Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Cute Jewelries! 2

Kanako: Alright everyone, thank you for your effort on...
All: The album recording! Cheers!
Chieri: Album recording... I was nervous.
Kanako: Chieri too?
Chieri: Was Kanako nervous?
Kanako: Of course... At nights, I was worried that if I could sing right... so I kept making cookies.
Chieri: Kept... Ah, so that's why there were so many cookies, macaroons and cupcakes in the studio everyday!
Sae: Those cookies were so soft.
Kanako: Ehehe, I'm glad everyone ate it happily. How about you, Mayu?
Mayu: Mayu followed the advice of producer and it worked very well.
Kanako: Good for you~ What advice was that?
Mayu: Fufu... That's a secret between producer san and Mayu~
Kanako: Okay... How about you, Sae?
Sae: I was really glad I had a chance to sing with everyone. I want to do it again~
Chieri: A, Although I was nervous, it was fun as well! I could hear everyone's song and... was touched so much...
Sae: Chieri han was cute too.
Chieri: Ah... T, Thank you... Sae's voice was really beautiful, I thought it was great.
Sachiko: ...
Kanako: Sachiko, what's wrong?
Sachiko: Yes? W, What...?
Chieri: You look so antsy... when nature calls, don't mind us.
Sachiko: T, That's absurd! What are you talking about! And besides, I would never go to the bathroom! I'm an idol!
Sae: Idols don't go to the bathroom? That's complicated...
Kanako: Sae, that's not true.
Sachiko: It...It doesn't matter. I was just wondering where the producer san is! How dare he skips my important recording after party. He is so rude!
Chieri: Speaking of which, producer san told us to start the after party and left. I wonder what happened to him.
Mayu: Producer san will be late because he has a business with the staffs from the studio.
Kanako: Really?
Sae: Mayu han knows everything about producer han.
Mayu: Not that much. I can't say I know "everything"... "everything"... Not... yet.
Sachiko: Then he should have told us. He shows no consideration.
Mayu: Producer san is really busy to produce us.
Sachiko: I, I see... I'm glad he is my... I mean, OUR producer! (Haum) ...anyway, this dish is really tasty! Where did they buy it from?
Kanako: Ah, Mayu made it. She made it look pretty and it's also delicious... She is really great.
Sachiko: N, Not bad. Although you're not as good as me!
Mayu: I'm not that great... I just pushed myself harder for the after party. I made a lot of them, so help yourself.
Sachiko: Ah, what about producer san's dish?
Mayu: I already set aside producer san's dish here. Cause it's a rare chance for me to treat producer san. Fufufu.
Sae: So that's why I found them luxurious... Now I get it~
Sachiko: ...I think that's bigger than ours?
Kanko: I have been on a diet for album photo shoots... Thank you for the treat!
Mayu: Kanako, were you on a diet? Don't push yourself too much.
Kanako: Ah... Ahaha... But everyone has given me snacks which made my diet ineffective... Anyway, Mayu was a model, right? Do you know any good diet tips?
Mayu: I was just an independent model. Well... Proper meals and proper exercise? I'm also doing lower-body bathing and stretch. And... there is a saying, "when a woman notices that someone is watching her, she gets beautiful." Fufu.
Kanako: Mmm, I see.
Sae: That was a good lesson.
Sachiko: You know, if you're on my level, your cuteness will be overflowing by itself.
Chieri: L, Look...!
Kanako: W, What is it, Chieri?
Chieri: S, Sorry... But, you see... I know I asked Uzuki and others this question, but we're idols, aren't we?
Kanako: What? Y, Yeah... r, right?
Sae: Hmm~ That's a profound question.
Kanako: I'm an idol! ...but it's kind of embarrassing to say that...
Mayu: As long as producer san produces me, I'm always an idol.
Sachiko: I don't know the meaning of that question. Look at me! I'm an idol no matter what! Look at this cute face, cute voice, cute foot steps and cute scent. I'm the idol!
All: Oh...
Sachiko: Ah, don't take it too seriously... Mayu is good at cooking, knitting and is pretty enough to be a model... She is really feminine and idol-ish.
Mayu: Because Mayu's goal is to become an idol who is loved by produ... Uhm. by fans forever.
Kanako: Mayu is the type of idol that is loved by everyone.
Chieri: And I can feel Kyoto from Sae... She is like a traditional, calm and gorgeous
Sae: Am I really Kyoto-ish?
Sachiko: If Sae is not Kyoto-ish, then who!?
Chieri: And Kanako is well known as "The Sweets Idol Kanako".
Kanako: I really like making cookies. Also I like eating them all together.
Chieri: And Sachiko is... well... like Sachiko!
Sachiko: Because I'm me! ...Wait, mine is shorter than other's...?
Kanako: So, well... what is your point, Chieri?
Mayu: Individuality as an idol?
Chieri: Ah... Yes... I thought it would be nice if I have my own idol-like individuality...
Kanako: Chieri is cute, so I think you don't have to worry.
Sae: Yes. Even producer san said something.
Chieri: Eh, w, what was it?
Mayu: Producer san did!?
Sae: Mayu han... you're too close... Eh... He said he liked Chieri han's chop. Maybe he enjoys such things.
Sachiko: W, What a pervert...
Chieri: T, That's somehow...
Mayu: Hmm~ Chop you say...? Chop... it was chop. Chop! Chop!

