Friday, August 14, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 18

Nao: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight!
Karen: One, Two, Three, Four... Ah... where does this step go?
Nao: Hmm? To the left? I watched it from this side, so... from Karen's direction, to the right.
Karen: I see. Then let's start it from the beginning.
Nao: You mean, 'Stretch out your arms' part?
Karen: Yeah.
Nao: Karen, are you sure you're fine? We've been dancing for quite a long time...
Karen: I said I'm fine. Come on, Nao...
Nao: Okay, Okay. I'll turn on the music.


Nao: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight!
Karen: Stretch out your arms~
Nao: Tightly packed hearts
Nao&Karen: On your front and back...
Karen: Ah!?
Nao: Karen, are you okay!?
Karen: Ugh... sorry. I tripped a bit...
Nao: We'd better take some rest. Karen, you don't have much stamina.
Karen: Alright... But don't do it in moderation, 
even though I have low stamina!
Nao: Of course I won't, but you must rest once in a while!
Karen: Okay. I envy you, Nao. You're good at dancing.
Nao: No No, it's...
Karen: But this 'Evo Revo', don't you think it's good? When I dance to the song, somehow I want to sing along. 'New Evo! Revo!'
Nao&Karen: 'Generation~ Nice to meet you~'

(Door opens)

Nao&Karen: !?
Mio: Sorry to make you wait! Look, Shiburin~ ...H, Huh? Maybe I'm in the wrong place. Ahaha... Sorry...
Karen: H, Hello~
Nao: Hello!
Mio: Ah, yeah. Hello! Nao and Karen? Well, Shiburin is not... here? I guess?
Karen: I didn't see her.
Mio: I see. That's weird~ Ahaha... But do you practice often?
Nao&Karen: Yeah!
Karen: You told us we were your colleagues...
Nao: Yes! So we wanted to do what we could.
Mio: I get it. That's what we've talked about before, right?
Karen: Yeah. We were practicing dances to support everyone.
Mio: I see~ Ah, with Mika's song?
Nao: Yes! With everyone's songs!
Karen: But... we can't dance well... Anyway, since we don't have our own song, we've been practicing with everyone's songs.
Mio: Yeah... I used to dance to Mika's song...
Karen: Mio senpai too?
Nao: I thought you started your career on the stage from the beginning.
Mio: No No No! That's not true! First I worked as a backup dancer and learnt this and that.
Karen: Before you made the CD debut?
Mio: Yes, right.
Nao: Could you tell me more about that? I'm not sure if we can debut someday, but I want to prepare something before the ball.
Karen: Please! Ah, but are you available?
Mio: I'm fine, I'm fine. But this is not a good place to talk. Let's go to the lounge.
Nao&Karen: Yeah!


Mio: What do you want to drink? Sports drink?
Karen: I'll have coke.
Nao: Hey, Hey! I told you not to drink a fizzy drink. Well... We'll have Energy drink or Stamina drink please.
Mio: Okay! It's Mio senpai's treat!
Nao: No, you don't have to...
Mio: It's fine, it's fine. This is what senpai does. Just like the charismatic senpai did...


Mio: Here it is.
Nao: Thank you.
Mio: Take it.
Karen: Thank you!
Mio: You still have short careers, right? Why did you become idols?
Karen: I... had a weak constitution when I was young, and I was hospitalized often... That's how I admired idols on TV.
Mio: Heh, I see.
Karen: I don't have any sickness now, but I get exhausted easily.
Nao: You should run hard.
Karen: But running is tiresome.
Mio: Oh~ are you whining?
Karen: Who's whining!?
Nao: Oh~ Karen always hates to lose.
Mio: Alright~ Like you said, running or basic lessons are important, but also kind of boring.
Karen: I know I'll do them eventually though...
Mio: Yeah, yeah. Cheer up! And why did Nao become an idol?
Nao: I was scouted... Ah, well... I mean... it just happened somehow...
Karen: You just liked showy idol costumes~
Nao: S, Stop it! I'm embarrassed!
Karen: Nao might not look it, she is pretty shy. I know she has a curt manner, but isn't she cute?
Nao: Come on!
Mio: Yes she is. Shiburin also has a curt manner, but looks cute time to time. Anyway, it seems both of you have passion for idols.
Karen: Yeah! So I wanted to make my CD debut fast... but things don't go well...
Nao: I know...
Mio: Don't worry! ...wait, maybe things are not positive enough to cheer you up with a mere word...
Karen: N ,No! Thank you.
Mio: Our Cinderella project members too, weren't sure about our debut and made the producer tired. But eventually we all appeared on the stage! If you strongly wish to be on the stage, it will come true!
Nao: I see... Everyone has a rookie season... Alright! Karen, let's do our best!
Karen: Okay!
Mio: It was good to know about you two. If we had been in the same department, I would have done many things with you.
Karen: Fufufu, I'm glad you say so.
Nao: I'm kind of embarrassed... Hehe..
Mio: Alright, then shall we solidify our friendship?
Nao: Eh? Friendship?
Karen: Friendship...?
Mio: Aren't you hungry? I was thinking about having a meal...
Karen: Ah~ then I want a hamburger!
Mio: Oh? Are you okay with fast food?
Karen: Yes!
Nao: Karen, if you eat them too much...
Mio: Aren't you coming, Nao?
Nao: I'll go, but...
Karen: Then get ready quickly! Change your training suit.
Nao: Karen, why are you moving so fast?
Karen: Because I was hungry.
Mio: Yeah. Strike while iron is hot
Karen: Then 
please wait until we change our clothes!
Nao: W, We'll be back soon!
Mio: Got it.
Nao: Karen, wait for me~

(Nao&Karen exits)

Mio: Fufu, I hope I can do something fun with them. Yop!

(Mio throws a can)

Mio: ...Ah, but it feels like I forgot something... Well, what could go wrong!

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