Sunday, August 9, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 17

Mio: Ah!
Rin: What is it, Mio?
Mio: Look, Shiburin! That's Mika's new poster!
Rin: Ah~ That's what Rika was talking about.
Mio: Mature Mika was sexy and cool, but this is Mika's true color!
Rin: Yes.
Uzuki: Hmm...
Rin: Uzuki?
Uzuki: Eh? Ah, sorry!
Mio: Shimamu, you lost your heart to Mika?
Uzuki: M, Maybe...
Mio: Rika told me that Mika strongly urged the photographer to use this photo at the photo shoot. She is a badass~ Both Kaede san and Mika are very grown up... I admire them. Especially the spirit that carves their ways!
Rin: Carving their ways...?
Mio: Ah, anyway, did you hear the news about Mika?
Rin: Hmm? What is it?
Mio: Ufufu~ In that case, I'll tell you something big. First, let's get inside somewhere. Hurry up, Shimamu~
Uzuki: Ah, yes!
Mio: Why are you so slow?! I said hurry up~
Uzuki: Hey, Rin. We might miss Mio.
Rin: Okay... Let's go.


Mio: Hyaa~ The parfait here is really delicious. I wish my town had one of this. Is there a shop like this around Shimamu's house?
Uzuki: ...Eh? Ah, there is no shop in the station where I go to take the train.
Mio: Heh, I see.
Rin: So, what's the big news?
Mio: Ah, right. I forgot. Don't tell anyone about this...
Rin: Stop stalling and get to the point.
Mio: Tell you what... Mika is in love with her boyfriend recently.
Rin&Uzuki: What!? Ehh~!?
Mio: See? I told you! She checks her phone every time she has a chance. A rumor said that she was missing during a lesson and it turned out that she was looking at a photo, smiling. Ah, I didn't tell anyone about this except you!
Rin: And who told you the story?
Mio: There is a rule that the identity of an informant should be kept secret.
Rin: Stop joking... Every department is having a difficult time because of Mishiro exec.
Mio: Mishiro exec..?
Rin: So that kind of scandal could be dangerous.
Mio: Ah!
Uzuki: W, What's wrong, Mio!?
Rin: Do you understand what I just said?
Mio: T, There! Look over there, look!
Uzuki: Over there? W, Where? ...Ah!
Rin: Why?
Uzuki: W, What should we do, Mio? I didn't expect to see Mika here...
Mio: Calm down, Shimamu! This is a golden opportunity!
Uzuki: Opportunity?
Mio: Yes! It's a chance that we can reveal the truth about the rumor of Mika's boyfriend, before the exec knows about it!
Rin: Haven't we... already done that before? When producer's stalker was the issue?
Mio: This is a totally different situation. That stalker thing was a matter only for us, but this rumor can be a huge scandal that might affect whole Mishiro production.
Rin: I think you're overreacting... Who knows? Everyone might have boyfriends.

Mio: ...Eh? You mean...
Rin: ...Why are you looking at me like that?
Mio: Shiburin... do you have a boyfriend?
Rin: What!? Where did that idea come from!?
Mio: Ah! She might notice us!
Rin: Ah! ...That's because Mio said weird things!
Mio: Because Shiburin talked as if having a boyfriend is so common... Right, Shimamu? ...Huh? Shimamu, where are you?
Rin: When did she... Did she go to the restroom...? Ah!
Mika: I didn't expect to see you here~
Mio: Mika!?
Mika: Uzuki said you were all here. Can I sit here and kill some time?
Rin: Y, Yeah...
Mika: Lucky~ Excuse me, could you move the water to this table?
Mio: Shimamu, why did you bring Mika here!?
Uzuki: Well... Listening to Mio's story... I couldn't help it...
Mio: Shimamu?
Mika: What's wrong? Now now, don't be shy.
Uzuki: Ah, yeah!


Mika: I'm glad you're here. It was almost time to meet someone but I didn't hear from the person. So I was about to have a parfait alone.
Rin: L, Look...
Mio: S, Shiburin!?
Mika: Yeah? Why?
Uzuki: Well...! Is the person that you've been waiting for, well...
Rin&Mio: !!!
Mika: Hmm? Ah, I was supposed to meet Yui today. But she sent one text saying 'Planning meeting has started' and I haven't heard from her ever since. Well, she usually does things sloppily, it's no surprise.
NG : Ah...
Mika: Huh? Why does everyone look so serious?
Mio: Mika! I heard you keep checking your phone and smile lately. Is that true?
Mika: Eh!? H, How did you...
Rin: Is that your boyfriend's photo?
Mika: Haa? W, What are you talking about!? I've never had a boyfrie...!
Mio: Never?
Mika: N, No! That's not true! Well... The picture I look was taken when I made an excursion few days ago. I only do it to cheer myself up...
Rin: Ah, when you were with your boyfriend...
Mika: I told you that's not true! But it's a secret. Even though you are close to me...!
Mio: Mika...?
Mika: Ah, I got a message from Yui. I've got to go now!
Mio: W, Wait, Mika!?
Mika: I'll pay the bill! See you later!

(Mika gets away)

Mio: She paid the bill... Mika... you're so cool!
Rin: So what's the truth?
Mio: It became more and more of a mystery.
Uzuki: I know nothing about it, but I'm glad it doesn't seem to be a scandal. Hehe...
Rin: Yeah. Although our situation hasn't been changed much...
Uzuki: Ah...
Rin: Uzuki?
Mio: Hey, Shiburin, Shimamu! Since Mika treated us, why don't we go buy some accessories in return?
Rin: Ah, yes. Good.
Mio: You're coming with us, Shimamu?
Uzuki: Ah, yes. Then how about going to the shop I know? There are some fancy things that Mika might like.
Mio: Sold! Let's go then.
Uzuki: Yeah!
Mio: Hurry up, Shiburin~
Rin: Alright.

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