Friday, March 6, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 8

Rin: Mio, where do we have our next lesson?
Mio: Our next lesson is a dance lesson in C room on the 3rd floor at 2:30~ Ah, good morning! I'll go there for another advice!
Rin: Who did you just greet?
Mio: Engineer Ogata san. He was an audio engineer at our mini concert last time.
Rin: Now I see... Mio, since when did you know him?
Mio: Not long ago. Producer introduce him to me because I wanted to get some advice about singing on a stage and stuff.
Rin: Fufu.
Mio: Huh? Did I just say something weird?
Rin: Um, well... Mio, you're amazing these days, so unconsciously...
Mio: A, Amazing?
Rin: You're taking more lessons since last week?
Mio: Ah, shucks... You knew it.
Rin: By chance. I saw you dancing with Minami.
Mio: Well then, I don't need to hide it anymore~


MioI thought, it shouldn't be end like that. I don't know when the next concert will be held, but I decided to prepare what I can do for now... Hey, don't you just listen and say something! I feel embarrassed!
Rin: Fufu, what's wrong? It's just like Mio.
Mio: Ugh, somehow I'm ashamed...


(The elevator arrives)

Rin: Come on, Are you going to sulk all day? Lighten up!
Mio: But Shimurin is making me ashamed...
Rin: I don't know what to say.
Mio: Ahh... It seems the only option is to buy me a parfait...
Rin: You... I'm just going there with you.
Mio: Alright~ You drive a hard bargain~

(Mio opens the door)

Mio: Huh?
Uzuki: Haa~ Rika chan, let me hug it!
Rika: Hmm~ OK, just a little more, later~
Uzuki: Rika chan~
Mio: Hey, what's going on?
Uzuki: Rin chan, Mio chan!
Rika: Ehehe~ Something was lying over here~ Isn't it cute? Hee~
Rin: Is that a bunny?
Rika: Yeah!
Mio: A pink bunny... Hmm?
Rin: What is it?
Mio: I think I saw something similar somewhere...
Anzu: You mean Anzu's bunny?
All: Ahh!
Mio: A, Anzu chan?
Rin: Why do you always come out from strange places?
Rika: Ah, you were playing hide and seek~
Anzu: Anzu is an adult so she doesn't play hide and seek. Yawn... I'm sleepy.
Mio: Sleepy? I think you've slept all along?
Anzu: Human body needs seven to eight hours of sleep to live long.
Rika: Anzu chan seems to sleep more than that.
Mio: Clearly.
Uzuki: Well, Anzu chan!
Anzu: What?
Uzuki: Is this Anzu chan's huge bunny?
Anzu: Yes. He said everyone can bring their personal thing?
Uzuki: Ehehe, this bunny is cute!
Anzu: Hmm.. Huhu, is it? Uzuki chan, cuddle the bunny!
Uzuki: Can I? Tee hee. Then gladly...

(Uzuki hugs the bunny)

Uzuki: Haaa! It's so soft! Ehehehe!
Rika: Ah, I want to do it too!

(Rika hugs the bunny)

Rika: Tee hee!
Uzuki: Haa~ I feel so good~
Rika: Hmm~ My eyes are closing...
Anzu: See? Now, Rin chan and Mio chan can cuddle the bunny too.
Rin, Mio: Uh, that's...
Anzu: Hmm? What's wrong?
Mio: No, this is obviously suspicious...
Anzu: There is nothing suspicious in this~ Do you remember I sent a video to cheer you up before the concert? Anzu always cares for New Generations.
Rin: Well, if you say so...
Anzu: Sure, trust Anzu! There, it feels nice!
Rin: I'll give it a try then.

(Rin hugs the bunny)

Rin: What? This is so fluffy...
Uzuki: Hee hee, feel the happiness Rin chan~
Rika: Now I want to live here~
Rin: Certainly, it's like... It feels so good...
Mio: W, wait, Shiburin. We have a lesson right now!? Anzu chan, don't you think it's weird?
Anzu: There is nothing weird about it~ I just...
Mio: J, Just?
Anzu: With this "Soft bunny cushion of corruption that captivate all human beings", everyone will become Anzu's associates then there will be no work to do!
Mio: Eh~ Y, You were forming a such a fearful plot! Wait, all of you! Wake up! If you don't, you'll become Anzu chan! Hurry, wake up~!
Anzu: That's very diligent... Hmnya, It seems they are too young to be relaxed as Anzu. Yawn~ Well, they say "wait your luck while sleeping". Anzu is going to sleep some more. Good night~ Hee hee.

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