(Mayu swings her arm)

Kanako: Mayu, it's dangerous to swing your arm like that!
Mayu: Ufu~
Chieri: But idols from our company are all unique...
Kanko: That's true.
Sachiko: Chieri san is... famous for clovers!
Sae: Yeah. When I see her outfits that are decorated with clovers, they make me happy.
Chieiri: Ah, well... I really appreciate the stylist san's effort every time...
Sachiko: Then why don't you make your own specialty by using clovers?
Kanako: Hmm~ How about eating them? Ah, are clovers edible?
Chieri: N, No they are not! I'm not a rabbit!
Mayu: Mayu also haven't cooked clovers yet.
Sae: Trefle... right? Hmm... I haven't seen any Kyoto food with clover.
Chieri: I'll never eat them!
Sachiko: Okay... I have an idea!
Chieri: Eh?
Sachiko: So Chieri san needs one more character to play!
Kanako: A character...?
Sachiko: Yes, a character! Which makes an idol an idol! For example, me being cute!
Mayu: It seems Sachiko's character is "consistency".
Kanako: I think you don't have to make one...
Sachiko: What are you talking about, Kanako san! Don't you know how many people envy a blessed person like you or Airi san?
Kanako: Eh..!? A blessed person?
Sachiko: Kh... well... I mean your bb..breast! the breast!
Kanako: B, Breast...? What!?
Sae: Yeah... those round shapes look delicious...
Mayu: True. Men usually... love... them.
Chieri: ...
Kanko: T, These are not my character! And my waist is large, my bottom is big... well... hnn... I suddenly feel sad...
Sae: Mines are... small. But they allow me to wear kimono easily, so it's okay.
Kanako: Kimono won't suit me anyway...
Sachiko: Hmm. I think special training is our only option. Alright?
Chieri: S, Special training?
Sachiko: "Lesson! Get your character, imitating situation!"


