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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour NEW GENERATIONS special

Producer: This is the director of this...
Mio: I'm Honda Mio from NEW GENERATIONS! Nice to meet you!
Rin: Mio, what's the rush...
Uzuki: I'm...Shimamura Uzuki from NEW GENERATIONS! We're the host of this radio today, right? I, I'll do my best!
Rin: Uzuki too?
Director: Hahaha! You're all vibrant and nice! Nice to meet you too!
Producer: Ha... I'm sorry.
Rin: I'm Shibuya Rin from NEW GENERATIONS. Nice to meet you.
Director: Well, we're... sorry. We were supposed to invite NEW GENERATIONS earlier but...
Producer: No, I failed to set the schedule and...
Director: No, No. That was our...
Prdocuer: No. It is our...
Rin: Producer, can I get inside the booth now?
Producer: Ah... Yes. You're the last unit from Cinderella project that appears on Magic Hour special.
Mio: The protagonist shows up at the end. Shimamu, we're the last ones. We mark the end!
Uzuki: Re, Remark? What remark?
Mio: Ah... Shimamu...
Rin: That means we're going to finish it. Uzuki, don't burden yourself and do our best.
Uzuki: Ah.. Yes! I'll do my best!
Mio: She sure is nervous~
Producer: Then, Honda san, Shimamura san, Shibuya san... I'll be counting on you.
Rin: That's it?
Mio: Producer?
Producer: Ah... hmm! Do your best to show NEW GENERATIONS' charm to listeners.
Rin: Yeah!
Mio: Of course!
Uzuki: Yes!


Mio: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello. I'm glad you are at the midnight tea time~
Uzuki, Rin: Welcome.
Rin: This radio invites guests from 346 production every week and the host has a conversation with them... But, today is special. Your hosts are...
Uzuki: Special Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time with you.


Rin: Before we start the corner, let us introduce ourselves.
Mio: The first batter is... Shimamu, please~
Uzuki: Eh, m, me first?
Mio: You're the oldest.
Rin: Fufufu.
Uzuki: I, I see..! W, Well... I'm Shimamura Uzuki, 17 years old. Dancing and singing and events... I'm really happy to debut as an idol. I'll do my best, so please root for us! V!
Mio: Shimamura san... (Mimicking producer's voice)
Uzuki: Yes!?
Mio: What's your hobby?
Uzuki: H, Hobby? Hobby... Hobby... well... Ah, talking on the phone with my friends.
Mio: For a long time!
Uzuki: Yes! There are so many things to say...
Rin: You look really happy. But you talk too long on the phone...
Uzuki: Eh? Ah, well... Rin, sorry... Was I bothering you?
Rin: No. It's fine.
Mio: Shiburin is tsundere~
Rin: What are you... I mean, it's my turn. I'm Shibuya Rin, 15 years old and in the first grade at high school. I don't know much about show business or idols yet... but I'm enjoying working with everyone lately.
Uzuki: I'm happy to be an idol with Rin too!
Rin: Me too, Uzuki.
Mio: Shiburin san, what's your hobb...
Rin: My hobby is taking my dog for a walk. I have a dog named Hanako.
Uzuki: Hanako is cute~
Rin: She made friends with Uzuki fast.
Mio: Shiburin~ Let me finish my line~
Rin: I usually know what Mio is going to say.
Mio: Oho? Then can you guess what I'm going to do?
Rin: Not again... Next, Mio's turn. Your introduction.
Mio: Shiburin, you run this radio better than me!
Uzuki: I can always trust her.
Mio: Cheer up, the big sister of NEW GENERATIONS, Shimamu!
Uzuki: Ah, yes!
Rin: Haa...
Mio: Ah... Shiburin is giving me the hairy eyeballs, so I'll just continue. Oh, I think everyone knows by now but "Shiburin" is a nickname of Shibuya Rin and "Shimamu" is a nickname of Shimamura Uzuki.
Uzuki: I'm Shimamu.
Rin: Only Mio calls us like that.
Mio: That's what I'm talking about! Only Mio who is famous for nicknaming can do it... If you're okay, I'll make two or three more nicknames and... Ah, Yes! They want me to make it fast... Eh, hmm! I'm the leader of NEW GENERATIONS, Honda Mio! I'm 15 years old and in the first grade at high school. Nice to meet you!
Uzuki: Why did Mio become an idol?
Mio: Oh~ Shimamu strikes first? I became an idol because... on that day, in that time, in that place, I caught the god of idols' eyes and...
Rin: You just passed the audition?
Mio: Uh, yeah... Well, to cut a long story short, I thought it would be fun to be an idol. In reality... Hmm. With Shimamu and Shiburin, Cinderella project, everyone from 346 production, I take lessons and work together. I'm really happy now and think so many exciting things are waiting for me.
Rin: Mio...
Uzuki: Mio...
Mio: Hmm~ I think I just said something really touching! ...Well? Don't you want to ask me about my hobby?
Uzuki: ...H, Hobby is...?
Rin: Uzuki, don't push yourself.
Mio: It's shopping. (Mimicking producer's voice)
Rin: Mio, agiain?
Uzuki: I see~ Shopping is fun!
Mio: Window shopping is fun too. For example PikaPikaPop that collaborated with DECORATION... I want to do such things~ Ah, speaking of PikaPikaPop, Shiburin? I heard you wore that cute outfit?
Rin: H, How do you know that?
Mio: Cinderella project has a skillful agent. They call her "Agent Shimamura"!
Uzuki: I'm the agent!
Rin: Uzuki~
Mio: In addition... Tada~ I have the pictures. This picture was taken by charismatic agent Jougasaki Mika...
Rin: Wait! Why did you!? Erase it!
Mio: I'll give consideration... Ehehe, this Shiburin looks so cute.
Uzuki: So cute~
Rin: Ugh... Now, move on to the next corner. We've spent too much time.
Uzuki, Mio: Yes~


