Friday, June 19, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #10
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Yumi: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello! Thank you for listening to the midnight tea time. This show invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. Your host tonight is Aiba Yumi. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time but let's have a happy time together. Nice to meet you.


Yumi: I should read a mail in this corner, but this time, I'm going to introduce myself first. My name is Aiba Yumi. I'm 18 years old. Hmm... I don't know what to talk in a place like this... Hmm~ My blood type is O, and my birthday is April 15th. I usually do what I want... I guess? And I like flowers. Come to think of it, the birth flower of April 15th is magnolia. Have you seen trees with white or light pink flowers in parks around April and May? Those are magnolia trees. And magnolia means "Love for nature". I like nature and flowers, so that's the perfect flower for me. Fufufu. Be with a nature loving girl tonight. Please~ This was self introduction corner.


Yumi: Then let's meet our guest for the tea time. Please introduce yourself!
Aiko: Hello. Magihour. I'm Takamori Aiko. Nice to meet you.
Yumi: Today, I'm going to run this show with Takamori Aiko who is similar to me... maybe?
Aiko: Fufu, I wish your kind support. Yumi san, you look little nervous.
Yumi: Yeah, a little... Ehehe.
Aiko: Fufu, I kind of knew that, so I brought a gift for Yumi san.
Yumi: It's... Waa, it smells good. Is this rose-scented air freshener?
Aiko: Correct! You're great, Yumi san.
Yumi: Thank you. It relaxes me. And this time, I'm going to give Aiko... tea that has a jasmine flower in it for the tea time.
Aiko: Waa! There is a flower in the tea! This is so nice!
Yumi: I'm glad you like it.
Aiko: Shall we drink then?
Yumi: Yes. One, Two, Cheers!
Aiko: Cheers!
Yumi: Haa... Surrounded by delicious scent, I feel relaxed... Though the time hasn't passed much since the opening. Let's keep this relaxed and soft mood and move on to the next corner!


Yumi: Now, this is Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests draw a topic and talk about it to cast magic. But this time, I've got to answer too. Okay Aiko, draw paper from this box.
Aiko: Alright, I'll draw it.
Yumi: Chaka chaka chaka... Tada! The topic is?
Aiko: Hmm... It says "the thing you want to challenge".
Yumi: Then let's talk about "the thing you want to challenge", Aiko first!
Aiko: Alright... I... I run a radio show, and of course I sing too. Occasionally I work as a fashion model...
Yumi: Yes, yes.
Aiko: But as an idol, I want to talk with my fans face to face.
Yumi: I see!
Aiko: And... Hmm... I want to run the cafe that I like for one day so I can invite my fans. And then I will drink tea and have a chat with them.
Yumi: That's wonderful. It's typical of Aiko!
Aiko: Ehehehe. How about Yumi san? What do you want to do?
Yumi: Well... I got a lot of things to challenge. I want to do flower arrangement and~ although I garden at home, I want a bigger place for gardening. Finding beautiful flowers and taking pictures of them would be nice too...
Aiko: Fufu, Yumi san keeps talking about flowers.
Yumi: Ah... I'm... Ahaha, yeah. I forgot to mention what I want to challenge as an idol. Hmm~ I had a chance to appear on a radio show today, and released my new CD... Happiness is all around, and I want to bloom more beautifully. So, I would be happy if everyone roots for Aiba Yumi so she can challenge to various kinds of things.
Aiko: I hope so.
Yumi: This was the end of "the thing you want to challenge" story. And the judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

All: Waa~
Yumi: We did it, Aiko!
Aiko: Yes, Yumi san's story was really good.
Yumi: This was Magic Minute corner.


Yumi: Okay, since we passed Magic Minute, we can have a guest talk time. It's a relaxing chit-chat time for me and the guest, Aiko~
Aiko: It's so good to chat with Yumi san.
Yumi: I've wanted to work with Aiko all along too.
Aiko: Really? Thanks.
Yumi: Yeah! And I'm also happy to talk with you.
Aiko: By the way... you chose a flower that suited my event outfit for me a while ago?
Yumi: Yes I remember that. Was it when you appeared on the festival stage? I'm glad you liked the flower.
Aiko: I was also happy you chose the flower for me. I'm not posh, so I hoped I looked prettier, and that wish was realized by the flower that Yumi san chose for me...
Yumi: If you loved it, I'll do it for you again.
Aiko: Really? I'm so happy! Then I'll... teach you how to use camera. Let's take a walk and take pictures of the meadow or cats.
Yumi: Fufu, thanks! Then I'll look forward to it.


Yumi: So, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye.
Aiko: The time is up already? The time really has passed fast while chatting. It happens to me often.
Yumi: Me too. I also forgot to check the schedule in excitement. So we're even.
Aiko: But you ran it skillfully. You don't look like a person who haven't run a show.
Yumi: Maybe that's because I listened to Aiko's Yuru Huwa time to prepare the show?
Aiko: Ah, you did? Oh my, I feel embarrassed...
Yumi: Fufu. Then today's story ends here. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight‘s host was me, Aiba Yumi and...
Aiko: Magihour. I enjoyed it a lot. I was the guest Takamori Aiko.
Yumi: I'll hand over the baton to the next host and guests. Don't miss next week's show. Then I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~

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