Friday, August 21, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 19

Riina: Hey~! Natsukichi!
Natsuki: Ah, Dari, Miku.
Riina: How was the conversation with the exec?
Natsuki: Fu, I clearly expressed my thought.
Riina: Cool!
Miku: That's great nya!
Producer: Kimura san, thank you for your effort.
Natsuki: Ah, y, yeah... Thanks.
Producer: What's... wrong, Kimura san?
Natsuki: No, well... Can you not call me "Kimura san"? It makes me feel weird.
Producer: Ah! I'm sorry!
Natsuki: No, you don't need to apologize like that! Raise your head!
Producer: Then... How should I address you as?
Natsuki: Just call me Natsukichi.
Producer: That's...
Natuski: That's?
Producer: Kimurasan, I'm sorry.
Natsuki: Didn't you just hear me?
Producer: Even though it's your nickname, calling you by nickname is...  I understand what Kimura san said, but...
Riina: Ahaha... It seems Natsukichi...
Miku: Will walk the same road like Miku's friends nya.


Natsuki: Yea~ Dari's producer was amazing.
Miku: In what way?
Natsuki: Like, he never changes his mind no matter what... Should I say, stubborn? Your producer is pretty rock.
Riina: Heh... I haven't thought about that.
Natsuki: No, No. You'll never meet a producer as rock as him. Cinderella ball... I'm getting hyped more and more!
Riina: By the way, will Natsukichi make a unit with us? Just like the last time we sang together.
Natsuki: The last time? Ah, Niwaka rock?
Miku: Didn't you say that was 'one day only' unit?
Riina: No, No. The unit was so good to be end like that!
Natsuki: I see. Of course I'll see what I can do.
Riina: Great! ASTERISK and Natsukichi's combination at the concert hall... It still gives me goosebumps...
Miku: Ah, you want me to turn up the heat?
Natsuki: Could you do that?
Riina: No, that's not what I meant! What I wanted to say was, 'fusion' or 'new world'... well, something like that!
Natsuki: It's hard to understand what you're saying, but I got the point.
Miku: Oh~ Natsuki understood Riina nya! Yeah, since Riina is pretty vague, it's important not to nitpick her when having a conversation nya.
Riina: What was that for!? Who do you think I am!?
Natsuki: Hey~ Hey~ Having different directions in a band is quite common.
Riina: Different directions.. Ah, I see... yeah, that's true. It's pretty common in a band. Sure.
Natsuki: Then how about thinking about our new direction... But what's the concept of ASTERISK?
ASTERISK: Cat and Rock unit!
Natsuki: Cat and Rock you say?
Riina: Rock&Cat!
Miku: Cat&Rock!
Natsuki: The order doesn't matter, does it? ...Ah, I tackled them before I knew it...
Miku: Natsuki, that's a good sign nya! Gags are also important in ASTERISK!
Natsuki: No, I didn't say I agreed with Cat&Rock...!
Riina: Rock&Cat!
Natsuki: Hey, what's so important about the order!?
Nana: Wait~!
Riina&Miku&Natsuki: Hmm?
Nana: I've heard all of your talk. New ASTERISK's direction... Leave it to Nana!
Miku: N, Nana?
Natsuki: W, What..? You've heard our... Ah, is she a housekeeper?


Nana: No! I'm highschooler idol Abe Nana, 17 years old! Nana's clothes is just a maid costume. she is not a housekeeper! I also didn't say 'Goodness gracious' or peek through the wall! (From soap opera 'The housekeeper saw it', 1983)
Natsuki: Heh~ You know a pretty old thing.
Nana: No, No, No! That's not an old thing! It's a joke that any high school girls would say...
Miku: Hey, Nana?
Riina: Anyway, can you tell us about our direction?
Nana: Ah, yeah! Uhm! What I was trying to say, was that we can upgrade ASTERISK's direction! know.
Riina: Up...
Miku: Grade...
Nana: Yeah! Since I'm helping Cinderella ball, I will help you as much as I can!
Natsuki: Hmm... I still don't know who you are... But I feel the passion inside you! Okay! I like that!
Nana: Thank you. Nana has heard about Natsukichi san, but now that I talked with you, I realized that you're straight forward and more friendly than I thought.
Natsuki: Really? Well, that's not a bad impression after all.
Nana: No, No, Nana is so glad to meet you. After all, rock is cool! I admire it!
Natsuki: Nana's costume looks fine too.
Nana: Really? Do you want to try it on?
Natsuki: Ah... no thanks...
Nana: Eh~ Just give it a try~
Riina: Look...
Natsuki&Nana: Yes?
Miku: I'm sorry to interrupt you, but what was that 'upgrade' thing anyway?
Nana: Ah, I forgot. Hmm... The point is, Since Riina san's rock and Natsukichi's rock are combined, Miku needs to combine with someone to balance it.
Miku: Combine?
Nana: That is to say, Miku's cat gimmick combines with... Tada! rabbit Nana, which increases the animal aspect of the team! This will make the strongest, 
balanced unit!
Natsuki: Ah, well... Are units supposed to be like that?
Natsuki: Eh!?
Miku: That's amazing, Nana!
Riina: It will perfectly fit!
Nana: Right~? So, let's make a song for 'ASTERISK with Natsukichi & Nana'! What do you think, Natsukichi san?
Natsuki: ....
Riina: Natsukichi?
Natsuki: Haha.. Hahaha! Ahhaha! Alright. I'll make a song. To celebrate the birth of the best rock unit!
Miku: Waa~!
Riina: Natsukichi, thank you!
Natsuki: No, I'm the one who should thank you. Walk the pathless path. All of you made me realize that it is my rock.
Nana: No, well... I was just...
Natsuki: Ah, by the way, Nana...
Nana: Yes? What is it?
Natsuki: Why did you suddenly appear from behind the couch?
Nana: Ah, I happened to have some free time so I was cleaning up.
Natsuki: Cleaning... then you're a housekeeper?
Nana: No, Nana is a maid.
Natsuki: Isn't maid a housekeeper after all?
Nana: No, it's not! Maid is a person who cares master's health and comforts him!
Riina: L, Look...
Miku: This situation looks familiar...
Natsuki: I said, I don't see the difference!
Nana: They are different!
Natsuki: I don't understand!
Natsuki&Nana: Ugh... We're disbanded! Hng!
Miku: Fut..! Ahaha!
Riina: Hahaha!
Nana: Why are they laughing?
Natsuki: I don't know...

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