Chieri: I, Imitating..?
Sae: Didn't you hear "Bababam" sound?
Sachiko: Where did the sound effect come from?
Mayu: Fufu~
Kanako: Mayu, is that the sound effect button from the show?
Mayu: I happened to borrow it from the staff...
Sae: For what...?
Mayu: It helps in many ways. It worked just now, right?
Sae: In many... ways?
Sachiko: H, Hmm! In other words, Chieri san needs to find her own character.
Chieri: O, Okay...
Sachiko: So first, as practice, imitate everyone from our company.
Chieri: Eh~!? Why..?
Sachiko: The reason isn't important. A while ago, Mio san asserted that "when you want to create a character, you should start from your appearance."
Chieri: R, Really?
Kanako: Mio is good at things like vocal mimicry.
Sae: Yes. They say creation comes from imitation. When I first learned traditional dance, I also began by imitating my teacher's movement.
Chieri: Then who do I imitate first?
Sachiko: Well... You'd rather start from the nearest person. I think one of us would be fine. But of course I'm too cute for you to imitate... Hmm...
Kanako: M, Me?
Sachiko: You can mimic Kanako san by... eating lots of cake?
Kanako: I don't eat that much!
Sachiko: Hmm, is that so? Well, Chieri san and Kanako san have similar personalities, maybe that's not a good idea.
Chieri: Then...
Mayu: Will you imitate Mayu? I wonder what mimicking Mayu... looks like. I want to see it. Fufu.
Sachiko: Mayu san... Mayu san is not a person with a noticeable characteristic... Hiik! W, Why are you looking at me like that!? And what's that ribbon for!? P, Pass! I pass Mayu san!
Mayu: Oh my, that's sad.
Sachiko: Haa...
Sae: Is it... my turn?
Sachiko: Ah, that will be nice. Shall we try Kyoto dialect?
Chieri: Eh!? H, How do I say that?
Sae: Don't take it too hard. Kyoto dialect is simple. Anyway, where is Chieri han from?
Chieri: M, Mie province...
Sae: That's the same Kwanso region, so it will be okay.
Chieir: I think they are totally different...
Kanako: Chieri, break a leg!
Sachiko: Then let's start from the greeting. Teacher Kobayakawa, go ahead.
Sae: Okay, okay. I think I play as a teacher often. Then... It's "Teacher Sae's Kyoto dialect class" Clap Clap Clap.
All: Waa~ Clap Clap Clap.
Sae: First, Morning Greeting. "Good morning." Go!
Chieiri: "Good morning?"
Sae: "Thank you for your effort."
Chieiri: "Thank you for your effort."
Sae: "How is your business going?"
Kanako: Was that Kyoto dialect?
Mayu: It sounded like Osaka dialect.
Sae: "Producer han."
Chieri: "P, Producer han."
Sae: "Producer han, you're a prankster."
Chieri: "P, Producer han... y, you're a prankster."
Mayu: That's... good...
Kanako: Eh?
Mayu: Producer han, you're a prankster...
Kanako: Hmm!?
Sae: Kon chiki ching~
Chieri: Kon chiki ching~
Sae: "Okay, well done."
Chieri: "Okay, well done."
Kanko: I wonder what that means.
Mayu: It probably means “great job.”
Sae: Chieri han, it's finished.
Chieri: Ah, sorry..! H, How was it, everyone?
Sachiko: Well... I don't know. I'm not good at Kyoto dialect anyway.
Chieri: What..?
Sae: I'm sorry to hear that.
Kanako: Ahaha... Put yourself together and let's try it again!
Sachiko: Then the second challenge! This time.. hmm... How about mimicking Kanzaki Ranko san?
Chieri: Ranko!?
Kanako: Ah, Ranko's greeting was popular in our office, right?
Mayu: Really?
Kanako: Yes. It goes like... Yaminoma! ...I guess?
Sachiko: Hnhng~ It's "Be drown in darkness!" Although I don't know the meaning.
Chieri: Eh... B, Be drown in...?
Sachiko: Be drown in darkness!
Chieri: Be drown... in darkness!
Kanako: She is like a tiny animal, so cute~
Sachiko: It seems like a mismatch...
Chieri: It's difficult...
Mayu: Producer san too, be drown... in darkness... with Mayu... Fufufu.
Kanako: Mayu...? Hello?
Sachiko: Then the third try. This time... let's try Kirari san.
Chieri: Kirari!?
Mayu: Kirari is... one of a kind.
Sae: She's Happy Happy~
Kanako: It's Happy Happy~
Sachiko: Now, introduce yourself like Kirari san.
Chieri: Eh.. N... Nyowa! It's Chieri! Chieri... well... loves cute things so much~
Kanako: Chieri, you're so cute~ Ah, fire the beam! The beam!
Chieri: Ah, eh... C, Chieri beam~
Sachiko: Ugya~ ...Haa? W, What was that!? N, Not bad...
Chieri: Ehehe...
Mayu: Producer san, Nyowa~ Do you want to be happy happy in Mamayu's home? Together we... Ufufu.
Sae: Mayu han learns hard.
Sachiko: What do you think, Chieri san? Did you get the hang of it?
Chieri: I can't tell whether I got the hang of it or confused... I rather found out how great everyone is.
Sachiko: Did you finally realize how great I am? You're slow.
Kanako: I don't... think that's what she meant... Hahah...
Sachiko: Anyway, now I'm puzzled. The next try is... catchphrase, I guess?
Sae: Catchphrase?
Sachiko: "Lesson! Magical catchphrase, express yourself prettily!"

