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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour DECORATION special

Producer: This is the director of this radio.
Rika: I'm Jougasaki Rika! Nice to meet you!
Miria: I'm Akagi Miria. Nice to meet you!
Kirari: I'm Moroboshi Kirari. Nice to meet you!
Producer: These three are the members of DECORATION.
Director: Ya~ The height difference is really big...?
Rika: What? What? What's so big? Ah! You mean our idol power or aura?
Director: Eh? No, that was...
Miria: Rika, what's aura?
Rika: Aura is a feeling of Babang~ and Dyukung~, just like my sister.
Miria: Waa~ that's great! Do we have that aura?
Rika: Director said it's big. Right?
Director: Ah... well, yes.
Kirari: Now, everyone~ If we don't get in the booth fast~
Rika&Miria: If we don't?
Kirari: Kirarin power is going to... Boom!
Rika&Miria: Ahaha! Let's get in there quick!
Kirari: I'm going to explode~ Nyahaha!


Director: ...Well... They're full of energy!
Producer: I hope you'll provide supports...


Kirari: Nya ho~ Welcome to Magic Hour's tea time! Everyone, hello! I'm glad you are at the midnight tea time~
Rika&Miria: Welcome~
Kirari: This radio invites guests from 346 production every week and the host has a conversation with them. But, But, But! We're running a special program! Your hosts who are going to make you happy, happy are~
Rika: Special Magic Hour between today and tomorrow!
Miria: It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time with you.
Rika: Yes! Firstly we're going to introduce ourselves, showing everything we've got!
Miria: Appeal~
Rika: Look, look, Kirari, Miria! I'd like to introduce myself like Kanako chan did!
Miria: Eh? What is it?
Rika: Hng~ Just watch. Ahang~ I'm the sex symbol of DECORATION, Jougasaki~ Rika! JC Rika is going to teach you this and that! How was it? How was it?
Kirari: Nice~ but maybe that's a little early for Rika.
Rika: Eh~ Why~?
Miria: And I'm next! Here I go~ I'm the symbol of loveliness in DECORATION, Akagi Miria! Let's go~ LㆍOㆍVㆍE!
Kirari&Rika: Lovely Miria!


Miria: Waa~ thank you! And lastly, Kirari!
Kirari: Yes, yes! Every single listener, Nyowa~
Rika&Miria: Nyowa~
Kirari: I'm the symbol of happy, happy in DECORATION, Moroboshi Kirari~ One, Two~ Kirarin~ BEAM!
Rika: Wa~ what was that?
Miria: That was great!
Kirari: Ukya~ Mr. staff, perfect timing~
Rika: I can't just sit here and do nothing! Then let's move on to the next corner~


