Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ASTERISK special

Producer: This is the director of the radio.
Miku: Nya! I'm Maekawa Miku nya! Nice to meet you nya!
Riina: Hi. I'm Tada Riina. I'm going to be a rock idol, you'll see.
Miku: Riina, that's not a good attitude to the director.
Riina: Miku is the one who has a bad attitude! Speak proper Japanese.
Producer: Everyone...
* : Yes?
Producer: Greet him properly...
Miku: Ug... I'm Maekawa Miku from ASTERISK. Nice to meet you~
Riina: I'm Tada Riina from ASTERISK. Nice to meet you!
Director: Hahaha! It's fine! Nice to meet you! ASTERISK becomes popular these days! Ah, but I heard ASTERISK was disbanded at the last event?
*: It was re-formed. nya.
Director: Hahaha!
Producer: I hope you'll provide supports.


Miku: Nyanyan~ Welcome to the teatime of Magic Hour nya! Everyone, Hi nya! I'm glad you're at the midnight cat gathering!
Riina: This radio invites guests from 346 production every week and the host has a rock conversation with them, but today is special! Your hosts who will rock the listeners are...
* : ASTERISK! nya
Riina: ...Wait.
Miku: What?
Riina: What was that midnight cat gathering stuff?
Miku: It's a gathering where cute cats have a conversation saying nya nya!
Riina: Wait, Wait, Wait, What's that all about?
Miku: Then what was that rock conversation radio thing nya!
Riina: It's a radio where we talk about rock.
Miku: Why don't you talk about a boulder?
Riina: Whaaat? Wanna have it out today!?
Miku: No~ Do what you want nya.
Riina: Eh?
Miku: Talk about rock as much as you like nya. And Miku will run the Nya Nya radio for the rest of the time.
Riina: Eh... are you serious?
Miku: Yes, sure.
Riina: ...Really? I can really do that? I'm going to start the rock radio then.
Miku: Hurry up nya.
Riina: Yes, then I alone! ...alone... W-Well you know... Ah~ right. I feel sorry for Miku, and it's not rock. I know you want Nya Nya radio, but why don't we compromise and do it normally?
Miku: Why didn't you say so in the first place?
Riina: Look who's talking!
Miku: Ugh~ You want to fight nya!?
Riina: Ah, uh, alright... We just got scolded for not introducing ourselves...
Miku: Let's call a truce nya... Okay then. Every cat that is listening to this radio, are you a good cat? This is a cute cat idol, Maekawa Miku from ASTERISK nya! Nya Nya!
Riina: She's pretentious...
Miku: Look at these cat ears. Cute, isn't it?
Riina: She's rubbing that ears in our faces again. Even in the radio.
Miku: Today Miku is going to show her cute~ or sexy side.
Riina: She's too pretentious, it's not rock at all...
Miku: Unya!!!
Riina: W, What is it?
Miku: You there! Don't make a noise! Cats hate noises!
Riina: Okay, Okay! Then it's my turn... This is Tada Riina from ASTERISK. My goal is to be a rock idol, but maybe I already am. Well, anyway nice to meet you. My hobby is...
Miku: Collecting headphones nya!
Riina: Well, they're essential for rock.
Miku: But those are too many. Ah, and she often wears a guitar on her back.
Riina: I love rock~!
Miku: You only wear it as an adornment.
Riina: What? Wait Wait, an adornment!?
Miku: Then why don't you play a song with the guitar you brought to this studio.
Riina: ...Eh? N, No, that's... Yeah! T, There is no amp here!
Miku: Hmm? Ah, the staffs say they have one.
Riina: Eh!? I, It's not rock to follow what others say. If you want to listen to my rock, please come to my event.
Miku: That was a narrow escape... is what you would think, but Riina's rock is a mass!
Riina: Hey, wait... Did you really need to say that?
Miku: Hmm? You want to fight for real?
Riina: If that's what you want!
Miku: ASTERISK is...!
Riina: Disban...!


Riina: ...Ah, okay... continue the corner.
Miku: Hng, you escaped alive nya.
Riina: Who? Well, forget it. Let's move on.


