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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 10
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Nana: Welcome to the tea time of Magic Hour! Hello everyone. I'm glad you're at the midnight tea time. This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. This month's host is Usamin, Abe Nana. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow, it's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you. I'll do my best! Kyaha☆


Nana: Then this is Magime corner, short for Magic Hour Mail. The staff says I've got a story, let's read it! It's from radio name "Usamin alien". Thank you. "Nana san Magihour." Yes! Magihour! It says "These days a lot of things discourage me. As a real JK, How does Nana san overcome despair?" Hmm... When I'm discouraged... I see... Nana is a JK so... she relieves her stress in places like karaoke. JKs go to karaoke, right? JKs sing animation songs, right? JKs buy unlimited time tickets, right? When Nana is depressed, she goes to karaoke like other JKs! That's about it! This has been Magime corner! I wait your stories.


Nana: Then let's meet our guest for the tea party. Please come in!
Yui: Chiwa~s! It's Magihour? This is Yui~!
Nana: Yes, she is Ohtsuki Yui san. She is young! shining! Nice to meet you. And~
Rina: Magihour~ho. This is Rina. Nice to meet you.
Nana: Yes, this is Fujimoto Rina san. She is young too! Today I'm going to run this radio with two famous gyaru idols.
Yui: I'll do my best
Rina: Magime was so funny~
Nana: Eh? It was funny? Did I say something strange?
Rina: You mentioned animation songs kind of things?
Yui: Yui and her friends hardly sing them.
Nana: Ah~ I see. Of course! Let's just say there is a JK who sings animation songs in the world. OK, this is the beverage corner of the tea time!
Rina: What do you want Yui?
Yui: Extra hot soy latte with an extra shot of caramel sauce!
Nana: Yes! I got it! wait, what's that?
Yui: I ordered coffee which 346 cafe doesn't have.
Rina: Of course they don't have it.
Nana: Ah... sorry. A real gyaru is cute even when she orders coffee! Anyway, we don't have that extra hot something, shall we just make a toast with tea? OK, cheers!
Yui,Rina: Cheers!
Nana: Gulp. Ha... Then let's move on to the next corner!


Nana: Yes, this is Magic Minute corner. Two guests are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of a topic within one minute. If you make it, you may use the rest of the time to promote your show or announce other information and such. Teehee, Then pick up the topic from this box right away.
Yui: I'll do it.
Rina: I wonder what it could be~
Nana: Chaka chaka chaka Tada! Now, what's the topic?
Rina: There! A story about a crisis you faced.
Yui: A crisis you faced?
Rina: I'll pass it to Yui who's good at talking!
Nana: Then Yui chan, tell us a story about a crisis you faced!
Yui: Me~? I haven't faced any crisis till now. Ah, now that I think of it, I might have one!
Nana: Oh?
Yui: Yui had a magazine photo shoot with Rina chan and Jogasaki Mika chan. And things were messed up at that time.
Rina: Ah, that day? Yeah, it was dangerous.
Yui: I was wearing heavy make-up during the photo shoot. So I removed it after  the photo shoot.
Nana: Ho,Ho.
Yui: And I was about to wear casual make-up. That was the point when things went wrong.
Rina: Yeah.
Yui: Make-up artists went back home so I had to do it by myself. But you know what? No body had false eyelashes! Kaboom!
Nana: False eyelashes?
Rina: Yui was embarrassed!
Yui: Rina chan was embarrassed! Right? What's the difference between a naked face and a make-up face when you don't wear false eyelashes? I was uninspired and felt terrible. And suddenly even Mika chan canceled her promise to go to karaoke.
Rina: It really lets you down.
Nana: Ah, that's the end?
Rina: Yeah.
Yui: Yes. The end.
Rina: Totally end.
Nana: Alright, It was a story about Yui chan and her friends who faced a crisis because there were no fake eyelashes. And the judgement is?


Nana: Was it a bit subtle? Still under examination?
Yui: Eh~? There were no fake eyelashes! Fake eyelashes are super important! They are not just ornaments for your eyes, they are eyes themselves. And they were gone!
Rina: Yeah! That's the end of the world. Don't you think so?
Nana: Na,Nana is a JK but not a gyaru so she is not sure. But even for Nana, her naked face is dangerous as her skin age is high!

(Boo~ Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Nana: It, It seems you've passed the magical talk?
Rina: That's awesome.
Yui: Okay, Okay.
Nana: Anyway, you made it! This has been Magic Minute corner.


Nana: Now, since you passed Magic Minute, you can have the guest talk time.
Rina: What shall we talk about? Dressing room talk?
Yui: That will show our usual dangerous selves. It's not appropriate for broadcasting.
Rina: Yeah. Even if they censor our talk, every word we speak will be like Beep Beep Beep~
Yui: Aha, how about Nana chan? Anything you want to ask about us?
Nana: Eh? You mean Nana?
Rina: Come on, Hey come on, Questions come on.
Yui: But it's our guest talk corner. Why don't we ask about Nana chan?
Rina: She is 17. Maybe we speak the same language?
Nana: Ah... That's...actually... Nana's privacy is a secret.
Yui: Eh~? You can tell us about the planet Usamin.
Rina: What's the planet Usamin?
Nana: Huee~ No no. It takes too long to talk about the planet Usamin so next time! For Nana... Yeah. I'd like to listen to your idol activities, not privacy!
Rina: I'm always carefree. I work for gyaru magazines and appears on tv or I just show lovely Rina Rina to everyone.
Yui: Yui is not different. Having a gravure photo shoot for magazines or Appearing on tv. Ah, but I also want to sing nicely like Mika chan, so if there is a chance, I'd love to try singing.
Nana: I see, gravure photo shoots are the main activities. Just like young people... no no like gyarus, visual is your charm. Nana will...Eh... try hard to achieve her dream as a singing and dancing and voice acting idol!


Nana: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed quickly. Now it's time to say goodbye.
Yui: Don't you think it's too fast? We were about to talk something for real?
Rina: Yui's talk gets amazing from this time forth.
Yui: Sure sure. And since we're working with Nana for the first time, we can't just end this chance like this... Ah, that's right! Why don't we go to karaoke after this radio?
Rina: That's great!
Yui: And I haven't met Mika since our promise was canceled... Shall I call her?
Nana: Eh? The..the charismatic gyaru Mika chan? No, well... Nana is a JK and goes to karaoke but.... eh... she is not a gyaru so she may spoil the fun~ Ahaha... Now, the midnight tea time, Magic Hour! Tonight's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Yui: Magihour~ This is Ohtsuki Yui and!
Rina: Magihour! Fujimoto Rina!
Nana: And, your host Abe Nana. I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~

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