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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #9
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Syuko: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello! Thank you for listening to the midnight tea time. This show invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. Your host today is, maybe not many people know me, Shiomi Syuko. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time but let's have a happy time together. Nice to meet you.


Syuko: And... now it's the mail corner but Syuko is going to introduce herself briefly. Anyway, does everyone know who Syuko is? You do? Then it's done...

(Boo Boo-)

Syuko: Ah, you don't know her? ...more like, do it properly, right? I see, I see. Then I'll put some effort into it. I'm Shiomi Syuko. I was born and grew in Kyoto. But maybe I'm far from being elegant. My parents ran a flower cake shop and I'm peacefully grown blood type B Sagittarius. I'm kind of footloose. To give it a hard name, I don't take things seriously. I like flower cake which is also my least favorite food. Maybe I'm too familiar with it or just sick of it. Ah~ it's a long story, so that's that. And also... Hmm~ Ah! Thank you for your support, always. Your love helped me become a host of Magihour. They say life is unpredictable, but I'm really appreciate everyone's support. Hurray support! What? I talked like a granny? Ahahaha! well, this is it. This was self introduction corner.


Syuko: Then let's meet our guest for the tea time. Please introduce yourself!
Sae: Hello. Magihour. I'm Kobayakawa Sae. Nice to meet you.
Syuko: Alright, we invited Kobayakawa Sae and are going to run the show with her.
Sae: Syuko han, you're running it freely as ever.
Syuko: Eh, really?
Sae: Footloose is a perfect word for you.
Syuko: Yaa~ don't make me blush, Sae san. I'm not that great.
Sae: Ara Ara. Ufufu.
Syuko: Ufufu. Anyway, Sae. Is tea okay for a beverage?
Sae: Ara? Syuko han, you know I'm strict about tea.
Syuko: Yeah. But this is tea from my home, so it will be fine. ...I guess?
Sae: Then I'll try it.
Syuko: Okay, cheers~
Sae: Cheers!
Syuko: Fuuha~ Now I got a minute's breathing. ...Although it has just begun. Well, let's keep this carefree mood and move to the next corner.


Syuko: Alright, this is Magic Minute corner. It's a corner where guests draw a topic and talk about it to cast magic. But this time, I've got to answer too. Sae, draw paper from this box.
Sae: Well... Ting dung dang~
Syuko: Chaka chaka... Tada! The topic is?
Sae: It says "A recent happy event".
Syuko: Ah~ that's corny. It's a common topic. Then "A recent happy event", start!
Sae: It seems I go first.
Syuko: Yeah~ Talk as much as you want.
Sae: If you say so... As always, I'm happy that I can work as an idol.
Syuko: Ho, Ho...
Sae: It's a common word, but you can't be an idol alone. You need at least one person who roots for you to be an idol.
Syuko: Sure.
Sae: I'm glad there are people who support me and glad I've been invited to radio shows like this.
Syuko: Yaa~ You're diligent. Mmm. That's Sae's strong point.
Sae: Do you think so? Then how about Syuko han? "A recent happy event"?
Syuko: I'm just like Sae. Thanks to the support from fans, I could wear pretty clothes, release my CD and appear on a radio show. I think I owe to fans who have rooted for me.
Sae: Oh my, you're honest today, Syuko han.
Syuko: No no, I'm always honest! I'm as straightforward as Sae's black hair.
Sae: Gee, you're being evasive.
Syuko: So that was "A recent happy event". The judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Syuko: Yeah, alright~
Sae: What a relief. That's great.
Syuko: Fufu, thank you. This was Magic Minute corner.


Syuko: Okay, since we passed Magic Minute, we can have a guest talk time. ...although it's a chit chat between me and a guest.
Sae: We haven't talked like this for a long time.
Syuko: Yeah. Ah, how is everything going? Anything unusual?
Sae: Of course I'm doing well. But you can ask that question outside the studio.
Syuko: Ahaha, I guess so. Ah, by the way, I recently had one more happy event.
Sae: What is it?
Syuko: Being a duo with Sae in the radio show... I think?
Sae: Ara Ara~ That's so nice~
Syuko: Listeners might think we're bragging to much~
Sae: Fufu, we're really close as you see. Everyone, please root for "The beauties in the celestial robes".
Syuko: Are you promoting us?
Sae: Oh wait, we're idols from Kyoto.
Syuko: You mention that now!? ...well, I'm sure everyone knows that.
Sae: And Syuko han is really cute, right? I sincerely ask you to support her.
Syuko: Wait, wait. It feels like I'm with my auntie right now. I start feeling embarrassed...
Sae: I just tried to show ourselves more and draw fans, since a chance like this doesn't come often.
Syuko: Well... I hope I can do various kinds of things.


Syuko: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye.
Sae: It did pass in the blink of an eye. Syuko han, how was your first day as a radio host?
Syuko: Hmm~ I don't know.
Sae: Ara...
Syuko: I can't just say what I want or leave everything to Sae... This is my first time running a radio show after all. Well, I have many difficulties.
Sae: Though you say that, you were pretty proficient.
Syuko: Eh, was I?
Sae: Yes. I can't run the show like Syuko han because I'm slow.
Syuko: Ehehe... Thanks. Maybe the reason I could run the show proficiently is because Sae cared about me a lot.
Sae: Which means... we care each other.
Syuko: Is this what they call "Kyoto-ish"?
Sae: Yes it is. Ufufu.
Syuko: Ahaha. Then this is the end of today's story. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight‘s host was me, Shiomi Syuko and...
Sae: I was tonight's guest, Kobayakawa Sae.
Syuko: I'll hand over the baton to the next host and guests. Don't miss next week's show. Then I hope you have fallen under our spell...

All: Bye bye~

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