Rin: And this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail. Today it's a special edition. I think we've got mails. Can I read it?
Mio: Okey Dokey!
Uzuki: O, Okey Dokey!
Rin: This is from radio name "Keep Smiling". "Mio, Rin, Uzuki, Magihour." Yes, Magihour.
Uzuki, Mio: Magihour~
Rin: "Congrats on NEW GENERATIONS' appearance on Magic Hour special that I've been waiting for." Thank you.
Uzuki, Mio: Thank you!
Rin: Hmm... "I'm a huge fan of Uzuki from NG. Her lovely smile makes everyone happy."
Uzuki: Thank you! I'm confident in smiling.
Rin: Yes. Even I got help from Uzuki's smile several times.
Mio: Sure, Sure. Shimamu's smile is the best smile in the idol field!
Rin: And this is the main body. "By the way, Uzuki is well known for the big sister of NG, but you use honorifics to the rest of NG on radios or interviews and it bothers me. Why don't you stop using honorifics to them like a real big sister?"
Mio: Oh, now Shimamu needs to stop using honorifics too...
Uzuki: Stop using honorifics?
Rin: Speaking of which... Yes. Uzuki has used honorifics from the first time we met.
Uzuki: Ah...Yes.
Mio: On the contrary, we have talked down to people without thinking I guess...
Rin: We were talking about Uzuki, not us... Then Uzuki, why don't you try not using honorifics?
Uzuki: Honorifics... Honorifics! Uh.. Ah... What is honorifics anyway!
Mio: Shimamu is confused! Then count down to Shimamu's change, 3, 2, 1, Cue!
Uzuki: Eh...
Rin: ...
Mio: ...
Rin: Uzuki... Say something.
Uzuki: I, I don't know what to...
Mio: It could be hard when you have no topic. Ah! then, does Shimamu's school has a cafeteria?
Uzuki: Yes, it has.
Rin: Uzuki, honorifics.
Uzuki: I, I mean. S, Sure!
Rin: Eh? Her tone is...?
Mio: I'll play as one of Shimamu's juniors in school... Ah, wait. Hmm! Shimamura senpai, it's time to have lunch. I'll go buy something!
Rin: Mio misunderstood something too...
Uzuki: W, Well... Uh, Yes! Honda... Go buy me... a Yakisoba bread!
Mio: Yes! A Yakisoba bread! Anything to drink?
Uzuki: Milk tea... I mean, coffee. Black.
Mio: Are you serious, Shimamura senpai!? Black!? You're so cool!
Rin: What is this play...
Uzuki: H, How was it?
Mio: Shimamura senpai, you're great!
Rin: I think... it's wrong in so many levels.
Uzuki: Ehe?
Mio: I liked it.
Rin: Well, you need to be more casual...
Mio: Then... Why don't you imitate Shiburin!
Uzuki: Imitate Shiburin?
Mio: And Shimamu's imitation of queen of talking down, Shibuya Rin senpai, 3, 2, 1, Cue!
Uzuki: Eh~!? Ah... Are you my producer...?
Rin: Why did you choose that? Our listeners don't know about it!
Mio: It's fine, it's fine.
Uzuki: What's your favorite color? I... like blue.
Mio: Ahahah!
Uzuki: Hey, Uzuki, your step is late! Mio, look straight ahead!
Mio: Y, Yes!
Rin: S, Stop! Stop!
Uzuki: How was it?
Rin: Sorry, that was my fault.
Mio: Ya~ Shimamu, you were the best! You were observing our behavior. That's my big sister!
Uzuki: Ehehehe. Because Mio and Rin are my closest colleagues..
Rin: Well, Uzuki talks politely rather than using honorifics. And that doesn't mean she is detached from us. That's enough. Let's move on to the next mail.
Mio: Yes~ It's from radio name "One-winged NevaNeva Angel". "NG members, Magihour!" Uys! Magihour!
Uzuki&Rin: Magihour...?
Mio: "Since NG made a debut, I've been rooting for Shibuya Rin. Rin's imposing move, the eyes, the attitude, everything is great." Yes, Yes. Shiburin is pretty cool.
Uzuki: Cool!
Rin: Yeah...
Mio: "If you don't mind, I want you to step on me with your beautiful foot." Yes, Yes. step on... Huh? What?
Uzuki: Step on.. Eh?
Rin: What's that mail?
Mio: Ya~ Shiburin has a unique fan. Eh, I'll go on... "is just kidding. I like cool Rin, but also want to see cute Rin as an idol. I'll be waiting for it." Shiburin as an idol...?
Rin: I also... don't think I'm a true idol...
Uzuki: Rin is now a real idol.
Rin: Thanks, Uzuki. But what does "as an idol" mean..?
Mio: That means~ a spirit that shines bright like Honda Mio in the idol field..!
Rin: Like a spirit of Uzuki?
Mio: Hey~ Shiburin? Hey~?
Rin: Girlish and cute character.
Uzuki: T, That's... Do I have... r, really?
Rin: But imitating Uzuki... is difficult.
Uzuki: I, I can't even think of Rin... imitating me.
Mio: Hmm~ How about, an idol who has a gift of ad-lib like Kawashima san?
Uzuki: Kawashima san's... Ah! You mean the idol Mizuki?
Rin: Ek!? Are you serious?
Mio: Shiburin... Your fans want to see idol-like Shibuya Rin!
Uzuki: Cute Rin... I want to see her!
Rin: Uzuki too...?
Mio: Then Shiburin's... No, idol RinRin's idol promotion, 3, 2, 1, Cue!
Rin: Eh. Eh.... ...Alright!


