Monday, April 6, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour CANDY ISLAND special

Producer: This is the director of this radio.
Kanako: I, I'm Mimura Kanako from CANDY ISLAND! Nice to meet you!
Chieri: My name is O, Ogata Chieri. Well... Nice to meet you...
Anzu: I'm Futaba Anzu. Nice to meet you!
Director: Ya~ Nice to meet you, CANDY. I watched your quiz show on TV! You turned the tide nicely!
Kanako: T, That's because... Anzu and Chieri tried hard...
Chieri: No, Kanako inspired us...
Anzu: Although the game ended in a tie.
Director: Ah, right! right! And the bungee special program was so great! You all look cute... but sit comfortably with variety shows!
Kanako: Eh!? N, Not at all!
Director: I hope you host today's radio with that spirit!
Chieri: Eh... Eheh~!?
Anzu: Hmm~ We're totally misunderstood... Is this your policy of management?
Producer: No, it's not...
Chieri: Kanako... What should we do...?
Kanako: Don't worry, Chieri. I haven't hosted a radio, but if we gather strength...
Chieri: Yes... If we all muck in...
Kanako: Let's do our best!
Chieri: Yeah!
Producer: Good luck.
Anzu: Now we met the director, Anzu is going to...
Kanako&Chieri: Anzu!?
Anzu: go home~
Kanako: ... Ah! What the heck!
Anzu: Uh..!
Director: Hahaha! That's nice! I look forward to your skill on the radio!
Producer: I... trust you will provide support.


Kanako: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time. Everyone, hello! I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time.
Chieri&Anzu: Welcome!
Kanako: This radio invites guests from 346 production every week and the host has a conversation with them...but today we're running a special program! Your host is...
Chieri: Magic Hour special program between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time with you.
Anzu: Before we start the next corner, let us introduce ourselves~ Now, Kanako first.
Kanako: Are we... really going to do that?
Chieri: Let's do our best, Kanako!
Kanako: This is CANDY ISLAND's sex symbol, Mimura Kanako. P, Please taste... sweet Kanako!
Chieri: I, I want to be your four-leaf clover. This is CANDY ISLAND's symbol of cuteness, Ogata Chieri. Chieri~
Anzu: My goal is a 8 day holiday a week and unearned income! This is CANDY ISLAND's mascot, Futaba Anzu. Ehem~ We are...
Kanako&Chieri: Ah...
Anzu: Hmm. We've made a big start. Can I go home now?

(Boo- Boo-)

Anzu: I thought so~ Eh... Kanako and Chieri is blushing and overheated, so Anzu is going to host it fast~


