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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special #1
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Mika: Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello. Thank you for listening to the midnight tea time! This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. Tonight's host is me, Jougasaki Mika. Nice to meet you, everyone! Then Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you.


MikaThen it's Magime corner, short for Magic Hour mail! We've got a mail already! I'll read it then. It's from radio name "I wanna be charismatic"~ Well, it says "Mika is a big sister in real life. I think you have an attribute of big sisters, do you think yourself as a big sister type?" Yeah, yeah. My little sister is an idol too. A big sister in real life...? I've been a big sister for 12 years, so I might be a type that takes care of others. And when I see new idols, I want to teach them this and that as a superior. Kids who are younger than me are so cute, I want to pamper them. Ah, but pampering my sister too much doesn't actually help her, so maybe I'm a little strict to her. Do you understand what I'm saying? This has been Magime corner. I wait for your stories!


Mika: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time! Both of you, please come in!
Anya: Очень приятно, I'm Anastasia from LOVE LAIKA. Just call me Anya. Magi...awawawa~
Minami: And I'm Nitta Minami. Nice to meet you. Magihour!
Mika: Okay, today I'm going to host this radio with LOVE LAIKA from Cinderella project.
Minami: Mika, thanks for your help at the summer festival.
Mika: Minami, you did well. We'll talk about it later, so let's do our best. Then this is the beverage corner of the tea time!
Anya: Today I recommend Russian tea.
Mika: Ah, that's nice. Then let's drink a toast!
LL : Cheers!
Mika: LOVE LAIKA gets along well as I expected. Then let's move on to the next corner!


Mika: Yes, this is Magic Minute corner. Two guests are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of a topic within one minute. I guess everyone knows it by now. Here, pick up a topic from this box.
Minami: Anya, Пожалуйста... Please.
Anya: Да!
Mika: Chakachaka...chan! Now, the topic is?
Anya: Hmm... It's "A story about unexpected things".
Mika: Unexpected...? Okay! Then tell us "A story about unexpected things".
Anya: Yes. Actually, Minami is full of unexpected things.
Minami: Eh!? Anya, what are you talking about!?
Anya: You got a vacation few days ago, right?
Minami: Ah, I got it after the festival...
Anya: I went shopping with Minami. To a general store. There, Minami was watching a very cute tea cup set. But you didn't buy it after a long consideration?
Minami: Y, Yes... Anya, were you watching me?
Mika: Eh~ Why?
Minami: It looked a little childish for me...
Anya: Surprisingly, she likes cute things. After that, we decided to watch a movie. Minami, you were interested in that romance movie, right?
Minami: T, That's... because it featured idols from 346 production...
Anya: Fufu, did you know she like romance movies? Like our unit name, LOVE LAIKA, Собака... we watched a documentary about a dog. Minami was touched and shed a lot of tears. She is easily moved to tears than she looks.
Minami: Uh... I'm embarrassed!
Anya: Ah, and I went to Minami's house.
Minami: Eh!? Anya, please stop...!
Anya: In her closet...
Minami: Ah!! Wait, don't talk about that! Ah, the time! the time is up! That's the end of "A story about my unexpected side"! Did everyone peek at Minami's unexpected side? And we also found out... Although Anya has an innocent face, she can drive someone to the wall...
Anya: Fufu, Да!
Mika: Hmm~ I wonder? That was LOVE LAIKA's "A story about unexpected things". And the judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Anya: Хорошо! We did it, Minami!
Minami: Ahaha... We won the fight but I lose the game...
Mika: What's the big deal? You made a success thanks to Anya's great effort. This has been Magic Minute corner.


Mika: Since you passed Magic Minute, you two can have a guest talk time!
Mimani: Anya is mischievous sometimes.
Anya: Ah... Извини́те.
Minami: Seriously...
Mika: Fufu, but you two have good chemistry. Now I understand why you debuted first in Cinderella project.
Anya: Is that right?
Mika: You stimulate one another then advance together... I can feel that you two support and trust each other. Even the story you told us, it implies you went for a date in the vacation. You two are close~
Anya: Minami, was that... a date?
Minami: Hmm... I'm not sure if it was a date... but we certainly trust each other. I believed Anya would make it at the summer festival.
Mika: Yes Yes! Ranko also tried hard to support you. But you know, I'm sure the fans noticed that your success was based on your friendship.
Minami: I hope so. I was helped by Ranko too... I think I'm blessed to be with everyone!
Anya: Ranko helped me practice my dance in the dorm. We also tried our best at the training camp. So that's why we were on the same wavelength.
Minami: Yes! Even though I was frustrated that we couldn't perform in the same stage, but as long as everyone enjoyed it, I'm satisfied. Because there will be another chance. Let's do our best when the day comes, Anya!
Anya: Да! I want to do things that we can do together on and on.
Minami: But if Anya wants to challenge something, I'll be rooting for you.
Anya: Да! And I'll be rooting for Minami!
Minami: Ufufu, thanks.
Mika: They look good. Now I want to work as a unit. This was the end of the talk corner~


Mika: Alright! I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed in the blink of an eye, it's time to say goodbye.
Minami: We hosted Magic Hour special when we made our CD debut, but it feels different to appear as a guest.
Anya: I was happy  you made me talk comfortably. Mika is charismatic JK as I have heard.
Mika: Fufu, thank you. I was glad to talk with you too. And this is the end. The midnight tea time, Magic Hour. Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Anya: Спасибо. Magihour. I'm Anya from LOVE LAIKA and...
Minami: I'm Nitta Minami. Magihour!
Mika: And your host, Jougasaki Mika. I hope you have fallen under our spell...

All: Bye bye~

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