Saturday, July 25, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 15

Miku: Hmm... I'm going to put about 10 cats on the stage and...
Rika: Done! I made it~!
Miku: Rika, do you have a good idea?
Rika: Well, how about giving them stickers when they buy our CD? If I make the stickers with the beetle I drew, I'm sure everyone will be happy! Look! This beetle!
Miku: Yeah! That's a very cute beetle nya! Ah, but most of Miku and others have male fans so the stickers might not suffice...
Rika: Really...? Ah! Then how about going for an
insect collecting with them? A ticket that can join the insect collecting!
Miku: A ticket for an insect collecting? That sounds fresh... I'll take that idea nya!
Rika: Waa~ What's Miku's proposal?
Miku: Miku is still thinking about that. But, I wish there are many cats on a stage and seats, so everyone can pat those cats during the concert...
Rika: Patting cats you say...
Miku: Yeah! Pat Pat!
Rika: Pat Pat...
Miku: Pat Pat...
Miku, Rika: Haa...
Riina: Ugh... Hey!
Miku: Ah, does Riina want to pat them too?
Riina: Pat them?
Rika: Yeah, patting cats!
Miku, Rika: Haa~
Riina: I don't know what you're talking about, but stop slacking off and clean the room right. You always look for a chance to goof around.
Miku: Miku is working hard right now nya!
Rika: Me too!
Riina: If you were doing it right, you wouldn't have that goofy faces. Who would think you two are thinking about proposals when they see you?
Miku: I said Miku was serious about it!
Rika: I'm serious about it too!
Riina: I told you, being serious means...
Minami: Hey girls!
Riina, Miku, Rika: M, Minami san.
Minami: We haven't finished the cleaning yet, Miku!
Miku: Y, Yeah!
Minami: Shouldn't Miku be an example of Rika in these hard times?
Miku: Y, You're right...
Minami: Rika.
Rika: Y, Yeah!
Minami: It's cleaning time. Let's clean the room together. Miria went to get some blankets, so go help her bring them here.
Rika: Okay... look... Minami... I'm sorry...
Minami: It's fine. Now, cheer up and help her.
Rika: Yeah! I'll be back soon~

(Rika exits)

Minami: Now, let's go back to the cleaning. Could you open the box over there, Miku? And Riina can help Miku.
Riina: A, Alright...
Minami: It seems we need more dust cloths. I wonder if Aiko's department has some dust cloths left?
Miku: L, Look, Minami!
Minami: Yes?
Miku: I'm so sorry... But Miku wanted to help the project... so...!
Minami: No, I wasn't that...
Riina: Look, Minami san!
Minami: Why?
Riina: Well... the proposal thing, I actually agree with you.
Miku: Riina...
Riina: You see, I... like rock. And all I do is listening to music alone, so I don't know what everyone thinks about me... But, Cinderella project is also precious to me and...
Minami: Riina, go ahead.
Riina: Well... I can't describe it very well, but Kirari and Kanako brew tea, Chieri reads her script hard, Rika and Miria show us funny pictures... Cinderella project is a place where I can
 feel secure... It's always fun! That's why I don't want to end it here! Honestly, I'm not sure if our proposals will actually help him, but it's kind of rock to do something as much as possible!
Miku: Riina... Hey, Minami! I know cleaning is important, Miku thinks making a proposal is also important nya! So, why don't we come up with proposal together?
Minami: Hmm? That's what I had in mind at the first place.
Miku: Eh?
Minami: Ah, you thought I oppose to making a proposal because I told you to clean out the room?
Miku: Was I wrong...?
Minami: Fufufu, no way~ I'm really annoyed with this situation too. I'm all for making a proposal. But unless we clean up and arrange the room, we won't be able to have a meeting calmly. So let's clean it up for now.
Riina, Miku: Okay!
Minami: Oh, I've got to open the box and check the cup... You know, I went to the project room as always, and they came out of nowhere and threw my precious cup in a box, saying pack my belongings! That cup is a limited edition that Aiko and I lined up to buy one...
Riina, Miku: M, Minami san?
Minami: And they even tried to throw away my new black tea! Aren't they really thoughtless? Ah, and when I went to borrow some brooms, they said those were out of stock and we should prepare them by ourselves so...!
Miku: W, W, Wait, Minami!?
Minami: Ah...! S, Sorry... I lost my temper...
Riina: Which means we're all still motivated.
Minami: Of course!
Miku: Alright, what are we waiting for?! Let's have a meeting for our proposal nya! You see, Miku wants as many cats as...
Riina: No, we need to clean the room first. Am I right, Minami san?
Miku: Whose side are you on, Riina!?
Riina: Whose side...? What do you mean?
Miku: Miku wants to come up with her proposal right now!
Riina: Don't you remember? Minami san said we will do it after the cleaning.
Miku: But but Miku's idea is...!
Minami: If we don't start the cleaning, producer san will be back before it's done! Stop fighting and help me!

(Door opens)

Rika: Minami, I brought the blanket!
Minami: Get it, Miku? Cleaning the room first. And then we do the proposal...
Rika: ...Haa, what is this? Everyone is just having fun... Shouldn't we finish it fast?

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