yui thought to herself, she is a really cute girl!
Syuko&Fumika: ...Hmm?
Syuko: A, Are you talking about me?
Yui: Yeah! Yui is a pretty much gyaru, but Syuko almost looks like a gyaru too. So I felt we would get along well.
Syuko: Oh~ that's a good news.
Yui: For Fumika... First I was worried she would think Yui is tiresome.
Fumika: I would never...
Yui: That was just Yui's misunderstanding, right? We're totally different types, but her skin is clear and she is smart. So cool!
Fumika: T, Thank you...
Syuko: Yeah, Fumika has lily white skin. My skin is also white, but not as white as hers. And her vibe totally changes when she is wearing an outfit...
Yui: I know!
Fumika: Really...?
Syuko: It's like turning on a switch. Like when she raised her head, I thought she looked great.
Fumika: I'm not used to be commended... I feel embarrassed...
Yui: Tell us what you thought when you saw Yui and Syuko.
Syuko: Like, you wanted to avoid us?
Fumika: No...! I just thought... you two were dazzling... Because you had your own colors.
Syuko: Really?
Fumika: Yes... Everyone was full of joy and hope after being chosen as a project member... But I was in great anxiety...
Yui: Yui was a little out of control for sure...
Kanade: I don't think that's a good story to tell the fans, you know?
Yui: Okay, you're right~
Fumika: Well... This is just what I felt... Yui san has a smile that can mingle with anyone. Syuko san's smile also has a charm that attracts people...
Yui: Ehe, you mean it?
Syuko: Ya~ I'm flattered~
Kanade: Fufufu, they feel shy.
Fumika: Kanade san too...
Kanade: Hmm?
Fumika: Your smile seems to have a deeper mystery than any other mysteries...
Kanade: Oh my? Fumika sure has an eye for beauty. Since we've spent too much time, can I end this corner now? Alright, this was a conversation about our impressions of each others. Now, the judgement is?

(Ding dong Ding dong Ding dong)

Kanade: You've made it. Congratulation.
Syuko: Ya~ I wish we would get to know about each other.
Yui: Then let's go to karaoke! Karaoke! I'm sure we'll be friends!
Fumika: We can know about each other by doing that...?
Yui: Of course we can!
Syuko: Then Yui should go to library with Sagisawa san, right?
Yui: Eh!? Really? Well, that's...
Kanade: Now, Now. I'm glad we passed the assignment. This was Magic Minute corner.


Kanade: Now we passed Magic Minute, and we can have Guest Talk corner.
Yui: Look, Fumika. Did you hate joining Krone? You just said that!
Fumika: I didn't hate it... I was just...
Syuko: Just?
Fumika: I thought there was a mistake over choosing me as a member at the first place...
Syuko: Heh? Why?
Fumika: Because I didn't have any big schedule after my debut. And one day they called me to talk about the project.
Syuko: It makes you nervous when they suddenly summon you.
Yui: I totally agree!
Fumika: So I thought it was a mistake...
Kanade: Well, of course you would think like that.
Fumika: Then she told me to raise my head... And asked me if I had what 346 requires...
Syuko: That's high-handed.
Kanade: But she said that you could ascend to the peak if you followed her instruction, didn't she?
Fumika: Yes...
Kanade: That's a difficult situation... Staying who you are or going to the top.
Yui: But nobody wants to lose! In Yui's group, Mika is a hotshot. And seeing her makes Yui want to be at the top too.
Syuko: If you get more fans who root for you, that can also be a way.
Kanade: You mean, growing with your fans step by step is fine, but if you go straight to the top, you can show yourself to more people?
Fumika: Yes... and if I join the project, the future I haven't seen may wait for me. Like a book that you haven't read...
Syuko: Well, it was one of those chances.
Yui: Yeah, Yeah. Yes! I hope the fans that are listening to this show love Yui and her friends~ Isn't that great?
Syuko: Ahaha! I like Yui's simplicity~
Yui: So don't be daunted when you see gayrus or sleazy looking guys at events, Fumika.
Fumika: Y, Yes... I'm sure Yui san's fans are good people. I look forward to see them.
Yui: Ehehe, then it's settled!
Kanade: Fufufu... It looks like fans are going to be busy. I wish you double your support.


Kanade: Alright, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time passes before you know it, it's time to say good bye.
Yui: Eh!? This is the end? It was too fast! Too fast!
Syuko: Yeah. It passed in the blink of an eye. Right, Sagisawa san?
Fumika: Yes... it did... ...or not?
Yui: Which one is it? I love Fumika has her own pace, it's cute~
Syuko: Yeah. I guess she surpasses me.
Fumika: Maybe... you're right. I'm glad you understand me.
Kanade: Okay, everything is settled beautifully with gratitude. Today's story ends here.
The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to..
Yui: Everyone, thank you~ We're Ohtsuki Yui and!
Syuko: Please root for us. Shiomi Syuko and...
Fumika: It was fun. Sagisawa Fumika and...
Kanade: I'm your host, Hayami Kanade.
Then I hope you have fallen under our spell..
All: Bye bye~