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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 16

Miho: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello. I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time. This show invites guests from 346 production and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Today's host is me, Kohinata Miho. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time. Nice to meet you.


Miho: Then this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour mail. I guess we've got a mail already. I'll read it. This is from radio name "Local resident". Local resident san, Magihour! It says, "Miho san is from Kumamoto province. And I think it's great that you never use its dialect. How do you do that?" Dialect... Well... I used to listen to late night radio programs when I lived in Kumamoto. From those days, I've admired hosts who spoke fluently. So I wanted to fix my accent. I feel happy to have a mail like this. Ehehe. This was Magime corner. I wait for your stories!


Miho: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. Today, we have two idols who have strong individuality. Please come in!
Emi: Hello, Hello! I'm Naniwa's idol, Namba Emi. Nice to meet you!
Miho: Yes! This is Naniwa's idol, Namba Emi from Osaka. And!
Suzuho: Are you listening, grandma? I'm on a radio as a guest! I'm so happy!
Emi: Suzuhochi, I know you're happy but you forgot to say your name.
Suzuho: Kya~ Silly me. I'm Suzuho. Ueda Suzuho. Nice to meet you~
Miho: O, Okay... We invited two powerful and unique guests. Nice to meet you.
Suzuho: Anytime!
Emi: Hi, Hi!
Miho: These two are idols who are mainly working on variety shows, just like last week's guests.
Emi: Gags are very profound!
Suzuho: As long as I can wear my costumes~
Emi: No No, Suzuhochi, they won't notice your costume when you're on radio!
Suzuho: Khh.. TV... I think I'm more of a TV type!
Miho: Fufufu. But please do your best now.
Emi: Let's make it fun.
Suzuho: I'm gonna crack you up!
Miho: Then let's enjoy today's tea time with two variety idols. I'll do my best.


Miho: Yes, this is Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests talk to cast magic. Please pick up a topic paper from the box. 
Suzuho: Emi, choose a really funny topic!
Emi: Leave it to me!
Miho: Chaka chaka chaka... Tada! The topic is?
Emi: Here it is! Let me see... It says, "A cool story"...? Eh!?
Suzuho: That's the topic that totally kills our personality!?
Emi: That's what I'm talking about! Staffs here have slow wits!
Miho: Eh... A cool story, start!
Emi: Hmm... Ah! right, there happened a really funny thing...

(Boo Boo)

Emi: Ugh... Staff san, you're too strict!
Miho: Please keep to the subject.
Emi: But, cool stories for me are... Hmm... Do you want me to tell a story like a cool girl?


Emi: Nobody wants that! Let us just crack you up!
Suzuho: That's what I'm talking about! We're happy when they tell us we're funny.
Miho: B, But, this is 346 production's radio show... And the staffs thought hard to make those topics...
Suzuho: Khh~ So this is a sad salary man's saga...
Emi: How sad! I'm sad that we're living in this cruel time!
Miho: C, Cheer up and make it happen. Yes?
Suzuho: Let's give it a try as much as we can...
Emi: I wonder we're just outdated. These days, cool and shining idols like Takagaki Kaede san or Cinderella project are the trend.
Suzuho: Khh~ You can shine as much as you want with light bulbs!
Emi: That's not gonna work! Haa, is becoming an orthodox idol the only way...
Miho: T, That's not true!
Suzuho: M, Miho san...?
Miho: The company's policy is... just a policy! You can... just be yourselves at this moment. Well... even though the buzzer of success won't go off...
Emi: Waa... Miho san is a strong woman.
Miho: Ah... well, I'm not...! I'm sorry! As a host I... B, But women of Kumamoto are strong!
Suzuho: Good, Good.
Emi: Yeah! We'll show them who we really are! As long as there is a fan out there who likes us!
Suzuho: Hmm~ Emi san is cool!
Miho: Ehehe, you're cool!
Emi: Eheheh... Hmm?
Suzuho: What's wrong?
Emi: Aren't we... cool right now?
Suzuho: We nailed it!
Emi: Isn't this... the cool story?
Suzuho: Oh!?
Miho: Y, Yeah... This was the cool story. T, The judgement is?

(D..Ding dong~)

Miho: I think we've made it!
Suzuho: I'm so pleased!
Emi: We did it!
Miho: Fufufu, that was great! This was Magic Minute corner.


Miho: Now, since we've passed Magic Minute corner, let's start Guest Talk corner.
Emi: We did it nicely but... what should we talk about? Miho san, what do other idols usually talk about in this corner?
Miho: Well... they usually have... girl talk... or that sort of conversations.
Suzuho: G, Girl talk?
Emi: Have we... done that before?
Suzuho: No way! We haven't done that!
Miho: Well... You can talk about your hobbies or your favorite things... or answer the most common question...
Emi: What is it?
Miho: Well... they talk about their favorite type of man...
Emi: Heh!?
Suzuho: Favorite type of man...?
Miho: S, Staffs said that idols are usually asked that sort of questions...
Emi: Ah... Aha.. Ahahah!
Suzuho: T, Then what... are we...? Emi san?
Emi: Yeah, Suzuhochi.
Miho: Aha... Ahaha... I think their faces turned red and are unable to talk anymore, so Guest Talk corner ends here..


Miho: Alright, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical time has passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say good bye.
Emi: No No No! We haven't started our chatter yet! To Osaka aunties, this is just an warm up!
Suzuho: Khh~ I'll show you what I got when I'm on visible radio!
Miho: I'd like to see your true colors...
Suzuho: You'll see it someday!
Emi: Pick your eyes open and wait!
Suzuho: Emi san, they shouldn't pick their eyes!
Emi: Oops!
Miho: Then today's story ends here. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Emi: Magihour! I'm Namba Emi and...
Suzuho: Magihour! I'm Ueda Suzuho and!
Miho: I'm your host, Kohinata Miho. Please look forward to the next week's guests. I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~ 

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