Saturday, July 4, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #12

Takumi: This is Magic Hour's tea time. Welcome, all of you! This show invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a pleasant conversation with them. Your host tonight is me, Mukai Takumi! Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time but let's make a pleasant time together. Nice to meet you!


Takumi: I think this is the mail corner but they said I should introduce myself first. My name is Mukai Takumi. I'm 18 years old. I used to drive a motorcycle around Yokohama or Yokoska province, and somehow I became an idol. Well, as you can see, I lived a disorderly life. But now I've changed. So far. ...Hey, what should I talk about now? My being a legend by kicking someone's ass? ...That's not appropriate in a radio show? What? My favorite things? I like checking my bike or driving around. It feels damn good when you feel the wind! And... I like the sea. Also I... like meat. ...was that enough? Well... This was my introduction!


Takumi: Then let's meet our guest for the tea time. Come here!
Rina: Yaho~ Takumin! Magihour chan~ I'm Rina Rina Fuji Rina.
Takumi: Fujimoto Rina is here! ...anyway, I said don't call me Takumin. I'm sick of it!
Rina: Eh~ What's wrong? It's cute~ By the way Takumin, you look good as a host!
Takumi: Oh! I do things thoroughly when it's started. Cause my goal is a legend, not just a participant.
Rina: Eh? Takumin should be a regular host and invite Rina Poyo as a guest every time!
Takumi: They'll get tired of it soon. Anyway, I'm going to run the show with my friend, Rina. Nice to meet you.
Rina: Nice to meecha~
Takumi: Then let's start the next corner.
Sanae: Hello?
Takumi: Since it's a tea time, you need to choose a beverage. What do you want to drink, Rina?
Rina: Rina Rina wants the same thing that Takumin drinks.
Sanae: HELLO~?
Takumi: Then I'll have coke.
Rina: Alright~
Sanae: Hey! Listen when I'm talking to you!
Takumi: What the... I didn't even call you. What a timing, Sanae. Since when were you here?
Sanae: Hey punk, when you call someone who's older than you, put in "san"
Rina: San O Sanae?
Sanae: No No No, that sounds like someone's name on a horse racing section in a sports newspaper! You should call me "Sanae san".
Takumi: So, Sanae... Hhh... Sanae... san. Why are you in my show?
Sanae: Every good kid who's listening to MagiHour, Hi~ Your sexy big sister Sanae san is here as a guest!
Rina: It's more like a gag than sexy.
Takumi: Haa... Then Rina, let's drink a toast with coke. Here, cheers!
Sanae: Wait, stop ignoring me, Takumi.
Takumi: I feel uncomfortable with such atmosphere. So, what are you?
Sanae: I'm your chaperone. Chaperone!
Rina: Heh~ Sanae, were you a mom?
Sanae: That's not what I meant! The former police officer Sanae san is going to watch you so you can behave appropriately.
Takumi: Haa... Now we have a chaperone?
Sanae: Of course. Who knows what will happen when you two take charge. I can't let any accidents happen.
Takumi: The person who actually makes a trouble enjoys hard rock and danc...
Rina: I think we spent too much time?
Takumi: Hey, Rina! When I say something sensible...!
Sanae: Okay, since we don't have much time, let's start the next corner.
Takumi: Hey! I'm the host here! What the hell is going on!?


