Friday, March 13, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 9

Girl 1: How was the episode 4 yesterday?
Girl 2: Ah, you mean the sequel of 'Zombie Girl'? Koume chan was really cute~
Girl 1: Ah, it's not 'Zombie Girl', it's 'Ninja Girl'.
Girl 2: Eh, I haven't watched it yet. But they filmed another movie? That's really amazing...

Chieri: Ha...
Nana: Excuse me~
Chieri: Ha...
Nana: Excuse me~ Hello~?
Chieri: Ah! Ah, yes!
Nana: What would you like to order?
Chieri: Ah, Hu, I want... Well, milk tea please...
Nana: Alright! Same as usual, it's milk tea! Wait a minute!

(Nana walks away)

Chieri: Ha... I have to pull myself together.
Minami: Chieri chan?
Chieri: Hnn!
Miku: What's up?
Chieri: Ah, Miku chan, Minami san.
Minami: Can I sit here?
Chieri: Ah, go ahead please.
Minami: Thanks.

(Minami sits)

Minami: You're not with Kanako chan today?
Chieri: Ah, yes. Kanko chan said she went for a jog for few minutes to prepare an album jacket photo shoot. She...wanted to look thinner.
Minami: Fufu, she is trying hard. When does the photo shoot begin?
Chieri: It's today.
Minami: Today? Ah, I see. But the one last effort usually works. So it might be important!
Chieri: Ah... really?
Minami: Yes! When I have an exam, I read text books till the test begins. Sometimes the last page you saw is on the test, isn't it? Fufufu, thanks to that, I've never got a F yet!
Chieri: I see...
Minami: Y, yes! Ah, well, How is Anzu chan? Is she happy for the CD debut?
Chieri: Anzu chan talks about royalties and stuff and is highly motivated. She said it's time to get real.
Minami: She was not joking... Anyway, it's good to get motivated!
Chieri: Yes...
Minami: Ah...
Miku: Minami chan, that's enough.
Minami: Miku chan...
Chieri: Eh, well, I...
Miku: Whatever P chan said, you don't need to try that hard to talk to her. Let's go.
Minami: Miku chan... Chieri chan, well, I'll be in touch!
Chieri: Yes...


Minami: Miku chan, aren't you worried about Chieri chan?
Miku: Miku is not worried about her.
Minami: Miku chan... Why? You know Chieri chan has been depressed since her debut is announced and she was blank this morning... She is our colleague. Let's go talk to her!
Miku: I understand, Minami chan. But Chieri chan is not a weak girl. Although she is always quiet and coy, she is also thoughtful and patient and has never skipped her lesson. Hae, so don't worry. Chieri chan is a member of Cinderella Project too!
Minami: Miku chan... You're great!

(Minami hugs Miku)

Miku: Ahh! W,W,Wait Minami chan?
Minami: Miku chan! You do care about everyone!
Miku: Ah, that's... Well, you never know who is going to form a unit with Miku, so I have to pay attention...
Minami: Fufu, you're right!
Miku: Ah, Hnn, Minami chan... Miku is a girl but now my heart pounds in front of you...
Minami: Really? I'm happy!

(Minami hugs Miku)

Miku: Fuaa! Hnn, Stop making fun of me!
Minami: Fufufu, this is for making me shocked! ...Ah!
Miku: Huh, what?
Minami: I forgot producer san! He must be looking for us!


P: Ah... Look...
Chieri: Producer san.
P: Wasn't Nitta san and Maekawa san here?
Chieri: Ah, yes. They were here a few moments ago, but they went somewhere...
P: I see.
Chieri: Ah, yes...
P: Then I'll be back as soon as I find them. Excuse me.
Chieri: Ah! W, Wait!
P: Ah.
Chieri: Well, thank you so much.
P: What are you... talking about?
Chieri: Producer san cared for me and told Minami san and Miku chan to talk to me. So, I appreciate it.
P: Ah, pardon me. I also thought it's not the best way to ask them for help, but I considered that Ogata san would be comfortable with them. Because... after I announced your debut, Ogata san looked depressed.
Chieri: W,Well... I'm... still nervous and wonder if I can do this job, but I talk to myself that I will do my best when I make a debut.
P: Ogata san, don't you overdo yourself?
Chieri: Seeing the debuts of New Generations and Love Laika, I felt everyone is trying really hard so I was touched. And I want to take heart from them. Though I wouldn't have thought like this alone...
P: ...Cheer up
Chieri: Yeah! Ah, but... You can't tell the motivation always solves problems and I don't think I can release the tension right away. So if I fail... Sorry...
P: Even if you fail, it's fine as long as someone is watching you.
Chieri: Ah... Hehe, OK!
P: That's a good smile. But...
Chieri: Yes?
P: It seems you don't distress yourself about being an idol, then what were you worried about?
Chieri: Well...
P: Khm.
Chieri: In the photo shoot, I'm not sure how to pose for the camera...
P: If you're fine with me, I can give you some advice.
Chieri: Do you mean it? I didn't know I could ask you things like that! Heheh!
Minami: Producer san and Chieri chan look fine.
Miku: I told you so.
Nana: Sorry for taking so long! It's soy latte and milk tea!
Minami: Thank you! Ah, Nana chan, congratulation!
Nana: Eh?
Minami: You became a host of the radio show?
Nana: Ah, you knew it? Yes! Nana's generation grew up with VA radio, so I have some fantasies about radio shows! Khh, I'm so happy~
Minami: Fufu, that's great! I'd like to visit the studio next time.
Miku: Hgnn!
Minami: Huh, Miku chan?
Miku: Hgnn~ Miku wants to debut fast! I'll go ask P chan when I will make a debut nya~
Minami: Ehe, you look lively. Fufu, OK!

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