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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 17

Miho: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello. I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time. This show invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Today's host is me, Kohinata Miho. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time. Nice to meet you.


Miho: Then this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour mail. It seems we've got a mail already. I'll read it. This is from radio name 'Miho Papa' san. Miho Papa san, Magihour! "I want you to be my daughter." Eh!? I'd better skip this part... It says, "How was Miho's childhood?" When I was young... I was a shy girl. Yes? Ah, I'm still a shy girl though. But it was much worse back then. Yet I remember people said that I was pretty stubborn... Also... I hated red pepper and liked horsemeat. Maybe that's because I'm from Kumamoto province. My father used to eat it while drinking... And... I liked idol shows. Because I admired cute girls. Ehehe. That was what my childhood was like. I'm embarrassed, so this is the end! This was Magime corner. I wait for your stories!


Miho: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. We have three cute girls today. Please come in!
Kaoru: Yes~ Here I am! I'm Ryuzaki Kaoru, 10 years old. Nice to meet you!
Miho: Yes, this is vibrant Ryuzaki Kaoru. And!
Momoka: Hello, I'm Sakurai Momoka.
Miho: Yes, Sakurai Momoka. Nice to meet you. And~
Chie: I'm Sasaki Chie. Nice to meet you..!
Miho: Sasaki Chie. Is this your second time on Magic Hour? Three lively and unique idols left Totokira Academy to appear on Magic Hour as guests. I expect your kind support.
Chie, Momoka, Kaoru: We'll do our best~
Miho: Fufu, it's good to see you're cheerful. Then after a long interval, this is Beverage corner of the tea time. Girls, what do you want to drink?
Momoka: Of course I recommend rosehip tea...
Kaoru: Eh~ Momoka always drinks it. That doesn't even taste good.
Momoka: T, That's not true! It could be hard for kids to understand.
Chie: I can drink regular black tea but...
Momoka: Ughhh...
Miho: Fufu, Is Momoka pushing herself a little?
Momoka: N, No I'm not! But, okay. I'll let you choose.
Kaoru: Waa~ Then Kaoru wants to drink Tangerine juice!
Chie: Ah, Kaoru is from Ehime province.
Miho: I see. Then shall we drink a toast with tangerine juice? One, two~
All: Cheers!

(Gulp Gulp)

Miho: Fuu... How was it, Momoka?
Momoka: Not bad.
Miho: Fufu, that's a relief. Then I'm going to enjoy the tea time with these three. Let's move on to the next corner.


Miho: Yes, this is Magic Minute corner. It's a corner that guests talk to cast magic. Please pick up an assignment paper from the box.
Kaoru: Me, Me, Me! Kaoru wants to do it!
Chie: I wonder what the topic is...
Miho: Here, pick it up. Chaka chaka chaka... Tada! The topic is?
Kaoru: I've got one! Hmm... "Things that you want to do when you become an adult?"
Chie: When I'm an adult...?
Momoka: That's not... a simple topic.
Miho: Then let's talk about things that you want to do when you're an adult. Start!
Kaoru: Kaoru needs some time to think. Momoka goes first.
Momoka: M, Me!?
Kaoru: I thought you could answer it immediately?
Momoka: O, Of course I can.
Chie: Momoka is the oldest among us, I'm sure her answer will be great.
Momoka: Eh... S, Sure! It's really great!
Chie: What would Momoka do when she becomes an adult?
Momoka: Well...
Chie: Well...
Kaoru: Ah! Kaoru would like to be a bride! I want to wear a white dress~
Miho: Something crossed your mind, Kaoru?
Chie: You mean, a wedding dress?
Kaoru: Yeah! I was envious when Chie wore it!
Momoka: I, I also wore it a while ago!
Kaoru: Momoka looked good in it too. But Kaoru wants to wear it after becoming a grown up.
Miho: I see~ Wearing a wedding dress is everyone's dream. How about Momoka and Chie?
Chie: Momoka, are you ready?
Momoka: Well...
Chie: Can Chie answer it first?
Momoka: Sure! I don't mind it at all!
Chie: When Chie becomes an adult, well... Chie wants to experience love...
Kaoru: Love? Waa~ She's a grown up!
Miho: Fufu, Chie is mature.
Chie: Well... Sorry. I'm still young, so I always think about being an adult... I don't know what mature love is, but I yearn for it.
Miho: Hmm, I think I understand. I want to be a great adult, and experience mature love too.
Momoka: I, I see... So that's what you think...
Chie: Yeah! Although mine isn't as good as Momoka's answer...
Kaoru: Stop beating around and tell us what Momoka wants to do~
Momoka: I, I'm... well... already an adult, so I can do whatever I can.
Kaoru: Eh!?
Momoka: I've never wanted to be an adult. Which means, I'm already as mature as an adult!
Miho: Fufufu, Momoka is pretty grown up.
Momoka: Yes! So, I'm done with this corner. The end!
Miho: We've talked about what we would do when we're adults. I wonder what the judgement is.