Rika: Then let's start Magime, short for Magic Hour Mail! Today it's a special edition. This is from radio name "Marshmallow rhythm". "Rika, Kirari, Miria, Magihour!"
Kirari&Miria: Magihour~
Rika: "I bought the collaboration clothes of DECORATION and PIKAPIKAPOP!" Ah, it's a mail from a girl! Thank you~
Miria: That clothes was cute~
Kirari: Yes, Yes! You feel really happy, happy when you wear cute~ clothes.
Rika: Yeah! I'll continue reading. It says "I want to shine like DECORATION and be cute like POP. So what do twinkling Rika, Kirari and Miria usually do these days?" Usually...? What does Miria do?
Miria: Hmm~ I chat a lot with Rika, Kirari and everyone from Cinderella project!
Kirari: Miria loves to talk with everyone.
Miria: Yes, Yes! When you go to Cinderella project room, there is always someone. So I always talk to everyone! The other day I chat with Mio and Riina while eating cookies that Kanako made!
Rika: What did you talk about?
Miria: Well... How to play Taiko with the spirit of rock? Rock is hard!
Rika: Ha~ How about Kirari?
Kirari: You know, Kirari collects cute things, browsing general stores or clothing stores.
Rika: Kirari's accessaries looked really cute!
Miria: Yes! Kirari, what's that on your skirt?
Kirari: This is a macaroon!
Miria: And this?
Kirari: This is a doughnut!
Miria: Nice, it looks delicious!
Kirari: But you can't eat them~
Miria: Ahaha!
Kirari: How about Rika?
Rika: Of course this!
Miria: Hmm?
Rika: Tada~
Miria: Ah, your sticker album!
Kirari: Ah!
Rika: I take sticker photos with my sister and put them here. And this!
Kirari: Wao~ It's full of seals!
Rika: Collecting seals is my hobby~ Isn't this really cute?
Miria: Butterflies! And these are Ladybugs! So cute~
Kirari: And there are cake seals and cookie seals! They're all lovely~
Rika: Ehehe. But what I'm going to show you is much better than them! Here!
Kirari: Ah~ Beetles!
Rika: Beetles are the best! My last album was filled with beetle seals save for the last page, my sister almost threw them away.
Kirari: Mika san hates bugs...
Miria: Beetles...are cool!
Rika: Miria is pretty smart! Then, here!
Miria: Hmm?
Rika: I'll give you a beetle seal.
Miria: Wa~ Where do I put it on? On my math note book?
Rika: Why don't you put it on a general science note book?
Miria: Eh?
Kirari: Ah! Because Rika gave it to you? (General science sounds "Rika")
Miria: Ah, I see! That's great!
Rika: Ehem! Doya!
Kirari: Fufu, then I'll read the next mail. It's from radio name "Doki Doki Romantic"! "Rika, Kirari, Miria, DECOhour!"
Rika&Miria: DECOhour!
Kirari: "Actually I have a crush on a guy but I couldn't confess my love. However this time, I'm going to confess my love because DECORATION gave me courage. Does DECORATION talk about their crush?" Uhehe! A love story! Ukya~
Miria: My crush?
Rika: I like someone that is older than me. A mature guy!
Miria: Eh~
Kirari: Rika is forward for her years.
Rika: Ehe~ How about Miria? Older? Younger?
Miria: I... well... I don't know! But I like a funny man!
Rika: Ehe~ How about Kirari?
Kirari: Kirari likes~ Ehehe, it's embarrassing~
Rika: There's nothing wrong with it. Spill it out!
Miria: Spill it out!
Kirari: Well, Kirari likes... a man who is taller than Kirari.
Miria: Taller than Kirari?
Rika: Kirari, how tall are you?
Kirari: Ehehe, Kirari is still growing fast! And "taller than me" has another meaning~
Miria: What is it?
Rika: I don't know~
Kirari: Ufufu, maybe Rika and Miria will know it when they are older.
Rika: Boo-boo- I'll have a nice body like my sister, you'll see!
Miria: Miria too!
Kirari: Ahaha, I'm looking forward to it. Then let's move on the last mail.
Miria: Yes! This is from radio name "Nan". "Rika, Kirari, Miria, MagiNyowa~" Ahaha, it's like Kirari! MagiNyowa~
Kirari&Rika: MagiNyowa~
Miria: "DECORATION has radiant smiles, why did you decide to become idols? Rika's sister is the charismatic JK idol Mika, so I'm expecting two sisters' activities."
Rika: Hnhng~ There is nothing to hide! My sister is the charismatic JK idol, Jougasaki Mika!
Miria: Waa~
Rika: I wanted to be an idol because I wanted to be sexy and cool like my sister.
Miria: Ehe~ Miria became an idol to wear cute outfits and dance and sing and do lots of fun things!
Kirari: Rika and Miria are true idols now!
Rika: Of course! Ehe.
Miria: How about Kirari? Did you become an idol because you like cute things?
Kirari: Mmm~ Yes... Ehehe. Just like Miria, Kirari once wanted to be an idol because she liked cute things.
Miria: Once wanted to be?
Rika: Kirari, you're an idol already!
Kirari: Ehehe. You know, when Kirari was young like Miria or Rika, she wasn't interested in becoming an idol.
Rika: Eh? Why?
Kirari: Kirari liked cute and shining idols, but Kirari is bigger than others you know? So I thought I couldn't be like them...
Miria: Kirari...
Kirari: But I couldn't give up. One last time... I nerved myself one last time to make an effort. That was Cinderella project. When I passed the audition, I was really, really~ happy! After that day, everyday is like a dream, which is why even though there are lessons, works and things that makes you Uhe~, everything is twinkling and that makes me happy!
Rika: Yes! I get a scolding from trainer san or my sister all the time, but I'm happy everyday!
Miria: Me too, Me too!
Kirari: Yes, Yes! Kirari thinks she could be an idol that she alone wouldn't have become, because everyone from 346 production and staffs cheered me up and helped me. Uhehe, Kirari is embarrassed to tell a serious story~
Rika: Yes. My sister often told me that we're all trying hard, but our fans and staffs are working even harder.
Miria: Yeah. There will be no cute outfits, songs and dances without those who make them for us!
Kirari: So Kirari thinks we can pay them back by becoming idols who can raise their spirit!
Rika: I see... Okay!
Miria: Not only us, but everyone will be cute and happy!
Rika: Ah, so that implies...
Miria: We're going to decorate everyone!
Rika: Oh~ That makes things more amusing!
Kirari: Yeah! Then let's move on to the last corner happily and lively!
Rika&Miria: Oh~