(Mayu presses the button)

Kanako: Perfect timing!
Mayu: Ufufu~
Sachiko: You've got to greet your fans with a catchphrase or a certain way of speaking. For example, Nana san's "I'm from the planet Usamin" thing.
Chieri: T, That sounds difficult...
Sachiko: Kanako san, you try something.
Kanako: Something?
Sachiko: Alright then. I'll show you. Watch and learn! Hello fans~! The best in Japan! The best in the world! The best in the universe! Who is the cutest idol!?
All: ....
Sachiko: H, Hello..?
Kanako: Ah, Sa..Sachiko!
Sachiko: That's right! I'm the cutest Satchiko, Koshimizu Sachiko! this.
All: Oh~
Sachiko: It's more effective when you strike a pose. But I won't. Because it makes me too cute.
Kanako: This is... embarrassing...
Sachiko: T, There is no need to be embarrassed! You are making me feel like I did something embarrassing!
Mayu: Fufu.
Kanako: Well... I remember practicing it with producer san... A, Alright. Here goes nothing! "Melty Sweet, I'm Mimura Kanako! Please taste sweet Kanako~"
All: Oh~
Kanako: I'm embarrassed! Haa, Haa... it's hot... I might lose weight...
Chieri: That was cute! It was a classic idol thing.
Sae: You looked like a true idol!
Sachiko: And now it's Mayu san's turn.
Mayu: Okay. "Tying your heart with a red ribbon. I'm Sakuma Mayu. Everyone, please love Mayu. If you don't... I would not forgive you. Ufufu~
All: Oh, oh~
Chieri: T, That was amazing...
Kanako: She didn't even blink...
Sachiko: It, It's your turn, Sae san.
Sae: I don't usually use such catchphrases but... well... "Everyone, welcome. Please look favorably on Kobayakawa Sae~" ...How was it?
All: Oh~
Chieri: That was great... You were right. Sae doesn't need to add something, she just needs to show who she is.
Sae: I'm flattered.
Sachiko: And lastly, it's Chieri san's turn.
Chieri: W, What should I do?... I can't think of anything...
Kanako: Chieri, go girl!
Sae: I wish I could advise her something...
Sachiko: Advice...? Just be cute like me!
Kanako: Ah, ahaha... Cuteness is important...
Mayu: Think of what Chieri wants to do for fans. That will work.
Chieri: For fans...
Kanako: If I were you, I would want my fans to feel sweet, just like after eating delicious cake.
Sae: It's typical of Kanako han.
Kanako: Ehehe.
Chieri: I... want everyone to feel happy... Yes!
Sachiko: Something came across your mind, Chieri san?
Chieri: Yes! I'll do it. "I want to be your four leaf clover. I'm Ogata Chieri. Chiering~"
All: Oh~
Chieri: H, How was it?
Sachiko: It was average.
Chieri: Eh!?
Sachiko: It was common, but a perfect catchphrase for Chieri san. I liked it. Although it wasn't as cute as mine, it was pretty cute.
Kanako: Yeah! My heart was pounding somehow, Chieri.
Sae: It made my heart all warm.
Mayu: It was cute and I liked it.
Chieri: Everyone... thank you!
Sae: But...
Chieri: S, Something is wrong?
Sae: Why didn't you do Chierin chop?
Chieri: F, Forget that!
Kanako: Since we've finished our recording, had delicious meal, solved Chieri's problem... Why don't we have a sweet~ sweets time?
Mayu: Oh my, you're well prepared.
Kanako: Ehehe.
Sae: Waa~ Kanako han, you really tried hard!
Chieri: Waa, it looks wonderful!
Sachiko: Ho~
Kanako: Actually I made some cookies too. This is Baumkuchen which I brûléed with sugar on its surface. Tada~
Chieri: Waa, this is big! Maybe it's bigger than my face.
Sae: Baumkuchen... you're as usual. Wasn't it hard to make it?
Mayu: Kanako is pretty good at it. This is as impressive as Mayu's lunch box... Fufu.
Sachiko: H, Hng~ Let's just taste it, shall we?
Kanako: Here, Sachiko's share.


Sachiko: ...Eh?


Mayu: Eh?


Chieri: Eh?


Sae: Eh..?


All: Eh!!?

Sachiko: Look... Kanako san...
Kanako: Why?
Sachiko: You're not going to slice them?
Kanako: I'm sure they taste good. You'll have no problem eating them in one bite.
Sachiko: That's not what I meant! You didn't even slice them!!
Kanako: Don't be shy. Now we became closer, let's be happier with sweet~ sweets~ Okay, one, two~
All: T, Thanks for your sweets...


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    1. I'm glad you liked it. But could you tell me where the most weird sentences or wrong grammar are? At least 3 of them? I know I made mistakes, but I can't tell you see...

    2. I didn't notice anything wrong with it actually. It was a really good English translation. Next time, when I read your posts again I will try to proof read it. Thanks again dude!