(Ding dong, Ding dong)

Miho: Ah, we've made...

(Boo Boo-)

Miho: ...we failed? Which one is it?
Kaoru: Ahaha, this is funny~
Chie: There were both Ding-dong and Boo-Boo.
Momoka: Staff san, please do your work properly.
Miho: Eh.. Hmm... It seems Kaoru and Chie got Ding-dong.
Kauro&Chie: Waa~!
Momoka: Khh... I'll never forget this humiliation!
Miho: But since 2/3 passed the corner, it's fine. It's a success. This was Magic Minute corner.


Miho: Now, since you passed Magic Minute corner, you can have Guest talk corner. Let's have a happy chitchat.
Momoka: How could I...
Kaoru: Momoka, Momoka?
Momoka: What is it?
Kaoru: Are you sure you want nothing after becoming an adult?
Momoka: That's...! I told you I'm an adult already...
Kaoru: Kaoru knows Momoka is still 12 years old. So, please?
Momoka: Ughh...
Chie: Please tell us what Momoka really thinks.
Miho: Yes, I want to hear about it.
Momoka: A bicycle...
Kaoru: Yes?
Momoka: I want to ride a bicycle and go as far as I can!
Chie: Riding a bicycle?
Momoka: My parents don't let me ride a bike because they don't want me to get hurt... So...
Kaoru: I see. You're a maiden!
Momoka: No...! My father is just stubborn, that's all!
Chie: Why don't we achieve your dream together before becoming an adult? Of course, secretly...
Kaoru: Yeah! Let's ride a bike and go to a park! We can also prepare a lunch box! Kaoru will make rice balls!
Momoka: Chie san... Kaoru san... If you two say so, I have no choice!
Kaoru: Waa~!
Chie: I'm excited.
Miho: Fufufu, that's going to be a nice picnic. With a pleasant picnic plan, Guest talk corner ends here.


Miho: Alright, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time has passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say good bye.
Kaoru: Eh~ This is it?
Momoka: I think we've talked pretty much.
Chie: As expected, three guests take up a lot of time.
Kaoru: We have no choice. How about having a chat with snacks after this radio!?
Miho: Fufufu, you're close to each other.
Momoka: Fufu, of course.
Chie: We've been friends for a long time.
Kaoru: Yeah~
Miho: Fufu, the chat never ends. Then
today's story ends here. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Kaoru: Magihour was fun! I'm Ryuzaki Kaoru and...
Momoka: Fufu, I didn't expect to be in a trouble today... You're pretty good at this. Magihour. I'm Sakurai Momoka and...
Chie: Magihour... It was really, really fun. I'm Sasaki Chie and...
Miho: And I'm Kohinata Miho. This was my last Magihour as a host. So
I'll hand over the baton to the next host. Please look forward to next week's host and guests. Then I hope you have fallen under our spell...

All: Bye Bye!

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