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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #13

Mio: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time~ Hi everyone. I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time. This show invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Your host this week is the lover in your ears, Honda Mio. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with everyone. Let's have some fun!


Mio: So Magic Hour has begun. It's been a while! All things are good?
Mio: Sure~ quite well!
Mio: Mmm, you look fine. Then this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour mail! The mails are...
Rin: Mio, wait.
Mio: Hmm? What's wrong, the voice of the sky san?
Rin: The voice of the sky...? Well, whatever you say, but why are you the host? This show is for three of us.
Mio: Why..? Because~
Uzuki: Because?
Mio: The director san asked me to be the host~
Rin: When did that happen?
Mio: Well... Do you want to be the host, Shimamu?
Uzuki: Eh, me!? No, I like Mio running the show.
Mio: Now, Shimamu says Ok, Shiburin. Ha!? Does Shiburin... want to run the show?
Rin: Fufu. Alright, alright. Go on, Mio.
Mio: Thanks! Now, since everything is settled, let's start the guest introduction corner!


Mio: So, Honda Mio from NEW GENERATIONS is your host today. And...
Uzuki: Maighour. I'm Shimamura Uzuki from NEW GENERATIONS.
Rin: Magihour. I'm Shiburin from NEW GENERATIONS.
All: Glad to meet you!
Mio: We made it at the first try!
Uzuki: Our teamwork is perfect. We knew when to begin without any sign.
Rin: Ture. But we could start this introduction corner first.
Mio: That's because Shiburin interrupted me at Magime corner~
Rin: Eh...
Uzuki: It almost looked like you were waiting for a tackle.
Rin: Well, when it comes to running a show, Mio is the perfect person for the host among us.
Mio: What..? Oh you... All I can give you is a candy. Here!
Rin: T, Thank you...
Uzuki: Fufufu~
Mio: Then this time, it's real Magime corner!


Mio: It seems we've got a mail. I'll read it. This is from radio name "Second opinion". "Hosts of the show, Magihour~"
All: Magihour!
Mio: It says "How do you spend your holiday when there is no class or schedule? Today is my day off, so I'm slacking off at home." Well, holiday...? What do you do Shimamu?
Uzuki: Me? Hmm... I review my schoolwork, or practice difficult dance moves that I had trouble with...
Mio: Shimamu is diligent~
Rin: You work hard.
Uzuki: Really? Ehehe. Ah, and I also go shopping with my mom...
Rin: Uzuki and her mom are close.
Uzuki: Yes! My mom is just like me. Ehehe~ What does Rin do on weekends?
Rin: Me? Hmm... I think I've told this several times, I walk my dog. These days I do stretching too. Before I became an idol, I usually tended the shop or delivered flowers with my dad.
Mio: What!? Shiburin shows up with flowers? That's the best thing the customers can have!
Rin: I don't know what you mean...
Uzuki: Fufu, when they open the door and see Rin holding flowers, they'll be surprised.
Mio: Right? Right?
Rin: Is that so? What about you, Mio?
Mio: You see, I go shopping which is my hobby or go to see various events. Because I want to learn from them and improve my performance.
Uzuki: Yeah!
Mio: Except for that... I play games with my brothers?
Uzuki: Come to think of it, Mio had brothers.
Mio: Yes. I'm their big and little sister. Which means I have two flavors!
Uzuki: As I have no siblings, I envy you.
Mio: In that case... Uhm. Big sister Uzuki~ play with me!
Uzuki: Eh!? B, Big sister is going to play with you.
Mio: Oh~! Now, Shiburin?
Rin: Me!? ...B, Big sister... well... Ah, I want to go to a zoo!
Uzuki: Okay, sure! Let's go! I'll take you to a zoo or anywhere!
Rin: T, Thank you...
Mio: Oh, that was good! This was how we spend our holidays. I hope you have satisfying weekends! That's the end of Magime corner. I wait for your stories.


