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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #7
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Miku: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time nya! Everyone, hello. Thank you for listening to the midnight tea time nya! This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. This time, last week's guest Maekawa Miku changed her position to become your host nya. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time but let's have a happy time with everyone nya.


Miku: Now it's Magime corner, short for Magic Hour mail! I'll read a story right away. This is from radio name "Yaminoya" san nya. It says "Maekawa Miku san, have you ever considered playing a dog character?" ...A dog character!? Dog... I haven't considered it. Cats are the cutest animal in the world nya. Dogs always bark and noisy, they are strangely smart, they are hard to control because some of them are big and some are small... So to Miku, it's hard to accept them not only as a character, but also as a pet. Ah, I don't particularly hate dogs, but Miku wants to keep playing a cat character. Wait, it's not a character!! Ah~ that was close... I almost fell for his trick nya... Miku is a cute idol just like a cat nya! This was Magime corner. I wait for your stories!


Miku: Then let's meet our guest for the tea time. Please introduce yourself!
Riina: Hello, Magihour. I'm Tada Riina. Nice to meet you!
Miku: So today, I'm going to run this radio with Riina from ASTERISK.
Riina: Wait wait, don't you think it's weird?
Miku: Huh? Why?
Riina: We were the guests of last week's show. We even emceed the special episode the other day... And now Miku is the host...? What's going on here?
Miku: Eh... Does Riina hate Miku being the host?
Riina: T, That's not what I meant! It doesn't matter who becomes the host, I just feel weird to see you switching over from a guest to a host... ...What's that look for!?
Miku: A sad kitten's stare.
Riina: What the... No one can see it on the radio. Anyway, how did Miku become the host?
Miku: Fu... That's because of Miku's popularity nya!
Riina: I know you're talking cutely, but that sounds stupid...
Miku: W, What's stupid!? That's what they told me!
Riina: What!?
Miku: A while ago, there was a 346 production's popularity vote among viewers, and there was a cute idol whose popularity had been soaring. She was! Maekawa Miku nya!
Riina: Heh...
Miku: Then the radio director wanted to cast Miku, who was at the height of her popularity, as the host nya.
Riina: That was the reason!?
Miku: Why don't you admit it, Riina? This is the age... the age of cat eared idol nya!
Riina: R, Rock never dies. I will never back down!
Miku: Hnhng~ Do whatever you want nya!
Riina: By the way, aren't we spending too much time on chitchatting?
Miku: Hmm? Ahh! We're late! I lost my pace! This is all Riina's fault nya!
Riina: Alright, alright. I'm sorry.
Miku: Then let's start the next corner nya!


Miku: Yes, this is Magic Minute corner. Our guest is going to pick up an assignment and talk about it for a minute to cast a magic. But this time, it's not a topic, but it's a mail nya. Now, pick up a mail from this box.
Riina: Y, You're running the radio so fast...
Miku: Hurry up!
Riina: O, Okay! Rock mail, come on!
Miku: Chakachakachaka... nya! Now, the assignment is?
Riina: "Tell me your favorite type of man, both of you." ...Ha!?
Miku: I knew this day would come... We're the only unit that wasn't asked this question, and I thought it was over... T, Then let's start Magic Minute with "Favorite type of man" nya!
Riina: Eh... I alone... answer this question?
Miku: Magic Minute is a corner for guests nya. Miku is the host today, so she won't answer it nya!
Riina: No no no, the mail says "both of you".
Miku: Hnk!
Riina: Don't you think your fans want to know Miku's favorite type? Are you going to betray your fans?
Miku: Ah~ Okay nya! Miku will do it too, but Riina goes first.
Riina: Y, Yeah... Hmm... I like a person who rocks!
Miku: What's that even mean nya!?
Riina: B, But...
Miku: Choose an expression... which is not rock.
Riina: Hmm... A person who has self-confidence? or has conviction? I think an upright person is cool... Yeah, my favorite type is a person who never backs down!
Miku: I see~
Riina: Hmm! Wasn't it great!?
Miku: ...You think you're great, huh...?
Riina: Now, it's Miku's favorite type!
Miku: Ah, well...
Riina: Thousands or hundreds of thousands of fans all over the country are waiting for you with pounding hearts~
Miku: Well, that's...
Riina: Now, now. Miku, hurry!
Miku: Be quiet nya! Give me some time to think!
Riina: Sorry...
Miku: Hmm...
Riina: ...
Miku: Hmm...
Riina: ...Well, I think we made a broadcasting accident...
Miku: ...I think Miku has the same opinion as Riina...
Riina: What?
Miku: A person who has self-confidence. Because Miku wants to be Miku. She also likes that kind of person nya! And the judgement is~


Miku: Silence!?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Miku: What was that silence nya!?
Riina: Maybe they were waiting for a right timing.
Miku: Well, we've made a huge success... again nya! This was Magic Minute corner.


Miku: Alright, since we passed Magic Minute, we can have a guest talk time! but...
Riina: Okay, I'm thinking of topics! Since I'm the guest, I can talk whatever I want, right? Well... I'm going to revenge for the last...
Miku: Listen when I talk nya.
Riina: Hmm? What?
Miku: We don't have time because Riina talk too much early in the show nya.
Riina: What!? That's my fault!? I just asked a question representing all the listeners.
Miku: Nya nya nya! Anyway, that ends the guest talk part!
Riina: This is ridiculous!
Miku: Now, the end! the end! The ending~

Miku: So, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye nya.
Riina: Don't you think it was too fast? Is this normal?
Miku: Yes. Even the director says Magihour is hard to adjust the amount of time because people talk randomly.
Riina: Which means, the format can be changed by each guests. That's rock.
Miku: Hmm~ I need to learn your absurd positiveness...
Riina: Fu... My rock mind is on the level of affecting everyone.
Miku: Alright!
Riina: What!?
Miku: Then this is it. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Riina: Magihour. I'm ASTERISK's symbol of rock, Tada Riina and...
Miku: Magihour nya! ASTERISK's cat eared idol, Maekawa Miku was your host. Did everyone have fun nya? Please listened to the show next week! Then, I hope you've fallen under our spell...

All: Bye bye~

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