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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 16

Ranko: Hmm... The Cinderella ball and Power of Smile... Power of smile... smile? Smile? Can I get the power again and break the new ground? The technique that converts a smile into power... I'd better draw it on the grimoire once more. For example, when I convey the spell with songs, overlay it with the power of smile and then...

(Ranko draws something)

Ranko: Hmm... This is more like a smirking goblin than Wounded roguery... This isn't right... No! This is not what I want! The fantasy world where I sing does not match with a smile! If so, the place where the power of smile exists means... Haa...

(Door opens)

Anastasia: Hello. Ah, Ranko! Be drown in darkness! Что ты делаешь? What are you doing?
Ranko: Wha!? Ah!!! T, This is... forbidden! D, Don't look at it!
Anastasia: Извините! Sorry. Ah, Ranko, were you thinking something?
Ranko: Well... I... was floating on the sea of ideas, thinking about the ball and... I guess I'm cast away...
Anastasia: The sea of ideas? Cast away? Ah... the story, could you tell me more? I'll sit next to you.
Ranko: Yes.
Anastasia: Ranko, what were you thinking?
Ranko: W, Well... I was thinking about the ball.
Anastasia: Да, you mean the Cinderella ball. I want to make a go of it with everyone.
Ranko: Yes... But... I wonder if I'm qualified to be invited to the Cinderella ball...
Anastasia: What's wrong, Ranko?
Ranko: You know the title of the ball, right?
Anastasia: The title... you mean the theme? Power of Smile... It's Power of Smile. Producer said he would capitalize on everyone's individuality to increase the level of the whole project.
Ranko: Well... But I'm just a fallen angel who lives in the majestic fantasy world with songs and wings. My clumsy smile is just a temporary expedient... I think it's a dull blade that shall be broken someday...
Anastasia: Что? Could you tell me... more about it?
Ranko: I... I received my wings from the entity that has the world in his eyes. And then I descended upon this world as Rosenburg Engel.
Anastasia: Да! Ah, you mean... you named your unit with producer?
Ranko: Yes... And Rosenburg Engel is a fallen angel who is noble but naive, yet has a strong will. Her song is also majestic, and makes you feel the speed that runs from the heaven to the ground.
Anastasia: Ah... that was wonderful.
Ranko: Therefore Rosenburg Engel is a powerful being. Also I, who play her should be a powerful being! So, to me... smiles are...
Anastasia: Well... Ranko, is it hard for you to smile?
Ranko: It, It can't be! It's simple to a being like me! I have no trouble with smiling! And there is no ordeal that I can't overcome!
Anastasia: I feel the same.
Ranko: Eh?
Anastasia: I don't know how to make a good smile. And I don't know what's good individuality... It's hard to think of my own strong point.
Ranko: ....
Anastasia: But we may find it when we see others. Cinderella project members have many strong points and are good at lots of things. Don't you think so?
Ranko: Yes...
Anastasia: For example... CANDY ISLAND is fun.
Ranko: Yes... Bokke and Tsukomi... Those advanced skills aren't written in my scroll...
Anastasia: DECORATION is Здоровье! They are lively and full of smiles. They cheer everyone up anytime.
Ranko: Yes... Their cheerful and pure smiles are like strengthening spells that give power to fans...
Anastasia: Да! Then how about ASTERISK?
Ranko: Cat ears and rock! Two conflicting souls are like shining miracles, for they compete each other!
Anastasia: Fufu. Their disbanding joke? is really funny too.
Ranko: NEW GENERATIONS are also three stars that shine equally!
Anastasia: Да! Minami always have a kind smile too. Everyone has good smiles.
Ranko: They are all shining stars... but... to me, a smile is...
Anastasia: Ranko? ...Ranko, this is the time when you release your hidden power.
Ranko: That's...
Anastasia: Last time Ranko talked to producer, Ranko said that. And you're even thinking about a new gimmick, right?
Ranko: Yes... I'm designing the third and the fourth form, and I draw the world of my next song on the grimoire but...
Anastasia: Don't you think you can do more various things? Think about the way that can help Ranko shine like Ranko. I'll think about it too.
Ranko: Okay... But, how am I suppose to...!
Anastasia: Well... let me see...
Ranko: Hmm...

