Friday, April 3, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 12

Producer: The lesson begins from this afternoon. You can have free time until 1 pm, but don't go to far.
All: Yes!


Uzuki: Waa~ Mio, Rin! Look! Isn't that cloud wonderful? The big cloud on the tree!
Rin: Y, Yeah... What a big cloud...
Mio: Look, Shimamu... Maybe we should go back to the lodging? Producer might be looking for us.
Uzuki: Eh~ Producer san said we can rest till 1 pm, so it's fine! And Rika is still looking for beetles I guess.
Rin: That's true and... Uzuki, isn't it hot today?
Uzuki: Of course it's hot... but it's hard to calm myself down since we're going to attend a training camp!

(Cicada sounds)

Uzuki: Kya~ R, Rin, help me~!
Rin&Mio: Ahahaha~
Uzuki: Don't you just stand there and help! Rin, Mio~!


Rin: I can hear the sound of the sea here...
Mio: Sound of the sea... Fufu, Rin is a poet today?
Rin: It wasn't poetic or anything you know.
Mio: Don't people usually say "The sound of the waves"?
Rin: The sound of the waves... Yeah, I guess.
Mio: But the sound of the sea is nice too. Don't you think so, Shimamu?
Uzuki: I see...
Rin: Uzuki, are you all right?
Uzuki: Well... I want to take some rest here. I think I ran around too much.
Rin: Does she have sunstroke?
Uzuki: N, No, it's not that bad...
Mio: Sunstroke? Shimamu, I'll bring something cool, hold on a minute!

(Mio leaves)

Rin: Ah, Mio!? Tell producer that... She is hasty all the time...
Uzuki: I'm fine, Rin.
Rin: But...
Uzuki: I'm OK. It's a shady place and the wind is cool.
Rin: ...Alright. I'll be back soon.

(Rin leaves)

Uzuki: ...Thank you, Rin...


Uzuki: It's a lovely day... It's dazzling
Anya: Uzuki, are you... all right?
Uzuki: Hee!? A...Anya!?
Anya: Is everything OK, Uzuki?
Uzuki: Ah.. Yes, I'm fine.
Anya: That's a relief. Mio said Uzuki keeled over.
Uzuki: Ah... It's not that bad, I was just excited a bit... Ehehe.
Anya: I'm glad you're fine.
Uzuki: Yes, thank you!

(Cicada sounds)

Uzuki: Wasn't Anya with Minami san?
Anya: Minami is talking to producer after he called her.
Uzuki: I wonder what they're talking about...
Anya: I have no idea.
Uzuki: S, Sure... Ahaha...

(Cicada sounds)

Anya: Сегодня жарко...
Uzuki: Hmm? Well... What did you just say...?
Anya: Ah... It means it's hot today.
Uzuki: Ah~ I see. Anya is from Hokkaido, right?
Anya: Да, yes.
Uzuki: Then it must be very hot to you today.
Anya: You're right.

(Cicada sounds)

Uzuki: You see... I lied down here a while ago and... Ah, ah... It's not an important story, don't bother!
Anya: No, please tell me.
Uzuki: ...I lied down here and looked upon the sky and thought, what if my CD debut and attending a training camp with project members are just a dream...? When I wake up, I'm lying down on the school playground and going to class... Ah! Ahaha... Sorry to say strange things. Ehehe...
Anya: I also feel like I'm in a dream a bit.
Uzuki: D, Do you? I'd like to listen to it.
Anya: I was in Russia until 10. In cold nights, I liked watching Звезда... the stars. But now жарко... I'm thinking about dancing under the hot summer sky. It all feels like a dream.
Uzuki: Yes, Yes! I didn't know Anya feels the same.
Anya: Fufu, Miku told me that I should tell a truth in a training camp. So, I did?
Uzuki: Fufu, I guess so.

(Uzuki stands up)

Anya: Uzuki, you look fine.
Uzuki: Yeah!
Mio: Shimamu!
Uzuki: Ah, Mio!
Mio: Ha... ha...! Shimamu, sorry for taking so long! Are you ok?
Uzuki: Yes! While I was talking to Anya, I got better.
Mio: Anyway, here is water!
Uzuki: Ehehe, thanks.

(Gulp Gulp)

Mio: Thank you, Anya.
Anya: You're welcome... Hmm? Mio, what's that?
Mio: Ah, this? If you were recovered, it wouldn't be needed but.. Do you want to try it, Shimamu?
Uzuki: Well.. What's... this?
Mio: Water guns! The landlady lent me this. She said these water guns were used by famous idols!
Uzuki: I see!
Anya: Mio, what's water gun?
Mio: A water gun is, you know... used like this!

(Mio fires the water gun)

Uzuki: Ah!? Mio, that's cold~
Mio: Ahaha! Here, you try it, Anya.
Anya: ...Like this?

(Anya fires the water gun)

Anya: It's fun! Be prepared, Uzuki!


Producer: Shibuya san, are we there yet!?
Rin: Almost! ...Hmm?
Uzuki: Eat this, Anya!
Anya: Ничего себе!
Mio: Oh~ Shimamu, I can see through your clothes~
Rin:... You don't need to see that, Producer.
Producer: Yes! A, Anyway it's good to see she looks alright.
Rin: Yeah...
Producer: Are you alright, Shibuya san?
Rin: Eh!? ... Fufu.. Ahaha!
Producer: W, What's wrong?
Rin: Well, I didn't expect to hear that in this situation.
Producer: ....Sorry.
Rin: No, there's nothing to apologize. Yeah, I'm so full of energy, it surprises me. NEW GENERATIONS is a very precious place. I will perform a great live at the festival.
Producer: Please do you best, Shibuya san. With Shimamura san and Honda san, I'll be expecting NEW GENERATIONS's best performance.
Uzuki: Anya, your skin is so white~
Anya: Спасибо.
Rin: ...I said you don't need to see them.
Producer: ...Yes...

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