Friday, March 20, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 10

Miria: Rika, until when should we keep this secret? Let's just tell her~
Rika: I said no. If we're going to do it, I want to knock her socks off.
Miria: Knock her socks off... How?
Rika: Hmm~ for example... Ah! There is a huge TV billboard at the intersection in front of this station. It will be best if we're able to use that!
Miria: Hu~ng... How can we use that TV then?
Rika: Hmm~ Maybe there is a switch nearby, I don't know.
Miria: Then we can't use it? I want to tell Mika about it fast~
Rika: But we made a CD debut at last! It's like catching ten beetles at once! So I want to make my sister surprised a lot...
Mika: Make me what?
Rika: Eh~!? It, It's nothing... Ahaha...
Mika: You're acting weird... Here, Miria. You like apple juice, don't you?
Miria: Waa, thank you!
Rika: Eh~ Ane chan, where is mine?
Mika: You can share mine. Here, take it.
Rika: I wish I had my own juice...

(Rika drinks the juice)

Mika: Miria, did anything good happen today?
Rika: Khm! Cough! Cough!
Miria: Waa~ Incredible! How did you know?
Mika: You two were all smiling on your way back.
Rika: I told you it's nothing...! We were just talking about that P kun is fun lately. Am I right, Miria?
Miria: Ah... Yeah...
Mika: Hmm~ Ah, who is P kun anyway?
Rika: P kun means the producer.
Mika: You, You call him P kun?
Rika: Yeah. We've talked to each other and I found him interesting~ Why don't you call him P kun~?
Mika: Ahahah, I'll think about it. But he is called P kun with that face...? Fufufu!
Announcement: The train now arriving in line number 3 is a through train for Oomiya. Please step behind from the white line for your safety.
Mika: Ah, let's move to the rear.
Rika: OK~
Miria: Ah~ I can't stand it anymore! You see, Mika~
Mika: What?
Miria: You know, actually... Me and Rika and Kirari are...
Rika: Stop!!

(Rika covers Miria's mouth)

Rika: Miria, stop!
Miria: Mmf! Mmf!
Mika: Hmm? You look suspicious all day...
Rika: No way! There is nothing suspicious about me~
Mika: Is that so? Ah, Rika, Miria. Come here, here!
Miria: Yeah~!
Rika: Phew... That was close...


Rika: Hng~ Hng~ Hng~ Hnn~ Ha... How do I tell her? There must be something that makes her say "Rika, you're amazing!"...

(Door opens)

Rika: Heek!?
Mika: Rika, did you see my shooshoo?
Rika: Waaa~!
Mika: Ehe!? Why are you so embarrassed?
Rika: Don't get in my room so suddenly! I was startled!
Mika: What's wrong? You're really acting weird. It seems your heart is somewhere else all day.
Rika: N,Nothing much... I'm not hiding anything and... Ehe!
Mika: Hmm... Well, tell me when you're ready.

(Mika leaves the room)

Rika: Haa... Sometimes she is highly sensitive. I need to be careful...

(Door opens)

Mika: Did you just call me?
Rika: No I didn't!
Mika: Really..?

(Mika leaves the room)

Rika: She is really dangerous... Haa...

(Rika sits down)

Rika: Ah~ What should I do... Before she finds out... Ah! Right!

(Rika stands up)

Rika: I've got an idea!


Yui: By the way, when Yui went back to the waiting room, there was a note saying "I'll take this cady -Anzu-"...
Mika: Ahaha, I think I know who did that.
Yui: Really!?
Mika: Yeah. Oh, Rina asked us to go on a excursion on the next vacation.
Yui: Oh~ I want to go!
Rika: Kirari, Miria, go over there. Here.
Miria: OK~
Rika: Ah, Miria! If you make a big noise, she will notice!
Kirari: Well, Rika... She will notice when Kirari goes near...
Rika: It's fine. Just hide behind the pillar and you'll be safe. She is facing other directions and will never find you.
Kirari: Ung~ Maybe?
Rika: Then I'll explain the operation one more time. She usually goes to have a lunch with Yui after her lesson, so after they get inside the cafe, we conceal ourselves in front of the cafe.
Kirari,Miria: OK, OK.
Rika: And when she finishes her meal and goes outside... We'll come out and say "Tada~ We're going to debut! As Decoration!". Then she will be like, "Eh? Eh? What's Decoration?" and surprised! What do you think? Isn't it great?
Miria: That's wonderful, Rika!
Rika: Ehehe~
Kirari: Rika, what's the name of the operation?
Rika: Eh..? the name? Hmm... Ah! "Operation pit-a-pat ambush Mika!"
Miria: Waa~ That's great!
Kirari: Rika really likes her sister.
Rika: Ehehe, yeah~
Mika: What are you doing here?
Decoration : Waaaa!?
Miria: W,Well... This is...
Kirari: We, We're going shopping...
Rika: Yeah, yeah! So it's not suspicious at all! You just go have a meal, OK?
Mika: ...Really ...It feels like... I've been left out...
Rika: Eh...?
Mika: I feel lonely. My own sister is giving me the cold shoulder...
Rika: Ane chan, you got me all wrong! I'm not bullying you!
Mika: But yesterday you...!
Rika: That's because I couldn't tell you for some reason... But it's not like I'm being mean to you, I just kept it secret because I like you. It's a misunderstanding... Hnn... I don't know what to do!

(Rika cries)

Mika: Ah, don't cry Rika! I'm sorry. I was just messing around you, stop crying!
Rika: ...Hmm?
Mika: I'm really sorry! Since you didn't tell me, I wanted to play a trick on you...
Rika: ...Eh?
Kirari: Sorry, Rika. Kirari was asked to keep it secret by Mika...
Rika: Eh?
Miria: Actually, Mika knew we were going to make a CD debut already.
Rika: Eh!? How did you know that?
Mika: Well, of course I notice that if you act suspiciously like that. You even mumbled "CD debut" at the dinner table, smiling.
Rika: Ah... I, I don't remember...
Mika: And  yesterday you fell asleep while playing your new song.
Rika: Ah, you turned if off?
Mika: I even charged your phone.
Rika: Thanks... no wait! Why didn't you tell me that you knew it! You told Kirari and Miria!
Kirari: Rika, that's because Mika wanted to hear it from Rika.
Rika: Hmm?
Mika: Ah, wait, Kirari!
Miria: Mika really likes Rika! My dad too likes my mom so~ much!
Mika: Miria, stop! Where did you even learn that?
Rika: Hey, Ane chan.
Mika: Yes?
Rika: Ehehe. We are...
Decration: Decoration!
Rika: We're going to make a CD debut! The unit name is Decoration. And I... will do my best so I can participate in a concert with you.
Mika: Rika... Rika!

(Mika hugs Rika)

Rika: You're such a crybaby... Hnn... Ane chan...!
Mika: Rika... Congrats on your debut!
Miria: Ehehe. It went well, Kirari.
Kirari: Yeah!

(Stomach growling)

Yui: Hey... What about Yui's meal?

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