Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 14

Uzuki: Haa~ I don't know... I want to listen to it right now, but don't want to listen to it alone... Yet if no one comes here, I won't be able to listen to it at all. Hmm~

(Door opens)

Uzuki: Ah!
Anzu: I'm tired... I have too much work these days...
Kanako: Anzu, if you have something sweet, you'll feel better. I happen to have some roll cakes in the refrige...
Uzuki: Kanako!
Kanako: Ah, Uzuki!
Uzuki: Well... Would you come over here?
Kanako: ?
Chieri: What is it, Uzuki?
Uzuki: Ehehe, I was waiting for someone to come. Today is the release day of my new album.
Anzu: Ah, come to think of it...
Uzuki: Well... If you're free, why don't we listen to the album together? I want to share it with others...
Kanako: Now that you mention it, when they gave you the sample, you couldn't listen to it, right?
Anzu: Anzu is fine as long as she can rest.

(Anzu sits)

Anzu: Haa... Now I can take some rest...
Chieri: Uzuki, we have some time now. Let's do it.
Kanako: I'll bring the cakes.
Uzuki: Thanks! Then I'm going to set up the CD.
Chieri: Look... Uzuki?
Uzuki: Why?
Chieri: Are those CDs on the table...?
Uzuki: Yeah! I bought those CDs!
Chieri: You did say that you were going to buy them a lot... But I didn't expect to see this many...
Anzu: Let me see... One, two, three... Uzuki, these are like 20 CDs?
Uzuki: Y, Yeah... I almost spent all of my allowance...
Anzu: Are you serious...?
Uzuki: Uh...
Chieri: Uzuki, look at this.
Uzuki: Ah, Chieri bought them too?
Chieri: Yes. I bought 3 of them...
Uzuki: You couldn't just ignore them too, right?
Chieri: Yeah!
Anzu: You two are really something... Anzu only needs the sample.
Kanako: Sorry to make you wait... Ah, what are these CDs?
Uzuki&Chieri: Ehehehe.


Kanako: Hauum... Mmm~ I think I chose good cakes~
Uzuki: Then I'll play the song.
Kanako: O, Okay!

(Chocolat tiara)

Kanako: Uhp!!
Chieri: Kanako's song is cute.
Kanako: I, I'm embarrassed... Can you play other songs? Play Chieri's song first...
Chieri: Eh!? T, That's...
Kanako: Doesn't Uzuki want to listen to Chieri's song firs... Uzuki?
Uzuki: It happened... We really have solo songs now. I think I'm... dreaming...
Chieri: ...Yeah.
Kanako: Let's calm down and listen to it.
Uzuki: ...Yes!


Producer: !? What is this melody? ...Hmm.

(Door opens)

Producer: Ogata san's...?

(The smile you gave me~)

Anzu: Ah, producer. Is it time?
Producer: Futaba san, what is everyone doing here...
Anzu: I think they fell asleep while listening to the song.
Producer: I see... I made too many schedules after the summer festival...
Anzu: Haa... Producer, look at their sleeping faces.
Producer: N, No. That's...!
Anzu: I didn't mean that you should devour them with your eyes. Look, they are all smiling.
Producer: ...
Anzu: Well, it's true that we have too much work and are tired, I don't think any of us hate it. So, don't worry about us.
Producer: Does it... include Futaba san?
Anzu: Ugh! T, That's another story. You need to reduce Anzu's schedule...
Producer: I see. Anyway, I'm sorry to interrupt their sleep, but it's time for the interview. Could you help me wake them up, Futaba san?
Anzu: Fu... I have no choice. Instead, give me a day off tomorrow!
Producer: I can't allow that.
Anzu: Producer, you're strict these days... What's the problem?
Producer: Uhm! Futaba san, could you wake them up?
Anzu: Why don't you do it yourself?
Producer: No, that's not...

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