Takumi: Alright, this is Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests pick a topic and talk about it to cast magic. And they said I should answer it too... Okay Rina, draw paper from this box.
Rina: Here I go~
Takumi: Turururu... rung! The topic is?
Rina: "I'm the best in~".
Takumi: Oh~ What a perfect topic for me. I've been waiting for this.
Sanae: Hmm...
Takumi: Staring fiercely won't help you. Then Rina first. "I'm the best in~", start!
Rina: Rina... wants to be the best Gyaru idol ever!
Takumi: Oh!
Rina: There are tons of Gyaru idols, you know? Like Jougasaki Mika or Yui. But everyone is so cute, I can't compete with them on the appearance.
Sanae: Oh my? You bow down to them even before the fight.
Rina: But Rina Rina realized something! I can always beat them in arm wrestling!
Takumi: Rina's arms are pretty strong.
Rina: I'm gonna try it next time~ ...The end!
Takumi: Alright, you may call that "the best". And the next is...
Sanae: My turn.
Takumi: Ah, but Sana... Sanae san is just a chaperone.
Sanae: What's the big deal? I'm also a guest. Let me talk something.
Takumi: Alright, alright. Go ahead.
Sanae: Well then... Sanae san isn't just cute and sexy, she has more than that!
Rina: Ah, the body fat ratio?
Sanae: Yeah, yeah! The beer I drink every night affects my thirty year old body and... No, wait!
Takumi: Haa...
Sanae: No matter what I look like to you, I was a police officer. And police officers should learn martial art which is...
Rina: Ah~ swaying to the music? (Dancing and Martial arts sounds the same)
Sanae: Yeah, yeah! I sway to the music and do the dance steps... It's not a dance! It's a martial art! Like hand to hand fight.
Takumi: Ho?
Sanae: Kendo, judo, karate... I can do all of them. I have black belts.
Takumi: Heh~ I've never heard of it.
Rina: Is she strong then?
Sanae: Even though I'm small, I'm really strong.
Takumi: Ho? You make me wanna spar with you.
Sanae: I don't fight for fun. But if you do something bad, you'll see.
Takumi: Okay, okay, I've got it.
Rina: What's Takumin's strongest field?
Takumi: It's my turn at last. Well, when it comes to fighting in the idol field, absolutely...
Sanae: Uhm!
Takumi: ...what I meant is... well... You know, there is a variety show where idols do sumo in swim suits? When I'm in the show, I'll definitely win the game. I bet I'm the best. I'm serious!
Rina: Really? Are you okay with that?
Sanae: Did you hear that? Takumi is waiting for such work everyone~
Takumi: Who's waiting!? I'm not interested in a swimsuit! This is the end of "I'm the best in~". What's the judgement?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Takumi: Well, of course we made it.
Rina: Rina will aim for the best Gyaru too!
Takumi: Yeah! This was Magic Minute corner.


Takumi: Since we passed Magic Minute, we can have a guest talk time. It's a chit-chat time with me and the guests.
Rina: Aren't Takumin and Sanae close to each other?
Takumi: You must be joking.
Sanae: Now that hurts...
Takumi: Of course, she is 10 years older than me.
Sanae: Age is not an issue!
Takumi: Then what's the issue? I'm sorry to say this, but I'm not at an age where I can join your drinking party.
Rina: We drink coke~
Takumi: Fu... You know what? Sanae san is drinking something that looks exactly like beer since listeners can't see her.
Sanae: Oh gosh~ You noticed that? I wish you kept it a secret~
Takumi: Anyone can see it a mile off... Your face turned red too.
Rina: A drunkard? You're under arrest!
Sanae: I'm not drunk! I'm still, still safe! One more glass!
Takumi: What kind of chaperone is this?
Sanae: This is this, and that is that!
Takumi: Our representative of adult causes all the trouble.


Takumi: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye.
Rina: Really? Why don't we call the staff so we can extend the time!
Takumi: We're not in a karaoke.
Sanae: I want them to refill my beer and bring boiled beans with french fries!
Takumi: I said we're not in a karaoke! We're closed, so go back! Go back!
Sanae: I can't help it~ See you, Taku chan.
Takumi: What..? She looks fine now...
Rina: Rina Rina was so happy too!
Takumi: Really? What a relief. So, today's story ends here. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's host was me, Mukai Takumi and...
Rina: MagiHour chan~ I was the guest Fujimoto Rina and...
Sanae: MagiHour~ I'm Kitagiri Sanae.
Takumi: I'll hand over the baton to the next host and guests. Don't miss the next week. Then I hope you wounded boys have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~

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