Friday, April 10, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 13

Chihiro: Hnhnhnh~ 
Imanishi: Hmm? Senkawa kun.
Chihiro: Ah, Mr. Imanishi!
Imanishi: What are those huge boxes?
Chihiro: Fufu, these are fan letters that are addressed to Cinderella project.
Imanishi: To the project?
Chihiro: Ah, but these are not presents, just fans letters to the idols.
Imanishi: Ho, they are still coming?
Chihiro: Yes! Even though the summer festival is over, they're getting more letters everyday. The music business department also said the sales of their CD is increasing.
Imanishi: Ya~ That sounds wonderful.
Chihiro: Yes, it does! Ah, by the way... I heard several items are being drew up?
Imanishi: Hmm... You sure are in the know about it. Well, they are still in the planning stage, and soon the CEOs will discuss about them to shape their course.
Chihiro: I'm so excited~ They all look like Cinderella, makes me want to root for them personally.
Imanishi: Senkawa kun too? Hahaha, it's quite reassuring to hear that! Hahaha.
Chihiro: Well...What's the meaning of that laugh?
Imanishi: No, there's no particular... Oh, I'd better go for a meeting right now. Then see you later...

(Imanishi exits)

Chihiro: He could give me a hand...
Uzuki: Chihiro san~
Chihiro: Kya!
Uzuki: Waa!

(Chihiro drops the boxes)

Uzuki: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to surprise y... Ah, the boxes!
Chihiro: No, I'm sorry. You must be surprised?
Uzuki: So sorry... Ah, it flew over there...!
Chihiro: Ah, it's fine. Uzuki, I thought you were in hurry?
Uzuki: No, I've arrived earlier than I thought, it's okay.
Chihiro: Is it something to do with producer san?
Uzuki: Yes! To check the festival video. I haven't seen my stage, so I'm really excited.
Chihiro: Fufu, I'm sure everyone looks cute.
Uzuki: Ehehe, I hope so. ...Eh?
Chihiro: Hmm? What is it?
Uzuki: It's a fan letter for me!
Chihiro: Mmm~ It feels like Uzuki is a real idol now.
Uzuki: Ehehe. I hope so... Hmm? T, This is...?
Chihiro: Hmm?


Producer: Hmm...


Producer: Yes, please come in. ...Mmm?

(Door closed)

Producer: !! Shimamura san?
Uzuki: (Sobbing)....
Producer: L, Look... What's wrong, Shimamura san? Why are you crying?
Uzuki: Producer san...
Producer: Yes...
Uzuki: I've got a fan letter!
Producer: You've already got fan letters after the concert?
Uzuki: This girl... She was my colleague from the training academy.
Producer: That's... great.
Uzuki: Yes! It says she bought my CD and... It's a little embarrassing to say... I looked really cute!
Producer: ...
Uzuki: Sniff... Fan letters always cheer me up. I'm so happy and... When they say they'll keep rooting for me, I feel like I can still work as an idol... And that makes me happy! ...Ah, was that... weird?
Producer: No, it's not weird at all. I think that's Shimamura san's strong point.
Uzuki: Ah...
Producer: What is it?
Uzuki: Producer san complimented me!
Producer: Ah...
Uzuki: Thank you!
Producer: Shimamura san.
Uzuki: Yes!
Producer: You'll be more busy from now on. So, well... I look forward to your effort.
Uzuki: ...Yes! I also look forward to your support!
Producer: ...Then shall we go to the editorial office? It's almost time. Other members are already there.
Uzuki: Ah, really!? Then let's go!
Producer: Ah... Yes!


Imanishi: It seems you found the light you had lost... Then I'll see what I can do!

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