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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 18

Sae: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello. I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time. This show invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Your host is me, Kobayakawa Sae. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time. Nice to meet you.


Sae: Yes, this is MagiMe corner, short for Magic Hour mail. We've got a mail already. I'll read it. This is from radio name 'Giga zombie' san. Giga zombie san, Magihour. It says, "Magihour. It's almost time to prepare job hunting. But I get so nervous even when thinking of having an interview. Kobayakawa san always looks calm and relaxed. Is there a good way to calm myself down?" Well... I don't know about having an interview, yet I got nervous when I auditioned for idol. But I'm also a daughter of Kyoto. While I auditioned, I thought to myself, "I won't forgive myself if I fail" and imagined myself being successful. Then things went pretty well. Giga zombie san, was it helpful? Good luck with your job hunting. This was Magime corner. I wait for your story.


Sae: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. Today, we have three funny and cute idols. Please come in!
Ayame: Boom! I'm a ninja idol Hamaguchi Ayame, who seems to cover up the world! Nin!
Sae: Hamaguchi Ayame han loved ninja so much, she actually became a ninja herself. And...
Tamami: Yes! This is Wakiyama Tamami. Today I'm here to win the game!
Sae: Yes~ This is Wakiyama Tamami han, who loved sword man very much, only to become an idol. And...
Nina: Yeah. This is Ichihara Nina. I'll really, really do my best today!
Sae: Okay, this is Ichihara Nina han who's known for her animal costumes. We have interesting guests from 346 production. Nice to meet you.
Tamami, Nina, Ayame: Nice to meet you!
Sae: As expected, variety show idols are full of energy.
Nina: When it comes to energy, Nina never lose!
Tamami: Tamami is second to none in energy too!
Ayame: Ayame is not a variety show idol at...
Nina: Ayame! Show me your NinjutsuNinjutsu!
Ayame: Eh!? Ninjutsu!? Uhm... Ninjutsu, the spell of sexiness! Ahang~
Sae: That's... not going to work, since you're on a radio show...
Ayame: Khh! I was careless!
Tamami: Ayame! This is why they call Ayame a variety show idol!
Ayame: I'm deeply ashamed...
Sae: Now, if you keep talking about that, we won't have much time. It feels like I'm in a hurry, but let's start the next corner.
Tamami, Nina, Ayame: Yes!


Sae: Alright, this is Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests talk to cast magic. Please pick up an assignment paper from the box.
Tamami: Then Tamami will...
Ayame: No, this time, Ayame...
Tamami&Ayame: No, No, No!
Nina: Uh... Nina... Nina wants to do it too!
Tamami: Ah, Nina is going to choose it? Then go ahead.
Nina: Ehehe, waa~ Here I go.
Sae: Konchikichin~ Konchikichin
~ ...Tada! What's the topic?
Nina: Alley-oop... I've got one! Hmm... 'The thing you want to...' What does it say?
Tamami: Let me see... It says, 'The thing you want to assert'
Nina: 'The thing you want to assert'. What's 'assert'?
Ayame: Nina, 'assert' means 'speak strongly'.
Nina: Speak strongly? Okay.
Sae: Then 'The thing you want to assert', start!
Nina: Does Nina say first? Or Ayame and Tamami go first?
Tamami: Yes! Tamami wants to assert something!
Nina: Waa~
Tamami: Tamami... You know, Tamami is... not a variety show idol and... n, not a kid!
Ayame: T, Tamami!?
Tamami: People say Tamami is a kid, but she is a full-fledged high school student idol!
Nina: Eh!?
Ayame: Nina, what do you mean, "Eh?"
Nina: Tamami, aren't you a elementary school student?
Tamami: No, No! I'm 16 years old!
Nina: I see~
Ayame: Ah, Ahaha... Ayame wants to assert something too!
Sae: Yes, what is it?
Ayame: You see... Ninja is
伊賀! 伊賀 style ninja is the true ninja!
Tamami: Really?
Ayame: Of course!
Nina: Then let's just say it is.
Ayame: Ah, yeah! ...Eh, my assertion has ended like that!?
Sae: There is no other Ninja except a
伊賀 style ninja in this room... If you wanted to have an argument, you had to bring a 甲賀 style ninja...
Ayame: Ah, hmm... if there is a
甲賀 style ninja who is willing to lose the argument, please contact Magic Hour!
Tamami: Nobody is that kind!
Ayame: Ahh...
Nina: Lastly, keep you ears open for Nina's assertion!
Sae: Okay, go ahead, Nina han.
Nina: Yes! Nina and her friends got kicked out of their work or started new shows.
Tamami: Nina...
Nina: Nina is too young to understand complex things. She doesn't know why animal costumes are not allowed.
Ayame: Nina...
Nina: Nina isn't sure whether she and her friends will have many chances to be on TV. But we're trying really hard every time. We would be happy if you root for us!
Tamami&Ayame: Nina chan!
Nina: This is the end of Nina's assertion!
Sae: Yes. Those were three varied assertions. I wonder what the judgement is.

(Boo-  Boo- Ding-dong)

Sae: The buzzer sounds a bit weird?
Ayame: Ding-dong and Boo- rang together!
Tamami: Didn't it happen last time...?
Sae: Hmm hmm... He says Tamami han and Ayame han are Boo-
Tamami&Ayame: What!?
Sae: But Nina han is Ding-dong.
Nina: Waa!
Sae: Eh... Did we all fail then? Or only Nina made it? Anyway, this was Magic Minute corner.


Sae: Since we passed Magic Minute corner, we can have the guest talk corner... However, Nina han is the only one who succeeded, so you have little time to talk.
Ayame: Khh! I should have performed ninja moves so I could appeal to them, more like Ayame!
Tamami: Tamami... should have talked about the way of sword...
Nina: But at least you talked about what you wanted to assert!
Ayame: Y, Yeah...
Tamami: Clearly, I feel easier to confide my heart!
Sae: Then let's just say it was a chance to pour out your heart. Now this is the ending.


Sae: Alright, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time has passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say good bye.
Ayame: It's over already... That was too fast!
Tamami: Tamami still needs to show her mature charm...
Nina: But Nina enjoyed MagiHour!
Sae: I'm sure the listeners have had a great time. Then today's story ends here.
The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Tamami: Thank you! I'm Wakiyama Tamami and!
Ayame: Don't hold back, just enjoy! I'm Hamaguchi Ayame and!
Nina: MagiHour is fun! I'm Ichihara Nina and!
Sae: Your host, Kobayakawa Sae.
Then I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye Bye!

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