(Door opens)

Kanako: Hello. Oh gosh? Where are the others?
Ranko: Kanako!? B, Be drown in darkness!
Anastasia: Be drown in darkness~
Kanako: Fufufu, Yaminoma. It seems you two were thinking something hard, what is it?
Ranko: Now I am a tiny boat that is about to put out to the vast and distant ocean...
Kanako: O, Okay...
Anastasia: Ah... we will have Cinderella ball, right?
Kanako: Yeah...
Ranko: However, a vicious storm engulfed us!
Kanako: Eh!?
Anastasia: Power of Smile. We were thinking about what to do.
Kanako: W, Wait... Listening to your stories at the same time makes me hard to understand...
Ranko: Ah... S, Sorry...
Anastasia: Ranko is a very very cool idol. So she is worried that Power of Smile may not suit her.
Kanako: I see... I don't think that's true...
Ranko: Even my friend has an appearance of a fairy who dwells in a frozen land of white silver.
Kanako: Uh... She is cold? Ah! You mean Anya is cool?
Ranko: Yes!
Kanako: So to speak, you two are cool type which makes it difficult for you to make a nice smile... right?
Ranko&Anya: Yes! Да!
Kanako: I see... People usually lump us together as idols, but there are various projects and so many different idols. From cute idols like Usamin to entertaining idols like Suzuho and Emi. We also have beautiful idols like Kaede san. If so, I want to see nice and cool idols too!
Anastasia: Doesn't Kanako think it's weird?
Kanako: Weird? Why? There is nothing weird about Anya and Ranko.
Ranko: Because not like other companions... we can't handle the weapon called s, smile...
Anastasia: I can't tell funny stories. Sometimes I misspeak and everyone laughs. But that kind of laughing is different from fun, isn't it?
Kanako: That's true but... well... If there are 100 idols, don't you think there are 100 strong points? Just like 100 different cookies make 100 different tastes.
Ranko: I think you're right but...
Kanako: Ah, speaking of cookies... Do you like sweets? I found a new shop today and I bought some delicious looking sweets.
Anastasia: Ah, are these cream puffs?
Ranko: The goddess in a robe!
Kanako: They had only three of these. But we're lucky. I'll bring dishes so hold a second. Eh... where was the kitchen..? This way?
Anastasia: Kanako is kind. She cares about us deeply.
Ranko: Yes... she is...
Kanko: Hmm? What did you just say?
Anastasia: It's nothing.
Ranko: Yes.


Kanako: Let's eat! I found dishes but there were no forks... I'm sorry but we have to use our hands. I still don't know where they put my stuff in the new project room.
Anastasia: Kanako, Частица!
Ranko: Then let's taste it.
Kanako: Yeah! Help yourself~
Ranko: T, Thank you for the treat...
Anastasia: Ah, this cream...
Kanako: The scent of vanillabean is soft and... delicious!
Ranko: It's delicious...
Anastasia: Fufu! Fufufufu!
Ranko: My friend! Ahahah! On your nose!
Kanako: Hmm? Ah, I've got cream on my nose! Anya, you could have told me! ...Ah, but Ranko has cream on her nose too!
Ranko: Eh, on my nose too!?
Anastasia: You two have delicious looking cream topping. Fufufu.
All: Ahahah!
Kanako: Here, try it Anya.
Anastasia: Да! Thank you for your treat.
Ranko: Fufu, the fairy is covered with sweet cream.
Anastasia: I've got cream too. But it's delicious.

(Door opens)

Producer: Good morning.
Kanako: Ah, producer! Good morning!
Ranko&Anya: Be drown in darkness! Good morning.
Producer: Everyone, you have nice smiles, but the cream...
All: Fufufu.
Kanako: Now both have nice smiles. Good for you...
Anastasia: Kanako...
Kanako: I'm sure you can show the nice smile to everybody. Definitely!
Producer: Yes, I also believe it. I believe your Power of Smile...

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