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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 11

Miho: Fue~ I feel refreshed.
Sae: It was pleasantly uncrowded like Miku said.
Miho: Yes! And the girl who was hanging with Miku, is she a Cinderella project member?
Sae: Yes. Her name is... Tada Riina, I suppose? I heard that she is interested in rock and has a lot of headphones.
Miho: Ehe~ Sae knows lots of things.
Sae: Fufu, I may not look as much, but I know about our production a lot. Kyoto is full of schemers, so you need to gather various kinds of information to be safe~
Miho: Is, Is Kyoto a dangerous place like that? I don't like scary things... I'm glad I was born in Kumamoto.
Sae: Fufu, it's not a scary place like that. There are so many beautiful plac...
Miho: ... What's wrong? Ah, Koume?
Sae: Shh~!
Koume: ...So that's my role... Yeah... I'm good at hiding my presence...
Sae: The vibe is unnatural, isn't it? What is she doing in front of the wall alone?
Miho: I think she is talking to someone...
Sae: Someone...? There is nobody but her?
Koume: Yes... It's fine... Removing a cross is...
Sae: I can't hear it well, but she mentioned a cross and stuff.
Miho: I think she said she is going to remove a cross...
Sae: That sounds pretty disturbing. Removing a cross...
Miho: Stop that...! I really hate such things~
Sae: Fufu, there is a rumor that Koume can communicate with entities in the underworld... So maybe...
Miho: Eh!? What, What do you mean "maybe"!?
Miku: What are you two doing here?
Miho: Kyaaa!?
Miku: Ehee, W,What!?
Miho: Ha~ I was startled...
Miku: Ah, sorry Miho. Miku didn't mean to scare...
Riina: What are you doing? ...Ah, Kohinata Miho and Kobayakawa Sae!?
Sae: Hello.
Riina: Ah... well... N, Nice to meet you. I'm Tada Riina. I'm going to stay at Miku's room for a while.
Sae: Nice to meet you too.
Miho: Ah, I'm also glad to meet you!
Riina: Y..Yes! Nice to meet  you!
Miku: Miho, are you all right?
Miho: It's fine. Ehehe. I thought I had a heart attack.
Miku: But why were you so surprised? It was like you saw a ghost...
Miho: Ah, right! Koume!?
Sae: She disappeared before we know...
Miho: Huh? She was right there...
Miku: What? Koume was here?
Riina: Look... What are you talking about?
Miho: Ah, the thing is, Me and Sae...
*: Yeah?


Miku: Hmm... Koume is gone? That's an uneasy story...
Riina: No, maybe she just went to the opposite direction from us?
Miku: That's also possible, but Miho heard about removing a cross... Don't you think it's fishy?
Riina: I just don't understand the meaning of that... rather than feel suspicious.
Miku: Miku also doesn't understand but... Ah, could it be!?
Riina: W, What?
Miku: You know, Koume... likes zombies?
Riina: Y, Yes...
Miku: And she wants to hang out with zombie secretly. But zombies are scared of a cross, so she decided to remove a cross to summon zombies...
Riina:...There is a cross in this dormitory?
Miku: No...
Riina: And It's vampires that are scared of a cross, not zombies.
Miku: ...I guess...
Riina: Then that's nonsense! Why did I listen to it seriously...
Miku: Well, Miku also thought that it couldn't be a ture...?
Riina: W, What?
Miku: Sae said she was talking to the wall, right? They say Koume can see things that we can't. So maybe... she was talking to ghosts...
Riina: W, Wait! Stop it!
Miku: ...Ah? Do you hate scary things, Riina?
Riina: T, That's absurd!
Miku: Ah~ You're scared~? Are you afraid of sleeping alone?
Riina: I'm...not scared at all! Then why don't we go check it out? Let's go to the dining room so we can see what's going on!
Miku: ...Eh?


Miku: ...W, Wait, don't push me, Riina!
Riina: I didn't push you that hard! ...It's quiet here...
Miku: Usually this place is noisy... Now there is a strange atmosphere here...
Riina: T, There are many people in this dorm, right?
Miku: Yeah... But the corridor looks darker than usual...
Riina: Shh~
Miku: W, What is it?
Riina: Shh!
Koume: Alright... I'll go check... if it's going well... Yes, fine... It's 10pm soon...
Miku: Is she.. Koume? Who is she talking to...?
Riina: It's 10pm soon...?
Koume: Ah, it disappears soon...
* : Hmm? Disappears?

(The lights are out)

* : Waaa!?
Miku: W, What's happening?
Riina: W, Wait, why the lights are out!?
Miku: I don't know! Riina, hold Miku's hand!
Koume: ... Are you ok..?
Miku: Ah.. Ah? The lights are turned on again?
Riina: H, Ha... I was frightened...
Miho: W, Well... Are you all right?
Sae: I heard a loud noise?
Miku: Ah... Miho~ Sae~
Miho: Are you all right, Riina? Can you stand up?
Riina: Y, Yeah... Thank you...
Miho: Mm~cha!
Riina: I was shocked when the lights suddenly went out.
Sae: This dormitory turns off the lights of corridors at 10pm.
Miho: We have a strict curfew.
Riina: Eh!? Then why was Miku surprised? She must have known it?
Miku: I, I made a mistake about the time because Riina was with me!
Riina: It was just a curfew... Ah, wait!? Look, Koume. Didn't you talk to someone about the curfew?
Koume: Y, Yes.. I did... The lights go out around 10pm...
Sae: I see~ It wasn't a cross (じゅうじか), it was 10pm (じゅうじ)~
Miho: Now I get it. There was nothing to be scared of.
Miku: B, But who were you talking to, Koume?
Koume: Ah.. I was on a phone... a, and talked to my friend about my dormitory life...
Riina: What~? It wasn't a ghost or anything. Ah, you were on a phone just now?
Koume: Y, Yes... my friend...
Riina: See? It wasn't a scary story at all.
Sae: Fufu, that's what happened~
Miho: I feel relief. Ah, well, now the problem is solved, Miku and Riina, won't you come to our room and talk?
Riina: Eh? Can I?
Miho: Yes! I want to be a friend on this occasion...
Sae: That's a good idea~ Then I'll bring some delicious snacks.
Miho: How about you, Koume?
Koume: Ah.. well.. I'll be there after few minutes...
Riina: OK! Then see you later.
Miku: This is a midnight party nya!


Koume: ...Is everything ok...? Ah, hello?
Producer: Shirasaka san, I'm sorry to bother you with this...
Koume: It's fine... They get along with each other...
Producer: Yes. The phone has been on the line so I could feel their pleasant atmosphere.
Koume: Yes... but, I was a bit surprised that producer san... suddenly called me...
Producer: Forgive me. I heard Shirasaka san lives right next to Maekawa san... So I thought you could test the water...
Koume: No... It's fine... Then I'll go to Miho's room...
Producer: Yes. I'm sorry to trouble you with this. Ah, by the way...
Koume: Yes?
Producer: You said you were talking to your friend... Didn't I bother you with my call?
Koume: No... I wasn't talking to my friend on the phone.
Producer: Is.. that so? Alright then...
Koume: Yes, then... bye...


Koume: ... I think we can have a wonderful night... Me and Miku and Riina and Miho and Sae and... Ehehe. Let's go.

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