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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #8

Miku: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time nya! Everyone, hello. Thank you for listening to the midnight tea time nya! This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. Just like last week, Maekawa Miku is your host today nya. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time but let's have a happy time with everyone nya.


Miku: Now it's Magime corner, short for Magic Hour mail! I'll read a story right away. This is from radio name "bean jam filling" nya. "Miku, Magihour nya~." Yes, Magihour nya! It says "Miku said she likes cats, what kind of cat breed do you like best? I personally like Scottish fold." Hmm... my favorite cat breed... This is difficult... It's hard to pick one! The safe choice would be Ame short... Ah, I meant the American shorthair. Calico cats are cute too... Oh, I saw the Russian blue a while ago and I loved it. I'm interested in the Somali cat these days and the Scottish fold is also nice... Ah! I can't choose! Alright! I conclude that all cats are equally cute! This was Magime corner. I wait for your stories!


Miku: Then I'll call guests for the tea time. Please introduce yourselves!
Anzu: Hello. Magihour~ I'm Futaba Anzu. Nice to meet you.
Nana: Ah, Magihour! I'm Usamin, Abe Nana. I'm appearing as a guest today!
Miku: Okay, we invited Anzu and Nana as guests today.
Anzu: Good to see you. Miku, break a leg.
Miku: Eh!? Are you dumping your work on me?
Nana: Well, I have a question!
Miku: What is it, Nana?
Nana: Well, I'm glad you invited me, but is it okay for Nana to be here?
Miku: Why?
Nana: You know, it feels like Nana broke in on Miku and Anzu's Cinderella project radio... And I didn't expect to be invited as a guest.
Miku: Ah~ it's different this time nya.
Nana: T, Then what is it?
Miku: This is this and that is that nya.
Nana: I don't get it!
Anzu: Stop talking about tiny things. Just say something funny to please fans and be loved.
Miku: Anzu! You shouldn't say such a naked word nya! The concept of today's Magihour is "A radio show that is full of cuteness" which is run by three popular cute idols.
Nana: I, I see! Cuteness... Cuteness...
Anzu: So that's what it was... It wasn't a gathering of weirdos.
Miku: Don't call us weirdos! They requested this radio show concept.
Nana: A request!? Which means, they think Nana as a symbol of cuteness!?
Miku: Well, I... guess so?
Nana: That comforts Nana... I'll do my best with 100% morale! No, 170% morale!
Anzu: You're really motivated... Then I'll leave it to you!
Miku: Anzu should do it right!
Anzu: Ha... Alright, alright. Then I'll do my best with 17% morale.
Miku: I can't see you doing your best nya... Ah, I exceeded time again!? My time plan is ruined again nya~
Nana: Is, Is this because of Nana!?
Anzu: No, this is not guest's fault.
Miku: Hnn! That's true... Let's just move on to the next corner fast nya!


Miku: Yes, this is Magic Minute nya. It's a corner where guests draw a topic and talk about it to cast magic. Here, draw paper from this box.
Anzu: That was fast...
Miku: Now!
Nana: Ah, yes! Nana is doing it!
Miku: Chakachakachaka... Nya! Now, the assignment is?
Nana: It's..."An ideal meeting"?
Miku: This topic again? Then tell us about an ideal meeting. Anzu, Nana, start nya!
Anzu: Go get 'em, Nana~
Nana: Eh!?
Anzu: Everybody is waiting.
Nana: N, Nana's ideal meeting is... a prince charming... just kidding! There is no way I would expect such a fairy tale story, you know~ Running with a slice of bread in my mouth and slamming into him! ...sounds little old? Aha, ahahah! Hmm, I don't know...
Miku: She is thinking too hard nya...
Anzu: The ideal and reality never coincide. There is a gap that troubles her.
Nana: Ah!
Anzu: Oh, something crossed her mind?
Nana: I want to meet a guy who visits the planet Usamin in a rocket. Kyaha!
Anzu: Ah~ she used her character role to escape.
Miku: Well, that's fine nya.
Nana: B, But Nana is an idol...
Miku: How about Anzu?
Anzu: You know, Anzu wants... Fufufu...
Nana: Anzu wants...
Miku: (Gulp)
Anzu: An oil baron in a tuxedo smiling at me with gold bars.
Miku: You're a gold digger!?
Anzu: I don't dig, just gold bars.
Miku: That's witty!
Nana: You're great.
Anzu: Ehem! Now, it's Miku's turn.
Miku: Magic Minute is a corner for guests nya. Miku is the host today, so she doesn't need to answer it.
Anzu: I heard you used the same trick to escape last week...
Miku: Hnk!
Anzu: Don't fans want to listen to Miku's story? Are you going to betray fans?
Miku: Hnn... Why do you say like Riina nya! You don't have to be like her nya! Alright! Miku will answer too.
Anzu: And Miku's ideal meeting, start.
Miku: Hmm...
Nana: I wonder what meeting does a real high schooler expect~
Miku: Well...
Anzu: Now, make it fast.
Miku: Hmm... M, Miku is a fickle cat, but she knows nothing about destiny nya! An ideal is like a delusion. I'll obtain what I want by myself!
Anzu: Ho~ so that's your move.
Nana: I didn't expect that answer.
Miku: How was it nya~ Then the judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Miku: OK!
Anzu: I knew we were good at this~
Nana: It's like, we all have three different colors, right?
Miku: Yes! We made a huge success again! This was Magic Minute corner.


Miku: Alright, since you passed Magic Minute, it's the guest talk time nya!
Anzu: Well, when Anzu uses her true power, it's a piece of cake.
Miku: It's more like your character than power nya!
Anzu: You know, Anzu from CANDY ISLAND is a talented idol who is capable of talking about serious stories or her character. So please root for her.
Nana: Nice... You parried it skillfully.
Miku: No, I don't really think so...
Anzu: Alright, alright. But don't you think speaking straight and making things fun are better than just agonizing over an answer and being boring? And I didn't tell a lie.
Miku: That's a weird place to show professionalism...
Anzu: Although it makes me tired.
Nana: Flopped~
Anzu: Hehehe... but Nana, don't you think that's an old reaction?
Nana: It, It can't be!
Miku: This corner is only hurting us. Let's end this nya!
Nana: Shock~
Miku: This was the guest talk corner~


Miku: So, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye nya.
Anzu: My fans out there, did you feel Anzu's cuteness? Root for me now and then! I'm Futaba Anzu.
Miku: Still promoting nya...
Nana: She's cute!
Anzu: Didn't you say we were chosen because of cuteness? Anzu did it right!
Nana: T, Then it's Nana's turn! Min Min Usaming~ Lovely bunny~ New and young, I'm Abe Nana who makes you smile.
Anzu: Ah...
Miku: You blew it...
Nana: What!?
Miku: Ah... Hmm! Then this is it. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's show was run by two guests and your host, Maekawa Miku. I'm going to knock your socks off next week too! Then I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~

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