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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 11
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Nana: Welcome to the tea time of Magic Hour! Hello everyone. I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time. This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. This month's host is Usamin, Abe Nana. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow, it's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you. I'll do my best! Kyaha☆


Nana: Then this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail. The staff says I've got a story, so let's read it! It's from radio name "Netoriterasi". "Everyone, Magihour." Yes, Magihour~! It says "As the weather becomes warmer, I'm worried about pollinosis. Does planet Usamin have pollinosis?" Eh~ Planet Usamin... does have pollinosis, but I don't have any allergies. Because I was a healthy child! So I didn't suffer from pollinosis. But when I go out, I always wear a mask and that could make people think I have pollinosis. Ah, the reason I wear a mask is not to hide my face, but to protect my throat. Cause I want to be a voice acting idol! Ehem! This has been Magime corner. I wait for your stories.


Nana: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. Today we have three guests! Please come in~!
Yuka: Otsu! Magihour! This is Nakano Yuka! Nice to meet you! And!
Yukari: Everyone and Nana san, Hello. I mean, Magihour. This is Mizumoto Yukari. Nice to meet you. And...
Noriko: Yaho~ This is Shiina Noriko! "Wa" of Magiawa is "Wa" of doughnuts! Nice to meet you~ ("Wa" means "ring")
Nana: Nakano Yuka, Mizumoto Yukari, Shiina Noriko! Tonight, the studio is full of cute girls and cute hearts. Nice to meet you everyone.
Yuka, Yukari, Noriko: Nice to meet you.
Nana: OK, this is the beverage corner of the tea time!
Noriko: Hey!
Nana: Yes, Noriko. What is it?
Noriko: It's not beverage, but I brought some doughnuts!
Nana: Waa~ Thank you~
Yurkari: Nana san, be careful. The doughnuts that Noriko brings are so delicious, you can't help but keep eating. But they have high fat, sugar and calories.
Nana: Uh... I, I see...
Yuka: If you eat more, just move more! You may take some lessons or run along a river bank for 7 hours!
Noriko: We're all still teenagers, so eating doughnuts is fine~ We're still growing, you know?
Nana: Ahaha... Nana is a real JK, but afraid of what doughnuts contain... Then let's drink a toast with coffee that goes well with doughnuts! Now, cheers!
All: Cheers!
Nana: Now let's move on to the next corner, wrestling with the temptation of doughnuts!


Nana: Yes, this is Magic Minute corner. Two guests are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of a topic within one minute. If you make it, you may use the rest of the time to promote your show or announce other information and such. Then pick up the topic from this box right away.
Yukari: Try it, Yuka san
Yuka: Otsu! Concentrate my pick the best topic...chakachakachaka~ Tada!
Nana: What topic is it?
Yuka: A cute story!
Noriko: Becoming the cutest idol is our goal.
Yukari: Isn't this a topic for Yuka?
Yuka: Eh!? I'm going to talk!?
Nana: Then Yuka, tell us "a cute story"~
Yuka: Ah...Otsu! The other day... It happened when we got a vacation. We went out to Harazuku.
Noriko: Harazuku! What a cute place! You have 1 cuteness point!
Yuka: C, Cuteness point... I see! It had been a while, so we had crepe and...
Yukari: They were delicious.
Noriko: One more cuteness point~
Yuka: We were window-shopping and...
Noriko: +1!
Yuka: Ah, we also took a peep at the event of Decoration from Cinderella project.
Noriko: Does that count as cuteness point?
Yukari: Decoration was cute.
Noriko: Then cuteness point +1!
Yuka: And we made our stage outfits based on cute clothes we found in Harazuku.
Yukari: I'm happy we have same clothes.
Noriko: This is cuteness point +1! No, +10!
Yuka: That's my cute story!
Nana: Oh~ A cute story made by everyone. Then the judgement is?

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Nana: This is a natural result! Magical talk was a huge success!
Yuka: It's because everyone helped me!
Noriko: Good, good~
Nana: Therefore, it's a victory of teamwork! This has been Magic Minute corner.


Nana: Now, since you passed Magic Minute, you can have the guest talk time.
Yuka: Hey, Yukari, Noriko! Talk whatever you want!
Yukari: Whatever we want...? What should we talk about?
Noriko: How about our favorite foods?
Yuka: Yukari is fine with that topic, but Noriko just wants to talk about doughnuts?
Noriko: Ah... You've got me...
Yukari: Anyway I'd like to learn something from Nana san...
Nana: Eh? If you're fine with Nana... I mean, as long as Nana can help you, Otsu!
Yukari: Then... What should we do to become more cute idols?
Noriko: Ah, I want to know~ Teach me~!
Yuka: That's interesting. How do we be cute?
Nana: Ah... That's... Nana hopes someone teaches her about that too... Hmm... Ah! Yuka, I heard you work out hard? And the rumor says you have nice abs... Why don't you expose your belly? You're young!
Yuka: I see.. ...Eh!?
Nana: And Yukari... To change your ladylike image, how about wearing revealing clothes? You're young!
Yukari: Well... Me too...?
Nana: Noriko is.. Hmm, that's enough. 13 years old is too young to wear such clothes.
Noriko: What~ I was expecting it.
Yuka: So, to sum up Nana's advice... We need to wear revealing clothes to be cute idols...?
Yukari: Then Nana san also needs to wear them to be a cute idol...
Noriko: Do you strip clothes? Hmm? Nana too? YukaYuka are 18 years old and 16 years old. Nana is 17 years old, so you strip clothes?
Nana: Uh! Ah, I didn't expect this situation..! Well, I... Nana doesn't strip her clothes cause that's too sexy! And no navel exposure! I'll never wear such things~!


Nana: Alright! I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed quickly. Now it's time to say goodbye.
Yukari: Oh gosh, this is the end? I finally got used to it...
Noriko: Yukari, we can visit here again~
Yuka: I see. Next time we're here, we're going to reveal Nana's secret of cuteness!
Nana: Well, actually... my next appearance is... in a planning stage. Now, the midnight tea time, Magic Hour! Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Yuka: Magihour! Salute! This is Nakano Yuka and!
Yukari: It's been a slice! Magihour, this is Mizumoto Yukari and...
Noriko: A doughnut's ring is linked~ Magihour, This is Shiina Noriko!
Nana: And I'm your host Abe Nana. I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~

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