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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour special edition
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Mizuki Welcome to midnight tea time! Hello everyone. I'm glad you are here. This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. This month's host is me, Kawashima Mizuki. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow, it's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you. I'll do my best!
Mizuki: I started Magic Hour like usual but... Today, we're going to have a special edition that looks into 346 idols more, more, more~ deeply. Then first, let's start Magime, short for Magic Hour Mail as always. We've received an e-mail story from radio name “Wizard of Oz". Yes, Magihour. Thanks for the mail. It says "Which idols would you like to form a unit with? and what unit would you like to join?" As you already know, I debuted as a member of  Blue Napoleon. So I know the pros and cons of working as a unit. What I liked was... of course, that happiness got bigger when I shared it with everyone. And what made me tired was... hmm... even though we were in the same unit, there were misunderstanding and argument cause everyone had their own individuality. My unit had conflicts between 'glasses group' and 'none-glasses group' then quarreled over "Which one goes well with eggs, sauce and soy sauce?". Ah, I prefer sauce! ...I lost track of the topic. And you wondered whom I want to form a unit with? This time, Kaede chan... ah, Takagaki Kaede san and I formed a unit and sing together. I'm not sure if they would name the unit, but I'm excited already. Everyone, look forward to our song. This has been Magime corner. I wait your stories.
Mizuki: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. Please introduce yourselves!
Akane: Everyone, Magihour. This is Hino Akane! Let's go with burning passion!
Mizuki: Welcome, Akane! You appeared here when Kaede was the host, didn't you? Is this... the first time we meet since Happy Prin?
Akane: Yeah! Long time no see! I owed you one at Happy Princess concert!
Mizuki: It's been a while. Do your best today. Eh, and...
Aiko: Magihour. This is Takamori Aiko. I'd like to learn your hosting technique just like last time I was here with Kaede san.
Mizuki: Nice to meet you, Akio. Time has passed since you appeared this radio as a guest when Kaede was the host and your own radio Yuruhuwa Time made a hit! ...Hmm? Ah, ahaa~ I can't introduce a program from other radio station? Jeez, it's no big deal! By the way, it's Beverage corner of the tea time...
Akane: Let's have some tea!
Aiko: Fine.
Mizuki: Everyone knows Akane likes tea. Of course we have it. Then... Cheers!
Akane&Aiko: Cheers!
Mizuki: And let's move on to the next corner!
Mizuki: You heard today's Magic Hour is a special edition? What makes it special is... a new corner! We're going to introduce idols or units from 346 production in depth.
Akane: Oh~ but why?
Mizuki: Many idols belong to 346 production. Including Akane, Aiko and Cinderella project which is the talk of the towns. Also we have Kaede who is a beautiful and talented singer, dancing and singing charismatic JK Jougasaki Mika who used to be a magazine model. 346 idols are working in various fields. So I want to introduce more things to the listeners
Aiko: And don't forget Kawashima san who is quite busy with working as a commercial model, concerts and variety shows.
Mizuki: Fufu, right... Though I wasn't expecting variety shows...
Aiko: Fufu. Clearly, this is a good chance to introduce many idols to the listeners.
Akane: Let's make an introduction with passion!
Mizuki: Then I'll announce the title. 346 Pro Cinderella selection!
Akane&Aiko: Clap, clap~
Mizuki: Firstly I'd like to introduce idols... Let's start with an introduction of 346 production itself. Well, it's hardly necessary to the listeners of this radio, but this is the normal procedure. So listen for a while.
Akane&Aiko: Alright!
Mizuki: Hmm, good response! Here I go. 346 production is a huge entertainment production that runs a business in various fields such as producing movies, dramas and managing tv talents, actors, comedians and singers. And recently 346 production started an idol business.
Aiko: I heard it grew rapidly in few years. That's wonderful.
Mizuki: Everyone loves idols. That's why an announcer quit her job to become an idol.
Akane: That's a rare case!
Mizuki: Y, yeah... It's so rare that she wrote it on her career letter... Hmm! The idol department gathered talented girls from other departments and recruited idol sprouts from various places such as auditions, scouts and training schools. That's how it made fast growth in scale and personnel.
Akane: I see! I like that! It's like assembling forces to defeat powerful enemies! It reminds me of passionate drama!
Aiko: Is that... a proper example...?
Mizuki: Well, one of the company motto is "The new form of idols" and Cinderella project was launched from that motto. From here... Aiko, you read it.
Aiko: Yes! Hmm... Cinderella project is a project that achieves girls' shiny dreams. The goal is to find interesting idol sprouts from auditions or scouts and develop them into idols who can play an active part in various fields. That's about it.
Akane: Hmm hmm! If you need an idol who plays an active part in rugby, call me any time!
Mizuki: You are like an relief pitcher...
Aiko: Fufufu.
Mizuki: And two units debuted in Cinderella project. Now, Akane. Read here.
