Friday, February 20, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 7

(Keyboard sound)
Chihiro: (Knock knock) Good morning.
P: Good morning.
Chihiro: Producer san, how is your practice?
P: What practice are you talking about?
Chihiro: Fufu, general manager Imanish san told me. He said you promised to change your tone toward the project members.
P: A sort of promise, I did receive such request.
Chihiro: Promise or request, it is important for producer to take the initiative and action for the future, isn't it?
P: You are right.
Chihiro: Then producer san should take some efforts to change it. So, I'd like to help you with the practice
P: Ah, ha... I appreciate your consideration, but...
Chihiro: Producer san, the practice has begun already?
P: Ahh...
Chihiro: Now, say it again.
P: Ha... I, consideration... I mean, appreciate... no,
Chihiro: Fufu, not bad!
P: Is..that so...
Chihiro: I felt your wild charm. See, with that spirit, talk to me as if I'm Uzuki chan.
P: Even if you say so... I don't know what to say right now....
Chihiro: Hehe... As usual, tell me about her daily schedule.
P: Schedule... You say...
Chihiro: Yes. Then, do your best!
P: Ah... Shimamura san, Today, I mean... this afternoon, please autograph on the poster after your vocal lesson... No, just... autograph on the poster...
Chihiro: Fufu...fu..fu...
P: Well, Senkawa san?
Chihiro: Ah... Sorry, it was kind of funny, I laughed carelessly... Ah..ha.. they will notice producer san's effort for sure.
P: Ah.
Chihiro: I know you went through a hard time lately, but stick to it. Producer san.
P: I appreciate it. I mean, thank you.
Chihiro: Haha... It's going to take some time I guess.
P: Haa...
Chihiro: Fuuf.
General manager: Oh, Senkawa kun, you were here.
Chihiro: Ah, general manager san.
General manager: Honda kun from the administrative department is looking for you.
Chihiro: Et? Ah, it's the time already. Excuse me, producer san. General manager san, the meeting with the music production department starts at 11.
General manager: I see.
Chihiro: Now if you'll excuse me.

(Chihiro exits)

General manager: Did you have a meeting with Senkawa kun?
P: If you call it a meeting, yes I did.
General manager: Oh, that was a vague answer. Ah, yes yes. I'd like to check something from you.
P: What is it? If you're asking Love Laika's next appearing on tv, there will be two programs.
General manager: No, it's not that. Well, you said you're going to change the tone in front of everyone. I mean, I'm interested in it too. Could you speak in the new tone for me? Hmm? You look tired suddenly...
P: No, it's...Not at all.

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