Thursday, March 19, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour LOVE LAIKA special

Producer: This is the director of this radio.
Minami: I'm Nitta Minami. Nice to meet you.
Anastasia: Меня зовут Анастасия... Ah, my name is Anastasia. I'm glad to meet you.
Producer: They still have much to learn, but I trust you will provide support.
LL : We'll do our best!

(Director exits)

Minami: Ha...
Anastasia: Minami, are you ok?
Minami: Yes. Even though this is my second time on a radio, I'm still nervous.
Anastasia: Ah, Aiko's Yuruhuwa Time. It was fun.
Minami: I spent all of my energy on staying vigilant so I don't remember what I said at the radio.
Anastasia: Minami did well.
Minami: Fufu, thank you, Anya.
Producer: It's almost time. Please standby.
Minami: Yes!
Anastasia: Да.
Producer: Then I'll remind you again before it starts. Magic Hour is a radio program that idols of 346 production are in charge. But this time, we specially allotted extra time for Cinderella project to promote your debut CD.
Minami: S, specially...?
Producer: Yes... You two are the host of today's special program.
Minami: F, first host...
Anastasia: Minami, is this your first time?
Minami: Yes. Actually everything is my first time, but Minami will do it!
Anastasia: Anya will do it too.
Producer: Do your best please.

(Producer exits)

Minami: Anya...
Anastasia: что, Minami?
Minami: Our first... Let's do our best!
Anastasia: Да... Let's try hard.


Minami: Hello everyone! Welcome to the midnight tea time! This radio invites guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them...but today we're running a special program! And today, me, Nitta Minami and...
Anastasia: Anastasia...
Minami: Are the host of this radio. We are...
LL : LOVE LAIKA! Nice to meet you!
Anastasia: Special Magic Hour between today and tomorrow. It's a short time, but I hope I can have a good time with you. Nice to meet you.
Minami: Then before we start the next corner, let us introduce ourselves. We're 346 production's... Um... well...
Anastasia: Minami?
Minami: Ah, sorry... I still feel shy about calling me an idol... But I shouldn't... Alright! I'm a new idol, Nitta Minami. I'm a 19 year old college student. I joined lacrosse club in the college, and I'll do my best on study, sports and of course idol works. Also...
Anastasia: ...Ah, sorry. Ah... I'll tell you about myself. My name is Anastasia. You can just call me "Anya".
Minami: Fufu, Anya!
Anastasia: Да... I'm happy to be called by my nickname. I'm from Hokkaido and 15 years old. My papa is Russian and my mama is Japanese, so I'm mixed blood. Since I had lived in Russia until I became 10, maybe I speak Russian better than Japanese. But I'll also learn Japanese hard. These days Minami is teaching me this and that. Minami is really kind.
Minami: Am, am I...?
Anastasia: Minami is pretty and kind... Ah, you're like a mama.
Minami: M, mama...? I'm not that old yet!
Anastasia: Minami, you're blushed. Ah, is it 'Ane san'?
Minami: Fufufu, we both debuted as a unit called "Love Laika".
Anastasia: "Laika" from "Love Laika" means собака, "dog". Спутник... Ah, it's a name of a dog that boarded on a soviet spacecraft.
Minami: It's the first animal that circled the Earth's orbit, isn't it?
Anastasia: Да, the dog went out to see the stars. Laika is now loved by everyone.
Minami: I hope we will be loved by everyone too.
Anastasia: Да! And I want to see Звезда... the stars in space someday.
Minami: They must be very beautiful.
Anastasia: Go with me, Minami.
Minami: Yes! Ah, but let's move on to the next corner first!