Rin: Hello, everyone~ Thank you so~ much for listening to idol RinRin's radio! Today~ with Kyung-Kyung power~ I'm going to grasp everyone's heart! Shi~burin!


Rin: ...Ugg...
Uzuki: Rin... you're cute~
Mio: Fuhahaha! Shiburin... Shiburin said... Shi~burin... Ahahaha!
Rin: What's idol anyway... and Mio! Stop laughing!
Mio: L・O・V・E, lovely~
Uzuki: Shiburin~
Rin: ...Ugg...
Mio: Ya~ That was precious. We need to preserve it forever.
Uzuki: I firmly grasped Rin's Kyung-Kyung power. Shimamura Uzuki is going to read the last mail!
Mio: See? Thanks to Shiburin, Shimamu is full of energy?
Uzuki: Yes!
Rin: Ugg...
Uzuki: This is from radio name "Triple Trickster". "Mio, Rin, Uzuki, Magihour chan~" Yes, Magihour chan~
Rin&Mio: Magihour chan~
Uzuki: "I want to ask NG's leader, always energetic and bright Honda Mio a favor."
Mio: Oh? What's it? What's it?
Uzuki: "Please behave more modestly." says...
Mio: I see, modest... modest... Hmm?
Rin: What's wrong with today's mails?
Mio: Alright, here I go!


Mio: Ah, Ah... Hmm. She stands like a white peony, sits like a red peony, walks like a lily... Her name is Honda Mio. Everyone, P..Please root for the leader of NEW GENERATIONS, Honda Mio.
Uzuki: Waa~ Mio looks like a mature woman.
Mio: Oh my, Uzuki san, that's not true. Ohoho.
Uzuki: Mio san too. Ohohoho.
Rin: What's going on here...
Mio: Fufufu... I can deal with any request, so bring it on! please... well, who wrote this mail!? Mio's charm is overflowing cuteness and 100 times bigger energy!
Rin: What's that all about?
Uzuki: But Mio have so many talents. She can imitate others well and she looked very modest a minute ago.
Rin: Yes. She is really quick-witted.
Mio: Hey hey~ No matter how you praise me, a smile is all I can give you~ Well... I'm the one who have got help from both of you.
Uzuki: Eh? We did?
Rin: Fufufu. And that was our last mail. This was Magime corner.
Uzuki&Mio: The end!


