Monday, May 18, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Mezase! Cinderella No.1! Abe Nana

This is Abe Nana. I've just received a signal from the planet Usamin!


Message: Beep beep beep beep... Emergency, Emergency! From now on, this radio belongs to the planet Usamin. We're going to broadcast Usamin radio wave to fulfill "Usamin-fying one hundred million human beings" plan~

Fu, Fu, Fu. So, from today, this radio has become "Usamin Radio" by Usamin, for Usamin~ Everyone, prepare yourselves because I'm going to make you Usausa Ming Ming! U~samin!

(This is great! Wa~ it's fun...)


Ah, phone is ringing? I forgot turning it off. ...Ah, mom? Sorry, I'm working now. ...What? I got election leaflets? Okay, I'll go, I will. It's next week? Then I'll call you la... Ah, you don't need to send peanuts anymore!

(Nana hangs up the phone)

Ha!? T, This is also a signal from the planet Usamin. Changing government is a big issue in the planet Usamin too. Abenomics!

(Boo Boo-)

Could you remove that part...? Uhm! Then let's start the radio~


Usamin power effects a märchen change~ I'll make your heart, Ming Ming Usaming! I'm the host of Usamin radio, Abe Nana. Everyone in the world, nice to meet you! Are you receiving Usamin radio wave? I'm Abe Nana, 17 years old for eternity, from the planet Usamin. U~samin! Ah, this "U~samin" is a catchphrase of Nana. It would be nice if you do it together. Then here we go again! One, Two, U~samin! ..Hmm Hmm, well done. Now you became friends of Usamin. Kyaha! Ah! Join us, staff san. One, Two, U~samin! ...Uh? Is it awkward?


What~? That's weird... Ah, is it because you're tired? I see. Then Usamin is going to cast a spell of energy boost on you. Here it goes~ Usamin beam~! Kyung Kyung Kyung! How was it? Do you feel better? Kyaha! ...Yes? Am I not tired? That can't be right! Now I released my CD and appears on a radio... My long-cherished dream of becoming an singing and dancing idol is coming true little by little. I feel so~ happy everyday. AND Usamin's two ears have hopes and dreams and love of her fans.


You see it? Then staff san is also a friend of Usamin. Kyaha! Alright, today I'm going to broadcast Usamin's lovely radio wave like this, so please receive it till the end.


"I'm going to reveal it only to listeners! Nana's SECRET. Don't tell my coworkers~ Usamin's history!" In this corner, I'm going to talk about Usamin's history to show Usamin's charm to you. Then Usamin's history, start~


Nana was born in an ordinary family in the planet Usamin and grew fast with love of Usamin papa and mama. Then on her 16th birthday, she came to the Earth riding a carrot carriage to become a voice acting idol. After that, she has been working in a maid cafe and trying hard to achieve her dream. Go-Go-Usamin! Until your dream comes true!

(Boo Boo-)

Eh? Stop acting and talk normally? I wasn't acting! This is Usamin's history! Eh, the reason my goal is a voice acting idol is that an animation where a girl changes herself into an idol with magic power. I watched it when I was young. I used to pester my fath.. Usamin papa to buy that magic staff~ Sometimes mama turned the knob while I was watching the show so I used to argue with her... I miss those days~

(Boo Boo-)

Eh? You don't know what "turning a knob" means? Seriously? You know, there are analog TVs that sound "Tadada" when you turn their channel knobs... Ah, one of them was in my grandma's house! Well anyway, my childhood's dream has finally come true and here I am. From now, I want to challenge to voice acting and appear on TV. Ah! A variety show would be fun too. But going in a boiling hot bath or changing clothes on a stage is not the thing I hope for.

(Boo Boo-)

Haa!? That was just an example! Uhm! So, Usamin will try her best to create a new history in the idol field! You listeners are my witnesses. Kyaha! This was Usamin history.


"Lesson! Increase your acting power! Usamin situation". In this corner, Usamin, whose goal is to be a voice acting idol, solves a task by acting which is sent from the planet Usamin, to increase her acting power!


Ah, I've got a mission from the planet Usamin already! Beep beep beep-

Message: Emergency, Emergency! The prince of the planet Usamin fell asleep after eating a poisoned carrot. This is a huge problem! A chaste maiden's kiss is needed to wake him up~
They are calling chaste maiden Usamin! I've got to go now! Usamin warp~! Kyuping!


Narration: Usamin flied. Toward her mother planet, beyond 1000 usamin light year, sparkling her pure soul beautifully!

Chak! Ah, your highness, how sad...! Nana is going to save you now. Although this is Nana's first kiss, she will do it for the peace of the planet Usamin! Chu~wa!


It worked! The prince is awake! But, your majesty... I'm sorry. We're not destined to be together... Because Nana is... Nana is... everyone's idol! Nana should go back to the Earth where everyone waits for her! I'm sorry! Usamin warp~! Kyuping~

Narration: Usamin flied. Toward the Earth, which is one hour-distance away, fluttering her lovely ears beautifully!

Chak! Everyone, I'm back~ Nana will be always~ with all of you! So Nana saved the planet Usamin from the crisis. After becoming a voice acting idol, she lived happily ever after with her fans~


...How was it? Were you excited to see Usamin's dynamic kiss scene? Kyaha~

(Boo Boo Boo Boo-)

Eh~? No? Ah, then I'll cast a spell that makes you fall in love with Usamin...

(Boo Boo Boo Boo-)

You want me to stop things like that? W, What~!? Well... did I pass the lesson...?

(Boo Boo Boo Boo-)

I thought so~ W, Well... I guess it was a little difficult for earthlings to understand Usamin's loveliness. Next time, I'll increase the radio wave output to make everyone loves it, so prepare yourself! Ufu~ This was Usamin situation.


The ending! Everyone, how was Usamin radio? Did it make your heart pounding? I'm sorry to say this but the carrot carriage came to fetch me, so it's time to say good bye. Then the last petit corner. "Usamin power effects a märchen change on an ordinary word! Usamin word" and farewell.


"Boiled egg". Alright, Ming Ming Usamin in your heart, I'm Abe Nana. Bye bye~


Haa~ I feel tired. Ah, thank you for your support. I was glad you let me use my program today. I had a lot of fun. I have something to take care of, so I'd better go now. Yes? What happened to the carrot carriage? Hah? W, Well... Ah, I'm going to transfer at Tokyo station! Kyaha!