Minami: Then Let's start Magime, short for Magic Hour Mail! Today is the special edition. It seems we've got a story already. Anya, could you read it?
Anastasia: Yes. It's from radio name "Miyamaszaka Kudaru". "Minami, Anya, Magihour." Да, Magihour.
Minami: Magihour.
Anastasia: "I became your fan as soon as I listened to your voices from Takamori Aiko's Yuruhuwa Time. At that time you told us about your mental attitude for the unit debut, now I want to listen to your private stories. In other words, what's your hobby?" My hobby... you say...? I want to know your hobby too, Minami.
Minami: Hobby...? For now, it's playing lacrosse and acquiring qualifications. If you call them hobbies.
Anastasia: Qualifications? Quality cation, Qualifications?
Minami: Ah... Qualifications means...
Anastasia: I was joking. Fufu.
Minami: Fufu Anya... The reason I chose acquiring qualifications as a hobby is that I studied various things to find what I truly want to do, but I couldn't find any.
Anastasia: Да...
Minami: So I thought I might find it if I acquired various qualifications... But after becoming an idol, I feel like I've arrived...
Anastasia: Minami always looks happy when working and taking lessons.
Minami: Yes! Of course there are difficulties besides happy moments though... But it's worthwhile to challenge to singing, acting and dancing... Ah, it's getting off the hobby story. Fufufu. What's yours, Anya?
Anastasia: My hobby is watching Звезда...the stars. When I was in Russia, I used to go to see the stars with my dad. They were really... really beautiful.
Minami: That's a wonderful hobby. Anya often saw the sky.
Anastasia: Да. But it's a little bit sad that I can't see many stars in Tokyo.
Minami: I agree... Let's go to see the beautiful stars someday. Then I'll read the next mail. This is from radio name "Glasses syndrome". "Minami, Anya, Magiawawawawa" ...Eh? Magiawawawawa?
Anastasia: Magiawawawawa... That's funny. Magiawawawawa~ Magiawawawawa~!
Minami: Fufufu. Oh my, am I spending too much time? Alright, I'll make it fast! OK, then... "I lost my heart to you after seeing a picture of Love Laika in a magazine. Please marry m..." Eh~!?
Anastasia: Marry... брак?
Minami: I'm of an age to marry but still... Uh? Ah, there is more. "...I'm just joking. What type of men do you like?" Type of men I like!?
Anastasia: Minami, you're blushing.
Minami: I answer this...? Well... My favorite type is... H,How about you, Anya?
Anastasia: You mean the man I like?
Minami: Yes...!
Anastasia: Да, yes I have a man whom I like.
Minami: Eh!? W,Wait!!
Anastasia: His name is...
Minami: Anya, stop! stop!
Anastasia: He is my papa...
Minami: ...P,papa?
Anastasia: Yes. Papa is tall and kind, I really love him. ...Minami, something is wrong?
Minami: No, that was a perfect answer.
Anastasia: Minami? Do you like your papa?
Minami: Yes, I love papa too. Sometimes he is a bit strict but gentle... W,Wait! Why is everyone's reaction weird? Papa means dad! Don't get us wrong! That's the end of this topic! Anya, please read the next mail.
Anastasia: Да. This is from radio name "Love Camera". "Minami, Anya, Miagihour." Magihour!
Minami: Magihour!
Anastasia: "I've been into so many idols, but Love Laika is the best idol I root for. I expect the new event too. What are you two into these days? What does it mean... "into", Minami?
Minami: Hmm, how do I say... Something that you're focusing on?
Anastasia: Focusing... Ah, we often have conversations in russian these days.
Minami: Yeah. I once tried studying russian alone, but it was too difficult. But now I'm learning russian from Anya.
Anastasia: Ehem. Anya is a russian Учительниц... teacher.
Minami: Minami is a Студент... student.
Anastasia: And we are...
Minami: H,Hmm?
Anastasia: Любовь Лайка.
Minami: R,Right...! ...Was that Love Laika in russian?
Anastasia: Да~ Someday we will have a concert in Russia.
Minami: I, I'll do my best!
Anastasia: Just like Minami, I'll learn japanese hard.
Minami: Yes! That's the end of Magime corner. It feels like we've made so much noise. I'm sorry.


Minami: Alright! Now we're going to have a special Magic Minute corner! Usually the guests talk of a topic for a minute and if they succeed, they can spend the rest of the time to promote their show or announce information or just show themselves. But today, it's special.
Anastasia: Minami, what's special?
Minami: Me and Anya will introduce Love Laika's CD, "Memories" for 30 seconds each.
Anastasia: Ah, each...
Minami: 30 seconds is quite a long time. T,Then I'll go first... Minami's turn! The first time I listened to this song "Memories", I thought the song was very nice. Actually too nice, I wondered if it suited me. But as we got the nice lyrics and sang the song, it felt like the song was becoming a part of me. The memories of sad love... It's a song of parting but this song encourages us to move forward... I got courage from the song!

(Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Minami: Success! Minimai made it!
Anastasia: Поздравляю! Minami!
Minami: Ha, I was nervous... See, Anya is next. Go girl!
Anastasia: Ah... Yes. I have butterflies...
Minami: Are you ready?
Anastasia: Ah... Нет...
Minami: It's fine, Anya. Just speak from your heart then it will work.
Anastasia: Minami... Да!
Minami: Yeah! Then, start~!
Anastasia: Ah... this song is Метеор... the song feels like a shooting star. Although it's a short love, the memories of the old days are... It's a song about a strong woman who never look back upon the past. And I'm glad I can sing this song with Minami. ...Ah? H,How was it? Was it too short?
Minami: No, I could feel your heart, Anya.
Anastasia: Да, Да~!
Minami: And you added at the end that you're glad to be with me...?
Anastasia: Yes. I'm happy to sing it with you. The song is only for you and me.
Minami: Really? I'm glad to sing it with Anya too. Ah... T,Time is up already. T,Then... the special edition of Magic Minute corner, did we introduce our CD properly?

(Boo...Ding-dong Ding-dong)

Anastasia: Ура!
Minami: We made it, Anya!
Anastasia: Minami, we did it!
Minami: This has been the special edition of Magic Minute corner! And... the magical time has passed so fast...
Anastasia: Minami! You forgot something.
Minami: Eh?
Anastasia: We should tell the news to everyone.
Minami: Ah! Yes, I forgot! We're going to have a mini concert as a CD debut event. So everyone, please come out to see us!
Anastasia: We will be expecting you.


Minami: The magical time has passed quickly, now it's time to say good bye.
Anastasia: Is this the end already? I wanted to talk a lot more.
Minami: I know... I'd love to have a conversation with fans through various works in the future.
Anastasia: Да, it would be wonderful if you listen to the CD and be our fans.
Minami: Yeah! And I'm sorry to say this, but the midnight tea time Magic Hour special edition. This is Love Laika's Nitta Minami and...
Anastasia: This is Anya... Anastasia.
Minami: I hope you have fallen under our spell...
LL : Bye bye~


Producer: Thank you for your effort.
Minami: Ah, producer san! ...I'm sorry!
Producer: What do you mean?
Minami: Well... I think I failed to distribute the time and finished the radio unnaturally...
Anastasia: Hmm? But Minami, you supported me well. You were great. I like Minami more now.
Minami: That's what I want to say. I forgot to announce the news but thankfully, Anya reminded me.
Producer: Those were good supports.
Minami: That's... Ehehe. Thank you.
Anastasia: I'd like to be with Minami now and for ever.
Minami: Yes! Let's do our best!
Producer: It's time to move on. You have an interview...
LL : Alright!

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