Saturday, August 29, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 20

Kobayashi: Executive director!
Mishiro: ...What is it?
Kobayashi: I'm Kobayashi from the movie marketing department.
Mishiro: I know who you are. State your business.
Kobayashi: Ah, yes! A minute ago, we've got a report from the agent in the US. It seems the Hollywood movie contract that you ordered went into orbit.
Mishiro: Is that so?
Kobayashi: You made this happened! The connection you made when you were in the US...
Mishiro: Is that all you've got to tell me?
Kobayashi: Ah... Yea..Yes!
Mishiro: Arrange the document about the
royalty contract by 5pm today.
Kobayashi: Y, Yes!

(Mishiro exits)

Katsumata: Sir, what was her reaction?
Kobayashi: Katsumata kun, prepare the data immediately!
Katsumata: Pardon..? Y, You mean, the data?
Kobayashi: I said prepare the data! And make a meeting appointment with the legal department!
Katsumata: Y, Yes! Right away, sir!


Imanishi: Hahaha, who would have guessed that Kobayashi would work so hard... Since she came back, many people started working really hard. Ah, right. You might have heard about this, but there is a rumor that Exec is planning a live concert business based on the internet promotion.
Producer: ...
Imanishi: What's wrong?
Producer: It, It's nothing...
Imanishi: It's time to go. Everybody is waiting.
Producer: Yes.
Imanishi: About today's meeting, how are you going to inform everyone about Anastasia and Shibuya's plans?
Producer: I'm going to tell everything, without hiding anything. Also, I'll tell them about Honda san. For her straight will...
Imanishi: I see... That is something that you would say, but... What do you make of Mishiro honestly?
Producer: What do you make of Mishiro...? What do you mean?
Imanishi: In the idol department, her own project, Project Krone will be launched soon. Although she is managing everything about the idol department, as an Exec, she is also reexamining every department that is involved in 346 group's image strategy such as movie and theater departments. And she is obtaining good results fast.
Producer: An acquaintance in the movie department told me his advertising plan was completely abandoned, but the new plan was better.
Imanishi: Hmm... 346 group is a time-honoured group. But unlike long ago when this old building with this lobby was all we had, now it became a huge enterprise with new gigantic buildings. She is one of the people who have seen its change. So she may see 346's true color.
Producer: Have you known the Exec since a long time ago?
Imanishi: Huhuh, you could say that. But I still didn't get an answer from you. What do you think? Shibuya and Anastasia will follow Project Krone's schedule, and naturally their work in Cinderella project will be reconsidered. The Exec's ability is real. Maybe she is going to create the next department. There is a huge possibility that Project Krone could be a flagship project of 346 production. Now, she designated your idols as Project Krone's members. Do you... have a grudge against her?
Producer: I've never... had a grudge against her.
Imanishi: Hmm... Cinderella project that we see now could be formed because of your effort. Although the bond with your idols seems... Fufu... to have a long way to go, they trust you and will be with... But, that future is about to be lost in the fog. And... you still feel nothing about the Exec?
Producer: ...Yes.
Imanishi: Good answer. Then how are you going to producer them?
Producer: Nothing will be changed. I've considered it few times, but I think the place where they can smile is their castle.
Imanishi: Hahaha! Doesn't sound very convincing since you have a long face.
Producer: S, Sorry...!
Imanishi: You've changed too. From an employee who rarely talks, to a carriage that doesn't talk much, I guess?

(Imanishi gives producer coffee)

Imanishi: It's my treat.
Producer: Thank you.
Imanishi: Now is the most important time. I'll see what I can do for cute Cinderellas.
Producer: Thank you.
Imanishi: It's weird to drink a toast with coffee, but let's do our best for the live concert in fall.
Producer: Yes!
Imanishi: Fuu... Coffee and cigarette in the morning taste so good...
Producer: Sir.
Imanishi: What is it?
Producer: Since the Exec came here, smoking in any indoor facilities has been forbidden...
Imanishi: Y, Yes it was! Hmm, I can't possibly forgive that! Our employees need at least smoking rooms to work properly!
Producer: W, Where are you going!?
Imanishi: I'm going to see the Exec. I'll have it out with her about installing smoking rooms!
Producer: Sir, what about the meeting?
Imanishi: I was little worried about that, but now I'm fine with it. I'll leave it to you.

(Imanishi exists)

Chihiro: Oh my, producer san? What brought you here?
Producer: Senkawa san...
Chihiro: I heard about Anastasia san and Shibuya san. And about Honda san too... but...
Producer: But?
Chihiro: Seeing producer san's face, I think it's going to be alright.
Producer: Thank you.
Chihiro: Pull yourself together at the meeting. For everyone.
Producer: Yes!

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