Anzu: Then Let's start Magime, short for Magic Hour Mail! Today it's a special edition. It seems we've got a story already... Chieri, are you okay? Can you read the mail?
Chieri: Ah... Ah, yes! This is a mail from radio name "Steal and Eat". "Kanako, Chieri, Anzu, Magihour~" Ma, Magihour~!
Kanako&Anzu: Magihour~
Chieri: "When I first saw CANDY ISLAND on TV, I was like 'Who are these cute trio?' and surprised. I bought your CD immediately and listen to it everyday."
Kanako: Wa, thank you!
Anzu: Yes. One for listening, one for preserving, one for advertising... You may buy several CDs.
Chieri: He says "I'd like to know about you more, so tell me about your hobbies or what you're into these days.".
Anzu: Our hobbies are written on the Cinderella project web page, I think?
Kanako: That's true, but there are people who haven't read it...
Anzu: Well, it's important to make new customers... Then Kanako first.
Kanako: Y, Yes. Eh... My hobby is making cookies.
Anzu: Just making?
Kanako: Of, Of course I like eating them too... But it's more fun and delicious when you share cookies, so I like eating them with everyone. It's your turn, Chieri.
Chieri: M, My hobby is... well... collecting four-leaf clovers
Anzu: Just collecting?
Chieri: Eh? Y, Yes...
Anzu: You don't eat them?
Chieri: I, I'm not a rabbit, why would I eat them?
Kanako: Aha, but Chieri is cute just like a rabbit~
Chieri: Eh!?
Anzu: Mm. Clovers can be eaten. We made it again.
Chieri: Ah, Eh... What the heck!
Anzu: Ugh! Futaba Anzu was tackled directly and this is as far as she can go... I'll leave this radio to you and...
Kanako&Chieri: What the heck!
Anzu: Hg! You two have great chemistry these days and that's nice. Eh~ Anzu's hobby is... well... playing games or watching anime? If I have to pick one it's sleeping.
Kanako: I often see Anzu sleeping on a couch in the office.
Anzu: That's a good place to sleep.
Kanako: Heh~ Maybe I'll lie down on it?
Anzu: That's fine but don't occupy Anzu's place.
Kanako: Hmm?
Chieri: Anzu, you do want to be with everyone?
Kanako: Fufu, Anzu is also a member of Cinderella project.
Anzu: That's enough, read the mail!
Kanako: Yes~ I'll read the next mail. Radio name "Chocolate color melody". "Kanako, Chieri, Anzu, Magihour!" Magihour!
Chieri&Anzu: Magihour~!
Kanako: "CANDY ISLAND members are so cute, I'd love to give you a big hug! I like you! I know this is an obvious question, but what type of man do you like most? I'll try my best to be like that!".
Chieri: M, My favorite...
Kanako: Type... you say...?
Kanako&Chieri: Ah...
Anzu: You two are blushing again. Is this time for Anzu?
Kanako: P, Please do it for all of us!
Anzu: Fu~ Anzu's favorite type is! A guy who can provide a comfortable life and coddles me... In other words, a guy with a high income!
Kanako: She... She is down to earth...
Chieri: I, I like a warmhearted man...
Kanako: Ah, me too!
Anzu: Well, those answers were typical of you. And Anzu will read the last mail. It's from radio name "Maedemaedemaede". "Kanako, Chieri, Anzu, Magihour~" Yes, Magihour.
Kanako&Chieri: Magihour~
Anzu: "You're all angelic CANDY ISLAND, but why did you decide to be idols?"
Kanako: Why did I become an idol?
Chieri: I was asked the same question at the Cinderella project audition.
Kanako: Yeah... Then I'll do it first. I said my hobby is making cookies, that's because they make people happy and smile.
Chieri: Yes, Yes.
Kanako: Being an idol is the same. Idols are cute and shining, so just looking at them makes you happy and smile... I found sweet cookies have similarities to idols and that's how I made up my mind.
Chieri: Kanako...
Kanako: Yes?
Chieri: M, Me too!
Kanako: Chieri too?
Chieri: I thought... I had been out of luck for long... with one thing and another, so I figured collecting four-leaf clovers might make me happy... A, And I also thought being an idol is a chance to change myself...
Kanako: Yes, yes.
Chieri: At first I wanted to be an idol for my own happiness, but now I'd like to make the fans, every member of CANDY ISLAND, every member of Cinderella project and the staffs happy, not just myself...
Kanako: Chieri...
Chieri: Kanako...
Anzu: Zzz~
Kanako&Chieri: Anzu..?
Anzu: Hmm? Ah, you're done?
Kanako: Were you sleeping?
Anzu: I was thinking those were good stories and suddenly I felt sleepy. Ya~ That was nice! I almost cried! Let's make a novel out of CANDY ISLAND! When you do, don't forget to share me some money. Anyway, where were we?
Chieri: The reason you became an idol.
Anzu: That's because of... royalties!
Kanako: ...Eh...
Anzu: You know, Anzu became an idol to have a CD debut which makes royalties that are big enough to live without a work. But look at the reality! Lessons and works everywhere! This is not what I wanted!
Kanako: But we released a CD now...
Anzu: Anzu strongly asserts her freedom and rights! For our justice! May day, this is May day! Uhooo!
Chieri: Ah, well... Shall we move on to the next corner!
Anzu: Anzu will not go to work!