Uzuki: From here it's Magic Minute special. Normally the guests talk of a topic for one minute, and if they make it, they can get a chance to promote their shows or announce information and such. But this time it's special.
Mio: We're going to introduce NEW GENERATIONS' debut song, Dekitate Evo! Revo! Generation!
Rin: It was released quite a while ago, but I feel nervous to introduce it.
Uzuki: I agree... Usually each person has 30 seconds to speak, but we don't have such limits this time.
Mio: Ying?
Rin: What do you mean?
Uzuki: So... They said, you can talk about your impression of the song as much as you like!
Mio: I see~
Rin: Impression...
Uzuki: Then who goes first? Our leader, Mio goes first and then me... lastly Rin... Is that okay?
Mio: Okay, no problem.
Rin: Yes, I'm fine.
Uzuki: Now Mio first, please.
Mio: Yes! Then Honda Mio starts first! Hmm... There was an event where we sang this song in front of fans for the first time...
Rin: Mio?
Uzuki: Mio...
Mio: At that time I... couldn't look at everyone's face. Faces of audiences, Shiburin's face, Shimamu's face... and the staffs who supported us. I couldn't. So next time I get a chance to sing this song in front of audiences, I want to carve their faces on my eyes. Their number doesn't matter, I want to make them our fans. The end!
Uzuki: Mio...
Mio: It, It's embarrassing so next, Shimamu!
Uzuki: Ah, yes! At, At the stage where I sang this song for the first time, well... I couldn't keep my smile till the end. I thought my lack of practice was the reason, but now that I think of it, I was wrong. I think I lacked confidence and determination too... So, I'll try hard with my smile, to give everyone my smile in the next concert. With Mio and Rin!
Mio: Yes, Yes!
Rin: Uzuki...
Uzuki: And lastly Rin. Please.
Rin: Yes. For me, events and works, CD release were going too smoothly, I honestly felt nervous about the whole situation. I came here to find something, but people around me were far ahead of me, it felt like I alone stood still... But I'm really happy to go with Uzuki and Mio, and I'm depending on them.
Uzuki&Mio: Yes, Yes!
Rin: There was an accident at the debut event, but I overcame it and that led me to where I am today. Next time we sing this song, I've got a feeling I can find what is beyond it. So... Everyone, keep watching NEW GENERATIONS. We'll grow up more and may start a revolution in the idol field.
Mio: Shiburin...
Uzuki: Rin...
Mio: Great!!!!
Uzuki: Hee!
Rin: You scared me. Mio, what is it?
Mio: I'm full of energy right now! You know? Why don't we sing it right now?
Uzuki: That's a good idea!
Rin: No No, we should finish the radio first.
Mio: Shiburin is always calm. And Shimamu's odd energy! Ya~ NEW GENERATIONS is a good unit, I'm telling ya~
Uzuki: Am, Am I really odd?
Rin: Now Now. How was special Magic Minute special?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Rin: Thanks. I really talked a lot.
Mio: Please make it fast~
Rin: That's the director's line.
Uzuki: Fufu, and this is the ending.
Mio: People say a magical time and a rocky time pass fast. It's time to say good bye.
Rin: The midnight tea time, Magic Hour special. Your hosts were Shibuya Rin from NEW GENERATIONS and...
Uzuki: Shimamura Uzuki and...
Mio: Honda Mio!
Uzuki: I hope you've fallen under our spell...
NG: Bye Bye~


Producer: Thank you for your efforts.
Mio: Thanks~
Uzuki: Thank you.
Rin: Thanks.
Director: Ya~ NEW GENERATIONS, I loved it. It was pretty fresh. You did well.
NG: Thank you!

(Director exits)

Mio: Well, producer! How... was it?
Producer: I think... it was okay.
Mio: That's ambiguous...
Rin: Did producer... choose those weird mails?
Producer: ...
Rin: Ha...
Uzuki: B, But I enjoyed it.
Mio: Yeah yeah. I think we found NG's new charm...
Rin: Is that...right?
Producer: NEW GENERATIONS made a debut earlier, so people recognize your unit better than the other units. So I thought you needed to show your fans something different...
Rin: I knew producer chose them.
Producer: No, that's not..!
Uzuki: M, Maybe I should stop using honorifics?
Rin: Uzuki doesn't need to change anything.
Mio: Yeah. Shiburin had better be more friendly.
Rin: Mio had better be more modest.
Mio: Fufu.
Rin: Fufu.
Uzuki: Everyone has a nice smile.
Producer: ...NEW GENERATIONS is a good unit that utilizes each member's personality
Rin: Producer also...
Producer: Yes?
Rin: that from the first... Well, it doesn't matter I guess.
Producer: ...? There will be a training camp to prepare the festival. Do your best to form a tight bond with each other.
NG: Yes!
Mio: Yeah! A training camp, a camp! Shimamu, what are you going to bring?
Uzuki: M, Mmm... My favorite doll and pajama and socks... Ah, and my panties.
Rin: Uzuki!?
Uzuki: Ahaha!? P, Producer san... Were you listening...?
Producer: Hmm! No, not at all... But be careful not to forget what you need...
Uzuki: Ugg...
Mio: Shiburin, let's do a fireworks display, fireworks!
Rin: Mio, you’re getting ahead of yourself.
Mio: Okay~ Ah, producer, what's the next schedule?
Producer: Today, we have few interviews about the festival.
Mio: Great!
NG: We'll do our best!

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