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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #5
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Mika: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello. Thank you for listening to the midnight tea time! This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. Tonight's host is me, Jougasaki Mika. Then Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you.


Mika: Now it's Magime corner, short for Magic Hour mail! We've got mails already! Then here it goes~ This story is from radio name “Fresh twenties"~ "Fresh twenties" san, Magihour~ It says... "I heard Mika san really loves her sister Rika san, tell me a story about your sisterly bond." Right, Rika is an idol like me. And a story about sisterly bond...? Hmm... Rika wears my clothes without my permission! ...doesn't sound like love? Ah! A while ago, we took a bath together and I gave her a shampoo. Also I dried her hair, combed her... Well, these are like our everyday affairs, so maybe they don't show our sisterly love. What do you think? Although sometimes we fight each other, I think we're good sisters. I wonder my answer is good enough. This was Magime corner. I wait for your stories!


Mika: Then let's meet our guest for the tea time! Today, we have these three. Please come in!
Rika: Magihour~! I'm Jougasaki Rika!
Miria: Magihour. I'm Akagi Miria!
Kirari: Ukya~ Maginyowaa! I'm Moroboshi Kirari! We three are...
: DECORATION! Nice to meet you!
Mika: So, I'm going to run this radio with DECORATION's three members from Cinderella project, who are all different but have perfect teamwork.
Rika: I'm appearing on Magihour with my sister!
Miria: That's great, Rika!
Mika: Rika, I know you're happy, but today you...
Rika: Your sister... but today, I'm the sex symbol of DECORATION, Jougasaki Rika!
Kirari: Uhehe. Let's be happy with DECORATION members!
Mika: Mmm Mmm. Then this is Beverage corner of the tea time!
Miria: Me! Me! Me!
Mika: Yes, Miria! You answered first.
Miria: Fruit juice with rich vitamin power that fills your energy!
Kirari: Yes, Yes! Sounds nice!
Mika: Then shall we drink a toast with it?
Rika: Now, with joy~
Mika: Cheers!
: Cheers!
Kirari: Ehehe, was I too excited?
Mika: It's fine. As I expected, DECORATION is full of energy. Then let's move on to the next corner!


Mika: Yes, this is Magic Minute corner. You are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of a topic within one minute. I guess everyone knows it by now, pick up a topic from this box.
Kirari: Who's going to draw it?
Rika: I wanted to draw it, but Miria's eyes are super twinkling. Miria should do it.
Miria: Really!? Rika, can I draw it?
Rika: Yes.
Miria: Waa~ Then Miria is going to draw it!
Kirari: Fufu, Rika is so kind!
Mika: Now, let's go! Chakachakachaka... Tada! What's the assignment?
Miria: “A story where you felt lucky"... Lucky!
Mika: OK! Tell us about a story where DECORATION felt lucky!
Miria: You see, I checked horoscope this morning and it said Aries was the most fortunate today! So I'm lucky!
Kirai: Waa, that's great~ How about Rika's Leo and Kirari's Virgo?
Miria: Ehehe, I don't know!
Rika: What~ Wait, it ended too quickly!
Kirari: Yeah. Miria, didn't you have a happy moment lately?
Miria: A happy moment? Ah! The box lunch I had a while ago was delicious!
Rika: Ah, me too! It was so tasty!
Kirari: That was a nice box lunch. But there must be a moment you felt lucky~
Miria: Hmm... Ah! The other day, PIKAPIKAPOP showed me new clothes! Those were really cute, so I was so happy!
Rika: They were good. I want to have one~
Kirari: Yeah, Yeah! Those outfits haven't been displayed yet. It was really lucky we could see them earlier! And~
Miria: And~
Rika: And? And... Hmm... I'm happy and lucky everyday, I can't really think of any particular answer.
Miria: Ah, I have one!
Rika: What is it?
Miria: I felt lucky that Rika performed with Mika
Kirari: That must be the happiest and the luckiest thing!
Rika: Ehehe, I feel kind of embarrassed...
Mika: It could be biased in some way... This was Miria and DECORATION's lucky story. Now, the judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Miria: Thank you!
Rika: Success!
Mika: Okay, you made it nicely. Thank you for your kind judgement, staffs. This was Magic Minute corner.


Mika: Now, having passed Magic Minute, they're having a guest talk time~
Miria: Rika, we can talk now!
Kirari: Rika, you were expecting this talk corner so much, right?
Rika: T, That's true but...
Kirari: You've been waiting for running a radio with your sister.
Miria: You can talk whatever you want!
Mika: Rika... Were you looking forward to it that much?
Rika: Ehehe... You were my dream. I wanted to be an idol and worked really hard to catch you up as DECORATION.
Kirari: Your effort was worth it!
Miria: Rika, your dream has come true!
Mika: Well, as a big sister, I've always wanted to show you my best image. Like the festival we had. I'm glad I can work as an idol with Rika. But I'm not always your object of admiration. Sometimes I envy Rika has something that I don't have.
Rika: What? Something I have? What is it?
Kirari: It's like a riddle~
Miria: Hmm... I don't know! What's the answer, Mika?
Mika: Fufu, when I see DECORATION, it makes me think working as a unit is nice. Rika has precious colleagues who appear on stage together.
Rika: ...Yeah!
Mika: I'm also happy to see my sister has grown a lot. I'd better work hard to be a better idol! Let's do our best, everyone!
: Yes!
Mika: Then this was a guest talk time!


Mika: Now, I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye.
Rika: Eh~? This is the end!? Wasn't it fast!? Wasn't it too fast!?
Miria: All we did was chitchat and it's over!
Kirari: It felt shorter than the radio that we three ran.
Mika: It seems DECORATION loses track of the time when having fun. I was happy to have a conversation with you too. Then this is the end. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Miria: Magihour. I'm Akagi Miria from DECORATION and~
Kirari: Maginyowaa~ I'm Moroboshi Kirari and~
Rika: Magihour! That was so great! I'm Jougasaki Rika and...
Mika: Your host, Jougasaki Mika. Then, I hope you've fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~

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