Miria: Eh... From here it's Magic Minute special. Normally the guests talk of a topic for one minute, and if they make it, they can get a chance to promote their shows or announce information and such. But today is more special!
Kirari: Hmm? What's special?
Miria: You see... DECORATION can introduce LET"S GO HAPPY!! for 30 seconds!
Rika: Eh~ 30 seconds? That's too short!
Miria: The staff said we spent too much time on the earlier corner...
Rika: What~
Kirari: Alright then. DECORATION will join hands and promote the song!
Rika&Miria: Oh~
Kirari: Then here we go! Ready~ Go!
Rika: It's fun to interact with each other!
Miria: Yes! It's a really happy song! We can enjoy it with audiences!
Kirari: It's happy, happy, Kyung, Kyung!
Rika: I really like the part where I shout "LㆍOㆍVㆍE"!
Miria: That's cute! Sexy Rika~
Rika: Yay~ It's like my sister's "TOKIMEKI ESCALATE"! T! O!
Miria : K! I!
Kirari: The end!
Rika: Eh~ It's over?
Miria: I want to talk more!
Kirari: But we all introduced it lively, so it must be a huge success. Right~?

(Ding- Boo-Boo-)

Kirari: Mhee~
Rika: Why~!
Miria: Mmm... They say we shouldn't have mentioned Mika's TOKEMEKI ESCALATE!
Rika: That's true but, Boo- is too much!
Kirari: Yes... Ah, but, we pulled it up as 346 production?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Rika&Miria: We made it!
Kirari: Ehehe, DECORATION even roots for other idols with 100 times big passion!
Miria: Ah, that sounds fun!
Rika: That's great! I want to collaborate with this and that!
Kirari: So, this was Magic Minute special corner.


Kirari: The magical time has passed fast, it's time to say good bye.
Rika: Too fast!
Miria: Miria wants to talk some more!
Kirari: Ehehe, but we should be punctual, right?
Rika&Miria: Yes~
Kirari: Now! The midnight tea time, Magic Hour special. You hosts were Moroboshi Kirari from DECORATION and...
Rika: Jougasaki Rika and...
Miria: I'm Akagi Miria!
Kirari: I hope you have fallen under a happy, happy spell... One, Two,
All: Bye bye~


Rika: Good job~
Kirari: Good, Good, Perfect!
Miria: We made it!
Producer: Everyone, thank you for your effort.
Kirari: Ah, P chan! W, Well...
Producer: Yes, Moroboshi san?
Kirari: Kirari is sorry about telling... a strange story... in an important show!
Producer: No. It was good to express Moroboshi san's true heart.
Kirari: Really...? Actually... When you told me I was going to form a unit with Rika and Miria, I thought it's going to be cute and really, really happy. But on the other hand, Kirari was worried that she would make the unit look strange...
Producer: Moroboshi san...
Rika: Strange? How?
Kirari: I mean...
Miria: Kirari, that's not true!
Kirari: Miria...
Miria: Kirari is super, super~ cute and meticulous and Ohne san! I want to be a kind idol like Kirari! My friends from school say Kirari is cute.
Rika: Me too. Kirari is not my real sister but feels like my sister. And she is cool but also cute... What was it called? My sister told me before... Ah! I really respect you!
Kirari: Miria... Rika.. Thank you! Kirari is really...really happy...
Miria: I'm also really happy to work with everyone as DECORATION! Let's do our best from now on!
Kirari: Yes! Let's make everyone Kyung, Kyung with DECORATION's happy, happy power!
Rika: Ah, by the way, do Miria's friends talk about me?
Miria: They said Rika is cool!
Rika: Great! I moved one step toward my sister. Ehehe.
Producer: Everyone, your unit DECORATION's strong point is cheerfulness, even in Cinderella project.
Kirari: P chan...
Rika: P kun...
Miria: Producer...
Producer: Me and staffs, and all the fans out there are cheered up by DECORATION.
Kirari: Ehehe, I feel a little embarrassed~
Rika: Look, P kun, Are you hitting on me?
Producer : !?
Miria: Hitting? What does that mean?
Producer: ...
Rika: Hitting on someone means~
Miria: Yeah!
Kirari: Now, kids~
Rika: Uh...
Producer: ...and, I'm sorry to say this right after the recording, but we have another schedule now.
Miria: Producer, what's the next schedule?
Rika: Something sexy for me?
Kirari: Kirari will do anything!
Producer: You're going to be reporters of "Meeting with animals" in a zoo.
Miria: Eh? A zoo!? Waa~ I want to see lesser pandas!
Rika: I like a zoo! I like strong animals like lions or gorillas!
Kirari: Ukya~ Kirari wants to meet giraffes~
Producer: Yes. Just be yourselves and work happily and hard.


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