Riina: Then Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail! Today it's a special edition. We've got mails already. Thank you listeners. Miku, please.
Miku: Yes. It's from radio name "Whining twilight". "Miku, Riina, Miagihour!" Maginyawa~
Riina: Magihour.
Miku: Hmm... "ASTERISK is famous for the disbandment joke, when is the next disbandment?" Nya!? What are you talking about nya!
Riina: That's not a joke!
Miku: We almost disbanded few minutes ago...
Riina: Well, that's kind of rock I guess...
Miku: Surely that's rock in a real way... but, Miku hates that kind of unit! We'll not going to disband! I've barely become an idol!
Riina: I don't enjoy disbanding at all! Eh... We're not going to disband! Then the next mail... It's from radio name "Shall We Sky". "Miku, Riina, Magihour." Magihour.
Miku: Magihour!
Riina: "I have a question for a natural born rocker, Riina." A question for me... okay. But, what's "Natural born"?
Miku: It means you have an inborn talent.
Riina: That's better! He knows something! Well..."Does Riina have other specialties or a hobby except rock?" Hmm... except rock... My life itself is rock, so I don't have any.
Miku: The definition of Riina's rock is very broad.
Riina: You can't define rock.
Miku: This fan made a wrong premise nya.
Riina: Premise? What?
Miku: "A specialty except rock" only applies to a person whose specialty is rock.
Riina: Wait... I don't know what Miku is talking about?
Miku: I thought you would catch my obvious sarcasm~
Riina: I'm a natural born rocker, you know!?
Miku: Except rock, Riina is unexpectedly good at cooking nya.
Riina: Ah.. well, it's not that good but... Being able to cook is cool. Isn't it rock?
Miku: Ha?
Riina: I use fire, you know.
Miku: I don't know what she's talking about nya... Can I read the next mail? It's from radio name "A vain kitty". Waa~ It's a mail from a kitty! My tension is rising nya! "Miku nya, Riina, Magihour nya!" Yes, Magihour nya! ...Riina, Magihour nya!
Riina: Magihour...Nya...
Miku: Yes! "I have a question to a cute cat idol Miku nya." Oh, I love it, welcome nya! Well, hmm... Eh... "Is Miku nya a cat character in her private life nya?" Ahaha, I don't understand the meaning of it nya..."
Riina: Ah, you see...
Miku: Riina, silence! I don't play a cat character nya! Miku has been like a cute cat since she was born. Miku is a cat! A natural born cat nya!
Riina: Cats don't wear glasses.
Miku: Waaa! That's a temporary disguise! I'm an idol!
Riina: Miku looks nice in her school uniform~
Miku: That's obstruction of business nya!
Riina: Ah, there is more? "Does a cat character Miku nya..."
Miku: I said it's not a character!
Riina: "have favorite fish or a sushi ingredient nya?"
Miku: Nya!?
Riina: Ah~ I'm curious too~
Miku: W, W, Well... H, How about Riina?
Riina: I prefer white fish like sea bream or halibut.
Miku: Ah, ahaha... I see... Hmm~
Riina: Oh, next time let's go to a sushi bar.
Miku: Haaa!?
Riina: Hmm? What's that reaction?
Miku: Ah... M, Miku... Miku is... well... a cat, so... Yeah! She likes katsuobushi nya!
Riina: Haa?
Miku: W, What's wrong with it?
Riina: I mean, he asked you about your favorite fish and sushi ingredients?
Miku: Katsuobushi is made out of fish, so I made an answer to that question.
Riina: Is that right... No, No. I still don't get it.
Miku: That non-fish like scent is beyond description nya~
Riina: ...Hmm... Then I'll treat you bean paste soup as a "revenge".
Miku: Eh...
Riina: ...What?
Miku: Ah, no, well... Thanks...
Riina: Y, Your welcome... "Revenge" sounds cool, right? This was Magime corner! Let's move on! Next!
Miku: Yeah... but it feels like people usually ask different questions in Magime corner nya?


Miku: From here it's Magic Minute special. Usually the guests talk of a topic for one minute, and if they make it, they can get a chance to promote their shows or announce information and such. But today is special nya!
Riina: I know! Each members introduce their song for 30 seconds, right?
Miku: That's Miku's line! Riina should have asked "What's so special?" in that situation.
Riina: Well, I think people already know by now if they've listened to Magic Minute special programs so...
Miku: Ah... maybe you're right. Well, okay. We'll introduce ASTERISK's debut song, ØωØver!! nya! Who goes first then?
Riina: Real cool idols show up at the end of...
Miku: Never heard of it nya~ Then Miku goes first~
Riina: Eh!?
Miku: Start nya! ØωØver!! which Miku from ASTERISK sings has a fun Nya Nya call and is a cute, lovely and good song which makes everyone happy! Miku gives you her heart and a kiss! And~
Riina: But most of all, ASTERISK's ØωØver!! is really rock. Cool but hot heart is rock ‘n' roll! I think the guitar riff in the intro is the best!
Miku: Miku was still talking!
Riina: Well, you see...I couldn't hold back my inner shout kind of thing...
Miku: Anyway, it didn't sound like you were introducing the same song nya!