Mio: Now, this is Magic Minute corner. This is a corner where guests have a conversation to cast magic. Draw a topic from this box! Here, Shiburin! You do it!
Rin: Alright. I'll try it.
Mio: ChagaChagaChaga... Tada! The topic is?
Rin: Here. What is your special memory after becoming an idol?
Mio: I think these topics are all same?
Uzuki: What should we talk about?
Rin: What we've experienced after the debut?
Uzuki: Since the debut...? There were so many great things and I remember them all.
Mio: What's your favorite memory, Shimamu?
Uzuki: To me... It's when I met Rin and Mio. The day I met Rin, cherry blossoms were blooming. And my heart was full to think of my bright future.
Rin: Yes it was. I saw smiling Uzuki and thought "If her goal is to be an idol, I wonder idols are happy like her?"
Mio: Mmm Mmm.
Uzuki: When I met Mio, we explored the buildings and It felt like the door to the other world was being opened.
Rin: Mio showed up out of nowhere, but she hung out with us just like she was there all the time. It gave me a weird feeling.
Mio: Ehehe...
Uzuki: Since then I've met Cinderella project members and many other people. Everyday felt like a dream.
Rin: Yeah. One of my best memories is... the concert.
Mio: Mika's back up dancers!
Rin: Yes. I lost myself then... But I think it was fun.
Uzuki: The sight we saw on the stage was twinkling.
Rin: And our debut event too.
Mio: Yeah.
Rin: Before the debut, everything seemed unclear. But through the debut event, we became more mature. 
Mio: True. As a leader, I spent my energy on ridiculous things. Yet I also thought I wanted to grow up with many people's support. 
Uzuki: But Mio was our leader no matter what. 
Rin: Yes. I'm glad Mio is our leader. Leader needs to be passionate.
Mio: Ehehe... And... I was happy to see other Cinderella project members debut one by one.
Uzuki: Everyone changed from a girl to an idol.
Rin: LOVE LAIKA who debuted with us and Rosenburg Engel, Ranko worked really hard and that inspired us to move forward.
Uzuki: And who would have guessed that CANDY ISLAND would be so great in variety shows.
Mio: Variety show needs air heads and tackles! My advice worked! DECORATION seemed unbalanced but worked in perfect harmony.
Rin: Even though their event could have gone wrong...
Uzuki: Ah, you mean the event I saw on the pictures? Rin was wearing PIKAPIKAPOP outfit. You looked cute!
Rin: Thank god I didn't have to show myself to the fans...
Mio: ASTERISK was an unexpected unit as well.
Uzuki: They look like they fight all the time, but they're really close.
Rin: Now that I think of it, there were dramas as many as units and idols.
Mio: And the summer festival with all of them!
Uzuki: It felt like everyone was united by friendship. 
Rin: You're right. Each idol shone with their own style. Cinderella project and Kaede san and Kawashima san too... Everyone did.
Uzuki: Yes. We made such a great event because we all gathered our strength... It was amazing.
Mio: But this isn't over yet. Our story will continue on and on!
Rin: Of course, I want to challenge various kinds of things.
Uzuki: I also want to experience many things and become a great idol. But no matter what happens, NEW GENERATIONS will be... together forever! Ehehe. Right?
Rin&Mio: Yes!
Mio: Today's Magic Minute exceeded one minute time limit. The judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Mio: It's a huge success!
Rin: Everything we've experienced are what we hold dear.
Uzuki: Everything is a precious twinkling memory!
Mio: Yeah! So, we made it! This was Magic Minute corner.


Mio: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye.
Uzuki: What? The guest corner is...
Rin: Fufu, I guess we talked too much.
Uzuki: No~ That's not right~
Mio: Ahaha... We will have a chance to appear on a radio show again someday.
Uzuki: Yeah. I want to talk more when the day comes.
Mio: I'm going to make Shiburin talk something funny~
Rin: Yeah, sure sure.
Mio: And I'm afraid this is the end of today's story. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was fun thanks to... 
Rin: Magihour. I'm Shibuya Rin and...
Uzuki: Magihour. I'm Shimamura Uzuki and...
Mio: I'm Honda Mio! This week's Magic Hour was run by NEW GENERATIONS. Please look forward to next week's host and guests. And I hope you've fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye!

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