Akane: OK! The first debut of Cinderella project is Love Laika! A smart and beautiful college student Nitta Minami san and a beautiful half russian, half japanese girl with silver hair Anastasia joined hands, making the best cool beauty unit! After the debut song Memories was released, their beauty made headlines in TV and magazines.
Mizuki: They have such a white skin and beauty. I'll pay more attention to skin care so people can call me cool beauty!
Aiko: Ah, ahaha...
Mizuki: Alright, go on.
Akane: Yes! The second debut of Cinderella project is New Generations! Shimamura Uzuki, who has beautiful, pitiful smiles and a girl with dignified eyes, Shibuya Rin and the lively leader, Honda Mio formed the unit. With their debut song Warm Evo! Revo! Generation!?, they made a debut that brought a new generation to idol industry!
Mizuki: Before their CD debut, New Generations and we were at the same stage once.
Aiko: Ah, right. I heard that story.
Akane: They participated in Happy Princess concert as backup dancers! They seemed nervous, but the performance was a huge success! Everybody loved it!
Mizuki: Mmm. Maybe that's how they made the debut. It seems they are unusual lucky stars.
Aiko: They were on my radio too. They talked about their determination upon the debut. Mio said she wanted to talk more because they hardly had time to have a meeting before the radio.
Mizuki: Oh~ I feel the spirit of Cinderella project! I wonder what units will show up next. But they aren't the only 346 production idols!
Akane: Oh!?
Mizuki: There is a unit called Blue Napoleon which I, Kawashima Muzuki belong to. Me, Kamijo Haruna, Araki Hina, Matsumoto Sarina and Sasaki Chie's cool~ unit of five.
Akane: I heard all the members had a gravure photo shoot the other day?
Mizuki: ...Yeah... And I'd like to believe that it was a coincidence they gave me a hot-spring tour program...only me... And then...
Aiko: Frilled Square members are also gaining a reputation. People say they receive healing energy from four harmonious high schoolers. The green doll that Ayase Honka likes got popular thanks to her.
??? : Pinyaaa!
Mizuki: Huh! Sounds like... a scream of agony... Ah, it came from the doll. That's wonderful... And the unit that has a sin of being too sexy was on Magic Hour as a guest.
Akane: You mean Sexy Guilty! Hori Yuko, Katagiri Sanae and Oikawa Shizuku's  unit which is full of sexy~ guiltiness.
Aiko: Ah, they had a traffic event, right? My fans said the unit is very dangerous(脅威-kyowi)...
Mizuki: Sure, it's chest girth(胸囲-kyowi)...
Aiko: Pardon?
Mizuki: Haa! Aiko, if you care, you lose.
Aiko: Yeah... I don't know but... OK!
Akane: And although it's not a unit, Kobayakawa Sae played a heroine in the movie I appeared!
Aiko: Ah, and Kirari was in it, wasn't she?
Akane: Yes! As Kiraridon.
Mizuki: That was a fun movie. Beside that, there are so many units and idols. Sachiko's unit in a variety show was fun too. And Koume's Zombie Girl was also nice. New Wave is cute as well. Hmm~ and... Ah... I want to introduce all of them, but we don't have much time. Then lastly, you two introduce idols you're paying attention to and wrap up the show.
Akane: I choose Mimura Kanako.
Mizuki: Oh my, why?
Akane: Kanako always have something that smells delicious and gives me cookies!
Mizuki: Ah, in that way... Alright, now I get it.
Aiko: Fufufu, Isn't Akane cute?
Akane: N,nn.. No way!
Mizuki: How about you, Aiko?
Aiko: I'm... not sure... Can't I just say 'everyone'?
Akane: That's a typical answer!
Aiko: Hmm~ then... Mio from New Generations.
Mizuki: Hoho~ Why?
Aiko: You know, some time has passed since her debut event? But she was taking a lesson in the lesson studio really hard. It seemed she set a bigger goal after experiencing the stage... And that made me want to root for her.
Mizuki: I see~ Everyone looks for their next goal after having various experiences on stages. Everyone, please cheer for us. This has been Cinderella Selection corner!
Mizuki: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed quickly. Now it's time to say goodbye.
Akane: Already!? That was so fast!
Aiko: Yeah.
Mizuki: No no no, we've had a lot more conversation than usual. Eh... and, since tonight's show was a special edition, Kawashima Mizuki will be the host next week again. I got one more chance to talk to everyone. Kyha! Mizuki is happy~ ...Hmm! Therefore, this episode doesn't count. I'll see you next month in the next episode.
Akane: So this is one of those special programs that air during reorganizing seasons!
Mizuki: Now now, Akane. That's enough! This has been the midnight tea time, Magic hour's special edition. I'm your host Kawashima Mizuki. And today's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Akane: Magihour! This is Hino Akane and...
Aiko: Magihour! It's been a pleasure. I'm Takamori Aiko.
Mizuki: I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~

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