(Boo Boo)

Miku: See? We failed...
Riina: Because you nya nya too much.
Miku: Riina's lyrics are the bigger problem.
Riina: Don't you understand that cool and hot lyrics?
Miku: Cool or hot, just choose one side nya!
Riina: Uggg...!
Miku: Uggg...!
* : ASTERISK is disbanded! nya!

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Riina: Eh...? Ah!
Miku: W, W, Wait~


Riina: Eh.. One, Two...
* : We're so sorry!
Riina: ASTERISK...
Miku: is re-formed~ nya.
Riina: I was worried...
Miku: Me too... Ah, now we re-formed the unit, it's the ending!
Riina: Magical time has passed so fast, now it's time to say good bye.
Miku: And, the midnight teatime, Magic Hour special. Your host were Maekawa Miku from ASTERISK and...
Riina: Tada Riina.
Miku: I hope you've fallen under our spell~
* : Bye bye~


Producer: Thank you for your efforts.
Miku: I'm exhausted nya...
Riina: Me too... That was a rock hard work...
Miku: I don't know what she's talking about...
Director: Ya~ You did a good job! ASTERISK's disbandment joke was magnificent! And the timing was perfect too. I look forward to our next recording. See you later then!
* : S, See you later!

(Director exists)

Riina: Ha... Look, Miku...
Miku: Why?
Riina: The disbandment joke... no, it's not a joke, why don't we stop using it for a while?
Miku: Miku agrees with you nya... I think we're doing too many variety shows recently... I can sense P chan's conspiracy nya.
Producer: Ah, that's not...
Riina: Why don't you stop playing the cat character too?
Miku: Riina had better stop playing the rock character too.
Riina: I, It's not a character!
Miku: It's true that Miku likes cats, and she wants to keep doing her work! Barely... just barely people start recognizing her, so she'll keep going her way nya! Miku will not bend her will nya!
Riina: That's... kind of rock!
Miku: Just because you call everything rock doesn't mean... No, maybe that's rock in some way!
Riina: It takes a lot of courage not to back down.
Miku: Riina..?
Riina: Actually... I don't know how to play the guitar, so although my goal is to be a rock idol, I felt uneasy about speaking it repeatedly...
Miku : ....
Riina: But the reason I can keep going is because of... well, just a little... just a little bit of Miku's favor I guess...or maybe it's not...
Miku: Fufufu, which one is it?
Riina: Well, It means if Miku keeps being a cat, I'm going to keep doing my rock!
Miku: Miku knows Riina is actually trying hard nya. You cooked for Miku, when Miku goes crazy you comfort her... You hassle me sometimes, but you're kind!
Riina: H, Hey! It's...embarrassing...
Miku: So we both should aim for the cute cat rock idols nya!
Riina: Wait... I think we don't have to mix them forcibly.
Producer: Fu... Maekawa san, Tada san. By respecting each other's personalities, this unit, ASTERISK can shine.
Riina: Producer...
Miku: P chan... that was touching nya~
Producer: I think it's a good unit.
Miku: Fufu...
Riina: Ehehe, that's great.

(Riina punches Miku)

Miku: Ah! That hurts nya!
Riina: Ah, sorry...
Miku: Why does Riina always punch someone when a good thing happens! You did that to Chieri before!
Riina: Well, I... thought it looked rock...
Miku: Don't force your rock! Chieri was scared for a while because of that!
Riina: Eh? She did!?
Miku: Miku argued away her misunderstanding nya.
Riina: Well... T, Thanks...
Miku: Get it? Next time you want to punch someone, do a cat punch nya! Like this! Here, cat punch!
Riina: Eh!? A cat punch? That's not rock at all!
Miku: Miku is teaching you kindly in person!
Riina: Don't force your kindness!
Miku: Ugggg!
Riina: Ugggg!
* : Disband! nya!
Producer: If you disband, we have to cancel our next schedule, the indoor event...
* : Re-form! nya!
Producer: Yes! Then respect each other's merit and do our best.
* : Okay!

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