Kanako: Alright, from here it's Magic Minute special. Normally the guests talk of a topic for one minute, and if they make it, they can get a chance to promote their shows or announce information and such. But today is more special.
Chieri: Kanako and Anzu and me are going to introduce CANDY ISLAND's album, Happy×2 Days for 30 seconds.
Anzu: Promotion is basic.
Kanako: Then, ready~ go! ...Ah, well?
Chieri: Eh...
Anzu: Who goes first?
Kanako: Y, You go first.
Chieri: I'll... do it later...!
Anzu: You leave me no choice. Then Anzu will go first~
Kanako: Ah... T, Then me too!
Chieri: Eh? Eh? I'll do it then...!
Kanako&Anzu: Go ahead, go ahead.
Chieri: Ehe!?
Anzu: I think I saw this situation before...
Kanako: You mean the bungee jump special program? Sachiko was the victim of "Who goes first?".
Anzu: Her "Why me~?" was a great reaction.
Chieri: And I'm the victim this time...
Anzu: Then Chieri, the promotion of CANDY ISLAND, 3, 2, 1, Cue!
Chieri: Happy×2 Days is a beautiful song about having a happy moment with a precious person. Your precious... well... Ka, Kanako!
Kanako: If you listen to it while thinking the apple of your eye or your family, you'll feel happiness. We also felt happy happy while singing this song. Am I right, Chieri?
Chieri: Yes...!

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Anzu: Oh~ Thanks to Kanako, we made it just in time! It's a victory of teamwork.
Kanako: What about Anzu?
Anzu: You've done it perfectly so Anzu is fine... is what I want to say, but promotion is important... Can I do it?
Kanako: I think so?
Anzu: Then...
Chieri: Here we go. 3, 2, 1, Cue!
Anzu: Anzu's rap is the best! So don't miss it. Check it out~!

(Boo~ Ding-dong)

Kanako: They just let anything pass...
Chieri: But her part was really fun. Anzu's rap was nice too.
Kanako: Yes! No matter what people say, Anzu makes things tidy and is trustworthy... Most of all, she is fun!
Anzu: Ugh... You're raising Anzu's stock... Stop!
Kanako: Fufufu, are you embarrassed, Anzu?
Anzu: It's nothing like that... If I attract too much attention, I may have more work to do.
Chieri: Ehehe. Anzu, let's do our best for the royalty. This has been Magic Minute special corner.


Kanako: The magical time has passed so fast, it's time to say good bye.
Chieri: Ha... I was nervous... but I enjoyed the last part of the show.
Anzu: Finally it's over~
Kanako: The midnight tea time, Magic Hour special. Your hosts were Mimura Kanako from CANDY ISLAND and...
Chieri: Ogata Chieri and...
Anzu: Futaba Anzu.
Kanako: I hope you've fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~


Producer: Well done, everyone.
Kanako: Thank you.
Chieri: T, Thank you.
Anzu: Producer, Anzu runs out of energy...
Director: Ya~ As expected CANDY ISLAND! That was a great show with smiles and tears. I'll look forward to the next program!
Producer: Yes. I hope you'll be providing supports.
Director: Later!
Kanako&Chieri: We, We'll do our best!
Anzu: Fua~ I worked hard...
Kanako: Producer san, do we have any work left today?
Producer: No, that was our last schedule today. Thank you for your efforts.
Kanako: You see.. there is a nice cake shop near here... Would you like to stop by the shop?
Producer: You mean... right now?
Kanako: Are Chieri and Anzu okay?
Chieri: Yeah!
Anzu: Good. Of course producer stands treat, right?
Producer: That's... I see. Yes, I'll pay with entertainment allowance.
Kanako: Then let's go!
Producer: Ah, Mimura san, hold on...
Kanako: Yes?
Producer: Well... Trainer san said Mimura san should be careful about high calorie foods...
Kanako: Eh? That means... I can't eat cake?
Anzu: Let's just say cake is a reward for her hard work at the studio. It won't hurt her to have a reward, right?
Producer: That's... true. Then, have a bit of cake.
Chieri: What a relief! Kanako.
Kanako: Yeah! Thank you! Well~ then what cake do I choose? Mont Blancs and shortcake and cheese tarts and...
Producer: !!
Kanako: Chocolate cake is also fine. Ah, I'd better taste all of them with everyone. They're delicious, so it'll be okay.
Chieri&Anzu: What the heck!
Kanako: Ah...!

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