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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #4

Mika: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello. Thank you for listening to the midnight tea time! This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. Tonight's host is me, Jougasaki Mika. Then Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you.


Mika: Now it's Magime corner, short for Magic Hour mail! We've got mails already! Then here it goes~ This story is from radio name “MJ". MJ san, Magihour~ It reads... "Mika san, if you have a million yen all of a sudden, how will you spend it? Tell us about it like a charismatic idol." What kind of mail is this... Hmm~ A million yen...? But I'm still a minor, that much money would only make me nervous. Even if I decide to spend them, clothes aren't so expensive, gifts for Rika won't cost a million yen... You see, it only makes me confused, so I don't think I need it! I also want to earn money by myself. That makes spending money more fun, right? ...Ah, do I have to say how to spend it? Then I'll donate it. "Donating a million yen!" sounds charismatic, right? This was Magime corner. I wait for your stories!


Mika: Then let's meet our guest for the tea time! We have these three. Please come in!
Kanako: Magihour. I'm Mimura Kanako from CANDY ISLAND.
Anzu: Magihour~ I'm Futaba Anzu~
Chieri: Magihour. I'm Ogata Chieri. Today we CANDY ISLAND are...
CI: Glad to meet you!
Mika: So, I'm going to run this radio with three members of sweet and cute CANDY ISLAND from Cinderella project.
Chieri: I'm nervous but I'll do my best.
Kanako: Yes! I'll do my best too.
Anzu: Then Anzu will do it half-hearted!
Kanako&Chieri: ...Ah! What the heck!
Anzu: Ah...! No~
Mika: Ahaha! Looks good! Then this is Beverage corner of the tea time!
Chieri: Well, I brought black tea...
Kanako: And I baked cookies for the tea.
Mika: Oh~ That's great! Then let's drink a toast with them.
Chieri: Thank you.
Mika: Okay, cheers!
CI: Cheers!
Anzu: Then Anzu is going to taste the tea and the cookies, you go ahead without me~
Kanako&Chieri: What the heck!
Mika: Ahaha, CANDY ISLAND is really funny. Then let's start the next corner!


Mika: Yes, this is Magic Minute corner. You are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of a topic within one minute. I guess everyone knows it by now, pick up a topic from this box.
Anzu: Chieri, break a leg!
Chieri: Eh, me...?
Anzu: You said you would do your best.
Kanako: Chieri, you can do it.
Chieri: Ah, yes...
Mika: Now, let's go! Chakachakachaka.. Tada! What's the assignmnet?
Chieri: It's "daily lives of the three"
Mika: Okay! Then tell us about your daily lives!
Chieri: Can I talk about the holiday where we went out together?
Kanako: Yeah, it's fine.
Anzu: Yes!
Chieri: First, we decided to meet in the morning at Anzu's home. Cause we couldn't wake Anzu up.
Kanako: You went to bed late?
Anzu: No, I worked all night!
Kanako&Chieri: What the heck~
Anzu: Ah... But honestly, I was sorry...
Chieri: After that, we dressed up fast and went to a pancake shop that Kanako recommended.
Anzu: That was great. It was topped with lots of cream and three thick pancakes were piled up... That was not for a person who just woke up.
Kanako: Eh? The shop is so popular that you can't even get inside without a reservation... But it's delicious, so it's okay.
Chieri&Anzu: What the heck!
Kanko: Ugg... It was truly tasty...
Chieri: And then we got full and went to a park.
Anzu: There is nothing better than slacking off after a meal.
Kanako: The weather was good too, it was a perfect day to be relaxed.
Chieri: And I looked for a four-leaf clover, but I couldn't find it... I'm pretty useless except for finding a clover and...
Kanako&Anzu: What the heck!
Chieri: Eh!?
Anzu: Ah, that was not good timing for a tackle?
Kanako: But somehow I felt I should do it...
Chieri: N, No. I'm glad you tackled me. This was a story about our daily lives.
Mika: I see~ It was quite peaceful but I also felt the vibes of CANDY ISLAND, I think fans have enjoyed it. Now, the judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Chieri: I made it!
Mika: Okay, it was a huge success! This was Magic Minute corner.


Mika: Now, since you passed Magic Minute, you three can have a guest talk time.
Kanako: We did it! Thanks to Chieri's effort.
Anzu: Yeah. Do your best like today and gain huge popularity.
Chieri: That wasn't that great. And Anzu is the one who is truly amazing when working, showing her ability.
Anzu: No No, Anzu shouldn't show her ability too much.
Kanko: Why?
Anzu: Anzu is using her life force. When she shows her full power, it reduces her life as an idol. If the candlelight goes out, all I have left will be a life of playing games and slacking off!
Mika: I don't see any difference there.
Chieri: Anzu, that's wrong!
Kanako: Chieri is angry now?
Chieri: Anzu must keep working as an idol with us, now and for ever.
Anzu: Chieri...
Chieri: And if Anzu quit her work selfishly, Kirari and fans will be sad...
Anzu: A, Alright! I got it. Anzu cancels her retirement~ you feel better?
Chieri: ...Yes!
Kanako: That's a relief. Then Anzu, let's do our best.
Anzu: I have no choice~ Everyone needs Anzu.
Kanko: Yes, right. Anzu and Chieri and I make CANDY ISLAND. So, here! I made special CANDY ISLAND candies.
Mika: Oh~ this is amazing! It has CANDY ISLAND logo on it.
Chieri: Can I be happy with this candy..?
Anzu: H..Happy Happy candy... Is it just my imagination?
Chieri: Hmm?
Kanako: Moisten your throats with them and cheer up!
Mika: That's a great idea! ...but, sadly the guest talk time is over now.
Kanako: Eh~ No...


Mika: Now, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye.
Kanako: It was too fast. We also ran Magic Hour special once but couldn't do it naturally like you do.
Chieri: It's good to have a host because you can leave emceeing to her.
Anzu: Back then Anzu ran the radio with passion, burning her life energy... Ah, if you haven't listened to it, go buy CANDY ISLAND's CD and check it.
Mika: She sure is skillful. I was happy to have a chance to talk with you. And this is it. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Kanako: Magihour. I'm Mimura Kanako from CANDY ISLAND and...
Anzu: Magihour. I did my best because they gave me candies. I'm Futaba Anzu and...
Chieri: Magihour. It was fun. I'm Ogata Chieri...
Mika: And your host, Jougasaki Mika. Then, I hope you've fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~

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